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Journey to the UK 2011

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Journey to the UK 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Journey to the UK 2011


1: August 11 2011 Our long awaited journey back to the UK!! | Enjoying chicken and veggie pasties on the train to Victoria Station, London from Gatwick Airport! L3.20 each. Train L31.90 for both of us! | Thursday/Friday August 11/12

2: Madame Tussauds | Dinner our first night in London... a yummy Falafel burger! (L5.50) | London | A very busy place... too many people to really enjoy it! Price with The Eye L75.84

3: The Mostyn Best Western. We stayed here for 5 nights. Room 106 | L688.51 $1095.07 Can. | Friday August 12

4: Buckingham Palace | enjoying L3 ice cream | The balcony where the royal kiss happened!

5: Riding the Tube in London! It was an experience that I am not sure I want to repeat! London Pass L306. includes, tube and Buckingham Palace! | SaturdayAugust 13 | On the stone wall at the Palace!

6: The view from the London Eye!

7: August 13 | L75.84 includes Madame Tussauds!

8: We left London to go to Hampton Court (King Henry's home) to get away from the Bike Race only to come upon it in front of The Palace! So we stayed and watched it before we went inside! Not sure who was the lead racer, but it was interesting! Train fee included in The London Pass L306. | Waiting at Waterloo Train Station to go to Hampton Court!

9: Cobble stone walkway at the castle! | An alleyway inside Hampton Court! | Hampton Court | Sunday August 14

10: "Don't touch the tapestries!!" | Weapons display!

11: Interesting sites inside the Palace!

12: More views of Hampton Court! | From 2008

13: The backstairs from the Queen's Gallery to the Private apartments! | August 14 | The Gardens!

14: Very cool! | Kensington Palace | The beautiful gardens! | This was the home of Princess Diana and Charles. It was being renovated and was decorated as The Enchanted Palace, it was once a beautiful place!

15: Princess Diana wore this to a ballet! | "Queen Victoria's room" | Monday August 15

16: Hyde Park | After visiting Kensington Palace Debbie and I went to Hyde Park for a picnic! We kind of got lost trying to find a food booth, but we did find a nice spot for lunch with the Palace in view! We enjoyed Sandwiches, chips and a double chocolate muffin! Yummy! | Prince Albert's Memorial

17: Covent Garden Market | The store that I bought the 'Bobby" and "Queen's Guard" toys for the boys! | August 15 | We enjoyed a nice tour through the market., there were so many things to see there! I bought a cool magnifying glass! | Fish & Chips | Meat Pie | Three Tuns Pub | Debbie's Beer

18: Westminster Abbey | What a beautiful place! | Big Ben | This is where Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married!

19: Tower of London | Tuesday August 16 | One of the Tower of London Crows! | Tower Bridge

20: The view from the London train station to Edinburgh station. | B & B Edinburgh L280. for two nights! | SCOTLAND | East Coast Train - L110.60 for two! Includes L5 voucher!

21: The view from our room | Hanging out in the library writing in our journals! | Wednesday August 17 | Cool looking door knob!

22: Prince's Street Park We walked through the park to get to "The Royal Mile" what a beautiful little park! | Loving the thistle!

23: After picking up the rental car we went for a drive to the England/Scotland border for some pictures! | Dinner at Ryan's Bar! Chicken Stir Fry, Salmon Burger with Sweet potato fries and Sticky Toffee Pudding | Thursday August 18

25: Last day at the B & B Edinburgh! We got a parking ticket for L60. We didn't have to pay it since it was our first offense! | Friday August 19

26: We went to The William Wallace Monument! It was quite a steep trek up the hill to get there... and a beautiful view from the top once we walked up the 246 steps inside the Monument! | The Monument from the trail! | Walking up the long trail to the top!!!

27: Stirling Castle | The view from the top of the monument! | August 19

29: This sad little fellow just got a time out on the step and he wasn't very happy about it! | It was very windy at the top! | William Wallace's Sword | August 19

30: We enjoyed some scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserves... so very good!! Yummy!! | The scenery from the top was quite breathtaking!!!

31: The B & B outside of Edinburgh. We stayed here one night. It is located on a working farm just outside of Glamis! | August 19 | Hatton of Ogilvie Farm L60. for the night!

