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John Patterson's Monomyth Project

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BC: Sources | http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4152/5025588407_c726fe7004.jpg http://www.magicstor.com/images/uploads/crystal-ball-3.jpg http://pompeypioneer.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/urim-and- thummim.jpg http://th04.deviantart.net/fs16/PRE/f/2007/164/e/b/Transmutation_Circle_by_Xiena.jpg http://www.squidoo.com/red-glass-gifts http://ezzademir.wordpress.com/author/ezzademir/ http://www.beachholidayguide.co.uk/images/dubai_desert.jpg http://catherinemotuz.blogspot.com/2010/09/its-pretty-daunting-to-try-to-write-up.html http://uk.memphistours.com/Egypt/files/large/614555822_giza%20pyramids1.jpg

FC: The Alchemist and Monomyth Project By: John Patterson

1: Contents | Front Cover: Title Page Page 1: Contents Pages 2-3: The Call Pages 4-5: The Refusal to Call Pages 6-7: Crossing the Threshold Pages 8-9: Supernatural Aid Pages 10-11: The Road of Trials Pages 12-13: The Goddess Pages 14-15: The Apotheosis Pages 16:17: The Master of Two Worlds Back Cover: Sources

2: The Call | Santiago is a shepherd in land Andalusia in the country Spain. Since he had always wanted to travel he decided to leave his stationary family and become a shepherd. His call comes when he has the same dream twice while wandering in the fields of Andalusia with his sheep. In the dream a child played with his flock of sheep and then suddenly transported him to the Egyptian Pyramids. The child then said to him "If you come here, you will find a hidden treasure (Coelho 14)." This dream makes him wonder why am I repeatedly having the same dream and what does it mean? In the town Tarifa he goes to a Gypsy woman to see if she can interpret his dream. She tells him to follow his dream and go the Pyramids of Egypt, but she makes him promise to give her one-tenth of his treasure after he finds it.

4: The Refusal to Call | Santiago refuses the call when he becomes irritated and disappointed with the Gypsy that was interpreting his dreams. The gypsy woman was only able to interpret dreams and Santiago wanted to know how to get to Egypt. He asked the Gypsy "And what if I never get to Egypt" and she replies "Then I won't get paid. It wouldn't be the first time" (Coelho 15). After that she tells him to leave because he has waisted her time. He decides that he will never again believe in dreams. He uses his newly traded book as an excuse the escape his questions and starts to read it. There is also a person in the book that distracts Santiago from the call. While reading his book in the plaza of Tarifa he thinks about a merchant's daughter whom he has feelings for and this helps him evade the call for a short amount of time.

6: Crossing the Threshold | Santiago crosses the threshold in this story when he decides to travel to Africa and make the journey to find his treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt. The mentor for Santiago which is the King of Salem is who helps him reach this solution. The king helps Santiago realize that it is absolutely important that he achieve his Personal Legend of getting his treasure at the Pyramids. The king tells Santiago that if he doesn't achieve his Personal Legend that he will never have the chance again to live life to its fullest and will look back on it with regrets. Whiling teaching Santiago about Personal Legends he gives him two rocks called Urim and Thummim. They are used in making decisions when Santiago has problems reading the omens. Urim which is the white rock means "no" and Thummim which is the black rock means "yes." Santiago also gives the king one-tenth of his flock of sheep because the king said he would tell Santiago where Santiago's treasure is. He repeats what the Gypsy women said though and tells Santiago the treasure is at the Pyramids of Egypt. After helping Santiago realize the urgency of reaching his Personal Legend and how to read the omens that will help him achieve it he leaves and is never seen again.

8: Supernatural Aid | Santiago's supernatural aid in The Alchemist comes from the alchemist that he meets in the desert oasis. The alchemist may seem like the mentor, but he actually isn't. The alchemist helps Santiago on his way to reaching his treasure, but does not help Santiago learn how to read omens since Santiago already knows how and does not help him begin on his journey. The king is the actual mentor for Santiago since he helps Santiago realize that it is the most important thing in his life that he needs to achieve his Personal Legend. Even though the alchemist is not the mentor, but the Supernatural Aid he is very helpful on helping Santiago navigate the desert and get past obstacles like the waring tribes in the desert. He also gives good advice to Santiago to use when he has to leave so that Santiago can achieve his Personal Legend by himself.

