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Junior year

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Junior year - Page Text Content

S: Hannah's Junior Year 2010-2011

FC: Junior Year Scrapbook | 2010-2011 | Hannah Jackson's

1: 1st day of Junior Year | Tim Tamone The Toyota Tundra Truck

2: Kelsey Jackson's Bridal Shower

4: The Stewart Bros and Jackson Gals and others went on a date going mini golfing. It was quite a great time partying with my sisters.

5: Toro Pom Football Season & Assemblies

6: Smiles can be serious.!

7: Family Bowling Night

8: FOOT BALL | At its finest

9: I finally gave in to dating Cody Stewart! Although there is an awkward space in between us in the picture, there also was a love bug blossoming:) For those of you who don't get to hear the story for yourself, Cody told his buddy Jake Jarvis, "Hey, I'm going to marry that girl someday" you will just have to wait and see if Cody was right:) | I'll give a hint... I said YES!

10: What's | Not | TO | Love?

11: Homecoming Day Activity with Dallin Gherkins. We had a Movie night, so I brought the dog with us as a pillow and it even got a seat belt. Call me crazy! | Meghan is obsessed with Lip Gloss, so Clara and I decorated Bruce before she woke up. Oh the bonds of friendship:)

12: Meghan, Lauren, Parker and I went to In N Out for dinner one evening. My brilliant mind came up with this idea to have someone say something like ''"you just won a million dollars'' and then take a picture of their reaction afterwards... Meghan and I did a pretty good interpretation:) Can't get enough

13: or You OUT? | You IN

14: September 19, 2010 So today was a very special day for me, probably one of the most special to me besides my wedding day. I was able to receive my Patriarchal Blessing today. My dad came in and woke me up for church this morning, I was running late as usual and I accidently ate. Don’t worry though I started my fast during church, sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do! It was a very special day and I couldn’t stop thinking about my Blessing, like I had been thinking this whole past week. I just couldn’t wait to hear what the lord wanted to tell me. Church was great! When I was getting ready to leave, I was prompted to look in my Journal. At first I looked in one of my Journals and nothing popped out at me, but then I looked in my other white one, and I opened right to a section about Patriarchal Blessings. It said to be familiar with Abraham’s Promise, and to Pray that the Patriarch will be able to speak from the Lord’s voice. I thought wow, the spirit really is there. I am very grateful for his guidance. Then Alma Judd, the Patriarch called, and it turns out the Blessing started at 4:00 instead of 4:30. I gathered my mom and dad in the car and we took off to his house. When we arrived there, I felt a sweet spirit. Brother and Sister Judd opened up the door and welcomed us in. We took our shoes off and he and she chatted with us for a little about our parents, and then about me. Then we went into his office. It was a slightly small room, but comfortable. I sat in a chair in the left corner and he gave me some guidance. He handed me a sheet of paper that was about Patriarchal Blessings. Certain parts struck out to me, mainly that there will be times in your life when certain parts of your blessing will mean something greater to you. Also that the blessing is not something to keep in all dusty, or is it to be shown to everyone, it is something that should be read frequently and only shared with your husband, mom and dad, someone you feel prompted to share a piece of it with, or to your siblings if they are getting theirs soon it is okay to share a piece of it. He then asked if I would choose either me or my mom or dad to Pray to have The Lord give me a blessing through his words, and not have Brother Judd give me a blessing through his words. I accepted and I said the prayer. At first I forgot what he wanted me to say, but then I remembered because the spirit was with me. Then, he mentioned to me, there may be pauses during the blessing, just be aware. I interpreted it as the spirit was speaking to him, and he needed to listen and make sure he said the right thing. So there I go and I finished the prayer and sat in the chair. He set the recorder on and started giving my blessing. I cannot express in words the feelings of warmth, comfort, and pure joy I felt. My Heavenly Father was expressing his love to me through a mortal man. He wrapped his arms around me, and it was the a sweet experience when I felt true warmth from His sweet spirit. I know Heavenly Father and angels such as my Grandpa Jackson and Grandma Pine were in that room. If even a bad thought came to my mind, it quickly disappeared. I heard several different parts of my blessing that i began to wonder, what does this mean? But I know in time, the lord will reveal all things to me. When he concluded, I opened my eyes and I knew with a surety, more then anything else I have ever known, that Heavenly Father was there in that sacred room. I believe in him, and I trust him. Brother Judd gave an amazing Blessing and I was very grateful for him. My parents were crying and I had small tears in my eyes. The patriarch was crying at one point during the blessing as well. My dad grasped me in his arms and hugged me for so long, I thought he was never going to let go, and I didn’t want him to. He was comforting as my mortal father. I hugged the Patriarch and my Mother. They both loved me too. It is amazing the spirit that exists in holy places. We exited the room and we met his daughter Jeni. She was down syndrome and said when she walked out, “There’s enough hugs for everyone.” She was very sweet and perfect. I love her. We left the house and my thoughts just raced. I wondered, and pondered. My heavenly Father is loving. I don’t understand everything I heard, but I do know that one day I will. This church is true and this I share and testify of. There is no greater purpose in life then this church. This was a very special day and I will always remember it. I love you all. Amen.