32: After breakfast we went for a walk around the farm and took a few pictures. | The farm cat! | Our car... a 2011 Volkswagon Passat diesal! It was a great car!! It came with a GPS that we named Queen Mary! | We had Scottish porridge for our breakfast... it was a little different than what we are use to! It was very thin!

33: Saturday August 20

34: More pictures from around the farm!

35: Our road trip to our cottage... | Loving the sheep... | August 20

37: We stopped here for lunch... Leek and Potato Soup!! Very yummy!! Debbie liked the music playing here and asked what it was... Runrig a Scottish rock band. We ordered the CD from Amazon! I also bought a jar of Blossom honey here! | Claiming my first mountain! | Debbie hiding behind the camera! | August 20

38: Scenery on the road to our cottage!! A beautiful field of Heather along the way too!

39: The sheep I had a stare down with, lol!! I was taking his picture when he decided to come towards me! I backed up to the car and he and his friends continued on their way across the road! | August 20

40: Our beautiful home away from home!! This is the cottage that we stayed in while in the Highlands! What a beautiful place! I sure didn't want to leave! | Wine and Crisps from the Estate Manager!

41: August 20 | Our first dinner in our "new" home!! | Laundry Cottage Glentruim House Newtonmore, Inverness-shire L667.02 for 7 nights!

42: This is how we spent our first full day at the cottage... doing nothing! We sat around and read our books and did some laundry (which took all day to dry... laundry facilities here are not like home!) | No we didn't join a cult while in Scotland!! Lol!!

43: Our very Scottish snack!! We enjoyed this in the afternoons! | Loving the thistle... | Our early morning view! | Heather field! | Sunday August 21

44: Beside the cottage was a path to the top of "our mountain" we went for a walk to see the sites!!

45: Debbie always setting up her camera, lol! Should have read the book before the trip! | Continued on our way... down the path! | Monday, August 22

46: Debbie's butt... after I made her sit on the mossy rock, lol! | An "Anteater" or a tree?

47: I heard a scary noise, lol!! | The Castle! | August 22

48: We started everyday by feeding Phil! Once we were ready we headed out to "Our Castle" Better known as Eilean Donan Castle!! One of our favourite places!! | Some scenery along the way... | Phil the Pheasant!

49: Tuesday August 23

50: Eilean Donan Castle...

51: August 23

52: Just a tad windy! | Welcome to my home...

53: August 23

54: We met Alex our guide from our first trip! He took us to the Medieval part of the castle again! He told us that they are getting ready to open it up to the public... cleaning the vines off of the walls. It sure looks different! | From 2008

55: "Found me a Scottish fella!" | August 23

56: Scenery on the road back to the cottage! | Thistle at our cottage!

57: The morning of Wednesday August 24... we went outside to enjoy coffee and hot chocolate on our "deck" It was a lovely morning but a little nippy! | I think I heard something in there!

58: Merry Christmas to me!! For Christmas Debbie gave me a "Scottish" horse back riding trip! We even got to wear these cool hats, lol! Who knew it would be English style riding too, lol!! | Our guide Amba giving me the "rules" "Keep to the centre, of the saddle hold the reins with both hands, use the crop 'cause Bilbo likes to stop and go his own way!" well I wasn't going to use the crop, but Bilbo just looked at it and went where he was suppose to! He just has a bit of a stubborn streak! | Wednesday August 24

59: A 1 1/2 hour ride through a Scottish forest... can't get any better than that! | Amba'a horse! | Debbie riding Florry!

60: Going through a Loch... My horse slipped a little getting out of there, kind of scary, but a very fun ride! | Amba!! | It was a great ride!! Very different than Western style riding. What an experience in the Scottish country-side! Thanx Debbie!!

61: The view from Burlam riding Stables! | Scenery back to the cottage! | August 24

62: The gateway and single lane road to our Cottage... Paradise!!! | August 24 | The Castle near our Cottage!

63: We went for a "hike" behind the cottage. | Thursday August 25

64: Claiming another mountain!

65: August 25

66: On my cell phone... no I wasn't on it all the time... well not really anyway, lol!

67: Love this picture! | August 25

68: On the road to Loch Eilein... | Sheep butts! | Heather field! | First Highland Cow!

69: We saw The Barricks from the motorway and decided to check it out! | August 25

71: Found a Heather field! | Loch Eilein | August 25

72: I think this is where I got bit by the tick, yikes! Apparently they are found where there are trees and sheep... so pretty much everywhere in Scotland!

