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Keira Jane

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S: Keira Jane November 22, 2010 - First 6 months!

BC: There could never be a more beautiful you Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do So there could never be a more beautiful you Johnny Diaz "more beautiful you"

FC: Welcome Keira Jane 11.22.10

1: Welcome Sweet Keira Jane November 22, 2010 3:26pm 7 pounds 5 ounces 20 inches long

2: It's A Girl!!

3: Your Birth Story | We checked into Huntington hospital monday morning at 5am, ready to be induced and meet you. I was having small contractions when we got there, so you were coming no matter what. While waiting for you, you did some flipping from face up to face down, which made Mommy uncomfortable. I was ready to have you before the doctor (who was sick) was ready and joked on a few contractions you could have arrived by now. But at 3:23pm you arrived turning face up but happy and healthy and so peaceful and quiet...and a GIRL! We were so excited to have your brothers and now YOU! When Daddy told Aunt Christy, Aunt Nicole, and Julie McCann in the waiting room, they screamed so loud with excitement that we could hear them. The nurses laughed! Parker had told us you were a girl and that God had told him! I'm glad he listened to God. You are a beautiful blessing to our family!

4: Our Baby Girl | My First Bath

5: "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him." ~I Samuel 1:27

6: We all sang happybirthday to you and your brothers wore party hats. The cake was a success with them.

7: Big Brothers | The brothers were so excited to meet you. They came in about 1 hour after you were born and were a bit shy and unsure. There were quite a few people in the room, so everyone left and Mom fed you. When Dad brought Parker and Alec back, they were much more excited, especially Alec. He wanted to touch you and check you out. Parker was very excited to celebrate you with cake!

9: It was great to see people and celebrate you! Maya was so excited to have a girl cousin. She loved holding you, barely sharing you with Aunt Nicole. The McCann Family was excited to see you and give you a homemade blanket. The Lloyds stopped to celebegrate, and of course G and G Oswalt! | MY FIRST VISITORS

10: Dad was quick to buy you an IU basketball and bear. Mom enjoyed internet shopping for girl things!while in the hospital.

11: The Nurses knew you would be dressed in pink at the hospital. They loved your hat and called you Strawberry Short Cake. You were ready to come home at 9pm Tuesday evening, just 30 hours old.

12: FlashBack! Preparing for Keira

13: The summer before Keira, I realized that Alec was very concerned and jealous of any baby I held. The first thing I started was a diligent prayer for my boys and their acceptance of a new member. Then, we really started talking about "the baby" in our daily life. We made Keira a family member long before we met her. With Alec, I started talking to him about "his baby" and how he was going to be a big helper. I encouraged the boys to regularly feel the baby move and talk to the baby and pray for the baby. The boys helped me make a cake ahead of time, including icing it and decorating it. We put it in the freezer so that the boys could celebrate her birthday the way they love to celebrate their days - cake! Then, about 2 weeks before Keira was born, I took the boys on a "big brother date" and celebrated them all day. First we went to Build a Bear, where they each made a bear and they made one for Keira together. In the boys bears, I put a personalized message that was unique to each of them, then we all said a message for Keira's bear. (sweet dreams, sleep tight, I love you , Good night) The lady had the boys each pick a heart for her bear, so her bear was special with 2 hearts from her brothers. Then I let them pick food at the food court and ride the carosaul. I did no shopping that day, letting them play in the play places and enjoy their day. Finally we ended up at Megamind and enjoyed a fun movie with only 5 other people in the theater.

14: Daddy Date! | About 1 week before Keira was born, Kyle took the boys on a "big brother date" as well. (His schedule was so busy this fall, we couldn't do it together). His was more about a gift, so they ate at McDonalds and played then came home to a new WII. It was nice that they had it early to get the hang of it. Then, they enjoyed it while we were busier than normal caring for Keira.

15: Alec turned into such a lover. Here he is loving on you the night before you were born!

16: Keira... 2 days old

18: 1st Thanksgiving | Great. Grandma Oswalt | 3 days old very content

19: Thanksgiving was at G and G Oswalt's, so Daddy and the boys went all day. Mommy had to take you back to the hospital for heal priks since you left early. We waited a long time! We then went to Thanksgiving for a few hours. Mom was exhausted, but you slept through everything. Your family was so excited to see you!

20: Great Grandparents! Ralph and Betty came for a nice visit to see you. You were very well behaved, but Alec decided to run his zuzu pet in Grandma's hair. She was a good sport, but Kyle did take some hair trying to get the wheels out of her hair.

21: Visitors! Uncle Aaron, Rachael MrWhirt, Denise Farr, Kelli Winer

22: MEMORABLE MOMENTS | DATE_11-24-10 (before Thanksgiving and going back to the hospital for heel pokes) Alec was a great helper, pooring water on your legs and taking pictures.

