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Kaia - the first year

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Kaia - the first year - Page Text Content

S: K A I A L Y N N M U R M A N R O L F S R U D l t h e f i r s t y e a r

BC: One year. It went by so fast. We are so lucky to be your parents and can only imagine the fun we're going to have next year. We love you! Love, Mommy & Daddy

FC: Kaia the first year

1: What a year! Kaia, you have been a constant source of joy and love in our lives. We knew we were missing something, and it was you! You are a happy, curious, funny little baby that brings joy to anyone you meet. From seeing your little face on a black and white ultrasound to cuddling with you the day you were born, we knew we were in the presence of something special. You have changed our lives in more ways than you could ever know: you made us parents. We will always be your biggest supporters and can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Baby, you're gonna be amazing! | Kaia | lynn

2: morning sickness. grainy ultrasounds. little hello kicks. pink blankets. decorating your nursery. baby hiccups keeping your name a secret. reading, talking and singing to you. nine months of waiting for Kaia

3: KAIA WAS BORN | AT 2:15PM ON 01.26.09

4: The day you were born was the best day of our lives. You arrived promptly on your due date. You hardly fussed and the nurses said you were one of the prettiest babies they had seen. We were so happy to see that you were a healthy, beautiful girl. And that hair! We couldn't believe how much of it you had! We were able to put a bow in it the first night. Amazing...and, oh my, what fun we would have with your hair throughout the year. After you spent time bonding with mommy and daddy, your Grandpa Steve, Grandma Nancy, Aunt Briggs and Aunt Breck came to meet and hold you. We will never forget the happiness on their faces as they saw the littlest addition to the family. We could not have been prouder parents. You were finally here and you were ours. Our Kaia Lynn Murman Rolfsrud. Perfection.

5: your first month was full of adventure. you met grandma and grandpa rolfsrud and your two aunts. you also met grandma murman, nana smith, and your uncle chris. you overcame jaundice like a champ, even though you hated the blue light. you loved to read with daddy. you practiced holding your head up and could do it for 20 seconds at a time. you earned your first nickname ~ kai-bear ~ because you used to grunt in your | sleep like a little cub. you had a very tight grip and gave your daddy much hope for his future tennis star. you were a very curious girl and loved to look at your self in the mirror. you were a very happy newborn and we loved getting to know you. | 1st month

6: At only two months old, you held your head up all by yourself for a couple minutes each attempt. You loved to reach for our fingers and suck on them. You became aware of your toys and laughed and cooed at them, when you weren't swatting them away. You outgrew your newborn clothes. If you ever cried, we only needed to bounce and walk with you. It was an instant cure! You loved to sit with daddy and read. Your hair started to take on a life of its own. You received many good natured giggles from others when they saw our attempts to style it. We even measured it. While most babies this age barely have any hair, your hair was one and a half inches long! The fun we had! | 2 months old

7: Your third month brought lots of family. You finally met your Grandpa Trent and were reunited with Grandma Diana. You also got to see Grandpa Steve and Grandma Nancy again. You certainly are a lucky little girl to have so many family members that love you. This month, you found both of your hands. You loved to lace your fingers together and stare at them. You began to show favorites in your toys - a turtle. This would become a common theme in your life. You do love turtles! You started to show a playful side by pretending to act shy after flashing huge smiles. You began to laugh, really laugh. It is one of the most magical sounds in the world. What made you laugh? Mommy dancing and singing. This month you must have hit a growth spurt because you jumped into size 6 month clothes and 12 month socks! You loved to tell stories. When you got to an exciting part, your little legs would kick so fast and excitedly. We would bring you in our bed, lay you between us and just listen to your stories. Oh how we loved those moments. You held your head up all by yourself when we carried you around. You were still working on being strong enough to hold it up when sitting, but that takes a lot of coordination and you would master it soon enough. You hair never slowed down. By this month, your hair was 2.25 inches long! We should have seen if it was some sort of record. | 3rd month

8: The Arboretum We spent a lot of your early days at the Arboretum. From the time you opened your eyes outside, you loved to look at flowers, trees, waterfalls, birds, everything. You enjoyed sitting in the grass and pulling it out. It took everything in your power to not touch each and every flower. We have many great memories of pushing you in your stroller, carrying you in the Bjorn, watching you play and crawl in the grass, and walking among the trees and flowers. It's only fitting that the most beautiful little girl in the world found peace and beauty at such a beautiful place.

9: Sweet Kaia. You really started to "wake up" this month. More of your personality came out, and we couldn't have been more pleased. You continued to find humor in little things. Any word that started with the letter "p" was guaranteed to make you giggle. You really laughed hard at "pop" and, of course, "poopy". You began to sit on your own for longer periods of time. Impressively, you could even stand, when propped up against something. So strong! You were not content to just sit or stand in one spot. You wanted to move!!! You began to creep; you would plant your head in the ground, stick your butt straight up in the air and scoot forward. This usually resulted in a red spot on your forehead, but sometimes you moved an inch forward. Success! You wanted to roll, but were unable to get your body to cooperate. You got stuck about halfway through your attempt and would yell for help. You loved to be sung to by your daddy. When you were cranky, he would sing Kumbaya and you would instantly calm down. You were really good at locating mommy by the sound of her voice. You loved to dance with mommy and daddy. We would crank up the radio, put you in the baby Bjorn, and dance away. We were guaranteed to get huge smiles and giggles when dancing. You are a dream, Kaia. | 4 months old

