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Katelyn's 1st Year

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Katelyn's 1st Year - Page Text Content

S: Katelyn's First Year

FC: Katelyn's First Year Special moments and fun memories

1: Finding Out! February 28th, 2010 On Thursday, February 25th, 2010 I FINALLY tested positive on a pregnancy test. By the time I took the test I was technically about a week and a half late (5 weeks along), but I tend to run a few days late so I figured it might take longer to test positive since I obviously wasn’t having a period. I was starting to get just a tad nervous that something was wrong with me since I’d taken a test on Monday afternoon that was negative, but still no period (and I hadn’t felt hints of sickness or anything like that). Thursday morning I got up and took the pregnancy test since I wasn’t running that morning. Richard was lying groggily in bed and told me to narrate for him. I took the test and watched as it processed. Only one pink line showed up, negative, sigh. I told Richard it looked like it was negative. I wasn’t feeling TOO bad about the results, yet, because for some reason I just didn’t think it was accurate, things just didn’t add up. I looked a little closer at the test just to be sure. “Um, Richard I think there is a faint pink line, could that be it?” Trying not to get my hopes up, Richard came in as the line darkened. YES, it was positive!!!! I looked at the box, oh yeah I guess I didn’t give the test a full two minutes to process (realizing I hadn’t waited on Monday either, maybe that one was positive too I just threw it out to fast. I guess I’ll never know). With Ellie we’d used a more expensive test from the grocery store and the 2nd line showed up almost instantaneously. This one was from the dollar store so I guess it just needed a little more time. Of course I had to take another test since we had an extra just to make sure. Same result positive, yahoo! After 5-6 months of waiting, wanting, and hoping we’re finally pregnant! The baby is due in late October and we’re SOOO excited!!!!

2: 4/14/2010 12 weeks | 5/19/2010 17 weeks | During the 1st trimester I definitely felt tired and had aversions/lack of appetite toward most food, but I never felt very sick and could pretty much carry on as usual.

3: 6/11/2010 20 weeks | During the 2nd trimester I didn't feel as tired and food tasted better. I didn't show super early so I just looked like I'd eaten too much the previous meal.

4: 7/30/2010 27 weeks | 7/14/2010 25 weeks | At 17 weeks we found out we were having another little girl. We were SUPER excited since secretly we'd been hoping for a little sister for Ellie.

5: 10/17/2010 38 1/2 weeks | 10/23/2010 39 1/2 weeks | I was able to run my entire pregnancy. I even ran a little free 5K when I was one day over due! I was quite proud of myself for running the entire time except when my calf developed a horrible charlie horse that I had to walk off for a few minutes. Don't worry I was still able to finish running.

6: Baby Shower | Emily Evans, Suzi Pearson, Kurtis, Olive and Etta King | Grace and Jamie Walton, Tyler Pearson, and Elise Snow | Cameron (baby) and Carla Weber, mommy, and Elise Snow

7: A few good friends insisted on having a small "diaper shower" since I already had plenty of girlish clothes and accessories from Ellie. I left well stocked with 2-3 months worth of diapers and wipes, plus a few fun girly items. The shower/playgroup was held Monday, October 25 at Page Otto's home. There were plenty of people to chat with and more than enough delicious crepes that we filled with all sorts of delicious toppings.

8: Your Birth | Heading to the hospital | My body completely relaxed once the epidural kicked in. | Time to push this little girl out! | She's here! Quick health check and clean up.

9: Dr. Lewis helped daddy delivered you. | Cuddling and admiring you! | Daddy's little girl. | Getting ready to head up to our room.