15: Temple Week | I'm going there someday

17: HomeComing

18: PARADE | still had to walk behind the truck... maybe next year right?

19: Shaley getting me ready for the Homecoming Dance. What a lovely job she did. Moose and Fish loving for life.

21: The STUDLY Men in my life. I just couldn't choose who to go with!!

22: s t r u g g l e | to | S U C C E S S | Home Coming D Gherk 2010

24: Fancy Friends

26: The Faces of Beauty

28: I was driving when all of a sudden I looked over my shoulder and saw this car run into a pole. A lady told me I made a girl run into it because I cut her off. It was a dramatic experience for me, but I pulled up a random conference talk that had a similar situation in it and I felt comfoted. The girl hurt her wrist, but was fine besides that. I feel blessed that my truck didn't touch hers, but there are a lot of court meetings to follow.

29: On the upside, if you are ever feeling down, play with chalk! | Shaley took me to Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for her Birthday. It was stunning and she is an amazing friend. I loved hanging out with Zedo too:) | p.s. Happy Birthday Brookie!!

30: We found out the shoes for Ryan and Kelsey's wedding made us 6 inches taller... so we had a little fun! Jackson Style

31: Lauren, Meghan, Paige, Clara, Caitlyn, and I went to Red Robin after a football game. You see that Banzai burger with pineapples on it? Well, I downed that in about three minutes and I was proud of myself...! Until the reality of it hit, and hit hard. I almost puked, but toughed it out. ] What can I say? A girls gotta eat:) | BANZAI | YUMMMMMM!!

32: Ran into Mel at Walmart while picking out our Halloween Costumes. Decided she was co cool we needed to put a jacket on. | I know you are thinking well eww that's gross. And it probably is, but this hair on my arm was like an inch or 2 long. Funny because Clara would always get one on her chin so I would always pluck that out of her chin and she would pull this one out of my arm. Gnarly Right?

33: Halloween! Meghan,Lauren, Clara and I were SESAME STREET... with a twist of granny leggins and socks over. What can we say... the Trick or Treaters Loved us! (check bottom corner for proof!) | Ya my mom and Dad are HOTT STUFF

34: Laurels Halloween Extravaganza | For a Pom group date, we all went over to the Schnepf farms in Queen Creak. We road the manual go-carts and Cody drove really fast that I couldn't keep up peddling with him. I had to duck or else a tree would have hit me, I only came out with a few twigs in my hair though. We ventured into the corn patch, and I kept on getting spooked. We made it to the opposite side and Cody traveled off to go do some business and then came back. What funny kids. We then went on the ''roller coaster'' and Cody randomly started screaming like a girl. At first I thought something was wrong, but then I started laughing. He said it was what him and his brother did every roller coaster ride! Man, I wish I could scream that pitch.

35: POM National Qualifier Deer Valley HS | Didn't break my BUTT this time. I'd call that a success.



38: our Wildcat:) | Bear Down Arizona

39: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE TOUR | Meghan Fierro, Clara Walton, Brooke Hiatt and our moms went to the tour at Gammage! It was so fun... I think we all could qualify for the show.. don't you?

