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Jessica's Wedding Shower

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S: Jessica & Adam 2011

BC: For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul | Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.

FC: Today I marry my best friend | Jessica & Adam | Crystal Springs Resort, NJ October 1, 2011 | If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud, or the moment just... passes you by | Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage

1: Showers of Love &Happiness from the special women in your life

2: Jess, I admire your spontaneity, your compassion, your perseverance, and your creativity. I appreciate your willingness, your love, your contributions, your recognition, and your tolerance. You have such beautiful traits that make me so proud and blessed to be your friend. With much, much love, Kate

3: "The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don't, but in the end they're the people you always come home to. Sometimes it's the family you're born into and sometimes it's the one you make for yourself."~Carrie Love Erin

4: Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. | On your wedding day

5: Jessica, I thought it would be appropriate to start this message with a few lists - we all know how much you love to make lists. :-D | Favorite High school Memories 1.Sleeping on my trampoline 2.Working at the dentist office 3.Having mudslides in my pool 4.FREE group! 5.Watching the final scene in Flashdance over and over and over again. | Reasons why I love Jess 1.You tell it like it is 2.Always a fun time 3.Your extremely loyal 4.You have good taste in music 5.You have a BIG heart 6.You like to eat at restaurants as much I do 7.You are my “soul sister”..duh! | Things that make me think of Jess 1.The movie Girls 2.Robyn – Show me Love 3.Express 4.Dawson’s Creek | I am so extremely lucky to have you in my life - you have been such a great friend and a tremendous source of support throughout the years. It is so crazy how everything unfolds. From two friends having a crush on the same guy to two soul mates starting a life together. You and Adam are like family to me and I feel that I have literally watched your whole relationship evolve – I have seen the good, the bad and now the happy ending. It is seriously like watching a WB sitcom. You guys are an amazing couple and I am so happy that everything worked out the way it has. I can't wait to make new memories together. Jess, you are truly beautiful inside and out. I love you lots. Lots of Hugs and Kisses. Your lifelong “soul sister”, Kimberly

6: Jess Jess Jess Where to even begin :-) Looking back on our relationship I guess you could say it started in 8th grade in home base or whatever that was called! But we really didn’t get into all the crazy and funny and deeper part of our relationship until high school. And when I start to think about those memories, its like opening a flood gate! Mr Lang “Keep the Faith” omg we thought that was SO funny!! I cant figure out WHY we thought it was SOOOOOO funny, but man did we LOVE to repeat that and tease him about it! I also think about Field hockey and us taking turns paying for bagels!! Haha And then I think we even continued our trips to Picciones (sp?!) once field hockey ended by staying late for Science! Haha yeah right, how much science did we ever really do?! I remember going over to the football/ lacrosse practice fields and playing with the Snapple tops to distract the boys (Brendan!) Oh man, and the time we were (I think ALSO working on science!?!?) and stayed up most of the night and went down to my parents’ raw basement and drank their booze! I think we went to school the next morning REALLY regretting that. BUT---- Not as much as the infamous night in the forest with Ben and Brendan drinking ourselves silly (some more that others!!). OMG I really cant believe every crazy thing that led up to that, starting with walking from my house to yours!!!! Who was it that drove past us!? Did they end up giving us a ride?? Wow--- so ridiculous!!! I still stay pretty clear of coconut flavored rum hahaha I also remember having a joint love of Hunans! I loved their veggie dumplings! And us talking about Ally McBeal at lunch- which btw, have you seen the reruns on tv? I think I just saw someone post something on FB about it being released on Netflix now! Yes!!!

