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Kathy's Memory book

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S: Tribute to Kathy Jackson on her Retirement, August 2011

FC: A Tribute to KJ on the occasion of her retirement from the Texas A&M Libraries August 2011

1: August 2011 This Memory Book was lovingly produced for Kathy Jackson with the help of : Kathy Taylor Fatimah Ishaq Lorene Yackley Jane Stephens Gail Clement

2: Remember back to April 1975 ?

3: or How About 1986? | Young KJ

4: We do, and we will miss you very much!

6: "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." -- Nelson Mandela

8: Engineering Libraries Division Newsletter September 1990 This year the committee awarded the first Homer Bernhardt Award to Kathy Jackson for her dedicated and valuable service to the Engineering Libraries Division. Congratulations, Kathy! Awarded at the PIC IV 3rd Annual Awards Luncheon June 25, 1990 Toronto Ontario Canada

9: Women Science/ Engineering Librarians

10: FAN MAIL | July 12, 2011 In honor of Kathy Jackson's Retirement Kathy, You were my Department Head, Supervisor, and Mentor, during my tenure at Sterling C. Evans Library. I was afforded so many learning experiences and opportunities in the library, as a result of working with you. I will always be grateful for your work ethic that you exhibited at all times, and so unselfishly sharing your abundant knowledge. Lastly, I have enjoyed your friendship over the years. Enjoy your retirement. Sincerely, KT

11: July 13, 2011 Dear Kathy, What an amazing career! As I reflect on the sheer number of Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students upon whom you have had a direct or indirect influence, I am stunned. You have so many accomplishments of which you can be justifiably proud. I want you to focus for a moment on the consistent high quality of the librarians that you hired, trained, mentored, and supported. In my opinion, introducing these librarians to our profession and insuring a solid foundation for them is your most significant achievement. These librarians are your enduring legacy and a legacy the profession enjoys today and will going into the future. It was a privilege to work with you and learn from you. I bid you farewell and hope you do fare well. Happy trails, Sherrie Sherrie Schmidt University Librarian Arizona State University

12: July 08, 2011 Kathy Jackson, I am delighted to wish you a wonderful retirement as it has been nearly 3 decades since we worked together at TAMU. As a colleague of yours, I remember with fondness the time I spent at the Library working with you and others in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. That was a special time in my professional career and I learned a lot from you and others who I worked with. I wish for you much peace, love and happiness during your retirement years! Emma Bradford Perry Dean of Libraries Southern University Baton Rouge, LA 70813 | How many animals has KJ saved? I know that there must be many and some of them have found their forever homes with library staff. I was lucky enough to adopt one of the cats. KJ had advertized him as “Deuce”, but I renamed him “Billy Bob” because of his bobtail. He’s been just wonderful for me, though devilish s metimeskind of like KJ herself. Dear KJ, thank you so much for Billy Bob and all of the other animals you’ve saved and will save. There’s a special place in heaven for the animal rescuers. Mary Dabney and Billy Bob July 21, 2011

14: July 29, 2011 “See me – KJ” on pink telephone memo pad paper, clipped to my mail box. Those see-me-KJ notes are forever burned into my memory. They terrified me. They motivated me. I look back on my years working for KJ as the best years of my professional life. I wouldn’t be where I am today, interim dean of an ARL library, if it hadn’t been for KJ. She set the standard high and I worked to reach it. She told me when I made a mistake and I didn’t make the same one again. She demanded high quality work from us and from herself and I still try to live by that model. She pushed me to do things that I never would have had the confidence to do. She took a chance and hired me. She worked harder than anyone else and harder than anyone I have ever worked with. She is and always will be, my gold standard for reference librarians. I still want to be as good a librarian as KJ. I was very very lucky to have worked with her. Katie Clark Interim Dean, River Campus Libraries University of Rochester

15: I owe Kathy a lot. She took me on when I was untried, new to the profession and made me into a librarian. She taught me that being faculty and gaining tenure was something that would benefit my work, and it has. I moved on to other jobs, increased administrative responsibilities, and a whole new set of problems, but I always leaned on what I had learned. There were times when I wished I could receive a “See me, KJ” note, it would have been a relief from other things with which I dealt. She was always a friend, but through her I learned how to stand on my own feet, make my decisions, and work. I can’t believe I’m retiring at the same time, but she helped me reach this stage. I can only wish her the best. Joe Jaros July 29, 2011 | Complete thank you letter included in Appendix!

16: July 22, 2011 Dear Dr. Jackson, It really caught me by surprise to hear that you are retiring. I was an entry-level librarian in the Evans Library at TAMU from 1994-1998. During my tenure at TAMU, I recall how you ALWAYS made yourself available to help, encourage and provide career-related guidance to the new librarians. On several occasions, you helped me to write articles for publication and you gave me career-related advice at times when I needed an outside perspective. To this day, I continue to benefit from the personal wisdom that you so freely shared. I thank you tremendously for how you helped me and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! I'm sure you will enjoy this opportunity to direct your energies into new and/or personal interests. Sincerely, ~~ Vicki Coleman Associate University Librarian Arizona State University Libraries | Original letter included in Appendix!

