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BC: j10: isn't that where faith comes in. i think it's a belief that a god exists. for me i see nature and i know there is a god because of all the amazing things he has created- lame i know but that's where i see god the most. | j10: deep breathe then say fuck them! heather: hehe good plan ;-) j10: it usually works for me

FC: In Her Own Words

1: I love...my dog dakota, running in the pouring rain and laughing about it, the ocean, water in general, silence, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, traveling- i want to go everywhere, a sunset, a sunrise, hiking to the top of a mountain, playing with dogs, Annapolis MD, a rainbow, sail boats, motorcycles, wine, a good kettle one straight up- dirty with extra olives, a smile on someones face, laughing, naps, veggies, fishing, walking, hiking, to see happy old couples and young ones for that matter, the sparkle in people's eyes when they are in love, to dance with people or by myself, fall foliage in new england, white water rafting, kayaking, laughter and great conversations with friends, learning new things, sky diving- i haven't done it yet but i know i'm going to LOVE it, snow shoeing, skiing, xcountry skiing, reading, tattoos, art, photography, music, volunteering with rescued wild cats, animals in general, good conversation, to cuddle, to compliment people and see them smile, massages, the scent of almond oil, sented candles, campfires, a clear night when you can see millions of stars, hammocks, friends, family- i guess this list could go on and on. "25 minutes lost" Facebook note 7.23.09

2: j10: i love the big cat pics..... i would have a lion or a tiger orr a cheetah or bobcat as a pet..... they are cool cats.... heather: hehe that was the whole point of the tour- their soapbox is letting the public know they dont make appropriate pets a lot of the tigers were rescued from durham :-/ j10: i still want one.... i'd be a good mama.... of course i would need a bigger place and lots and lots of land... heather: riiiiiiight

3: j10: this morning this beagle puppy daisey was running around loose. this is the second time i have had to watch her and make sure she doesn't get hit =by a car. It was 6 in the morning and she was let out alone! the last time she was let out alone i went around pounding on peoples doors- i couldn't dio that this morning and i feel horrible. i hope she is ok. i just want to steel her because the trash she lives with doesn't give a shite about her. it makes me so angry they didn't even say anything the last time i took care of her. i hate people like that. i hope daisey is ok. what should i do? heather: i would call and report them j10: who should i report them to? heather: well if u see her out again, u can call animal control j10: is there a local animal control? how about i just keep her :) heather: u could try but u might get arrested :)

4: j10: hey you left me :( hello? where are you? i'm lonely and scared.... why isn't the computer dinging right now? i wonder how long i can keep this up? it's almost time to go :) so, it's wednesday it dinged!!! it did it again! hello can't you hear me? heather!!! i'm yelling for you :) hey heather.... am i entertaining you yet? hi what are you doing? i was waiting to see how long it would take you to respond... i made you smile! heather: u r ridiculous j10: yup

6: heather: what up bitch? ummm, hi, im talking to u look at me look at me j10: i'm looking.. we have issues heather: no we dont they do j10: you're right :) watch out target....

10: "well for me i feel spiritual outside in nature- in the pool for example. i look around at the beauty and the animals and i just know there is a god. sunrises and sunsets, rainbows... all created by god. who else could have thought of such magnificence? i feel most comfortable alone and i just think and talk to god. i don't believe you need to be a member of a church or even go to still have spirituality. i think it's different for everyone and i embrace that."

11: j10: why do people feel the need to post sonograms??? they are friggin scary as shit! can't they think of other people out there viewing that shit! terrifying heather: hahahahahahaha meka and i r laughing at u and we agree

12: What makes you happy? dogs, dancing, massages, naps, the ocean, fireplaces/campfires, wine, the outdoors, the sun, laughing, martinis, friends, i can go on and on here

14: j10: what up!? heather: system is down- again j10: great! ?do you think you could put an earring or two in my ear? probably this afternoon? maybe 1 ishh? heather: in a hole or are you asking me to pierce your ear? :) j10: \could you pierce it please? silly in an already existing hole! heather: hehe- i guess. long as the nurses will let me have some gloves j10: cool beans! thank you!!!

15: heather: sorry- em was in here and we are trying to pick out tennis trophies :) j10: cool....tennic trophies...i want one :) heather: u could have one if you played special girl :) j10: can we talk about private lessons??? hey you have seen me play racquetball....very special who else can give themselves another elbow??? heather: exactly! our kids drool and hit each other with racquets- u wouldve fit right in! j10: maybe next time....i only drool when i'm really tired! | j10: something tells me next thursday i am going to be bruised and sore! heather: yay me too! j10: hopefully no third elbows! heather: hehe but what memories! ;-) j10: good times!