10: Katelyn’s Birth (mommy’s perspective) My due date was October 27th and I was hoping she would come before Halloween, but as the days ticked by it became evident that an October baby was wishful thinking. I went to bed on Halloween night hoping that I would somehow go into labor the next day and deliver Monday afternoon (so Richard could still take his neurology quiz). I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday morning and I wasn’t particularly excited about going to an appointment after my due date. If the baby came that Monday I would be 5 days overdue. November 1st I woke up at about 1:30AM my brain was a little sleepy, but I remember thinking I shouldn’t need to use the bathroom until at least 4AM. So, I tried to go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later I realized I was having slight contractions so I got up to use the bathroom noticing that I was possibly loosing my mucus plug, I tried not to get my hopes up. I got back in bed and tried to get some sleep. My bed quickly became uncomfortable and naturally my mind was racing a bit with excitement and anticipation. So, I decided to grab a blanket and go sleep on the couch, somehow it was more comfortable and while I don’t know that I slept I was able to rest and relax. Periodically I would change things up using the restroom or walking around for a bit. I was tempted to go wash the few dishes in the sink, but tried to rest instead (that and for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to go wash dishes). After a while I remember feeling anxious and the contractions were becoming more uncomfortable. Knowing Richard had a quiz that day I didn’t want to wake him and disturb his sleep, my original goal was to not wake him until 6am. I said a prayer that I would be able to rest, then lay down on the couch and was able to relax for about 20 minutes which was a huge blessing since time seemed to be going VERY slowly. Eventually I started pacing the floor and walked around and around the house. As the contractions became stronger I was loosing confidence in myself and didn’t want to be alone anymore. I told myself I would wake Richard at 5am instead of waiting until 6. Still I felt I needed to distract myself somehow so I looked through our small collection of DVDs and turned on Legacy. After just 5 or 10 minutes of pacing the floor and not really paying much attention to the movie I decided to go wake Richard up. It was 4:45ish by this time. He woke up and came and sat with me on the couch. We talked in between contractions and he watched the movie. I however, paid very little attention to the movie.

11: Eventually Richard suggested I take a hot bath (great tip from a nurse over the phone when I was laboring at home with Ellie). So he cleaned and got the tub all ready. The hot bath really helped me relax making the contractions not feel quite as intense. By the time Richard started timing them they were consistently about 2 minutes apart and about 45 seconds in length with occasional contractions right on top of each other. Finally Richard told me I needed to get out because we needed to go to the hospital. I told him I just needed to do my hair and make up. He gave me a confused look and was like, "why make up? You’re just going to the hospital and you’re in labor.” Obviously he is not a girl and doesn’t understand you don’t want to look too horrible when a gazillion picture are going to be taken. I got out of the tub, got dressed and pulled my hair back. Then I tried to put make up on, but I didn’t get very far before Richard insisted that we go and I gave in since my contractions were getting pretty bad by this point. Rich called Jessica Condon to see if we could drop Ellie off. After getting in touch with Jessica, Richard woke Ellie and told her that it was time for baby sister to be born. Ellie excitedly began talking about her baby sister and saying that she would go to Shiloh’s house (we’d previously talked about what would happen when baby sister came). When I opened my door to get in the car I had to laugh. Richard had carefully put a towel on my seat. I teased him for thinking of his car’s interior when I was in labor. We quickly dropped Ellie off with Jessica. I stayed in the car praying to make it through contractions while Richard took Ellie inside. Then we drove to the hospital which thankfully was only 2 miles away. By this time the pressure in my pelvic area was pretty intense and I felt like I was going to lose control and wet my pants on each contraction. Richard said to not worry about it and just go if I had to (he was pretty sure the baby was positioned in such a way that wetting my pants would be a bit difficult and since I’d already gone to the bathroom 10 times he wasn’t worried that I’d really actually wet my pants). I guess this stands out in my mind because the pressure was so strong and painfully intense. When we reached the hospital Richard wanted to grab a wheelchair and push me to labor and delivery. I refused. He says it’s because I’m stubborn and didn’t want people to see me in a wheelchair. The real reason was that it was harder to sit through contractions in the car than walk during them and I figured it’d be the same sitting in a wheelchair. Besides I was still fully capable of walking.