17: August 8, 2011 Dear Kathy, You are an inspirational librarian, mentor, teacher and colleague. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience has been invaluable to me – I feel very fortunate to have worked with you over the years. The high standard you set for yourself compels those around you to do the same – a daunting prospect, except that the support you provide makes one believe it (including tenure) is possible. Thank you for all the encouragement, support, wise advice and friendship you have given me. Enjoy your retirement! – your cats, I know, will be happy to have you at home. Sincerely, Jane You are an inspiration

18: Kathy Jackson memories Kathy offered me a job in the reference division after I finished my M.A. at A&M. It was a great interim job between graduate programs, with a terrific staff (Martha, Katie, Bill, Joe, Mary, Rosemary, etc.). I’m very grateful for KJ allowing (and encouraging) me to do professional academic library activities during my brief time at Sterling C. Evans. Those experiences (in a roundabout way) led to my current vocation. Hope Kathy has a wonderfully busy and productive post-A&M retirement. Keith Waddle, Ph.D. Reference Librarian McMurry University July 13, 2011 | Thank you all for doing this for KJ. She mentored and guided many of us for many years. We will miss her devoted services here. Okay Okonkwo | July 15, 2011 Dear Kathy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and advice you gave me throughout my career in the TAMU libraries. You truly care about all of your juniors and you want every one of us to succeed. You will be GREATLY MISSED! Enjoy your new chapter of life! With Respect, Lan Yang

19: I still remember my first day working at Evans Library. I took my lunch to the break room on the second floor near the old Govt Docs. All of the tables were occupied. There was an empty seat at a table with two ladies reading that I did not know. I asked the ladies if I could sit there and eat. They were both very polite. It turned out to be Kathy Jackson and Joyce Thornton. We had a nice visit. Of course, it is hard for me to sit quietly at times! Kathy has been very helpful to refer patrons to. Also, on questions that are not science related. I referred a student worker to her that is considering going for her Masters in Library Science. The student, Leanna Noto, said she was very helpful. KJ is a great coworker and a good friend. Dorcas Schroeder July 06, 2011

20: Mary Cole 7/29/2011

21: July 13, 2011 Kathy came into ILS as a stabilizing factor after a period of turnover. She brought some needed innovation to the operation. My favorite story comes from when we moved from the 6th floor of Evans down to our new space on the 1st floor. Somehow the AC definitely was messed up from the renovation. For over a month, there were days when we had to shut down the computers in the office because the temperature would exceed 80. We had a large fan running constantly that made you feel like you were working in an airport. Kathy said that if they didn’t fix the AC soon, she was going to come to work in a bathing suit. The AC finally got fixed shortly thereafter. It was during Kathy’s time in ILS that we won the President’s Meritorious Service Team Award. She should have been in that picture as a driving force behind the team. Kathy has held many positions in the library and has been a master of all of them. There will be very big shoes to fill upon her retirement. Meg Carpenter, CRM, ERMm Records Manager University Records Management Texas A&M University

22: July 19, 2011 Hello Kathy: I heard through the grapevine, that you are retiring. I know you will have a very memorable event there at Texas A and M as a fitting send off. Your sterling reputation is well deserved and comes in recognition of your valuable contributions and solid expertise shared within your institution as well as within ASEE. The success of the Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE has everything to do with the dedication and contributions that you and a few others devoted to the organization in its early stages of development. I personally appreciated your mentoring in my early years in ELD. This guidance was invaluable and influenced me throughout my career, which has now taken me from California to western Massachusetts. As professional librarians we are librarians forever, with investigation and discovery and teaching being a way of life. So I wish you all the best in this new phase of your career and hope that you are able to pursue many different and exciting interests with the same enthusiasm and dedication that you imparted to your patrons, faculty, and colleagues at TAMU and the Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE. Good luck, Cecilia Mullen Librarian National Graduate School | It’s been a long time since I have had any real interaction with Kathy, but I did want to pass on a thought about how things used to be in the pastlong ago. Before the libraries charged for printing, we had some of those old printers (probably the tractor feed kind with the strip along the side). Since printing was free, students would come in, print off a ream of stuff at a time and walk out with it. The amount of paper that went out that door was incredible! Technology (J) and pay-to-print saved many trees!!! Anna J., July 25, 2011

23: One of the funny memories I have of Kathy dates back to about 1980, not too long after we had moved into the new reference offices in the 1979 addition. Kathy was a wonderful department head, but organization was not her greatest strength. One day when she was gone for some reason, Kathy Taylor and Nan Dubbeldee decided to go in and clean Kathy’s office. And clean they did, with a passion. Mail was opened – minutes were filed – books were stacked neatly. By the time they were done her office looked remarkably different. Kathy was understandably VERY surprised when she got back. If I recall correctly, she thanked them in a funny kind of way – and then told them that if they ever did it again, she would fire them. And no one was completely certain she was kidding. I think that was the last time any of her staff did something like that. Bill Page July 21, 2011 | Kathy, Thank you for the opportunity to learn what it means to provide service. You listen, you ask questions, and you give the customer what they need. Fatimah August 02, 2011