7: I remember helping out at Jeffrey’s FIFTH birthday!!! I have such great memories of our friendship throughout high school. Even though I moved, its amazing how some people you know you will continue to build a friendship with. We did that! We’re still doing that, and that’s an amazing testament to the foundation we built starting at 13!!!! Speaking of building foundations, I cant believe you and Adam are about to build on yours. This is such an incredible step in your lives. I remember you, Adam, Kristi and I driving to the Aerosmith concert. I forget what you and Adam were bickering about but I remember saying at that point that I knew you guys one day would be together and I hoped that we would be living close enough to have backyard BBQs with our families. Theres something about you and Adam that has always given me faith and confidence that you 2 would get married and live happily ever after. You guys have had one heck of a path that has brought you to this point, but its clear to everyone that knows you, that there is a special connection that will keep you together. Your commitment to each other is strong and inspiring to other people around you. Jess, I am SO excited and happy for you. I don’t have any great marriage advice, because, well, Ive never been married. BUT- remember to always appreciate the things that made you fall in love with each other in the first place. And if you ever need a friendly listening ear either to vent, for encouragement or to tell me about good times, I look forward to being apart of you and Adam growing your lives together. I love you guys and I am SO honored to be a part of the day that you guys officially become husband and wife Happy Bridal Shower!!!!!! Mairead xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8: From 8th grade dinner dance all the way to Cabo and now, your wedding! I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this whole experience with you and am so excited for you to be there with me on my special day, too. Here’s to many years to come and future endeavors! I love you! Congratulations!!! Ali xoxoxo

9: A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart!

10: To My Dear Cousin, Jessica, I thank you for the fondest memories I have of childhood summers, the best Halloweens of my life, joy filled Christmas celebrations, Norm and competitive Easter Egg Hunts. I have looked up to you always and will continue to look up to, admire and enjoy the life you and Adam will share together. With much love, Jacqui

11: Meet Jessica, who’s lived most everywhere, From West Babylon to Wilton to Poughkeepsie to Stamford to Manhattan to Danbury Square. But Jim has only seen the sight, A guy can see from Bay Shore Marina’s heights— What a crazy pair! But they’re cousins, Identical cousins all the way. One pair of matching bookends, Different as night and day. Where Jacqui adores a minuet, The Ballet Russes and crepe suzette. Our Jessica loves to rock and roll, A Stew Leonard’s Taco Dip makes her lose control— What a wild duet! Still, they’re cousins, Identical cousins and you’ll find, They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike— You can lose your mind, When cousins are two of a kind.

12: Jess, I remember looking up to you like an older sister. I remember wanting to impress you with my stories. I remember dancing with you at every chance I got. I remember talking for hours at sleepovers about boys. I remember dressing up and being silly. I remember always sticking together at the Christmas eve parties. I remember watching Lost with you on the upper east side. I remember and still do save you for my last goodbye. I remember seeing you and Adam together at my sweet 16. It makes me so happy to know that the same guy, 11 years ago at my sweet 16, will now be part of our family. I am so happy for you both. Congratulations!! I love you and Adam very much. Love, Jenna

13: Little girls are heavens flowers... that's why they're used in weddings

14: Jess - Growing up, I was always a bit jealous of my friends who got to share clothes, get makeup, hair and boy advice, and have a close relationship with their sister. Don't tell Adam, but I always wished I was able to have someone to go to, talk to, and experience this kind of relationship with. Thankfully, I kept my fingers and toes crossed long enough to be able to finally get a sister that I've always wanted. Though I already refer to you as my sister, I'm so excited to make it official and live out my childhood dream. Welcome to the fam sis :) Vanessa

15: Dear Jess, The perfect mother-in-law gives advice and opinions only when asked. Not sure how many perfect mothers-in-law are out there but I promise to try my hardest! I am blessed to have you as my future daughter-in-law and I couldn't be happier. You are beautiful inside and out. Much Love, Jo

16: Dear Jess, When I got married many people offered me all kinds of helpful advice.One piece that I heard most frequently was that "communication is the key to a successful marriage" So I wanted to pass this on to you. However, if you take the dictionary definition of communication, you realize that screaming is technically a form of communication. So I went on-line and researched the word a little further. I found this definition, written anonymously, and I think it is suitable for any successful relationship. Communication is "being able to share your heart without being ignored, ridiculed, or corrected" I hope this is helpful to you and Adam. All my best wishes for a lifetime filled with love and happiness. Love, Andrea

17: Dear Jess and Adam, May your life together be as happy as it is now. Remember to always keep the romance alive - be playful, have fun and don’t take things too seriously - Compromise! Love, Aunt Mattie | "Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage" -Finnish proverb. Katie and Mia are as excited as we are to celebrate with you in October! Love, Laura