40: Pom State Qualifier 5A Division 1 | Family, Cody, Drew, and Justin came to support:)

41: No Complaints on 1st :)

42: Pommies loose @ the mall

43: Best Sisters | Best Family | Best Team | Best friends

44: I asked my good buddy Monson Cowley to go to Winter Formal with me. I used a little poem and then he used that to find the batteries to put into the calculator that eventually said I was asking him! So to answer me in return, he bought the World's Biggest gummy bear and said yes! Note to self: Gummy bears don't grow in water... and don't let people try to convince you they do! We will leave it at that....:)

45: Love me some Piano | It is a rule in my house that we have to play the piano until we are 18. Growing up I would lay down on the bench and complain to my mom about how what a worthless piece of time practicing was... but how grateful I am to my mom for keeping her ground. I'm not amazing, but I learned that there is a peace and spirit that accompanies the piano. I also got to develop a great relationship with my teacher Jen Garrett who is a rockstar. She has battled Lupus as a saint would. She has adopted 3 beautiful girls and truly defined to me that it's not about what ball is thrown at you, it is about how you catch it and handle it. I'm sure when we get to heaven, she will be leading the choir up there. Man, I'm a lucky girl.

47: What the DUCK?

48: Winter | Formal

50: Give Thanks and Get Thanks | So I had to be at dance at 5 on a Monday, so Cody decides that we have enough time to wash ''our'' cars, so we do, except for one thing... He parked his car around the corner so he only would clean my car. So I decided to steal his car and wash it too. Before I could finish the White Knight, Cody finished Tim and drove away in the half soaped-up WK. That's the definition of Cody Stewart. Unconditionally Sweet. Love the Gay Australians | Thanks giving Movie Time

51: I just love Christmas! We had a Christmas Pom gift exchange and ate FOOD. Cody and I went to Christmas Lights at the temple and in exchange for him wearing a cool beanie I played him a piano piece. Then my family got to go see Brooke win a game at U of A.

52: Laurels Christmas Temple Lights night and gift exchange

53: Pine Family Dance Party | It was super special too because my Aunt Sheri pulled out these socks that my Grandma Pine had saved up to give to us one day, but passed before she could. So thats where my sock obsession comes from!!

55: I guess I became the "Christmas Doll Gone Wrong." Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow you know? I love my sisters and have a blast goofing around with them. I may have lost the competition, but I won in picking sisters!!

56: Probably my favorite Christmas yet. We had an ugly sweater competition and my family got way too competitive. Ash and Brik spent $40 on their sweaters! Brooke, Ryan and I went to the thrift store to find our "sweaters". Ya it was rigged, the neighbors said Trey won! Anywho, we all received remote control cars from Santa and had a competition with them.Then we did our traditional sonic run in the arctic cat. I tell ya, nothing better than family.

57: The Morning Youngest to Oldest LIne up:) | Kels and Ry's Wedding Dinner party

58: S E A L E D

60: Ryan & Kelsey Jackson

63: December 30, 2011

64: Jill & Jeff's family and the Pitchers came to support Brooke at her game. Gotta say,Brooke is famous:)


66: CODY: So here's the DEAL. First of all, I'm so stoked that we MEAT And since there is SNOWONE I'd rather go with Not to mention I've been a Balogna of a person making you wait for your Christmas Present I "believe" (haha) it's about TIME I ask you I Know we'll have a kicking time. WILL YOU GO TO SADIES WITH ME?

67: Mom and I spied on Cody and Richie while they put gasoline on Cody's homemade woodwork to answer a flaming YES to sadies. I feel special he set it on fire for me. Dat is HOTT.

68: Pom State luncheon. Shelby and I decided to have a little fun with our jackets. We cousins are pretty fashionable. I love my team!

69: Leavin for STATE:)

70: S t a t e | C H A M P S

71: 8 Peat

72: Tims Toyota Center brought great support to the arena tonight! Thank you everyone!

73: Curl me crazy

75: Sadies Dance with the Pom Squad As conversation hearts?

77: MONA | the doll... | T A I N T E D LOVE

78: Found my dad's Kung fu robe thing he brought home from his mission in Pusan, South Korea. HI YAAAAA

79: What a day for a bike ride and ice cream! We celebrated Clara's birthday as well with some good ole bagels and brownies. Livin the good life:)

80: Priesthood Session of Conference= mannequin modeling with Kadyn and Ashlyn

81: Cody asked me to PROM with a cotton ball path and so Cami came up with the idea to do a "fake" mission call for him saying my acceptance. Cuddly Cody and Huggie Hannah are quite cool eh?