12: We walked to the labor and delivery check-in desk. Fortunately I’d pre-registered online so it didn’t take long for them to admit me. I think the first thing I said to the nurse was, "can I use the restroom” since the pressure still made me feel like I needed to go to the bathroom even though nothing could really come out at this point. After trying to use the restroom the nursed checked my dilation and I think we were all shocked when she discovered I was dilated to 8 cm with a bulging bag of water. Richard teasingly said, "I don’t think they’re going to send you home.” I’d been comparing this labor to Ellie’s based on length of time. I figured the labor would be a few hours shorter, but still pretty long, which is why I’d waited so long to go to the hospital. I didn’t want to get sent home because I was only 3 cm or something. On my next contraction I said I felt like I needed to push. Saying that when you are dilated to an 8 with a bulging back of water will get you into a room full of 5 or 6 nurses hurrying to set up for delivery fast. Richard told them I wanted an epidural and while we waited for the anesthesiologist one particularly awesome nurse helped me through my contractions. I got my epidural about 8AM and my body immediately felt a huge sense of relief. Shortly after my epidural the doctor (Dr. Andrew Lewis) arrived. He broke my water and we discovered there was meconium in the water. This can be potentially dangerous if the baby doesn’t cry right away. In just a few pushes Richard, with a little guidance and direction from the doctor, delivered our sweet little Katelyn at 8:43AM. She cried immediately and he set her up on my stomach so I could see her. She was beautiful, pretty messy from the meconium, but absolutely precious. Richard said, "she’s kinda chunky” and she did have some cute little chunky cheeks. After a few minutes they took her from me so they could wipe her off and take her measurements. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 21 inches long. She had a little bit of dark fuzzy hair, smooth skin and an adorable little nose. After Katelyn was cleaned up they left us alone for a little while before moving us to our room. We couldn’t wait to tell our family that our little girl had finally arrived. Later that day Katelyn was able to meet her big sister Ellie who absolutely loves and adores her little sister. The hospital stay was great and we were excited to have Grandma Thomas fly in Tuesday evening just in time for us to bring Katelyn home that night. The most common compliment Katelyn receives is that she is beautiful! She has perfect little features and beautiful skin and the sweetest disposition. She loves to be cuddled and rocked and is an absolute sweetheart. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to watch this sweet little girl grow.

13: 1 day old | Mi | Minutes after birth | So fresh and new, just minutes after birth.

14: Katelyn's Birth (daddy's perspective) November 1, 2011 Our girls come a little late, but are very cute, so we forgive them. Robyn woke up this morning (Monday) at about 1:30am with contractions. She paced our halls and tried to watch Legacy in the living room until about 4:45am when she woke me up to be with her. We started timing the contractions and Robyn took a couple hot baths since it had helped her get comfortable with Ellie. When the contractions started to get closer together, we called our friends, the Condons, and dropped Ellie off at about 7:00 on our way to the hospital. I had just finished my OBGYN rotation at the hospital where Katelyn would be born, so I was familiar with where to go. We parked in the parking deck and started to walk to the labor and delivery section of the hospital (in hindsight, we could have probably parked the car at the patient drop-off area in front of labor and delivery, but I was in the habit of parking in the parking deck, so I didn't think of the closer spots). When we got out of the car, I tried to get Robyn to sit in a wheelchair because I knew we had to walk across the hospital, but she wouldn't. When we got to triage, the nurse found that Robyn was dilated to an 8 and so she skipped the monitors and took us back to the L&D rooms (~7:45am) where a crowd of nurses met us and prepared for a "precipitous delivery." Fortunately, Robyn had about 30 minutes of active labor and 10-15 mins of pushing left. While we were waiting for the anesthesiologist to give the epidural, the contractions were very strong and a nice nurse did a great job of helping Robyn by telling her to breath by saying "he, he, he" with each short breath. Robyn quickly followed her instructions and her intense focus on her breathing seemed to help (it was also very cute). After the epidural, Robyn was much more comfortable, so I contacted my neurology course director and team to let them know that I would not be in. They understood and since they dropped the lowest quiz score, I didn't even have to make up the quiz that day. We had spoken with the doctor beforehand and asked if I could deliver the baby with his supervision. When the doctor arrived at the hospital, the epidural had kicked in and Robyn looked comfortable so I asked if I could help. When he broke Robyn's water he noticed meconium in the amniotic fluid which can cause lung problems if the baby breathes it in, so I was a little worried. When the time came, we got suited up and he walked me through delivering Katelyn. As soon as Katelyn popped out, I held her while the doctor suctioned out her nose and mouth. She immediately started crying letting us know that she didn't breath in any meconium. We cut the cord and I was so excited to show Katelyn to Robyn that I set Katelyn on Robyn before they could cover Robyn with a towel creating a little mess on Robyn's hospital gown as Katelyn hadn't been wiped down yet. I then remembered that I had to deliver the placenta, but the doctor told me he would do it and told me to follow Katelyn to the other side of the room to get cleaned up and measured. Katelyn weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long and was born at 8:30ish.