73: August 25

74: First time ever driving in Scotland... single lane road (okay it was just the road to our cottage!) But I still drove in Scotland... in a car with the steering wheel on the other while driving on the other side of the road! Also... I didn't meet another car... so it wasn't as scary as it could have been!! | August 25 | __________________________________________________________________________________

75: We went back to the Heather field for more pictures! I love this one of Debbie much better!! | Debbie saw something scurry past me while I was taking the picture! Probably good she didn't mention it, lol! | Friday August 26

76: We went back to Loch Eilein to go for a hike. So we decided to go on the 5 mile hike... only to realize near the end it was the 7 mile hike! That sure is a long way around the Loch!

77: August 26 | Debbie loves the crazy trees!

78: Path...

79: Claiming another couple of mountains!! | After talking to the washer/dryer repair man (from the cottage.) who told us where to find red deer... we went for a nice drive along this single lane road! | August 26

80: We didn't see any red deer until right at the end of our trip... on the way back... saw only one!!

81: Some sites on the way back to Laggan! | August 26

82: Newtonmore was a little town that we passed through a few times in our travels!

83: Loving the sheep and the Highland cows!! | More sheep butts! | This guy was a little bashful as I got closer to him! He was my favourite! | August 26

84: This bunch without horns were very friendly, they didn't mind having their pictures taken at all!

85: These two sheep climbed up on a tree stump as we were driving by... so we had to back up and get their pictures!! | August 26 | August 26

86: Laggan... the little town that we went into a lot to go to the small store. This is the cemetery that we thought was very nice! | August 26 | We ended up getting a lot of "butt" shots... so I had this collage made of them. Of course we had to add ours too!!

87: Our last day here at the cottage... "I don't want to leave... and you can't make me!!" | Saturday August 27

88: Our last day at our cottage was spent walking around the estate property!! It was an emotional day for me... I sure didn't want to leave this beautiful paradise!! | Claiming my last mountain!

89: Our cottage! | August 27

90: We took our time to get some pictures... dragging it out... We had to leave soon to go to Glasgow!! Sure didn't want to leave...

91: August 27

92: Our tour of the Castle next door...

93: The road to Glasgow... | The trees were changing colour already! | August 27

94: Thursday/Friday August 11-12 2011 After much planning Debbie and I decided it was time to return to "our roots" We needed to go back to the UK... ~~~~~ I stayed the night at Nick and Julie's so Crysti could take me to Kitchener to meet Debbie! I started my day by squishing, changing and feeding Phoenix and Declan! I was very excited about this journey back... but sad about missing family and those two new little boys that have a warm place in my heart! Debbie and I went for a pedicure and manicure... had to look good for the flight! Stopped and picked up a few things for our trip; like Debbie's new camera bag! ~~~ Today I feel - Excited about the journey Most memorable thing that occurred today - The feeling I had when we took off from Toronto airport. Best part of the day - Landing in England and seeing the boys' video that Julie sent to me! Looking forward to tomorrow - Walking the streets of London with Debbie! ~~~~~ Saturday August 13 Stopped at a "Pret" store so Debbie could get something for breakfast.. Took the tube (a very interesting experience!) Went up and down escalators a lot! Got to one station and the tube line was closed... had to go back and get off at another station! Finally made it to Buckingham Palace... walked through St. James park... beautiful! Got our tickets and went inside. Got to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress!! Amazingly beautiful!!

95: From there we took the tube again and went to see the London Eye! It was really cool! You couldn't even tell that you were moving! We took a lot of pictures! Got back to our room about 7:00p.m. Dropped our bags and went to "Three Tons Pub" for dinner... had Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas... yummy! It cost L7.99. After dinner we walked down to a grocer for Skim Milk and Rhubarb yogurt for breakfast! ~~~~~ Today I feel - Well-rested and ready to start my trek through the streets of London. Most memorable thing that occurred today - Going to Buckingham Palace and seeing Kate's dress! London Eye was awesome! Best part of the day - Sitting on the bed and relaxing after a lot of walking today! Looking forward to tomorrow - Having a picnic in Hyde Park and seeing Kensington Palace! ~~~ Sunday August 14 Debbie and I left about 10:00 to get the tube to go to Waterloo Train Station to catch the train to Hampton Court (which isn't just a castle it is the name of the town!) Watched the bike race... it went right past the Palace! We enjoyed the Castle; it was cool that they had actors playing the roles of King Henry and his family! Got back to our room at 6:40p.m. went to Our Pub for dinner again... Three Tons... I had a Chicken and Mushroom pie and Peach Iced Tea L9.50. We met a very nice couple from Australia. They are on a 6 week tour of 13 countries ending in Greece! ~~~ Today I feel - Good! Ready to get on the train and not get lost!

