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Just on a run

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FC: Just on a Run By: Justin Salazar

1: The hot Texas sun was a killer on this long day. It was not the type of weather anybody should be running it, but that did not stop Justin from doing his normal run on every Saturday. He already planned out where he was going to run in this long, treacherous day. He had his water, cellphone, and other gear just in case he got lost or into a bad situation. Justin is one of those people that could run forever and not get tired, and he absolutely loves to do it. Justin works at a very stressful job. His job is a stockbroker. He works long and hard hours out of the day and is constantly having to think on his feet. Any decision he makes could affect anybody either in a really good or bad way. Running is his stress reliever from his hard job.

2: Justin takes off running. The temperature outside is one hundred and fifteen degrees outside, but that does not stop him from doing what he loves. There is not a cloud in sight in the beautiful blue sky. The sun covers Justin and seems like it is right over his head beating down on him. Normal people wouldn't even step a foot outside, because it is so hot. Justin set his run to be for an hour, and then break for about ten minutes, then another run for thirty minutes. This would put him back to where he parked his car. As, he is running, there is nothing but sand, holes, hills and dips the whole way through. He likes running in this type of environment, so it is second nature for him. The sun is getting worse and worse as the day goes on, but he knows that he can't be out here late. It's too dark, and he does not know what could come out at night. As he is running, the more stress is being relieved from. The less weight on his shoulders. The less burden he has to worry about. He loves to run.

3: As Justin is running, he takes a look at his route that he planned out. He cant think as well as he normally could, because he has been running for awhile. He thought he had been going in the right direction, but he isn't sure. He is sweating non stop and he is starting to get a little tired. He slows down his pace and focuses on heading in the right path. He keeps going straight then realizes he can not being going that way. He tries going right and then figures out that is not the right way either. Justin then finds out the direction he is suppose to be going and heads that way. He has gotten very tired at this point, and decides to take a break. He takes a look at his map and he is right on track. The water that he takes feels like heaven on his lips. There is nothing in this world that could have felt better than that drink of water. He is sweating profusely. This day cant get any hotter. He takes a cold rag and but its across his face. He finally is able to cool of for a minute. The next thing you know, he is up running again.

4: Justin is running in the wrong direction again. He turns around and tries heading the other direction but he can not find his way back. Everything looks the exact same and he can't even think at this point. He is more lost than a five year old at a high school. Justin is getting very worried at this point and does not know what to do at his point. He checks his cell phone but he cant get any service at that point. What if he is not able to make his way back. Nobody would ever find him, and he would die without anybody in the world knowing. He has food but it will not last him a long time. All he can do is sit and think and look at the map that at this point, looks like a foreign language.

5: He keeps on looking at the map and the canyon, but he feels like he is on mars right now. All he can do is get up and try and find his way home. He is like a lost puppy at this point. Justin starts running in what he feels like the right direction. That right direction was the worst mistake he could have ever made. He fell into a whole in the canyon and it felt like he fell straight into his grave. His bag and water fell in the process of him falling. The worst pain ever imaginably went through his broken leg. He let out the most spine-tingling scream you could have ever hear in your life. It was like someone was slowly torturing him. His leg was caught in between a rock in the canyon, and he was stuck there.

6: He had no idea what to think or do. He was in the worst possible pain you could think of. His whole leg was broken. At least for now he does not have to worry about trying to get home. That is the least of his worries for right now. His leg feels like a noodle right now and it is bleeding a lot. He decides to take his shirt off and wrap it around where the blood is coming out to try and slow down the bleeding a little. It hurts to even think about touching the wound right now but he has to do it. He must. He gets his shirt and ties it around his leg ever so gently. The pain is still hurting him severely but he is able to tie it around his leg. Now he has to think of a way to get out.

7: Justin is still not able to think at this point because of the killing pain that he gets from his leg that he can't even feel at this point. He knows that it will be dark before he knows it and that will be a lot more trouble. All he can do is get out of this hole and start running when he gets out. He just has to hope that he is going the right way, or else he could be stuck here forever. He made his decision. He does not want to be left here and not even try. He will try and escape this hole with a leg that he can hardly even feel. It started out as just a run but now it will be a run to save his life. Or he could die from getting out. Either way he will know that he tried his best to save his life. As he is trying to get out more and more pain is continuously sending pain up his leg.

8: He has to get out right now. His plan is to push up of the whole with his non broken leg and use is arm that he will be able to pull himself out. He also would have to pull his broken leg out from being stuck. This will cause serious pain but he has to do it in order to save his life. With all of his strength that he has he tries pushing himself out. His blood is pumping through his veins and all he is thinking of is to get himself out. He is pushing through the pain although it is very vigorous. He keeps on trying but all he can do is just loosen himself a little. Justin will not give up. Not now, not ever. He tries again and again and he getting closer. Finally, he is able to get loose from the rock, all of that pain was worth it, if he can get out of the hole. Now, he has to jump out. Without even thinking he jumps with all of his mite and strength he jumps and pulls himself out. He did it. He is finally out. He can not believe it. But now, he has to get to the street.

9: Justin moves with every step as fast as he can. His leg feels like it going to literally fall off. All he can do is hop and drag. At this point he feels like a zombie chasing something that he will never be able to catch. He just hops somewhere hoping that he can find the street. All he wants to do is get to that street. Nothing else. His pain in his leg is like no other. It was broken and he was able to get out of a deep hole. He is lucky he even got this far. Justin just keeps on running even though he is losing tons of blood. Right then, the best thing happened to him. He saw the street. Justin was mesmerized.Every step that he took now was a step to getting somewhere. It was almost as his legs lifted on the ground and he was flying. He was happy. Finally he able to reach the street. Finally. He stood their at the street almost dead nows he will get better soon. He saw it. A car was coming and slowing down for him.

10: As he got in the car the driver immediately starting driving him to the hospital. Justin was losing a lot of blood at this point and was about to pass out. The driver was going as fast as he possibly could. Justin is very lucky that he made it to the car and he knows that the driver will get him to the hospital, and he will be saved. Justin is about to pass out in the backseat when he sees the word Hospital. He finally made it. He will live to fight another day.

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