83: The guy in the yellow shirt was running on the beach and Cam and I thought it would be funny if we did exactly as he did. Let me tell you, it was funny:) | C A L I

84: The black stuff on Cami and I's feet took forever to get off. Pretty sure it was made with super glue! Some of the fam got to go watch So You Think You Can Dance Auditions and it was AMAZING and Cam even got on TV. We Ran into Lauren Froderman who had just won SYTYCD. LA is CRAZY!


86: A LOT going on in these photos. I decided to curl Cody's hair and put mascara on him... such a sport for letting me do that. Young Womans Softball was always my prime time. I would make all the girls put game paint on their faces except for McKelle haha. Ridge ward softball is where it is at. Lauren, Ashlyn and I would go have "Temple Tuesdays"and were able to get most of my family names baptized and confirmed. At ASU they have a 4.2 mile Pat Tillman Run honoring the football player #42. Cam and I answer the doorbell to Preston Beck and all his buddies sitting there playing chicken and I guess whoever says something first was called chicken. Anywho, I have a thing for paint so we painted all their faces for fun. Grandma Jackson had a birthday party so we all decided to sit and eat in the kid chair... I think my tush got stuck.

87: Taylor and Thomas are MARRIED! | Jen and Abby

88: Nationals here we come! Anaheim California

89: D LAND


95: Pre lims went AMAZING! Dannis comes out with a worried look on her face and says, "well guys, looks like you are in FIRST PLACE!" Man that felt good. I had the best support system ever. I LOVE POM

96: Scooter'd our Little Miss Matched hearts away!

97: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.... Well all those hours of hard work have finally paid off... 1st team to WIN Nationals from MVT POM in MEDIUM ADVANCED DIVISION. We're feeling pretty dang AWESOME!

99: Work Hard Play Hard

100: We got an assembly in front of the whole school and got on mesa public schools t.v show. Waddup Waddup


102: Just a normal super soaker fight to celebrate Easter. Tis the Season. My dad always does an awesome job hiding our presents outside where no one can find them. Brooke's basket was even planted in the soil of a flower bucket.!My family had a great experience dying easter eggs and dying the floor blue (thanks brookie).

103: Pom | Banquet

105: Tonight a group of us friendly folk spent some quality time at the BATTING CAGES.! I have to say I am one of thee worst batters alive, but I gave it my best effort. I had a lovely piano performance right before these pictures in which I played "Come Thou Fount. Cami ran me quickly to it because we had to drop my parents off at the airport to go to California because.......

106: Emery Lynn Nielsen May 6, 2011 | ASHLEY HAD HER BABY!!!!

107: P | R | O | M

109: so purpley

110: Had some fun for Mothers Day!!! We went to the temple for our young women's lesson and lets just say I'm going there some day. Later during the last week of school, my #1 polevaulter shirt and I went to my friend Cody's State Track Meet and came back to build a super tall lego structure. Also, I brought lawn chairs in the back of Tim and had a picnic with my girl friends in the parking lot. Best idea until Tame kicked us out!

111: Brooke is Graduated!! newest psychologist from U of A baby!

112: Lots of fun experiences with this ole page. A couple of us friends got to go to Kiley Brown's wedding reception and it was quite funny. I was at a stop light and I let my foot off the break for a second on accident when I saw a "rat" run through the street. Turns out it wasn't a rat, but a dust bunny instead and the whole car was screaming because I was half way in the middle of the intersection by the time I realized what was happening. Oh boy! A big group of friends went to watch Lo Lo perform Cinderella! Someone dropped a 40 lb weight bar on Cait's head and she got a concussion. I went over to check on her and she was saying the darndest things that girl! One of my favorite things to do with my friends was go to Gene Autry park and turn the sprinklers and play sand volleyball. Best team around. Had some bonding lunch time with the pommies and cheerleaders!!! I really love life ya know bro!

113: Parker Lo and Megs heart attacked me!

114: Birthday | Date | Night | 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17

115: 2nd Place A D R E I C Z A O T N H A L E T E | N B D

116: Tyler Traasdahl is a great man. I wasn't feeling well so he brought over this lovely get better bag. So when he got in his car accident, we brought him a lovely homemade book and Jamba. What goes around comes around.

117: Blue gowned graduate | And That's a wrap folks

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