96: The most memorable part of the day - Getting to see where King Henry lived Best part of the day - Not getting lost on the train! Looking forward to tomorrow - Going on our picnic in Hyde Park and seeing Kensington Palace (since we didn't get to do it yesterday!) ~~~~~ Monday August 15 Took the tube to Kensington Palace... had to take a "lift" in the tube station; not a friend of that! Kensington Palace isn't like it was when Princess Diana lived there! The building is being renovated and it is set up as an "Enchanting Castle" They tell stories of the lives of Princesses caught within the strange and mysterious world of the court - a world within a world... governed by its own time and rituals! We then went to Hyde Park for our picnic! We kind of got lost looking for a food kiosk... after finding one we found a great place for our picnic with a great view of the Palace! Took the tube to go to Westminster Abbey, but sadly by the time we got there it was closed to visitors. So we hopped back on the tube to go to Covent Garden Market! It is quite large... saw a lot of different things there. I bought a cool magnifying glass and toys for the boys! Got back to our room about 7:00 and went to our "Pub" only to find out they ran out of food! (how does that happen?) So we went to their "sister" pub, wasn't as good as ours! ~~~ Today I feel - Tired... there is a lot of walking here even with riding the tube! The most memorable moment - buying toys for the boys, blue bobby and a red kings guard! Best part of the day - laying in bed and resting my sore knee, lol!

97: Looking forward to tomorrow - Going back to Westminster Abbey and getting lots of pictures! ~~~~~ Tuesday August 16 We started our day off by going back to Westminster Abbey, we still waited in line for 30 minutes! It is beautiful!! Got some pictures of where Catherine walked in for the wedding! Had our lunch in the cafe (L5) Used the public Loo outside of the Abbey, it cost 50p! Took the tube to The Tower of London. We saw things we didn't see the first time. Took the tube to Bond St. Station to go to the Souvenir Shop and bought a few things. Dropped our stuff off at our room and went to our Pub for dinner... fish and chips, again! ~~~ Today I feel - Excited about our journey around London and going to the Abbey! The most memorable moment - Getting into the Abbey and lighting a candle for my parents! Best part of the day - Finding toy taxis and double-decker buses for the boys! Looking forward to tomorrow - Taking the 4 1/2 hour train ride to Scotland and landing in Edinburgh!! ~~~~~ Wednesday August 17 Got up and packed our suitcases, we had to get the train at 11:00 (Debbie thought it was 11:30, good thing we checked!) Took a taxi to the train station (which is where the strap broke on my camera bag!) Got the train right away and ordered our lunch! Debbie realized she forgot her book and journal in her suitcase! Uneventful trip, the time went by

98: fast! Got off the train at Waverly Station and got the next one to Haymarket Station! That train was fun to get off of... so many people! We had to have strangers take our luggage off of the train for us, lol! Got a taxi to the B & B after waiting 25 min. for Debbie to find the address, lol!! The B & B was very nice, but the bathroom door didn't close tight! There is a beautiful library here though! Walked to town to Ryan's Pub for dinner Veggie stir fry (L7.50) we shared Sticky Toffee Pudding (L3.95) Yummy! Started to rain a little when we were walking back to the B & B. Then we hung out in the library and wrote in our journals! ~~~ Today I feel - Anxious about getting to Scotland! The most memorable moment - Watching the scenery go by while on the train! Best part of the day - Getting into Scotland and looking around the city while Debbie was looking up the address for the B & B! Looking forward to tomorrow - Going to the Scotland/England border for pictures and shopping on the Royal Mile! ~~~~~ Thursday August 18 Had breakfast in the dining room... Museli, mandarin yogurt, scrambled eggs and brown toast, yummy!! Walked down to the Royal Mile! I bought the boys kilts for L20! Bought the girls necklaces and a lodge ring for Rick! We then walked to Haymarket Station to pick up the car to go for our pictures! It is very busy in the city, not a fan of that!