15: Just a few hours old. | After all the work was done and Robyn was settled in her room, we both held Katelyn for a little bit and then I went and picked up Ellie. When Ellie and I returned to the hospital, I took her to the gift shop and we picked out a little pink pig for Ellie to give to Katelyn. After we introduced Ellie to Katelyn, they exchanged gifts and we took pictures. Ellie was so excited to give Katelyn her piggy. Every time Ellie noticed that the pig had moved, she would place it right next to Katelyn. We all loved Katelyn from the very beginning. | Daddy and his little girl.

16: Special Visitors | We were so excited for you to meet your big sister Ellie that we wasted no time picking her up from the baby sitter so she could meet you. Ellie excitedly brought you a little piggy stuffed animal and was pleased to discover that you also had a gift for her, a little backpack filled with some activities and treats. The nurses and hospital staff were all warm and friendly and took wonderful care of us. Monday night daddy stayed at home with Ellie so she could sleep in her own bed. Since daddy and Ellie were at home my friend Page Otto decided to stop by for a quick visit. Spending most of the evening alone at the hospital gave me plenty of time to enjoy and snuggle you all to myself. Tuesday evening grandma Thomas flew into town. Daddy and Ellie picked her up from the airport and the three of them headed straight to the hospital. Grandma was just so excited she didn't want to wait until we brought you home later that night. Pictures on left page were taken just hours after you were born. Pictures on the right page were taken the day after you were born.

18: Date: Monday, November 1, 2010 Time: 8:43 am Location: Forsyth Medical Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz. Length: 21 inches Doctor: Andrew Lewis (though daddy actually delivered you) | {Katelyn} a form of Caitlin (Irish) meaning pure. We chose the name Katelyn because we felt the dainty and feminine sound was a perfect fit for our little girl. Mommy chose the spelling because of the aesthetic way the letters went together.

19: Hangin' Around the Hospital

20: Heading Home | With daddy's school schedule and everything we decided it would be best to take you home Tuesday night instead of staying a 2nd night and coming home Wednesday morning. It was fun to dress you up in your cute little outfit, then bundle you up snug in your car seat and head home.

21: That 1st week was filled with lots of cuddles... | Your 1st week Friday, November 12, 2010 On Monday Katelyn hit the one week milestone. So we dressed her up and took a few pictures. It's amazing how fast time flies and how much they change in one short week. Katelyn still loves to sleep and cuddle, which is really all she does at this point. Most nights she does pretty well at only waking for food and then promptly drifting off to sleep (I still never know how much sleep I'll get from night to night, but when she's so cute it's worth it). She's a cute little sweetheart and we feel blessed to have her in our home. Ellie has done an awesome job adjusting to having a little sister. She loves to give Katelyn hugs, kisses, and shoving the pacifier in her mouth. So, we mostly just have to watch that she doesn't accidentally hurt Katelyn. Occasionally she acts a little put out with having to share her parents and blankets with her new little sister. Yesterday Ellie wanted to sit on my lap while I was feeding Katelyn. Once she climbed onto my lap her complaint was that Katelyn was squishing her (yeah it was definitely the other way around). | 2 days old | 4 days old | 1 week

22: Standing in circle: Richard Swenson, Clyde Thomas, Garrett Jackson, Rick Otto, & David Pearson Notes from blessing: -Confusing time in the world. Blessed with knowledge to know what is right for yourself. Blessed with knowledge of the gospel. See through confusion. -Sensitive to promptings of the spirit. -Health, strength and correct development. -Desire for and opportunity to be sealed in the temple. -Opportunity to raise a righteous family. -Help and give strength to mother and family. | Best attempt at a family photo. | Mommy and Daddy with their little girl. | We blessed you while Grandpa and Grandma Thomas were still in town. | Blessing | Sunday, November 7th, 2010

23: Katelyn | Mommy found a picture for inspiration and Grandma Thomas made your beautiful blessing dress. Once the dress was finished Mommy made a little headband to match. You also wore the same little white slippers that your big sister Ellie wore when she was blessed. Since you were only 6 days old we slipped out of church after sacrament meeting. It was quite the day for such a little girl.

