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jons awsome super dude guy man

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FC: jons super awsome dcs

1: types of viruses Virus-Computer designed to do damage to a computer. Bomb-Timer set to go off at a certain time. Worm- Goes through your files eats pages. Phage- Virus that attacks P.D.A. Trojan Horse- Made to look useful but hides a virus. Hoax- Looks like a Trojan horse looks bad but could be good. Anti Virus Program- Tells you have a virus saves your computer.

2: Viruses continued Encryption-secret code that most people cant read ethics- code of conduct what you should do and what you should not do. Hacker- Someone who gets into your computer illegaly Piracy-Illegal copying of and distributing of software. Password- Helps protect your files

3: page left blank for a reason

4: Antivirus program =tells you when you have a virus saves your computer. encryption = secret code most people cant read. ethics=code of conduct what you should do and what you should not . Hacker =someone who gets into your computer illegally | types of viruses continued

5: Piracy = Illegal copying and distributing of software. password= Help protect your files with a code. | Types of viruses three

6: hardware = input ,CPU,storage,and output. System software The boss | Components of a computer

7: APPLICATION SOFTWARE Microsoft Word office ,Publisher ,and ECT... word processing Makes word documents. excel makes spreadsheets And formulas . Presentation software . Databases organizes information Application specific .

8: input devices keyboard mouse CPU Volitile ram=random access memory ROM=read only memory Chache=Temporary storage

9: Storage Device's harddrive , flashdrive ,CD rom ,DVD's Output device's Monitor , Printer .

10: commercial software .have to pay for it copyrighted=Owner retains all rights Shareware Copyright =owner retains rights Pay by honor system Distributed on a trial basis

11: Freeware Given away for free Copyrighted =owner retains all rights Public domain software loan to a friend,give to a friend, sell it Not copyrighted

12: speech recognition Accent -way of speaking to a specific for a geographic region Continuous speech recognition system Speech recognition system that allows the speaker to speak normally/ Pausing only She gave commands and insert punctuation marks. Dictation mode- Enables users to enter into a Computer application.

13: discreet speech- Speech recognition that allows the user to pause Momentarily between each word . phrase- Group of words that express an idea. Pronunciation - Sound of words when they are spoken.

14: godzillasquirrel

16: accountability tell tale signs of victimization Being held prisioner by your circumstances Feeling a loss of control over present circumstances paying no attention when others directly or indirectly provide feedback about what could or should have been done to achieve better results. Blaming or pointing fingers failing to confront issues

17: accountability Directing disscusions of problems towoard what cannot be done rather than what can be done. Looking for collaborations of other peoples injustices Being unwilling to ask probing questions about personal accountability. Citing confusion as a reason for not acting. Wasting time and energy "bashing" others especially those in authority. Viewing the world as a pessimist.

18: accountability Repeatedly becoming defensive Avoiding people meetings and/or situations Feeling unfairly treated and powerless to do anything about it Using one or more "victim phrases" on a frequent basis.

19: victim phrases I don't see any problem. It is not my job. Just tell me what to do and ill do it. Lets just wait and see what happens. theres nothing i can do about it. Someone ought to tell him/her. It wasn't my fault. I'm doing the best i can. I didn't because... All we can do is wait and see. Thats too much work. What more can i do.

20: victim phrases Do you think I don't have anything else to do? if ti were me I'd do it differently Thats unfair No one else ever does that. Somebody should do something about that. Thats just not the way my other teachers do it. If I do a great job they'll expect that all the time. I would have but... Thats too hard.

21: steps to accountability step 1 see the truth of the situation understand the situation from all sides step 2 become accountable for your part in the situation decide to face the situation and deal with it effectively step 3 be accountable for finding a solution focus on your goal and involve others wherever they are affected

22: step 4 implement the solution embrace your full responsibility for results and remain answerable for your progress in attaining those results

24: notebook computers they are much like laptops both portable able to work without the big desk anywhere. have a 4-5 battery life compact keyboard does not contain an internal floppy drive,DVD,or CD system. very small and thin made for portability are based on being light wieght and compact

25: Laptop computer 14-17 inch screen internal DVD-Rom and/or DVD-RW drive Full and large keyboard 3+hours Battery life Upgradeable Large purpose is not smallness and travel easier an easy portable way to have what a desktop computer has it is a small replacement

26: notebook computers-Typically light weight less than 6 lbs. and are small enough to fit easily in a briefcase or other compartment\ notebooks are more expensive due to the fact that they are smaller than a laptop. flat panel technology is used to make the screen less bulky and more light weight.