10: 5 | cinco. cinq. fem. vijf. viis. lima. fimm. cinque. piecas. penki. cinci. five. | you are on a roll this month! learned how to roll. while trying to master this task, you discovered your toes and that they were delicious! you started reaching out for us. this was very endearing, as we believed that it meant you wanted to be with us as much as we wanted to be with you. when we responded to your requests to be held, you held on so tightly. usually, you were a very independent little girl, so we loved it when you were clingy. you also started eating solids this month. we started giving you rice cereal, which you thought was very yummy. silliness should have been your middle name, because girl, you were hilarious! you found out how to blow raspberries and shower everyone who got within a 5 foot radius of you. you also made up a game. we didn't quite understand it, but it cracked you up. you would lay on the floor, cover yourself with a blanket or towel. you then started kicking and squirming. once you've had enough, you pulled the blanket off and squealed with delight! your hair? well, some days it stuck straight up, some days it tried to lay down...somewhat. what a clown you became!

11: your helmet and physical therapy you were born with torticollis. that means that your temporary home in mommy was tight and you were squished. one side of your neck got stronger than the other. when you were a newborn, you preferred to lay on the side that was stronger. because of that you developed a flat head on one side. we wanted to make sure you didn't have ear or jaw problems in the future, so we put you in physical therapy when you were 3 months old. at five months, you were fitted for a helmet to help correct the shape of your head. thankfully, after 11 weeks, your head measured perfectly and you didn't have to wear the helmet or continue physical therapy anymore. you were such a good girl throughout it all. it didn't seem to bother you one bit. we couldn't have been prouder.

12: Your first vacation In July, we took you on your first vacation. We went to Indiana, mommy's childhood home, to visit Grandpa and Grandma Murman. You were such a good baby on the plane and didn't cry once. We spent time at Lake Michigan, reunited with Nana Smith, hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, and visited Notre Dame. Mommy hopes that one day you will attend Notre Dame. You had such a good time on your first vacation and we loved showing you off.

14: my, how you are growing up! this month you learned how to sit up unsupported. this gave you a whole new perspective of your environment and you loved getting to see everything going on around you. you could catch a basketball when thrown gently in your direction. you took your first trip in an airplane. just to make sure we were always paying attention to you, you started squealing while laughing! just so you know, we're always paying attention. | 6th month | you started sleeping on your tummy. you still worked hard at crawling. you usually ended up scooting backwards and farther away from your destination, but you tried! you were such a joy!

15: 7 months 7 7 7 months 7 7 7 months 7 7 months 7 7 7 months 7 7 7 months 7 7 7 7months 7 7 months 7 7 7 7 7 7 months 7 | 7 | You started crawling! You were constantly moving from toy to toy...there was no stopping you! You kept getting bigger and moved out of your infant car seat into a convertible seat. No more bottles for you, you now preferred sippy cups. You became such a big girl and were definitely showing that you are an independent soul. | months months months months months months months months months months months months months months months months months

16: What a little explorer you were. Anytime you were outside, you wanted to explore, touch every flower and spread your toes in the grass. You discovered your shadow, proving that the best toys are ones you don't buy. You also learned how to stand up on your own against a piece of furniture without falling. You loved to look at yourself in the mirror. You chased us around without any care for the gates | we put up to keep you safe. You loved making fish faces. You were quite the character and getting sillier every day. | 8 months old

17: Picking apples Your mommy and daddy love going to apple orchards in early fall to pick apples. We did it long before you were born and were so excited to take you on your first visit to the orchard. You loved the contrast of the bright red apples against the dark green leaves. You smiled the whole day and we knew that we had a fellow lover of our fall tradition!

18: nine. | this month was full of change for you. after eight, wonderful months, mommy went back to work. you started daycare and instantly loved it! you loved the kids, the dog, and brenda. you added to your mobility by climbing stairs. you watched the seasons change from hot and sunny summer to chilly and colorful fall. you went to the apple orchard, picked out your first pumpkin, and dressed up as tigger for halloween. you also began eating solid food, no more baby mush. your favorite...apples, of course.

19: 1st haircut

20: 1st Halloween

21: first tooth, first haircut, first halloween, first thanksgiving, your life changed! one thing that didn't change was how much you loved to be outside. one of your favorite things to do was swing and have daddy push you. you would swing all day if we let you. the smile on your face was priceless. you also continued to explore, but you wanted to have a friend explore with, you put your toys in your mouth and were on your way! you loved to babble. you especially loved to talk to us at dinner time. if we tried to have our own conversation, you would get so loud that we would have to stop and listen until you were done . . . you were such a ham! we were most thankful for such a wonderful daughter. | 10th month

22: First Christmas

23: just one more month until you turned one! we made the most of this month. you went sledding for the first time, took your first trip to arizona, visited santa for the first time, and celebrated your first christmas. you cut another two teeth, and even though it hurt you, you looked awfully cute with those teeth poking out. you confidently walked behind a toy car and wanted to go faster! you started saying "mama" and "dada" and pointing to us when we asked you who was who. you were so smart and ready to be a one-year-old little girl...even if we weren't. | 11 months old

24: A tribute to your craziest attribute... your hair!

25: You are loved by so many | Family

26: daddy's girl

27: More Silly Kaia Moments

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