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Kadijah's portfolio

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BC: by Kadijah Valentine

FC: Kadijah's Scrapbook. | Syrasia | Sierra | Alyssa | Kayla | Me | Ms. Daniels

1: Emma | Mamma | Frances

2: Dear Diary, Papa took me and Frances to the auction, Emma came too. It was raining a little. I made sure I held Emma’s hand. I wanted everyone to know that she was mine. When we were in the barn it was really hot and it smelled like horses and sweat. I saw that nobody noticed or cared. I guess because they were laughing and talking like they were at a Christmas ball. I also notice that everyone was looking at Frances and treating here like she’s a princess. “Hello, Miss Frances.” “Hello,” she’d answer, then do here little curtsy. Next, thing you know they’d bow and kiss her hand. | Sometimes I wish they’d like me as much as her. I needed to get away, so I pulled Emma to the door on the other side of the barn. I can hear Mr. Weems yelling from way over here. “Why does everyone clap like he’s God or something?” I asked. “I don’t know Miss.” Emma replied. Are you upset Emma?” Emma didn’t say anything she just looked at me. “It’s sad to see people get sold like a bag of rice. Right Emma?” “Yes Miss. Yes.” From where we were standing I couldn’t see Papa and Frances, I know that Frances is probably having fun.

3: “Emma. I want to go home.” “It’s okay Miss. Sarah, It will be over soon.” “You hear that?” “What? Miss Sarah.” “It’s raining harder now.” The auction was almost over. I can hear the cries of mothers and children being spilt up. I felt like crying, I couldn’t cause was still with Emma and I will always be with her. At least that’s what I thought. Sarah! Papa want!” Frances yells as she runs up to us. “Come on Emma. It’s time to go.” I say to Emma. “Emma can’t come.”Answered Frances “Why?” “Because.” I was so confuse. Frances | wasn’t telling me what was going on. I heard Emma talking to Frances. “What’s going on, Miss Frances?” “Papa said I shouldn’t say anything to you.” “Frances? Did Master Butler sell me to the lady?” “Please, Sarah Papa wants you to come with me!” I was upset and even more confused then before. I didn’t think that Papa would do something like that. Emma held me tightly and told me to go with h Frances, but I didn’t want you to come with me!” I was upset and even more confused then before. I didn’t think that Papa would do something like that. Emma held me tightly and told me to go with

4: Frances, but I didn’t want to leave with her. When she took her hands off of me, my body felt light and Frances pulled my arm and I followed her. When me and Frances got to Papa he hit me and I tried to run to Emma, but Papa kept catching me. Then he pick me up and gave me to Will and told him to take me to the coach. All I wanted to do was cry. “Emma Emma!” I screamed when I saw her and I ran out of the coach and hugged her. I saw Emma crying. Then Will said “Don’t cry, child. You got to be strong now.” | “Tell Mamma I won’t forget nothing she taught me, I’ll be alright and I’ll be strong Papa.” I felt so bad that my best friend was never gonna see her family again. I will always remember the words that Emma told me. “You think you can have a good heart like your Mamma does? You think you can do that?” All I did was nod my head and hugged Emma. On the way home all I can think about was how much I hated my Papa. Signed. Sarah

5: Sarah | Emma

6: Dear Diary, As I lay my young, light head on the wooden table, I dreamed about Emma’s warm, gentle hand touch my pale face. I had an awful nightmare and I was crying, then sweet Emma came to help me. I can still hear her soft voice telling me that everything’s alright and that she’ll be there for me whenever I’m in trouble or worried. She touches my little face very smoothly and steady. Emma whispers to me, tells me that she has to leave. She slowly moves off the soft bed. | When I tried to yell her name, but my tiny voice went silent. Then I heard Papa say my name. I woke up and saw Papa’s horrible face. I felt like my small heart grew hollow and dark. I saw his plain face and all I thought was Ashamed, evil, thoughtless, cruel, weak, and selfish. All those harsh words and I said I hate you. Over and over again. The painfulness was lightly lifted off my huge heart a little. I told him that I was staying with Mattie and Will tonight and there was nothing he was gonna do to stop me.

7: When I went to bed it was very hard, but I didn’t care. All I can think about is Emma. And how she would help my lonely, cold soul. Bring it back from the cloudy parts of my living heart. Take me to a colorful, Beautiful, and clear place. She brought me to Happiness. I wonder will I ever see her again. Signed, Sarah