99: We got the GPS working in the car... we named her "Queen Mary" for her accent! When we are traveling on the highway for a long time she says "Go straight for a long time" We used her to find our way back to the B & B! Walked down to Howie's, a Scottish Restaurant. We had a Scottish cheese blend with Penne (L7.95) and shared chicken and a cheese blend & chutney dish with Debbie! ~~~ Today I feel - Excited about going to the border for pictures of the Scotland sign! The most memorable moment - Buying the kilts for Phoenix and Declan! Best part of the day - Shopping the Royal Mile! Looking forward to tomorrow - Going to William Wallace Monument and Glamis Castle! ~~~~~ Friday August 19 Started the day by going down to put money in the meter for a "parking pass" only to find out when Debbie moved the car that we had a L60 ticket! We are going to try to fight it! Went to the William Wallace Monument. it was very cool! We walked the 246 steps to the top; this was after the long trek up the hill first! After that we went to the cafe and had clotted Cream, Strawberry Preserves and scones, yummy!! On to Glamis Castle... it is beautiful, just like I remembered! Did the live tour! So I wouldn't trip over a coal box I lightly touched a mantle in one of the bedrooms we were in and the alarm went off!!! Scared the crap out of me! Apparently this happens a lot!! Went to the gift shop and bought a white cotton nightgown and red plaid shoes for the boys!

100: Found our B & B (a working farm house!) Dropped off our luggage and went into Glamis for dinner at Strathmore Arms, I had a Veggie Strudel, Mango Chicken and we shared "Lumpy Bumpy toffee Pie" It was very yummy!! L27.15 total for dinner. ~~~ Today I feel - ... once again... excited about this journey! The most memorable moment - Walking up the 246 steps at the Monument and buying the boys their plaid shoes! Best part of the day - Buying my newest cotton nightgown from Glamis Castle! Looking forward to tomorrow - Getting to our cottage!! ~~~~~ Saturday August 20 Our Hostess, Grace, made us a lovely Scottish breakfast... porridge (which is quite different than ours, it was very watery!) scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms on the side. We took some pictures around the farm (it is a working farm, they farm canola!) We then left on our journey through the mountains to our cottage! We first drove to Balmoral the Royal family's summer home... of course it was closed since they were all in residence! We stopped for lunch at a small place called "Spittal on Glenshee" we had the Leek and Potato soup and shared Sticky Toffee Pudding! Very yummy, the dessert was a little different than what we had in London! I also bought some "Blossom Honey" the guy there, Brian, bottled it and also said that the Heather Honey gives you a bite in the back of the throat, so I guess that wasn't the one I thought I wanted! We stopped on our journey to take some photos of some sheep that were on the road... I had a

101: stare down with a ram, lol! Quite funny, I had to back up to the car and he and his friends continued on across the road! Stopped in Aviemore at the Tesco Grocery store (L53) Got to our cottage at 6:00p.m. The cottage is quite lovely!! Unloaded the car and walked around the property for a bit then had our first dinner (pre-cooked chicken, tomatoes, cucumber and kettle chips) The laundry machine wasn't working so we had to use the one in the garage next door... very spooky after dark! ~~~ Today I feel - Pretty excited about getting to the cottage!! The most memorable moment - Driving through the mountains... sure can't get enough of this view! Best part of the day - ... arriving at the cottage! Looking forward to tomorrow - Doing absolutely nothing... oh and staying in our p.j.'s all day! ~~~~~ Sunday August 21 Today Debbie and I did absolutely nothing!! We stayed in our nightgowns all day! The on;y thing we did was to finish two loads of laundry that we started the night before. Well it took ALL DAY to dry!! Holy crap I didn't think it would ever dry, we had to iron stuff it was so wrinkled! Took some pictures outside and of Phil too! When we open the door in the mornings he comes running so we have to feed him, usually just bread! It is very cute to watch! It was a very leisurely day... we watched two movies... The Devil Wears Prada and Atonement. We went to bed about midnight!

