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Josie First Year

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S: Josie's First Year July 2010 - July 2011

BC: Birth 6lbs 15oz 19.25” Two Days 6lbs 9 oz Ten Days 7lbs 2 oz 21.5” One Month 8lbs 7oz 22.5” Two Months 10lbs 4 oz 24” Three Months 12lbs 4oz 24.5” Four Months 13lbs 25.5” Five Months 15lbs 2oz 27” Six Months 16lbs 4 oz 27.75” Seven Months 17lbs 5 oz 28.5” Eight Months 18lbs 9 oz 29” Nine Months 19lbs 13 oz 29.5” Ten Months 20lbs 10oz 30” Eleven Months 21lbs 8.5oz 30.5” One Year 22lbs 10oz 31” | My How You've Grown

FC: Josephine Jackson Paterson

1: First Day | Chinese Dinner | Hall Visit | Trip to Cabin | Vacation | Sleepover | First Birthday | Rolling Over | Thanksgiving | Halloween | Snow Day | Bellevue Trip | Christmas | Crawling | Swimming | Tooth | Trip to Park | Sitting Up | Walking | A Year of Firsts

2: Learning About You Grow We first found out you were going to be joining our family on Monday October 26, 2009. Mom emailed a picture of the pregnancy test to dad to let him know. On December 3, 2009 when you were only 9 weeks old in mom’s tummy we heard your heart beat for the first time, it was 165 beats per minute. Mom first felt you move on January 25, 2010 and dad felt you move on March 3, 2010. We had four chances to see you before you were born in ultrasounds, the first ultrasound was on Dec 3, 2009 when you were only 9 weeks grown and the last ultrasound was on March 20, 2010 when you were 24 weeks grown, there was such a difference. During the ultrasound we could see your brain, kidneys, ears and eyes, we could even see your heart, legs, arms and mouth move.

3: Mom had a very easy pregnancy with you. I didn’t get sick, I still slept most of the night and I didn’t have any weird cravings. I guess it was just a sign of how good of a baby you were going to be. Mom gained 19 pounds while you were in my tummy and my tummy was 37 cms around. | At Christmas we told Steph she was going to be a big sister, this is the card you gave her. | July 7, 2010

4: On July 7th, 2010, the day you were supposed to arrive, you thought it would be fun to play a joke on mom and make me think you were going to come out, but what I didn't know is that you were planning on taking your time. At 4 am on July 7th you started your trick on mom. I spent the day with dad and auntie Margaux. We went for a walk to try and hurry you out, but you weren't going anywhere. Dad set up a pool on the back deck with a . lounge chair and umbrella to try and make me comfy, what dad didn't know is he was making you comfy too and you were planning on staying put for another day. That night Steph and Chip went to stay with grama and grampa and mom and dad went to the hospital. When we got to the hospital the nurses told us you would probably be coming out later that night or earlier the next morning, but it was still best for mom to be at home. You kept mom up for the rest of the night and the next morning we went back to the hospital thinking maybe this was it, but no way, you wanted to make your first joke a really good one, you wanted to be just as funny as your dad. I think the nurses felt bad for us because this time they told us we could stay at the hospital. We really liked the nurses, they were very nice and we spent the day joking around with them. You wanted to make sure we got to know all the nurses so you made sure mommy was there to meet the nurses on ALL of the shifts. Because it was a Thursday night Steph, grama, grampa, auntie, and uncle Al all went out for Chinese food, after dinner they came to visit us in the hospital.

5: Dad thought it was really funny that so many other new moms were coming in after me, but their babies came out before you, all part of your big joke. When all of us eventually left the hospital dad said that he loved everything so much he wanted to do it again right away! He also told me that it was an amazing experience and he was so glad he got to go through it with me, that made me, and I'm sure you, feel very special. After playing your joke on us for over 40 hours you decided to give up. At 11:38pm on Thursday July 8th, 2010, you joined the rest of our family. You were 6lbs 15oz and 19 inches long and all of the nurses said you were beautiful. | Dad was right beside me when you arrived and Steph, grama, grampa and auntie Margaux were in the hall waiting to meet you. It was such a long day for everyone that when the nurse came by to give you your first bath at 3 am dad didn't even wake up. The next day they all came back again, grampa even brought mom her favourite, a deli sandwich. Nana, papa, auntie Shannon, uncle Brent, Alex and Ryan came to visit and it was a very busy day for you. That night dad went home with Steph and you wanted to stay up with me all night so we could get to know each other better. On July 10th we left the hospital and headed straight for grama and grampa's house and your new world was just starting.

7: July, 8 2010 | 11:38pm | 19.25" | 6lbs 15oz | Welcome Josie

9: Bringing You Home | We went over to Grama & Grampa's a lot after getting home from the hospital. They even got you a cake (Mom's favourite) for your birthday, and Steph and Rylee made you a beautiful sign.