10: The Road of Trials | Santiago goes through numerous trials on the way to achieving his Personal Legend. When he arrives in Africa Santiago realizes a boy who he thought was helping him actually stole all his money that he was living off of. He then has to work for a Arab crystal merchant for over a year to earn back the money. While working for the merchant he learns Arabic a necessary language since he has to use it for the rest of the story while he is in Africa. He also helps the merchant earn a lot of money and becomes fairly wealthy himself since reading the omens helped him decide the best business choices for the merchant. He has to travel through the desert to the oasis. At the oasis he has to help the tribal chieftains realize a war party is going to attack the oasis and if he is incorrect about this he will lose his life. He has to show a waring tribe that he is a alchemist and can transform himself into the wind. Santiago is also beaten by thieves right before achieving his Personal Legend and getting his treasure.

12: The Goddess | The goddess in The Alchemist is a girl named Fatima that Santiago meets and falls in love with in the desert oasis. Once Santiago falls in love with Fatima he is never again distracted by the thought of the merchant's daughter he was previously in love with. Fatima helps Santiago see that he cannot stop on his journey to find his treasure even for her. This does hurt them both though since they know they will not be able to see each other until Santiago finds his treasure. Fatima knows though that she must tell him this because if she doesn't he will stay with her and lose his chance to find his treasure. Santiago later finds out what would of happened if he would have stayed and the oasis by the alchemist and sees the alternative ending wasn't good. She says she will always wait for him while he is traveling because she is a woman of the desert. This time apart from each other helps strengthen their relationship.

14: Apotheosis | Santiago's apotheosis moment happens when he learns the Language of the World. He has to learn the Language of the World because if he doesn't he will be killed. The reason why his life is on the line is because Santiago and the alchemist were on the way to retrieve Santiago's treasure, but were stopped by one of the waring tribes. They had an agreement that they would be released if Santiago could transform himself into the wind. They also used all of Santiago's money to help with escaping. When Santiago learns the Language of the World he is able to talk to many things that people think don't talk or even live. Santiago is able to talk to the desert, the wind, the sun, and eventually the Soul of the World as he uses the Language of the World to talk to them. He eventually sees the Soul of the World is a part of the Soul of God then he sees that the Soul of God is his own soul, and that he can perform miracles. While this was happened a simum which is like a destructive sandstorm was blowing around him. What happened next was "When the simum ceased to blow, everyone looked to the place where the boy had been. But he was no longer there; he was standing next to a sand-covered sentinel, on the far side of the camp" (Coelho 153). The tribesmen were very afraid and decided to release the alchemist and Santiago.

16: The Master of Two Worlds | Santiago becomes the master of two worlds when he finds out where his treasure really is from one of the thieves who beat him and stole his money. The thief said "In my dream, there was a sycamore growing out the ruins of a sacristy, and I was told that, if I dug at the roots of the sycamore, I would find a hidden treasure. But I'm not so stupid as to cross an entire desert just because of a recurrent dream (Coelho 163). Santiago then knew where to find his treasure. He went back to Spain immediately without hesitation and dug under the roots of the sycamore tree in the sacristy. He had stayed at this run-down sacristy in the past when he was a shepherd as a place to rest and sleep. He found a chest full of Spanish gold coins, precious jewels, beautiful mask with red and white feathers, and stone statues with jewels embedded in them. He also put Urim and Thummim in the chest. The levanter then began to blow which is the wind from Africa and is called the levanter because in the past it brought the threat of a Moorish invasion. He remembers to take the Gypsy women one-tenth of his treasure. Santiago smiled and said "I'm coming Fatima" (Coelho 167).

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