23: DATE___1 week old__

24: Here you are at 2 days old, your first day home. More visitors came to see you, Julie McCann, Christy's Clayton, and of course your sweet cousin Maya. You were so mellow. I don't think you really woke up until about 2 weeks old.

25: Dad was set on you taking a bottle so we could have some dates. When mom's milk came in, you got to practice - 5 days old.

26: My First Photo Shoot - 5 days A perfect dress from Aunt Amy

27: Daddy Loves Keira!

28: BIG BROTHERS! Awesome - caring, gentle, loving Parker 4.5 years Alec 3 years

29: Alec definately was most fascinated with you! He was always wanting to hold you, touch you, and love on you. Parker adored you but was content with less time with you. | We continued to hear how beautiful you are. I feel so honored to be your mom. I pray your beauty extends from a heart of gold for the Lord you grow to develop.

30: December brought many firsts for you. On the 10th, we celebrated Dad's 28th bday with brownies. Then you stayed with G and G Oswalt for the first time while mom and dad went out to eat. The boys loved taking pictures, so they caught you crying with mom. You had to share your stash of flowers with your brothers. They are always up to something. Finally, Parker headed off to preschool and you hung with Alec. While I swept the floor, he soothed you with his finger before I knew sweet!

31: 1st Trips! | At 2 weeks, we went to Parker's preschool program and we picked a Christmas tree at Big R.

32: First Trip to church ! 20 days old Dad had to work that weekend but mom and brothers were ready to go worship and leave the house. You slept through church and were adored by many. With winter sick season, I held you.

33: Christmas Cooking Time! The boys loved making Sweet Scramble (we mad e3 huge batches). Keira was entertained by the contrast on the stove and Dad's birthday balloons. (3 weeks)

34: Keira Jane 3-5weeks

35: Sweet Baby Girl

36: Shipshewana Splash Universe As part of the boys Christmas present, we spent December 20-21at a waterpark. It was not crowded at all and the boys could do everything. They had a blast and mom enjoyed cuddling you (4 weeks) in the sling while watching the boys.

37: Wettschurack Christmas On Dec. 19th, you got to meet more family. Grandma Betty enjoyed you again, as well as Aunt Deb and cousin Mikayla. Clayton had to practice his bouncing with a demo from me.

38: Who needs Santa when you have Grandma! | On Christmas Eve, we went to G and G Oswalt's for the day. We celebrated with a big lunch and lots of laughs and fun.

39: Everyone loved holding and cuddling you. You are doing such a good job watching us talk to you at 1 month old. You loved your new blanket and purse.

42: On the 27th, we celebrated with Uncle Tim and Papa Penner

43: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

44: Snowy January Day~ High chair building day! | January 2011 - Keira 6-10 weeks!

45: And the photoshoots continue. I loved documenting all your changes and all your outfits! The boys were great for pictures with you as well.

46: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

48: At 2 months, each kiddo has worn this IU outfit. Keira also got to wear one of Mom's old outfits she saved.

49: Baths were still not your favorite time. You only got them once or twice a week to prevent dry skin. Your brothers were crazy silly while you bathed. Dad thought your dimples were embarrassing!

50: Cozy Winter Days with Mom

51: Love these smiles!!!

52: February 2011 2 month love!

54: This was one of Dad's favorite positions for you. He loved loving on you on our many many cold snowy days. The boys were able to play outside for a while most every day. Alec liked making snow ice cream with me.

55: Happy Valentines Day!! Your sweetness was definately my present this year! Aunt Christy got to love on you one weekend while we made heart shaped cookies. Yum!!

56: By three months, you could roll from tummy to back. Since you sleep on your belly, you are content to play on your belly. You get up once or twice in a 12 hour night, sleeping from 8 to 8. You nurse every 3 hours during the day. You could wear many 0-3 and some 3-6mo. clothes and switched to size 3 diapers. A content doll!

57: The cold of February brought lots of time for brother love! Parker and Alec adore you!

58: march '11 Three months old brought lots of fun! The weather got a bit warmer. We prepared for Florida. We celebrated Grandma Sharon's birthday with Alec making cupcakes. You got stronger. You had fun in the tub...And, mom was the ever present outfit documenter!

59: "Mothers hold their children's hands for a while - their hearts forever."