10: The Many Faces of Josie 0-3 months

12: Some of Mom & Dad's favourite things about you in the first three months were the faces you made, the way you crossed your feet, the way you coo'd to yourself in your bed in the morning and the way you smiled when you saw us. | From the very beginning you had a lot of nicknames – Jose, JoJo, JJ, Jo, JuJu Bear, Jube Jube, Beaner, Josie Bear, Bo Bo | In the first couple weeks you hated the bath, you cried while you were in it and when you got out. | We swaddled you really tight until you were just over 3 months, we called it the taquito. You were always a good sleeper, even in the beginning you only woke up a couple times a night. | The first time I had to take you for your shots was devastating for mom. Dad was working so I had to go by myself and I felt so bad for you when they put the needle in your leg and you just looked at me with the saddest teary eyes, it seemed like you were trying to say, “Mommy, why are you letting them do this to me?”. Mom cried during and after your shots, I even cried when I told people how bad it was, but you were fine 2 minutes after you got the shot. | Your favourite toy was your play mat, when you kick it you made the music and light turn on. | THE FIRST THREE MONTHS | From the very start you were always sticking your tongue out. | This was the first time you rolled over from your tummy to your back, you were almost 3 months old.

13: Lazy Days | . . z z z z z

14: The Welcome Josie Parties There were two "Welcome Josie" parties held for you, one in July that was a Jack&Jill with Mom & Dad's friends and one in September with Grama's friends and Mom's friends from High School. You got a lot of loot, including a Coach purse from Auntie and a Coach diaper bag from the ladies (everyone wanted to make sure you had a stylish Mom). You also got a bunch of really cute clothes and some amazing handmade keepsakes. Grama, Grampa, GG, Gramps and Auntie Karen also spoiled us, they gave us money to buy special stuff for all of us to use. So far we have bought a video camera to catch all of your great moments.

15: Over the August Long Weekend Dad and Steph went to Revelstoke for a baseball tourney and you and I went to Grama and Grampa's for the weekend, it was your first time away from home. We went shopping, hung out around the house, had visitors and went to see Great Grama Julie. It was also the first time Grampa held you. | Grampa and his brothers have a tradition to go out for Chinese food on Thursday nights and on August 5th, while Auntie Karen was in town, you went for your first "Thursday Night Chinese Food Dinner". Mom, Dad, Uncle Randy, both Auntie Karens, Grama and Grampa were all there.

16: First Visit to the Fire Hall

17: First Thanksgiving You spent your first Thanksgiving with Mom, Dad, Steph, Aunite, Grama, Grampa & Rylee at Grama & Grampa's house.

18: More Faces 3 to 6 months

20: We stopped swaddling you after 3 months, by then you moved around sooo much. You were still a great sleeper. | Bath time got a lot easier as you got older. You actually started to show signs of enjoying your baths, like splashing with your arms and legs. | When you got excited you waved your hands and legs really fast, it was really funny because you looked like you were trying to fly. | At six months you still made us laugh when we get you in the morning, you always had a big smile when we came into your room and were often playing with your bumper pads. | You first sat up by yourself on Dec 2nd, you were only 5 months so it was pretty early. In no time you were sitting up, rocking and shaking things with your hands. When you were sitting you would lean over onto your hands and it looked like you were going to start crawling, but that didn’t happen right away. | All About You 3 to 6 Months | You were fed solids for the first time at 4 months, the faces you made were always so funny.

21: You became far more playful between 3 and 6 months. Chip spent a lot of time trying to play with you (and licking your face). You also started playing with family, plus you were introduced to the very important Paterson wrestling matches with Dad and Steph. | Your favourite toys were your play mat and Jolly Jumper, you would bounce forever.


23: For Halloween Grama came to our house to hand out candy and you, Dad, Steph, Mom & some friends went trick-or-treating. You did very well and shared all of your treats.

24: thanksgiving

25: You got to enjoy another family tradition, American Thanksgiving in Bellevue. For many years before you came around Grama, Grampa, Auntie, Mom, Dad and Steph have gone to Bellevue for American Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping and this year was no different, except you came too! You did very well with all the shopping and when you didn’t feel like shopping you spent a lot of time with Grampa and Dad. After shopping we went for great dinners and got to watch the Santa parade. At dinner one night Grampa got a bit animated (as he usually does) and spilt red wine on your favourite blankie, unfortunately the stain stuck, but it’ll always be a reminder of great times.

26: You spat up so much that we took you to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. After he met you, he said that he thought you were ready to start solids, despite the fact you were younger than most babies when they start solids. So on November 6th we tried some rice cereal and you had a great time! You took to eating really well, it was never a problem, except for the mess...but Chip took care of that! | Josie's First Solids

27: We decorated our Christmas tree as a family and went to Steph’s Christmas Concert. You were very well behaved and as always Steph’s friends loved seeing you. | You may have already figured out that we LOVE Christmas in our family and we do lots of stuff to celebrate.