102: Tomorrow we want to go for a hike around the property. Took some thistle pictures so I can blow them up and frame them! Debbie thought she saw a "kangaroo"; turned out to be a jack rabbit hopping in the weeds, not nearly as big as a kangaroo, lol!! ~~~~~ Monday August 22 Showered and had a great breakfast; Veggie Omelette and Fruit Salad! I took some pictures of thistle, trying to get the right shot! We were just getting ready to go for our hike when Diedre came (she is the Estate Manager for the property!) She told us that the washer/dryer here takes at least 4 hours to do a load of laundry... that's just crazy!! We went for a nice hike around the property and took a lot of pictures... got some great shots of the two of us! ~~~ Today I feel - Refreshed, after our relaxing day yesterday! The most memorable moment - Standing on the top of "our" mountain and looking out at the sites! Best part of the day - Enjoying our hike around the property! Looking forward to tomorrow - Going to Eilean Donan Castle!!!! ~~~~~ Tuesday August 23 We left at 9:45 to go to the Castle. We took a lot of pictures on our way... what beautiful scenery!!

103: Driving up to the Castle. It is just like I remember it!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Got a picture of Alex our guide from our last trip! We stopped him on the bridge and I asked for a picture with him. After chatting with him he took us back to the medieval part of the castle again (we told him about taking us there during our last trip) I got more pictures with him there too! Stopped at the gift shop on the way out... bought a Heather Gems necklace for myself and other souvenirs too! Stopped at Strolossit Inn in Roybridge for dinner. I had chicken (of course) and Debbie had lamb with homemade mint sauce. L25.55 Debbie called about the parking ticket and they told her since it is our first offense we should get it dropped if we write a letter! ~~~ Today I feel - Excited about going back to Eilean Donan Castle!! The most memorable moment - Re-visiting Eilean Donan... Best part of the day - The Castle, of course and getting a picture with Alex, lol! Looking forward to tomorrow - Horseback riding!!! ~~~~~ Wednesday August 24 Sat outside on our deck with coffee and hot chocolate and took a few pictures! It was a little chilly! Left around 12:45 to go to Laggan to get trail maps for our hike! On to Burlam Riding Stables for our ride! We got there early and picked out our lovely helmets! Debbie rode Florry and I had Bilbo. It was the two of us and our guide Amba! It was a very nice ride through a Scottish forest... just the three of us!

104: Bilbo had a bit of a stubborn streak, lol! I whacked my knee on a tree trying to move out of the way for some people that were walking in the forest. We went through the water (a few creeks) and into a loch. Amba had Debbie's camera and took 165 pictures, too bad only about 6 were any good! lol! All in all it was a great day and a great Christmas present! Stopped in Aviemore at Tesco again for more groceries (L28) It had started to rain at the end of our trail ride and continued most of the way home! Got some great pictures of the mist on the mountains! (Heard while away that Nicole fell and broke her leg and injured her hip!) ~~~ Today I feel - Excited about horse back riding... I haven't been in a while! The most memorable moment - Debbie and I enjoying my Christmas present of horse back riding in Scotland! Best part of the day - Not falling off of the horse! Looking forward to tomorrow - Our own hike by the cottage and a mapped trail! ~~~~~ Thursday August 25 The repairman for the washer/dryer came and fixed it, finally! We went for a hike in the field and the hills behind the cottage... we just hopped the fence! Took a lot of great pictures The repair guy gave us directions to a couple of other nice hiking areas... so we checked them out! He told us about the old A9 road. It was beautiful! Scenery was quite lovely! We also found some Highland cows and dark sheep! Went to Loch of Eilein to check it out... we are going back there tomorrow for a hike!

105: Stopped in Laggan at the little store we went to before. We were going to buy a movie to watch, but they didn't have what we wanted! Bought a few souvenirs! We stopped at the end of our road so I could drive!! Debbie took video with my phone! It was awesome! I was a little too close to the left side, but I did great!! Now I can say I drove in Scotland!! Stopped at The Barrick's today... we could see it from the motorway and thought we should check it out! ~~~ Today I feel - ... anxious... knowing we will be leaving soon... and not wanting to!! The most memorable moment - Driving on a single lane road in Scotland, even if it was just the road to our Cottage! Best part of the day - ... the scenery!!! Took video with my phone! Looking forward to tomorrow - Another hike!! ~~~~~ Friday August 26 So while having my shower I found a tick on my arm, yikes! Turns out that they are anywhere there is sheep and trees.... so pretty much everywhere in Scotland, lol! I saved the tick so I could bring it home for Rick to see it! they are a lot smaller than our ticks at home! Went to Loch Eilein for our 5 mile hike.... turns out it was the 7 mile hike!! It was a great walk... but the midgies were bad! They sure did like Debbie... I think she was bit several times, but not me!! We did a lot of driving today, got quite a few pictures of highland cows and some sheep!