24: Month One November 2010 | Week Two | Ellie always makes sure you have the essentials like piggy and shoes! | Week Three | 11/15/10 | 11/21/10

25: 4 weeks On November 29th Katelyn reached the 4 week milestone. Time flies by so quickly it's hard to believe how much they change in just a few short weeks. Katelyn is a sweet, good natured baby. We've been enjoying cute little smiles and the occasional coos of this sweet girl. Sometimes during the day Katelyn has a hard time getting a nice long nap in, but she does pretty well at nights (thankfully). Typically at night she wakes twice in the night (every 3-4 hours). If I'm lucky she'll surprise me and sleep 6-8 hours and if I'm not lucky she'll wake up around 3 to eat only to wake again around 5. This little girls favorites include the monkey mobile in her pack n' play and being cuddled. At her one month check up she weighed in at 9lbs. 6 oz. and 21 3/4 inches in height. | All decked out for your first "real" day at church. | Grandma Swenson came and spent the week when your were about 3 1/2 weeks old. | Week Four | 12/1/10

26: Month Two December 2010 | Love those first little baby smiles! Katelyn's first real smiles were around 3 weeks, but theses darling little smiles weren't caught on camera very well until around 5 weeks. | Ellie loved having her little sister cuddle with her for a few minutes at night before bedtime.

27: On Monday, January 3rd our little Katie-bug had her two month check up. Ellie came along and both girls did very well at the appointment, especially considering that we had to do a quite a bit of waiting. Katelyn is healthy and doing great weighing in at 10 lbs. 11 oz. and 22 1/2 inches in height. She loves to smile and coo and I think she wants to laugh (sometimes it sounds like she's trying to laugh), but just can't quite laugh yet. She's on a pretty good schedule usually eating about every 3 1/2 hours or so and then has stays awake for playtime followed by a nap before eating again. Our lives run in a 3 1/2 hour cycle. :) At night this little girl is a great sleeper! She only wakes to eat and then falls right back to sleep, she usually sleeps a 6-7 hour stretch followed by a 4 hour stretch before waking to start her day. Getting shots at the doctor must have tired her out because she slept a whopping 10 hours that night. While that doesn't happen every night now I know what she's capable of. On Jan. 5th Katelyn was propped on her elbows for tummy time and roll over! I know it doesn't count since she was on her elbows making rolling easier and she hasn't rolled since, but it's still something you have to record. Katelyn has a sweet disposition and loves to be cuddled as she drifts off to sleep at night. At least once a day if not more I sit and just let her talk to me after eating. She is quite a talker and usually has a lot to say. As she talks she smiles and her eyes light up. I love it!

28: First Christmas | All decked out the Sunday before Christmas. | The morning of Christmas Eve we acted out the nativity as a family. You were a sweet and innocent little baby Jesus. | Christmas Eve night we attended a big party with lots of friends from church at the Ward family's home. | Your wore these adorable socks from our neighbor Mike to the party.

29: Christmas morning you took all the excitement in stride. Being so young you were content to have Ellie open your presents. You received plenty of fun gifts including this cuddly tabby cat from Grandma Thomas. | Before going to bed on Christmas Eve we opened warm new jammies from Grandma Swenson.

30: month three January 2011

31: From the start of your 3rd month I could tell you really wanted to laugh, but couldn't quite do it yet. Instead you made cute little trying to laugh sounds. Most nights (but not every night) you'd sleep 9 & 10 hour stretches. Near the end of the 3rd month you even surprised us sleeping 12 hours. You were a very good natured baby with the soft, smooth skin and the sweet smell of a little baby. During this stage you were so fun to cuddle and play with. You loved to coo and I loved hearing the soft sounds of your coos as I did house work. You brought a sweet, loving, and innocent spirit into our home. Watching you grow and develop was a delight. | Milestone picture taken 2-1-11

32: February 2nd, 2011 Things I want to remember: Loves to smile. First true giggle was Feb. 11, 2011. Loves having songs sung to her. Recognizes and loves family members. Likes watching and smiling at Ellie. Starting to show more interest and grab at toys. Very good natured. She's a very happy baby (as long as she stays on her schedule eat, wake, sleep). Sleeps without waking most nights. Putting fists in her mouth (and Ellie always reminders her to keep her hands out of her mouth). Love the sweet cuddly smell of this baby and her soft skin. First roll from tummy to back Feb. 24, 2011. | Month Four February 2011

33: Valentine's Day! | Your trademark facial expression as a baby was to stick out your adorable little tongue. | For your first Valentine's day (top pictures) I dressed both you and Ellie up in festive attire (your shirt even had a little ruffly heart). We went to a little playgroup Valentine's party at the Pearson's home. You happily watched the excitement of decorating sugar cookies and exchanging Valentine's.