16: What always makes you feel better when you're upset? dancing and playing dress up while drinking wine.... what? | Do you act differently around your crush? you mean more special than i already act on a daily basis.... walking into stationary objects, stuttering, saying stupid things, blushing.... the usual.... so i guess not really

17: Would you ever donate blood? been there done that.... my blood pressure is too low.... i'd like to give a shout out to the red cross for taking my blood when they should not have and for paying for all of the hospital bills including the ambulance ride. i'd love to volunteer though. i'm now on the bone marrow donor list- i always wanted to do that.

18: How did u get one of your scars? i pulled my thick eyebrow piercing out trying to be "proper" but oops, the opening to the hoop wasn't where i thought it was. so instead of an eyebrow ring i wore a butterfly bandage to the wedding- sexy i know. i refused to go get stitches. now i am missing a section of my eyebrow.

19: Can you make brownies without looking at the instructions? i can't make them reading the directions!! | What color are your bed sheets? black, tan, and white checkered accented with dog hair

20: What is the wallpaper on your cell phone? Cassidy.... February is remember cassidy month miss ya buddy!

21: j10: next week is cassidy's 1 yr date. heather: awwww i remember exactly where i was standing when you called and told me :-( j10: where were you exactly heather: standing behind my apartment peeing the dogs and they were done and ready to go back inside, but i was just standing there shocked and trying to think of something to comfort u and i just kept turning circles letting them sniff j10: yeah. i remember everything from our walk....the dog cass stopped to sniff, you, everyone coming by...then i remember coming into work on valentine's day and getting my video you made. heather: was that valentines day? j10: that is the dearest thing to me... that video heather: :) j10: he was put down on the 12th heather: have u explained it to dakota? j10: i think she feels my pain..... i talk to her about baby dingis i think they would have been great friends heather: ya- two stubborn beagle mixes :) j10: right!

23: heather: finish the song "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history- like __________" j10: dumbo! heather: omg- you would be the oddball- is that really what you used to sing? j10: yup... what did you say??? heather: like batman and dont forget robin! j10: what? heather: thats what we sang at the end

25: j10: so your bday is coming up and i wanted to take you to dinner. a place of your choice on a night that works for you..... think about it. heather: hokay- lets eat steak :) j10: i don't think so...... heather: u said my choice!!!!! j10: you don't eat steak heather: maybe i do now j10: alright then, you can eat steak somewhere heather: alone? :-( j10: no i'll go with- i'll just pass on the steak :)

26: j10: so you wanna hear my bus story heather: yes yes j10: okay so friday or monday morning not sure exactly which one i got on the bus and took a seet- one next to a bar.... the bus is pretty crosded since i've been taking the later one.... so we pull up to the last stop where there are always a TON of people and this seriously obese lady..... i'm taking HUGE so there is this small gap- if you could call it a seat- between me, the bar and the heavy set women to the right of me all i remember is having everything infront of me get blocked by this back and ass of this woman im naturally thinking- no way- i mean she has to realize her ass is several feet wide and the space available could not fit alda comfortably heather: haha j10: so she just plops her ass down- on my thigh.... the WHOLE right one and then throws the rest of her giant body back against the seat- taking out my right sholder and literally taking my breath away! heather: ewwwww j10: not at all uncomfortable or feeling weird she says oops sorry when she knocked my sholder i was FREAKING out!!!!! so we conme to my stop and the girl to my left actually had to get up for me to slide out from under this fat chick heather: hehe j10: i was mortified for the woman and totally disgusted

27: heather: monkey face! j10: i hate them! heather: who do you hate? j10: i wat a veggie sub... heather: ewwww. no j10: i have the indigestions heather: u should eat the chalks j10: that is gross heather: works yo monkey face j10: you eat a lot of chalk? heather: no j10: how do you know it works? heather: but i dont get the indigestions my 8th grade teacher used to eat chalk j10: eewwww that's gross heather: it is not ok to say the same thing you type j10: pumpkin.... heather: yes monkey face?

28: j10: i disagree heather: with what? j10: paying your credit card is more important than buying beer heather: tell that to my credit card company | j10: i may have over done it with the green this year :-) happy st patty's day!! heather: weirdo j10: you love me.... i cut my hair this morning myself.... just the back part i can't see :-)

29: j10: so i looked into the pets on wheels thing to have kotas go to senior homes and see sick kids..... but she cant sit, stay or lay down on command- and she won't want to anyway. that sucks... she is such a snoosh face. i think they are being prejudice! those commands aren't worth didley squat!

30: j10: i just wanted to tell you that you rock! and i am very lucky to have you in my life :-) heather: r u dying? j10: not that i know of.... i just wanted to let you know that- its important to tell people that you care about how you feel and appreciate them..... you never know what can happen ya know gotta go to a meeting... heather: hehe ok sappy one ;-)

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