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Jovan's Portfolio

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BC: END | Jovan Coleman

FC: Jovan's Portfolio

1: Poetry 1. I am 2. Now Then 3. Ode To 4. Sonnet 5. You know Completely 6. I dont Understand Other 1. Literary Device 2. Descriptive Entry 3. Persuasive Entry | TABLE OF CONTENTS

2: I am I am quiet and intelligent. I wonder about the others though. I hear taunting laughter around me. I see many fools jumping around. I want it all to stop. I pretend as if I am mean. I feel as if I’m the only one. I touch the tainted air of these fools. I worry about if I can’t win.

3: Then | I cry about nothing. I am quiet and intelligent. I understand that these fools will never learn. I say “It is inevitable” I dream I will get out of this place. I try to be the best for one fool. I hope my dreams come true. I am quiet and intelligent. . .

4: Now and Then Now I’m in class at the moment, kind of aggravated because of the noise in the room. I don’t like a lot of noise. I’m just sitting here thinking, spacing out into my thoughts. I let my thoughts wander into my past. I remembered it like it happened not long ago. I think I was about 7 years of age or something. Then I’m in my room playing my Sega Genesis my mom isn’t home she still at work, it’s a Saturday. My father said he’d go to the store he’d be right back but he didn’t come back until about 3 hours but I didn’t care, not even a little. He came back home angry, then I heard my sister crying but I, of course don’t know what’s going on. What is he trying to do? Now Sitting here still spaced out I have to do this freaking essay don’t feel like it but I will in a few after I wander through my thoughts a bit more. This class is noisy though only because of one person. So it doesn’t really matter to me. I wonder what I’m doing for my Last class in Biology. Well no matter. Then After hearing him screaming and rampaging around the house, I knew something was wrong. So I turned off my game and walked out of my room suspiciously. I didn’t see anything... So I walk into the dining room and he started to pick up my brother. I just stood there watching but then he noticed me.

5: Then He saw meI tried to hide around the corner real quick but it was too late He picked up a chair and attempted to hit me with it. I flinched so hard that I actually fell on the ground and he missed his swing. I lay on the ground in shock. My brother tried to run but then he caught him obviously and once again picked him up. I just at and watch because I was still afraid. He opening the window and started to hold my brother out of the window. Now Walking to Math, I don’t really like it but I have to go anyway. People in the hallway running aroundI’m dodging them as if I’m playing dodge ball in gym. I see one of my friends and I pretending like I was going to jump on her back but she punches me in the stomach hard so i laugh. She went to her class. I took my books out of my locker and kept walking, and then I see my brother. At that time I am reminded of the thinking I was doing Then My brother was screaming and yelling. My sister sat there and was crying, I was still in the same place afraid. My father was still holding him out the window. I think he was going to throw my brother out the window. He started to move his arm down moreHowever he heard the door unlock so he was startled and took my brother out of the window. My mother walked in surprised. She started to argue with himI was still in the same spot. My father left the house and I don’t remember when he came back. But I’m pretty sure he did. Now In lunch, hungry but not even going up to get something to eat because it takes forever because all the kids push and shove each other to get food They look like a bunch of starving animals pushing like that so I’d rather not be in looking just like them. I just sit here laughing with my friends messing with them. One of my friends being negative so everyone is laughing everyone is having a good time. It’s the best part of the day for some people. My favorite part of school is dismissal.

6: Ode to I know of your darkness. How you’re always in a darkened color. I know how you have to follow a person or a thing and mimic its every action. All you do is blend in. You provide cool air for people depending on what you copy like a monkey. Even though They change your name. You’ve been there since I’ve existed. Your darkness follows me everywhere. At night when I’ve think I’m free from your clutches, I know you’re there. Because all you do is blend in with the night. You have camouflage like a chameleon. Some things may be scared of you because you are stealthy

7: Why would you run pass a wall to scare a person? Why give people the nightmares or creeps whilst they’re sleeping? Is it because you’re the darkness that ninjas your way through the world? But, don’t misunderstand I enjoy your company Especially when I’m alone all I need is a shine of light and you’re visible to me. I’ll always know you’re with me . . . even though you tend to hide Shadows

8: Sonnet Why do you think I give people cold glares? I am considered shy or so they say. People do not talk to me, No one dares. I’ve had enough of being tortured, Okay? Do you believe my front will always sell? Wandering around letting people fear. This place fails; I can’t wait for the last bell. This is nothing to make me shed a tear.

9: I still stand with this hard temperature. However to me it does not matter Even with this I shall never rupture. How much strength do I still need to gather? This is me that I decided to draw. So tell me you failures, Have you foresaw?

10: You Know Completely You know completely. The feel of Sadness Watching the storm clouds roll in And just as it begins to rain It hides your tears You know completely The sight of Darkness You know you are pursued

11: When the shadows haunt your mind Chasing you to the ends of the Earth You’re afraid You know completely The pain of life To you it is precious But is it still when you’re living so hard Just to end up dying....easily

12: I don’t understand I don’t understand the way this world was even created I don’t understand the way people couldn’t care less I don’t understand how life ends so quickly But most of all, I don’t understand. How is this world still holding up?