8: Dear Frances, Why do you want to be like Papa so much? I just don’t get it. For one, slaves are people too. Also, Papa sold the one person who took care of you when Momma left which proves that slavery and Papa are insane. And lastly he’s what made Momma leave. You really think that all of this is okay? To start off, slaves are just like you and me. They breathe the same, they talk the some, they do everything that we do. Think about it, what would happen if you were a slave. I bet you couldn’t last a day, maybe not even a minute. They do all that work and for what, nothing. There’s that reason. Another reason you should not want to be like Papa is that he sold the one person that took care of us when | Momma left. Without Emma, all the things that she did for us are gone and we’ll never get her back. And this is because of who, Papa. I think he’s evil Frances, I really do. Lastly, he’s what made Mamma leave. He is the reason why we only see once in a new moon. Come on Frances, I want you to think about it. Momma wouldn’t have left if Papa didn’t have slaves. I know think about Mamma, cause I know I do. When people say be like Papa, but NO! be like mamma or you know what would be more better if you be, be Frances. Signed Sarah

9: Frances

10: Avril Lavigne – “Keep Holding On” You're not alone together we stand I'll be by your side you know i'll take your hand when it gets cold and it feels like the end there's no place to go you know i won't give in no I won't give in. Keep holding on cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through just stay strong cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you there's nothing you can say, nothing you can do there's no other way when it | comes to the truth so keep holding on cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it throu So far away i wish you were here before it's too late this could all disappear before the doors close, and it comesto an end but with you by my side I will fight and defend I'll fight and defend yeah yeah Hear me when I say, when I say I believe nothings gonna change, nothings gonna change destiny whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly | soundtrack project.

11: This song relates to the book because Junice and her little sister Melissa’s mom went to jail. Since Melissa is only nine years old she’s upset the most. We see that see upset because she caries and says “mommy’s gone”Junice tells her though to “ keep holding on cause you know we’ll make it through just stay strong cause you know I’m here for you.” This is her message throughout the book and interestingly it is also a message in Avril Lavigne’s song.

12: Well, You, are, the only exception I've got a tight grip on reality But I can't Let go of what's in front of me here I know you're leaving In the morning, when you wake up Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream Oh, And I'm on my way to believing | Paramore - “Only Exception” When I was younger I saw my daddy cry And curse at the wind He broke his own heart And I watched As he tried to reassemble it And my momma swore that She would never let herself forget And that was the day that I promised I'd never sing of love If it does not exist But darling, You, are, the only exception Maybe I know, somewhere Deep in my soul That love never lasts And we've got to find other ways | To make it alone Keep a straight face And I've always lived like this Keeping a comfortable, distance And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm Content with loneliness Because none of it was ever worth the risk | soundtrack project

13: This song is like the book Street Love because Junice likes Damien, but her life is different from his. Her mom is in jail, doesn’t have a lot of money. Most likely she doesn’t even know what she’s going to do when she gets out of school. Damien knows what he is going to do and he has everything else. I think that Junice feels embarrassed that he has a better life than her and is fearful that he won’t like her because of that. “Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never last.” This line suggests that she thinks that if she does go out with

14: Ode to Dil He who stood by my side Didn’t leave me even when I cried. Pull some pranks in the days. Tan skin, dark hair, eyes as blue as the sky. Gave me good advise. Didn’t care for anyone but me. Eyes only I can see. Had our difference in time. We forgave and forget. Moved on with our lives. I’m misunderstood, but he understands. When I feel alone, he is | there. When I am hurting, he is there. He will always be there and here. Unless I tell him to leave. Which I could never do, he is me friend. | Wont abandon him, he wont abandon me. He saves me from going insane. Stops me when I complain. Not only that He is my alma y mente My soul and mind. | ode

15: imaginary friend Dil

16: Allusion: “Brick by boring Brick” by Paramore Allusion making reference to well know people, place, or thing. This song has of allusion in it like "the prince finally came to save her,” "and the clock struck twelve," "the wolf's gonna blow it down" and there's also the line "to bury the castle" - all are allusions to Cinderella/fairytales. | Literary Device Project

17: Personification: “1Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield Personification is when you give something human traits. In this song she says “the sun’s is on my side, take me for a ride.” The sun can’t be on your side and you can’t get on it and go for a ride cause it will burn you up. I think she means that she’s really happy about something and wants to go somewhere and be even more happy and free.

18: Onomatopoeia: Courage the Cowardly dog and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. Onomatopoeia is when a word suggests the sound it describes. This show exemplifies this term because sometimes when they slam door or kick something the words would pop up. | Literary Device Project | click | Ding Dong | ping

19: knock knock | splash | beep

20: LISTEN Why do you treat me this way. Sick of whispering all the time. Wish to scream by the bay. Stop acting like a mime. Speak up for yourself. Here like this “HEY CAN YOU HAER ME? I AM ME THAT’S WHO I WANNA BE.” And for once just LISTEN.

21: All I want is you here The only thing that keeps me away. Is the daze in your eyes My heart is melting on the inside. It rushing through my vein's is this a dream All I want is you here(2x) Can you here the rain As it cries out your soul When it falls on the windowpane. All I want is you here(4x) Pain yell through the ears of the harp. It flows through the river of the world. ALL I WANT IS YOU HERE!(4x)

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