106: This country has so much meaning to me... I found myself to be very weepy today! I could have sat on "my mountain" and cried just knowing we had to leave on Sunday! The last time we were here I knew we would be back.... today... I'm not so sure! Had a nice dinner, chicken salad and enjoyed a hot bubble bath and a glass of our "airplane" champagne!! A sad day... ~~~ Today I feel - Sad... this place is like no other in the world to me... I don't know if I will ever get back here again... I don't want to leave! The most memorable moment - got a lot of highland cow pictures... and sheep! Best part of the day - ... the scenery.... I took a lot of video while we were driving! Looking forward to tomorrow - Hoping to find the Castle place mats that I wanted from Eilean Donan Castle... I should have bought them from there! ~~~~~ Saturday August 27 Got up early and got ready... we had to be out of the cottage by 10:00. Our last breakfast was Museli cereal, fruit and yogurt. Packed up our stuff and loaded the car! We were on our way to "our mountain" when we stopped to talk to Ian and family (they were in the cottage beside us) they leave today too! Diedre came out of her office and chatted, then asked if we want to see the "big house" which we call the Castle! Of course we want to see it!!!! Took some pictures! Beautiful!! We then went up to the mountain! I was very emotional... I sure don't want to leave here!! I LOVE THE HIGHLANDS!!!

107: I could stay here forever! Not sure my family would like that though, lol! Driving to Glasgow we stopped at gift shop and a WC (water closet. or toilet!) in Dowally! Bought the boys sheepskin slippers and fleece sweaters (so cute) Got to Glasgow and got lost!!! Queen Mary sucks... although it wasn't all her fault.... we had the wrong hotel punched in (turns out there are two here by the same name!) While checking in I video taped the guy at the desk with my phone.... had to, he had the best Scottish accent, lol!! Took the car back to the rental place... the guy there was hilarious!!! Had dinner in the dining-room... fish and chips again! Last time! ~~~ Today I feel - Very sad! Not looking forward to leaving... The most memorable moment - ... pictures on "my mountain" Best part of the day - ... pictures on "my mountain" Looking forward to tomorrow - Seeing the boys, Rick, Julie and Crysti if she is there! ~~~~~ Sunday August 28 Woke up early 3:40 and got up at 4:30 to shower.... we had a wake up call for 5:00. Went downstairs for breakfast... just toast and apple juice, kind of nauseous today.... I think because I am worried about the flight and not wanting to go home! Got to the airport at 6:30. The taxi driver was funny.... and very Scottish! He was telling us that he was just in Vegas and had a great time! I had to pay L30 for my overweight luggage.... that sucks! Bought more Cadbury chocolate at duty free!

108: ... a little weepy while waiting at our gate!! Met a couple from Glasgow going to Cancun! Chatted with them for a while... he had a strong accent.... kind of hard to understand him sometimes, lol!! Sad day... A little weepy on take-off! Flight was a half hour late because we flew around Hurricane Irene! A little bit of turbulance.... but not too bad! Happy and sad to be home!! Julie and the boys were here when I got home... yeah!!! ~~~ Today I feel - Very sad! The most memorable moment - ... just thinking of the mountains and the highlands! Best part of the day - Knowing I will see family soon! Looking forward to tomorrow - Relaxing and sleeping!!! ________________________________________________________________ | Our Hotel room in Glasgow... Campanile Glasgow Airport Hotel one night... $69.48 for two! | August 27

109: Things we learned along the way... Motorway - highway WC, toilet - Bathroom Lorry - Big Truck, Semi Queues - Line-ups Car Park - Parking Lot Petrol - Gas (station) Bobby - Policeman Dicky Bird - Knows nothing Cigarette ends - Cigarette butts Foot Path - Walkway Diversion - Detour Lift - Elevator School of Motoring - Driving School Crisps - Potato Chips Puff guy - Gay man Motor Bikel - Motor bike (Debbie's new word) Kangaroo - Jack Rabbit The exchange rate was approximately $1.65 for L1.00 ~~~~~ Thanks once again Debbie for a fabulous journey back to our favourite place to be... a country that holds a special place in our hearts... a place that is just waiting for our return!! A special thanks to my "Editor" LB, I appreciate the help and direction you gave me!!

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