24: "THANKS KJ! If I had gone to a lesser library with a less boss I’d never have the confidence and skills that launched me and that I have today, nearly 30 years later. " -John P. Abbott (Evans Reference, 1983-1985) | Congratulations, Kathy! You were my very first supervisor when I came to Evans Library as the Education Reference Librarian. I admit I just about fainted during the reference interview when everyone threw out questions about search tools, etc. You always asked the hardest questions and demanded the best. That was good for all of us. I've always admired you and I wish you the very best for a well-deserved retirement. Roberta Pitts July 30, 2011 | Complete letter included in Appendix!

25: We learned a lot from Kathy especially the need to see the forest as well as the trees AND that, although she was a tough task master, we knew she really cared about us as individuals. She pushed her librarians to find solutions to departmental problems on our own, to get involved in professional committees, and to continue our education (from Nan: I wouldn’t have gotten my first masters degree if she hadn’t walked up to my desk one day and said “I found a masters for you—go talk to this guy—I’ll fix your schedule so you can do it”). She was creative in getting funds so we could attend professional conferences and workshops. Although she often seemed unorganized, she was, in fact, mostly very organized. Her management style was to hold everyone accountable, but she also encouraged creativity and confidence in our own ability. We were, however expected to always present a well-developed plan with all the t's crossed and the i's dotted. That experience made all three of us successful as library managers in our post-TAMU careers. Connie, Judy & Nan July 21, 2011 | Complete letter included in Appendix!

26: Kathy, I wanted to let you know that I am glad that I had the chance to work with you, albeit for a short time, and appreciated the knowledge you have offered in connecting to the Physics & Astronomy Department. I also enjoyed our conversations about our beloved furry friends and the joy they give us. I wish you much health and happiness in the coming years! Warm Regards, Jo Ann Bianchi August 8, 2011

27: Kathy, With your retirement we are coming to the end of an era here in the library. It is hard to imagine the library without you. It will be a real loss, not only to the library staff, but also to all current and future students. You always gave your all to help all people. I remember the days when I first started working here. We all worked together as a team. I learned so much, not only from the direct training, but also from working alongside very knowledgeable and helpful colleagues; and you, as Head of Reference, helped create a collaborative, sharing environment. Now when things have changed dramatically in organizational structure, I have been privileged to work for you on the Astronomy Acquisition project. You have supported and encouraged me along the way. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Lorene | August 9, 2011 Dear Kathy, Thank you for your kindness, generosity, patience, wisdom and support. It was such good fortune to have landed in Suite 207 as a newcomer to Evans! Though short in duration, the time working across the hall from you has made a huge impact on life at A&M. I will miss your neighborly invitations to "'come on in and have a seat'!" Best wishes always,. Gail C.

28: August 01, 2011 Kathy, Thank you for taking me under your wing early on when I began at TAMU Libraries in late February 2005. Thank you for your advice and objectivity (however pleasant or unpleasant) and being there at crucial moments to advise me in the many situations and circumstances that are part of being a librarian at TAMU Libraries. Thank you for giving myself (and others) your best, even when you were dealing with personal issues. Thank you for serving as a reviewer on my drafts on so many occasions. Thank you too for looking out for us as a group, fostering collaborations, and pushing for the best for the organization as a whole, no matter what. Finally, thank you for modeling what we should strive to be. Best wishes, Rusty

29: I owe Kathy a lot. She took me on when I was untried, new to the profession and made me into a librarian. She taught me that being faculty and gaining tenure was something that would benefit my work, and it has. I moved on to other jobs, increased administrative responsibilities, and a whole new set of problems, but I always leaned on what I had learned. There were times when I wished I could receive a “See me, KJ” note, it would have been a relief from other things with which I dealt. She was always a friend, but through her I learned how to stand on my own feet, make my decisions, and work. I can’t believe I’m retiring at the same time, but she helped me reach this stage. I can only wish her the best. Joe Jaros July 29, 2011 | Complete testimonial and thank you letter included in Appendix! | July 28, 2011 Dear Kathy- Congratulations on your retirement! My first professional job as a librarian was at Texas A&M and you were my first boss. The work was challenging, but I learned a lot about librarianship and being a manager; I have you to thank for that. You were firm and compassionate, very serious about getting the job done well. My professional foundation and experience started at A&M, working with you and other colleagues in the reference department. Thank you for all you have given to the profession and what you shared with me as a new librarian so many years ago. I wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life! Best, Myrtis Cochran Former Texas A&M Reference Librarian | Kathy, Thank you for the opportunity to learn what it means to provide service. You listen, you ask questions, and you give the customer what they need. Fatimah August 02, 2011

30: Thank you Kathy!

31: Enjoy Your Retirement!

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