34: Month Five March 2011

35: Highlights -Weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz. and measured in at 24 1/2 inches at 4 month check up (3/3/11). -Came down with RSV (picture of you sleeping in swing). -Fun and interactive to play with. -We loved the happy smiles of recognition and squishy cuddles. -Showed more interest in new objects/toys. -Mommy loved being serenaded by coos and jabbers. You were quite the little talker. -It was hard to accomplish house work with such an adorably cute baby to play with.! -Sometime before March 22, 2011 you started playing with your feet and toes. -Celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day (picture of you and Ellie on couch wearing green). We ate a very green dinner, but you stuck to milk from mommy. -You enjoyed pulling the pacifier out of your mouth to play with and then putting it back in your mouth. -You still liked to stick out your tongue (as you can see in the bottom right picture). -I loved watching your little personality come out more and more each day.

36: Month | April 10, 2011 At 5 months Katelyn: Loves spending time watching/playing with her big sister. She still sticks out her little tongue, frequently (it makes us laugh). She giggles, smiles, and kicks those little legs. She has really become interested in toys and other objects around her and enjoys playing with them. I love how she smiles when you walk in the room or look her way. Other things about Katelyn: She can roll out of tummy time, but doesn't roll a ton. She makes the cutest noises as she plays on the floor. She LOVES to be played with, tickled, cuddled, play peek-a-boo, sung to (5 Little Monkey's Swingin' in a Tree and There were 5 in the bed and the little one said roll over are two favorites) | Six

37: April 2011 | Eating & Sleeping: Katelyn still only nurses and she typically eats every 3 1/2 -4 hours, taking a nap before each feeding. At night she'll sleep from about 7pm to 5 or 5:30am (unless we have company or she's sick and is sleeping in our room then she doesn't seem to sleep as well). If I feed her after she wakes up early in the morning she'll go back to sleep for awhile. April Highlights: -Visit from Aunt Emily -Easter -Easter dresses from Grandma Swenson were the girls first matching dresses. | Sisters | Friends

39: Swenson | family pictures 4-23-11 | Ellie | 2 1/2 years | Katelyn | 6 months

40: Sunday, May 8th, 2011 It’s hard to believe this little lady is 6 months as of last Sunday. We celebrated with oatmeal cereal (first time trying solids). She was tired and not super interested in the cereal until she tried her first bite. She gave me a rather confused look which was followed by the biggest grin. She was pretty messy at first and had a hard time not pushing most of the food back out with her little tongue, but after a week of practice she is getting much better. Katelyn had her 6 month check up on Tuesday. She’s healthy and doing great. She is 25 3/4” and 14 lbs. 6 oz. Some of Katelyn's favorites are: Song: Any song I sing to her. Five Little Monkeys Swingin' In A Tree, There were 5 in the bed and the Little One Said Roll Over (I don’t know the real name) Food: Milk and she’s only tried oatmeal cereal and banana Book: Any book I read to her (second children aren’t too picky)

41: Month Seven | May 2011 | Nicknames: Katie-bug Toy: She finds everything from her toys to the flaps on the living room couch fascinating. Tags on toys are always a favorite. Activities: Kicking and wiggling. Grabbing and playing with toys and rolling around to get things. Touching faces. Laughing at Ellie. Pulling on the monkey mobile in her pack n’ play. Putting her fingers (or anything she’s holding) in her mouth. Cuddles. Playing peek-a-boo. Things she is good at: Smiling, making others smile, laughing,rolling, making noises, and investigating toys. We just love and can’t get enough of our Katie-bug!

43: Month Eight June 2011 Katelyn loves to cuddle, sing songs, play with Ellie, read stories, play with toys, and jump in the bouncer. She can sit and rolling is her mode of transportation. She absolutely loves her big sister and they love to giggle. Cut first teeth (bottom) on June 7th. First army crawl June 17th to get a toy.