27: computer mice a computer mouse is a pointing devise that helps to select items it is one of the most common input devices how it works it senses motion sends information when you click it some older mice have PS/2 connectors and use serial type of connector to attach to the computer and they can also have blue tooth connections

28: inside a computer mouse a ball inside the mouse touches the desktop and rolls when the mouse moves two rollers inside the mouse one roller is oriented in one direction and the other one is oriented 90 degrees to the first one. the rollers connect to the shaft, and the shaft spins a disk with holes in it. On either side of the disk there is an infrared LED and an infrared sensor.

29: inside a computer mouse An on board processor chip reads the pulse from the infrared sensors and turns it into binary data that the computer understands the chip sends the binary data to the computer through the mouse cord.

30: in 1908 Nathan B. Stubblefield put out a patent for a wireless phone. in 1979 the first commercial citywide cellular network was launched in japan. fully automatic cell networks were first introduced in the mid-1980s the first second generation cellular technology was launched in Finland in 1991. the first person to person SMS texted message also appeared in Finland. the first content sent to cell phones were ring tones in Japan.

31: In 2001 the first launch for the third generation of cell phones was launched also in Japan and we have been using the 3G ever since. scientific probes scientific probes are devices that can be connected to a computer or graphic calculator to collect data. Scientist use probes to research and learn more about places that they can not travel to.

32: Web cams a web cam is a small camera that works in the same manner as a video camera but with images that can be accessed via the internet, instant messaging or with video conferencing applications. Dedicated web cams are the most common types of web cams available and simply requires a USB connection. easy to install.

33: web cams do have there limitations like potentially low number of frames per second and poor resolution.

34: what features to look for in a web cam frames per second which determines the picture quality. portability microphone so you can talk to people.

35: cost of a web cam they can be picked up for as little as ten dollars web cams with microphones can cost around fifteen dollars if you want to get the whole deal with digital zoom ,and a microphone it would cost about forty dollars.

36: touch screens

37: they put out images like a regular screen except it uses touch for input its generally a replacement for a mouse. touch screens are used many places like stores, phones, hand held gaming, and photo centers. there are tow basic components and how they work. Touch sensor a clear surface placed over a screen they generally have an electric current or signal running through them. touching the sensor determines the location of the touch.

38: How they work controller: is the translator& data carrier they're usually found inside the monitor. software driver: this basically contains the touch screen software.and it allows you to use regular computer programs without specific touch screen programing.

39: two types of touch screens both work the same way overlay is installed into the computer after the computer it's self is already complete.the touch sensor is an overlay. integrated all components are built into the monitor & an extra wire comes out of it. the quality of the picture depends on the screen that the sensors on.

40: LETTERS two types of letters business letter-person representing a business. personal business letter person is representing self. PBL.1" side margins 2"top margins 1" bottom margin special parts reference enitials attachments enclosure notations

41: advantages of a spreadsheet-fast accurate, can answer what is? and what if? active cell cell ready for data entry alignment when data is enterd into a cell the default alignment is lables to the left and values right. Cell intersection of a row and column and is identified by a cell reference cell range A selected group of cells that from a rectangle.

42: cell reference the column letter and row number example B12 column identified by letters that appears at the top of the spreadsheet Formula equations with symbols for math operations Function special formulas that do not use operators to calculate a result i.e.a shortcut. label text symbols dates or numbers not used in calculations rows identified by numbers on the left side of the spreadsheet. spreadsheet a program that allows you to use rows and columns of data to manage predict and present information. value a number enterd into a spreadsheet cell that will be used for calculations

44: FONT refers to the type, or letters, in which a document is printed. consists of the typeface,style,size,and effect. attributes used to change appearance of font. Font Attributes Watermark-appears behind or on top of document's text. Bold- prints darker than other copy. Text box-Used for labels or as call outs in documents. Italics-prints letters that slope up toward the right.