13: Why don’t people understand? How is it simple to die but so hard to live? But what I do understand is This world is ours People just don’t help this world Life will always be painful.

14: 1.Alliteration: This is a good example of alliteration because, nodded, nearly and napping all start with the same first sound and letter. This could also be assonance because napping and tapping both have the same internal vowel sound. 2.Allusion: The movie Malcolm X is a good example because it is referring to Malcolm X and everything he achieve and done while he was being a black leader. 3.Assonance: In most rap music they use assonance to make their song sound better. Usually words that rhyme though. 4.Hyperbole: In the song Ms. Jackson the line when they sing “I apologize a trillion times”. It’s a good example because no one will actually apologize a trillion times it’s impossible. 5.Personification: In Disney movies, you will see a table dancing or other objects speaking. I think this is a good example of Personification because no table or object can actually speak, feel or dance unless it’s a robot and it was programmed that way

15: 6.Oxymoron: The word “Oxymoron” Its self is an oxymoron because Oxy means sharp whilst Moron means dull. 7.Dramatic Irony: A scene in the horror movie Halloween (2009), Michael Myers was behind a girl while she was watching television just looking at her, but the girl didn’t know. But it showed the audience a clear view of Michael Myers. 8.Situational irony: In most horror movies are good examples of Situational Irony because they would always have a person, demon or ghost snatch up a person quickly without any notice whatsoever. 9.Onomatopoeia: In Batman and Robin. During the fight scene on the boat. I think this is a good example of onomatopoeia because every time they would hit someone or get hit. Something like POW or SPLASH would appear on the screen. 10.Parody: A good example of parody is the Eminem song “without me”, It shows good parody when he was making fun of batman and robin.

16: Narrative Entry “I wonder why Fanny is so helpful to these Negroes, does she not realize they are a bottom species. She can be killed!” Pierce stammers to himself. Fanny walks in calmly staring at Pierce. “I want to get my journal published, Pierce,” Fanny asked calmly . “Yes, I’ve read your journal,” replied Pierce. “However do you know what could happen if you were to publish that book? People will know you’re an abolitionist and try to kill you!” Pierce says as his anger rose. Fanny replied, “Ha-ha I don’t care! I’m going to publish this journal!” Pierce replies back angered, “You better not Fanny Kemble! You will obey me because you are my wife.” “Pssh I am your wife but I am not your slave,” Fanny replied. Fanny storms out of the house and Pierce follows.

17: Pierce yells in a hurry, “If you’re going to publish that journal then you won’t be able to see your children again!” Fanny turns around slowly looking at Pierce with darting eyes. “You wouldn’t do such a thing,” Fanny says. “Try me, Fanny,” Pierce says feeling victorious. Fanny quickly walks away angrily. Pierce does a little smirk and slowly scampers back into his house while watching Fanny leave. After that conversation I feel as if I already knew that Fanny will start to be very disobedient. Even though she didn’t attempt to publish the journal like she wished to do. I wouldn’t really want to take the chance to see her children from her but if it’s what it takes for me not to be ruined by the press once they figure out my wife is an abolitionist. They will make a mockery out of the Butler plantation, even though it’s one of the best in the country, all because my wife would want to publish her stupid journal.

18: Descriptive Entry Fanny you foolish wretch, you made these powerless slaves get ideas to run away. I thought they were tame, but they listened to you. Did they easily forget I treated them better than that cruel and fierce, Mr. Pendle. He would aggressively whip his slaves for practically no reason at all. I think he’s just annoyed looking at troubled Negroes so he has them dead. I guess the depressed slaves are thoughtless and stupid to not realize my generosity.

19: Fanny, I remember when you helped those filthy Negroes by putting them in my precious house. How unsightly that was. I just stood there wide-eyed and angry when I first walked into that house that seemed unusual. I was annoyed substantially and decided to make a colossal fire onto my house . . . anything to drive those Negroes out of my once beautiful home. They ran out helplessly those poor slaves. Even if the massive house is in an immense, evil, yet elegant flame. You still insisted to help them!

20: Persuasive Entry Dear Journal, I think slavery is better for Negroes because they have nowhere to go anyway. I don’t think anyone would want to way from my beautiful plantation. I treat my Negroes well. Well, many other reasons why I believe slavery is better. Negroes aren’t going to have a home if they run away. What, are they just going to wander in the wilderness like the animals they are? Perhaps they’ll make a tent or sleep in a cave or something? I think not. Most would be dead and rotting in the ground. What about food? How are they suppose to get food without any money . . . well there’s a very small chance a Negro will get a job in

21: the North. So they will just wander around begging for food? Final Reason is, Fugitive Slave Act. What do you think would happen in the North if I found a runaway slave? No? Well I can take them back into slavery if I want. Isn’t the lay great? There is no slave that can escape me unless I don’t care and I let them. The only way the Fugitive Slave Law doesn’t count is if you went to a country and how are you going to get there? Ha-Ha . . . Amusing. As I said before that’s why I think these Negroes are better off where they belong . . . in slavery. I hope next time they’ll have second thoughts on running away from me. Sincerely, Pierce Butler

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