44: Month Nine July 2011 | Songs: Katelyn loves primary songs and any song for young children. 5 Little Monkeys Swingin’ In The Tree is still a definite favorite as is I Am a Child of God. Food: This little girl is a great eater and eats pretty much whatever we feed her (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peas, asparagus, green beans, fruit, baby cereals etc.). I’m still a little surprised that she doesn’t love the texture of bananas since I assumed all babies love bananas. She’s eats them best when mixed with other foods. She definitely enjoys feeding her self things like Cheerios and Rice Krispies. Books: No particular favorites, she just loves stories. Lately she become really interested in turning pages. I’ll find her pulling books out of the library basket so she can turn the pages. Nicknames: Katie-bug, Bug, Bug-a-boo Development: Crawling all over the house like she own the place. She loves pulling up to things and standing (while holding on of course). The other day I held her hands so she could walk down the hallway. She looked at Ellie and giggled the entire time. She enjoys jabbering and says “da-da” when daddy comes in the room (which daddy loves). Richard says he heard her say “ma-ma” last week, I have yet to hear her say it though. As Ellie informed the doctor when she asked me if Katelyn could say ma-ma and da-da. In a very mature tone, “She can’t say ma-ma quite yet.” Toys: The jumper, books, measuring cups, any and all of Ellie’s toys. She loves to sit and rummage through the play food and blocks boxes. 9 month stats: Height 27 3/4” (60th percentile), Weight 16 lbs. 3 oz. (8th percentile) Her 9 month stats explain why everyone thinks she so long. She is a busy little girl who loves to explore and play with her family and other little babies. With her big eyes and cute little face she melts our hearts. We just love our little Bug! | Milestone picture taken 8-3-11

46: Month Ten | August 2011

47: August was an exciting developmental month for Katelyn. She started waving and clapping. This busy girl kept mommy on her toes as she pulled up to chairs, walked along couches, and started taking little steps when holding onto th push toy. Around this time I noticed Katelyn would point to things I pointed out to her in stories etc. Katelyn loved to jabber and say ma-ma and da-da. She kept us laughing as she would purposely do things to get us to laugh. She loved being able to feed herself small pieces of food like peas. Sweet petite little thing with gorgeous big blue eyes and lots of energy and excitement.

48: Month Eleven September 2011

49: Why does time have to go so much faster with your second baby?! I can hardly believe this girl is 10 months ALREADY. She is definitely pure cuteness. I’d forgotten how fun babies are at this stage. She LOVES to clap, wave, and thinks it’s funny to wiggle her head. After being held upside-down she throws her head back to try and get me to swing her down again. My favorite is that she loves to wave and has started saying hi, though she drops the h so it sounds more like “I” in this tiny little voice. If I say hi to her she’ll start waving at me and today when Richard opened the car door to get her out she started waving and said “I”. Since saying hi is a newer development she frequently practices which I love. In addition to the usual ma-ma and da-da Katelyn has added Ellie to her list of “words” (true it’s one of the easiest names for a baby to say, but Ellie loves that Katelyn is “learning how to say Ellie”). The other night Ellie ran into her room and was followed by Katelyn saying “e-ie, e-ie, e-ie”, yep, this little girl has all three of us wrapped around her finger. It’s fun that Ellie and Katelyn are starting to play more together and of course Katelyn much prefers Ellie’s toys to her own. Katelyn has a funny little routine that she often does at naptime and sometimes at bedtime. I’ll put her in bed with her stuffed animal and pacifier. She’ll quietly play for a few minutes then I hear a “smack” as the pacifier hits the floor. Shortly thereafter she’ll start crying. After a minute I’ll go in and she’ll be standing up holding onto the edge with everything on the floor. I’ll put her things back in her crib and then she’ll usually go to sleep pretty quickly. Took first steps 9/26/11 walking from crib to Ellie's bed (after she only took occasional steps until right before her birthday. Started developing more opinions of her own. Still an absolute sweetheart.

51: Month Twelve October 2011 | Highlights: -Started teaching her a few signs. She quickly picked up "finished". -Starts taking more steps (still mostly crawls). -Adds ba (ball) to her vocabulary. -Loves to look out the window or door. -Definitely a good climber. -Loves to climb and jump on Ellie's bed (even though she's not suppose to). -Took first trip to Utah which included taking her first plane ride and meeting lots of extended family, celebrating first Halloween and touching snow for the first time (didn't care for cold snow). -Loves to giggle, smile, play with toys, and look at books.