45: Font Attributes cont. 3-D effects-used for enhancement purposes. Drop cap-begins paragraph with large initial cap Underline-places line under text as it is keyed Word art-Changes text to graphic object. Superscript-text placed slightly higher than other text Subscript-text placed slightly lower than other text. Change case-used to change the case of letters. Bold Italics-text is darker and slope up to the right.

46: strike through-draws line through text. Small caps-small capital letters. shadow- shadow text. Word Automatic Editing Tools Word has three features that automatically change or insert text and graphics as you type You can easily customize the automatic changes that word makes or turn off the features altogether.

47: Cont. Auto correct-corrects many common typing,spelling, and grammatical errors.; insert text, graphics,and symbols. Auto complete-gives one an opportunity to insert entire items such as: dates Auto text entries when you type a few identifying characters.

48: cont. Auto text- storage location for text or graphics you want to use again and includes mailing address used often standard contract clauses long distribution lists for memos. Spell checker checks spelling as you type underlines unknown words with red line recognizes proper names and ignores words within numbers or inter net and file addresses.

49: cont. Grammar checker checks grammar errors as you type marks errors with green underline. Revision mark shows where a deletion, insertion,or other editing change has been made in a document. Comments notes or annotations that an author or reviewer adds to a document.

50: cont. Find and Replace- finds and/or replaces text, specific formatting, and special items such as paragraph marks, feilds, or graphics all forms of a word fine-tune a search by using wild cards (for example, search for "s?t" to find sat or set).

51: Proofreading tips double check for errors you typically make read out loud, read slowly, read one word at a time to determine if it makes sense. look for formatting and alignment errors read what is actually on the page and not what you think proof before printing. Errors easily overlooked in first few lines and last few lines of document Check all numbers and spellings of questionable words with original copy.

52: Errors Missed by Spell Checkers names and addresses not in computer's dictionary homonyms that are not misspelled but misused numbers only verified by checking original copy repeated words and omitted words formatting errors such as incorrect paragraph indentions or spacing between lines and words punctuation or capitalization errors.

54: Memos Correspondence written to people within same business/organization 1"or2" top margin 1"side margin single-spaced within paragraphs double-spaced between paragraphs. memo heading guide words-to,from,date,subject. memo body reference initials attachment/enclosure notation distribution list.

55: memo templates templates are forms that allow can to move quickly from one data entry area to another word processing programs have several memo templates generally include guide words. Formatting E-mail Parts heading,body,attachment, copy notation,and forward/reply.

56: Unbound reports margins top margin on first page is 2" top margin on succeeding pages is1" side margins are 1" bottom margin is 1", but may vary depending on page breaks decisions. avoid windows and orphans. center the title of the report in all caps, then quadruple-space after the title before beginning the body of the report. double space the body of the report.

57: cont. side headings are underlined and keyed in initial caps. paragraph headings are indented .5" from the left margin and end with a period. capitalize the 1st letter of the 1st word only. to cite sources, use textual citations within the report or key endnotes on the last page or on a separate page in hanging indent style. page numbers aare located at the top right margin, .5" from the top, followed by a double space. the first page is usually not numbered

58: Bound reports top, right and bottom margins are the same as for an unbound report. the left margin is increased to 1.5" to accommodate the binding. outlines the top margin is 2" or vertically centered. all other margins are the same as the report. main and side entries or headings are used to organize information.

59: main entries and outlines preceded by capital roman numerals use all caps or initial caps and bold. double space before and after a main entry. single space all secondary entries. center the page horizontally include the following information (minimum) report title writers date date The course name and teacher's name may also be included.

60: bibliography include page number at the top right single space each entry: double space between entries. underline or italicize book, magazines and newspaper titles. use quotation marks around titles of articles, poetry, ad essays. works cited following the same formatting as that of a bibliography.the difference is that you will on;y include those sources that were quoted or not include other reference materials on a works cited page.

61: textual citations typically keyed within parentheses immediately following the quoted material. includes the name of the authors, the year of publication, and the page # footnotes superscript numbers are used to consecutively identify each foot note. indent the first line .5" from the left margin single space each footnote : double-space between items.

62: endnotes use the same margins as for the 1st page of the report single space each endnote; double space between items. include a page number at the top right.

63: You were the best Mrs. mac. thank you for teaching me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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