19: My best memories are from when we were younger and would swim in Petey's pool. I miss the days when we were all together as a family for whole weekends, everyone was close by, and there was lots of food, laughter and love. I also remember camping... it was always a different experience to have the Geyers and Liebermans with us, we had new adventures that never would have happened if they had not been there. Jess, Jenna and I would always be on the lookout for boys... I loved that we were all so close in age and could always relate, something I never got to share with many of my other older cousins. Jess could always make me feel equally "cool" even though she was the older one, a quality she still possesses and one of the many reasons why I love her. And of course, Christmas Eve. In my awkward years Jess made sure I had a dance partner and she was someone I could always look to for encouragement when my feet wouldn't move as fast as the others. She is the one who still sets the tone and makes sure everyone is having a good time, and has even taken on the responsibility of DJ in a few instances! Congratulations Jess, I am so happy for you and I wish you many years of happiness where you and Adam can start to build a family that will start the next generation of childhood memories! ~ Love, Rachel

20: Jess it is hard to believe that you are all grown and getting married. When I think of all of you kids, I remember you as in this group picture. What wonderful memories it evokes of great times spent together. Camping was always such an adventure and I am so glad that we got to all experience such great times. Enjoy your special day and adventures in you new married life. it is amazing how fast it all goes by and remember as long as you can laugh together you can take whatever comes your way. Love, Denise

21: Remain that fun-loving free-spirited girl in the yellow dress and your marriage will be filled with a lifetime of love, laughter and excitement. Love, Tina | DANCE as though no one is watching you, LOVE as though you have never been hurt before, SING as though no one can hear you, LIVE as though heaven is on earth. -souza

22: Dear Jessica and Adam: Life gives us no guarantees for perfection and happiness. It is something that we all have to work hard to create every day! What learned wisdom can I impart to you as you take the leap into marriage? Never give up on one is the cornerstone of all relationships. Remember to laugh at yourself and don't take your point of view so seriously that you can't hear the person you love. Laugh together and don't forget to touch each other often! A caress can say a thousand words. | Encourage and praise each other... help each other to realize your best! But the most important thing for a happy marriage is to respect each other. As the years go by, you will inevitably have your ups and will learn more about each other...qualities that are positive and unexpected. I hope that the memories you make together will always remind you of the person you fell in love with in the first place! Love, Camille

23: As I write this it’s hard to believe that I have been married 10 years. It seems like yesterday that I was filling my trusty wedding planning binder with all the details for a perfect day. There is no other feeling like walking down the aisle on your wedding day surrounded by all the people in the world who love you most – especially the man waiting for you. It is one of those once in a lifetime moments you will cherish forever. I can’t wait to see you as a beautiful bride on your special day! And of course the wedding is just the first step on the exciting journey that is Marriage. If I had any “sage” advice for you and Adam it would be this: Always be each others best friend Be patient, kind and a good listener Allow each other to grow and realize your true potential as individuals – your marriage will be enriched by this If or when you have children keep your relationship a priority Wishing you all the happiness together for years to come! Love you ~ Dallas

24: I don't know where all this time went. I can still remember you wiggling your fanny, dancing with Rachel & Jenna when you were no more than 8 or 9 years old. You were quite the dancer. You've grown up to be a very beautiful and loving person and I am so glad that you are a part of this family. I wish you and Adam many, many happy years together, making as many fond memories together with your family as Roger and I did. And I look forward to being around to share in some of those memories. I love you dearly and wish you and Adam all good things. Love Aunt Iris

25: Jessica, I am very excited for you. It is wonderful that you found love with your best friend. I know your life together will be full of happiness , Love Lauren | Dear Jessica, I am so happy for you & Adam. I know your lives will be as full as mine and Mickey's has been. It is a truly special gift to be able to marry your Best Friend. The many years you have spent together has helped make your relationship strong & will help see you through the ups and downs of life. Love Andrea