52: First Trip to Utah At the end of October we took a 5 week trip to Utah so daddy could complete an away rotation for medical school at the University of Utah. Katelyn seemed to enjoy the airplane ride and overall did very well. She also was great at adjusting to new places, people, and a new time zone. We loved spending time with grandpa and grandma Thomas and Swenson. We stayed busy going on walks, playing at the park, going to the zoo, going to BYU for a quick tour of campus and a basketball game, running errands, going to the pumpkin patch, reading stories, and visiting family and friends. Katelyn was even able to meet her great-grandpa and grandma Harmon (mommy's grandparents) as well as great-Aunt Lillian (great-grandpa Harmon's sister). Katelyn even celebrated her first birthday in Utah! We even enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner a day early since we flew home Thanksgiving day. It was a big trip and we throughly enjoyed having the opportunity to spend so much time with our wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

53: Halloween 2011 For Halloween Ellie was Little Bo Peep and Katelyn was her adorable little sheep. We had a busy Halloween going to grandpa and grandma Swenson's ward trunk or treat with our cousins the Friday before Halloween. On Halloween night we went trick or treating in grandpa and grandma Thomas' neighborhood. Katelyn was the cutes little lamb!

55: Katelyn's 1st Birthday Bash! | Since we happened to be in Utah for Katelyn's first birthday we celebrated with lots of extended family (both Swensons and Thomases). We invited everyone over to grandpa and grandma Thomas' house on Sunday, October 30th. Katelyn's "cake" was a big huge rice krispies treat shaped and frosted to look like an ice cream cone. Mommy made a fun birthday banner and set up pin the cherry on the ice cream cone for the kids to play. Family showered Katelyn with all sorts of little thoughtful gifts.

56: Katelyn didn't waste any time tasting her treats. She immediately reached for the ice cream and took a big bite. Slowly and steadily Katelyn ate the ice cream and rice krispies treat. She didn't make much of a mess. Maybe because the rice krispy treat wasn't nearly as messy as cake.

57: November 1st! On Katelyn's actual birthday we kept things pretty simple. I took Katelyn to Target for pictures. It was fun to see her in the same dress Ellie wore for her 1 year pictures (top right picture). We played with toys and hung out with grandpa and grandma Thomas. A few days after your birthday you even received your own birthday card from great-grandma Pulsipher. We absolutely love our birthday girl!

58: One Year

59: 1 Year I can hardly believe it's been a whole year since Katelyn was born. Why does time fly so much faster with the 2nd child? I remember trying to hold and snuggle her as much as I could, but it still passed way too fast. Now she's a bright eyed little girl who is starting to toddle around and say little words. She has been a delightful, happy, easy going baby and we feel so blessed to have her sweet spirit in our home. One thing that is totally opposite of Ellie is that Katelyn seems to like men. Ellie use to scream if there were too many grown men around. Not Katelyn she reaches out for them to hold her quickly winning them over. With her big blue eyes and heart melting smile she is going to drive the boys crazy when she's older. Songs: I think Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree and I Am a Child of God are her two favorite songs. I love singing Popcorn with her because she tries to do some of the actions. Her favorite line is, "it wasn't really so" and she waves her little pointer finger in the air. She always know when that line is coming up and flashes a big small as she gets her finger ready. Food: She loves black beans, milk, peas, cheese, corn, most fruit (except bananas after a bite or two she is done with those). Books: No particular favorites. She likes picture books in general and she loves to turn pages. Nicknames: Katie-bug, Bug, Bug-a-boo, Bugs Development: Crawling is still her primary mode of transportation. Over the past week she has started using walking more and more and is getting better all the time. A few weeks ago she loved it when I'd hold her hand and walk around the house. She's look up at me with a big grin and start giggling. Now that she is getting better on her own she doesn't care as much if I hold her hand and walk with her. Words: Hi, Ellie (Eh-ie), bye, uh-oh, daddy (dah-dy), mama, ball (ba). She can also sign "finished" since that's pretty much the only sign I use with any sort of consistency. Toys: Ellie's toys are probably her favorite thing to play with. Since we've been at my parents house this week she's enjoyed rummaging through my mom's box of toys and loves playing with the fisher price doll house much to Ellie's chagrin. She also loves getting into drawers and closets, of course. 1 year stats (technically 13 month stats): Height: 29 3/4 inches Weight: 18 lbs. 4 oz. (yes she’s a little on the small side she’s always been particular about solid foods, then add teething to the equation when she was already small. We’re working on getting her to eat more) She loves to act silly and wiggles her head goofily when she wants to catch our attention in a funny way. We just love our little Katelyn!!!

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