28: This was the first year you went to visit Santa at the Fire Hall. Every year Santa visits the Fire Hall before Christmas to give the kids an early present, the kids all play in the bouncy castles, run around the Fire Hall, eat lunch and get to sit on Santa’s lap.

29: Another tradition we have is to go to Bright Nights in Stanley Park. Dad volunteers every year and we try to make it out on the nights he’s working. This year Grama, Grampa and Auntie came too. | LET IT SNOW

30: On Christmas Eve we always go to church and this year we went back to Grama & Grampa’s for our traditional seafood dinner. Instead of coming home, we stayed the night there and opened up Christmas gifts in the morning. | After breakfast we came home and all opened our stockings and gifts at home.

31: In the afternoon the Paterson’s came over to open presents, eat and of course wrestle! For dinner we went back to Grama & Grampa’s for dinner with the Jackson’s and McDonald's. It was a very busy day, but very exciting because it was your first Christmas.

32: When you were just over 6 months old you fell off the bed and got your first major owie | ...still a a great sleeper and always in a great mood when you woke up, but you only liked to sleep by yourself, so when you fell asleep on Dad we had to get a picture. | 6 to 9 Months | Just after 6 months you really started to get a distinct personality. You loved talking to people, playing with your toys (and Chip's), clapping, and yelling. You also loved attention and making people laugh which led to many funny faces and a very loud screech that always got everyones attention.

33: Bath time is still fun and always involves lots of playing. | Playtime still involved your Jolly Jumper, but you really started playing with other toys, Chip's toys and phones. We also started going to the park and you had your first ride on a swing. | Your first tooth was on the bottom and we first felt it on Feb 20th. A couple months later you had two bottom teeth and four top teeth. | Here are the many milestones you reached.... Jan 18th first swim Feb 12th crawling Feb 28th pulling up to a stand using furniture Mar 25th climbing stairs Mar 27th standing on your own

34: ...looking surprised with your ...ohh... face got you plenty of attention and you loved it | Your funny faces made you look more like dad. | ...scrunching your nose. | Pursing your lips... | Although most of the time you were all happy faces, you occasionally pouted. | Around this time you started to learn that certain faces you made got reactions out of people and since you loved attention you made A LOT of faces. | YOUR MANY FACES


36: ... AND MORE

37: Your first trip to the pool was a success, you LOVED the water and were even okay with putting your head under the water. | Making Waves

38: First Trip to the Aquarium

39: In March while we were away in Hawaii, you got to spend lots of quality time with Grama, Grampa & Auntie.

40: MORE FUNNY FACES 9 to 12 months

42: Just after nine months you learned how to give kisses and you ended up making everyone feel very special by giving them kisses when they asked. Even though your kisses were very sloppy, always open mouthed, and sometimes involved tongue, everyone LOVED them! | Kisses | The biggest milestone you reached this year was on May 29th when you first walked.

43: You were a great eater and did a very good job at feeding yourself...but you were messy! | You went through a bad sleeping phase when you were 10 months, you woke up once or twice a night. But in no time you were back to your great sleeping habits. | ALL THINGS JOSIE 9 to 12 MONTHS

44: During this time your favorite toy was anything that wasn't yours. You also loved playing on the couch and bed and talking on the phone. | In addition to playing you started being more of a character, you were blowing kisses, waving, saying 'Hi', 'Daddy' and 'Uh-Oh' when things went wrong. You also spent a lot of time moving around.

45: Although you always loved music, you developed a new love of dancing while you stayed with Grama, Grampa & Auntie. Auntie was very impressed you learned how to “fist pump”. | ... AND MORE JOSIE | Family

47: For your first Easter we had an Easter Egg Hunt at home in the morning and then went to Grama & Grampa’s for dinner. You did a great job on the Egg Hunt!

48: Spring and early summer were full of lots of outdoor playing. We went to ball games, to the cabin, to parades and of course played in the yard.

49: The cabin quickly became one of your favorite places.

50: Josie's First Birthday

51: We had your First Birthday party at Grama & Grampa’s and celebrated with your family and friends. You had a great time playing with all of the kids and mom and dad had a great time celebrating your be milestone. As usual you were spoiled by everyone with presents, but you were not very interested in opening them, you just wanted to play with your friends.

55: On your first birthday Dad insisted in decorating the house for when you woke up in the morning, he also made you a special birthday breakfast with sausage and pancakes. In the afternoon we went to Grama and Grampa’s and then in the evening Grama, Grampa and Auntie came over for dinner.

57: Birthday Girl

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