26: Dear Jessica, It seems such a short time ago that you came into this world, a beautiful and happy baby and here you are today, a beautiful and happy young woman embarking on a journey of love with Adam. Remember that “To love is not to look at one another: it is to look, together, in the same direction.” I am honored to be your godmother and to be a part of your life. We all have the power to shape our own world through our thoughts and reactions to all that comes our way. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and never let go of the feelings of love and admiration you will always be surrounded with from your family and friends. I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world each and every day of your life. Love, Gale

27: As soon go kindle fire with snow. As seek to quench the fire of love with words | Jessica, On your wedding day, do your best to take a moment and look around. It goes by in a second! Take a step back and just be in the moment and realize, this is OUR WEDDING! Notice what people are doing, look around at the ceremony and reception, actually eat your dinner and enjoy it! As for your marriage, the advice I can give you is to stay connected. As you both continue with life, it's easy to grow apart. Continue to go on dates, show an interest in what the other is doing, grow together. Also, be respectful to each other. In marriage timing is everything, a time to be silent and a time to speak. Learn when it's time to do each! And remember, the wedding day is a wonderful party, but it's the celebration of the start of something that you will cherish forever, your marriage. Best Wishes, Melissa

28: Dear Jessica, You’re getting married! Oh, my goodness!! I wish we lived closer so we could see you more often and be a part of this very special time in your life! But we’ll be at the wedding for the big, special day. A day we just wouldn’t miss for anything. I’m so happy that we have gotten to see you grow from year to year into who you are today and spend so many little Florida vacations together, and sad to see those days end, too. But I’m so grateful that Nicholas and Amanda have had you all these years to share vacations with and special occasions with. You are so very special to all of us. You have grown into an amazing young lady and are now moving on to another journey, the journey of marriage and Jessica and Adam as husband and wife. I pray you’ll learn to cherish one another, give unselfishly to one another, forgive each other, take care of each other, respect each other and enjoy each other. I pray that you will keep God in your lives and pray for each other and with each other. Love is the greatest of ALL things. What a blessing! You are going to be a gorgeous bride and have a beautiful wedding. Enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Dance and eat and laugh and enjoy every moment . All the best to you always. Congratulations to you, Jessica and Adam! With love, Marie

29: Dear Jessica, 1st off, I’m so happy for you and Adam getting married. He is so lucky to have a girl as special as you to call his wife. You are everything that he deserves and more. I’m so happy and proud that I get to call you my cousin. I will never forget the wonderful laughter and ton of memories we have shared together and look forward to the memories to come. I love you always and forever and know that the future that lies ahead will be filled with joy, happiness, and love with the husband that will love you always, Adam. Love always, Your cousin Amanda

32: Dancing,dancing,dancing..... she's a dancing machine!

33: to our dear sweet firstborn jess, you have been special to me and all the family since before you were born. it's been an honor to have watched you grow into a beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, smart and thoughtful woman. i'm so happy that you have such a loving relationship with my daughter now too. she couldn't be more excited about being a part of your wedding, and you looking like a beautiful princess! we wish you all the best on your wedding day and for your marriage with adam. he is a very lucky man. :-) my advice for your marriage is to always be honest and respectful, and to cherish and honor your vows forever. it's a special time in your life and be sure to take time during your wedding weekend to savor every moment. all my love, aunt kathy

35: P.S. We have finally stopped finding your rubber bands for your braces all over the house. | Dear Jecca, Jessie Lou, Jess, We’ve had many laughs, lots of fun-times-even if it was just taking a ride to the Bay Shore Marina or watching the Funniest Home Videos on a Sunday night in your West Babylon house---Jessie Lou, you are like a daughter to me. It meant so much to me the day you and Adam stopped in to see me at the library. I wish you and Adam all the happiness life has to offer. Love you girl, Aunt Liz

36: June 17, 1983 When the back door opened and my son came in beaming, I knew that “our” baby had arrived. He was a Daddy and I was a Grandma. It didn’t take long to get to Good Samaritan to see Jessica Kim (and her mother, too). All the little tykes were sleeping but not our Jess-she was poking her head up, looking around like “Where am I?” She was a sweet baby and Dawnie always had her looking wonderful. The years go by so fastnow I can see her swimming in a huge pool at one of their houses-waiting for Jim to join her. They were an adorable couple- Jim and “Jecca”. I can still see them sitting side by side at one of her birthday parties. Jim was helping her with the gifts-he was having a great time ripping the paper to shreds. Jess leaned over, touched his arm and said “no, no Jim”. And Jim stopped. I remember proudly going to her school in West Babylon on Grandparents Day. It’s a great feeling. Another memory is when I was babysitting for her one night. I was watching TV when I heard this little voice at the top of the stairs. “Grandma, I can’t sleep”. So I told her to come down and we curled up on the couch and I said “you have to be quiet-this is my favorite show”. She was thrilled to tell everyone “Grandmas favorite show is Golden Girls.” Then we’re in Connecticut and I’m going to Danbury with John in a Corvette to see my darling cheerleader. I think I caught a few Dance Recitals too. Another fun time was going to lunch with my 3 granddaughters. Jess and Jackie were in the front discussing various routes and Kate and I made up the rear. We finally arrived at a restaurant and I was flabbergasted to see these 3 young girls eat-amazing! How do they stay slim? Another funny one-on-one with Jess was in Vero Beach. We had a lovely lunch on the Indian River and she said she wanted to buy cowboy boots for her Halloween costume for the party that night in Connecticut. Off we went to Target and she tried on a pair of boots. She decided she didn’t like them but couldn’t she get them off. As she sat on the floor, I pulled and they finally came off. We had a good laugh until she said it was all because of the Geyer fat legs. But I still loved her and I always first grandchild.

38: ~Home is where the heart is~

40: "The ideal of perfection in life is the joy and happiness joined from love." Jess - I wish you the ideal in life! I love you, Aunt Roxanne | To Jess - With all my heart I wish for you an easy life! A life filled with laughter and tender moments with your husband...a life that is warm and joyful and filled with family and all good times! But if life takes an unexpected turn, as it often does sometimes in one's life....and you find yourself in the ebb of the tide...the bond you are creating with Adam is what will help sustain you and carry you both till the tide changes, and it always does. My wish for you Jess, is that you and Adam nurture and hold sacred your bond with each other. Never take for granted the power that your intimate, committed, loyal partnership embodies. Give ground...make each other the first to forgive....and love deeply. Blessings on you both Jess....Love, your Aunt Sandy

41: Jessica- You have no idea the joy I felt when you were born. My first granddaughter, after all those boys!! What a wonderful feeling. Holding you in my arms, this beautiful little granddaughter. I still have that wonderful feeling when I look at you. Can't hold you in my arms as I did when you were a baby, but you are still my beautiful (a little bit older and bigger) grandaughter. My love always...Grandma.

42: My first born niece. Even at such a young age myself, I still remember receiving the news that I was a new aunt, to a beautiful baby girl. How precious you were and how precious you still are to me. I love that, in this beautiful, loving, sensitive family of ours that I am able to have a beautiful, loving and sensitive friend as well. We learn a lot in life and one thing that I've learned (I'm not going to lie, this is a quote from a movie) is... True love can not be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. With all the long and windy paths people go through in life, your love has always been apparent. I wish you a long, happy life together with as much love and joy in your lives as you have given me in mine. I love you sweetie. Adrienne | “Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love” - French Proverb Love Tara

43: Dear Jess, I remember sitting in your house when you were in High School listening to you say how you were "In Love". I thought to myself, "little does she know..." LOL Little did I know, was more like it. I love you and am so proud of the woman you've grown into. You're beautiful, bright, fun to be around and so full of love. I could not be happier if it was my own daughter getting married. | If I could leave you with one quote that sums it up, "Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance." All my best to you and Adam in your new journey together. Be Happy! With love, Danielle

44: "a daughter is the happy memories of the past | the joyful moments of the present, and the hope & promise of the future"

45: Dear Jessica, I'll save the advice for my novel, "Life Lessons by Dawn", (thanks for the title) but for now, I'll just tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life, how proud I am of you and how very much I love you! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and contentment. Know that you are always in my heart and will always be the most special woman in my life. Love, Mom

46: Where there is love, there is life!


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