61: Your Grandma Sharon I have spent many days recently reflecting on what a great adult mom and grandma she would be. I am so thankful that God has done a good work in me through her death. Last year, I realized I must deal with my jealousy of other mother/daughter pairs, so that became my prayer and resolution. The Lord was gracious to teach me to celebrate what they have and then in November, he blessed me with a daughter. Sometimes I stand amazed at His great timing; first for the burden he placed on my heart that needed removed, then for my beautiful beautiful Keira Jane. Now I can celebrate what Mom would have been and what I hope to become in many seasons... 1. Mom would teach her grandchildren what loving the Lord looks like and means. She would still be in the first room in 4 and 5's at church. She would have Parker right now. 2. Mom would call to check on me and then ask questions; ask me about my day, my kids, and then she would LISTEN. She would seek to get to know my heart and I hers. She dearly loved being a mother and I know she was full of wisdom that she would share. 3. Mom would have us over for a Sunday dinner each month. We would work together to make the food and clean up because being together was what mattered. We would laugh and enjoy family in the presence of healthy home cooked food. 4. Mom would recognize the importance of a date night for Kyle and I, so she would graciously watch her grandbabies. No, she wouldn't just watch, she would love on them. She would show them the importance of play and reading, but assure me that I watched plenty of tv and turned out just fine :-). 5. Mom would be there for me in ways I am sure I didn't even know I needed...I wish I had a picture to show you. She was a beautiful lady with a great smile and laugh! | Proverbs 31:28a "Her children will rise and call her blessed."

62: Fun at Florida!

63: The end of March we traveled to Florida. We left at 5pm on Friday. The boys were asleep by around 8pm. Keira didn't want to sleep in the car, so she nursed about every 2 hours. Mom got a horrible throat inflection. Dad got tired at 3 am, so we stopped at a small hotel until 9am and then found a Redimed for Mom. After 3 hours, they said no strep and they couldn't do anything. We traveled on. Fighting and picking got to be enough by the time we got there. Mom sat in the back the entire way for food, crowd, and nursing control.. We were excited to get to Liki Tiki in the afternoon. We checked in and the boys headed to swim, supper, and a magic show that parker volunteered dad for many times. Parker got to "float" in the show. By Monday Mom didn't have a fever and was feelingbetter. She slept Sunday away. The was spent at Sea World, Busch Gardens, Aquatica, and fun at the condo! It was great!! The trip home was broke into two long days. We stopped before the Smokey Mtns because of terrible storms (tornadoes). The Lord kept us safe and despite the fighting, no one was hurt on the way home .

65: Sea World! | We loved seeing the animals and playing in the huge climbing nets and kid area. The manitees, dolphin show, Shamu show, and sharks were cool! Keira was a fabulous travelor, sleeping as needed in the frontpack and stroller and taking in the sights.

66: Liki Tiki We enjoyed the pools, bikes, Luau, and fun in the 80 degree weather

67: Fun day in the sun!

68: Busch Gardens

69: Aquatica

70: APRIL While on vacation, Miss Keira turned 4 months! This was a hard month for sleeping. The trip seemed to get her off routine and Mom had trouble letting her cry it out. She started 2-3 times a night. She was happy during the day, taking 3 naps, doing lots of brother watching and enjoying her family.

71: Notice Grandma, not Mom and Dad got Keira her first Florida shirt!

72: Easter was a great celebration of Jesus! Keira was beautiful for the day and loved spending time with G and G Oswalt. Getting pictures was tricky but makes for fun memories (life unscripted)!

74: Easter Eggs! Easter Chicks from Aunt Amy in England! Easter Smiles!

75: **Parker Reid - 5years 9months **Alec Porter- 3years 6 months **Keira Jane - almost 5 months

76: "Give Me Some Skin" ~Dad (and she would)

77: Awesome Big Brother Alec Porter | Visiting Great Grandma Betty after she broke her pelvis.

78: 1st Food - 5 mo. | DATE_4-22-11__ | She love the cereal but it didn't love her - constipated! Quit at 6 months and went to all fruits and veggies, but even bananas and puffs were trouble. | _____________________________________________________________

79: DATE__5 months__ | DATE__________ | At 5 months, we also introduced the exersaucer and jumperoo. She liked being upright but didnlt play much. Alce and Parker did try to play. Baths became fun with little splashes. Nights got worse, as she wanted to eat every 3 hours around the clock. I slept downstairs for 3 nights but didn't help, she was just hungry! For some hormonal reason, one side began to dry up and she was nursing only on one side by 6 months.. Dr. said it would compensate fine..

81: To: My "May Flowers" I love you to the moon and back! From: Dad and Mom

82: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever." | Happy Mother's Day 2011

83: ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING At 5 1/2 months Miss Keira took off rolling everywhere to get anything she wanted!

84: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson | Aunt Christy graduated from Purdue May 2011 with in Ag Communication and Ag Economics! ~Celebrating with Family~

85: Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~Swami Sivananda | Unlce Tim Graduated from Schuyler County High School May 2011. | Memories of Celebrating Tim, visiting with Uncle Harvey and Aunt Marge, Seeing Papa Penner's home and land, Keira rolling everywhere!

86: Always in my heart | We rounded out May by studying hard with Dad and learning about bows from Alec! It was a cold and rainy May so we still played inside a lot.

87: I love you with all my heart | Celebrating 6 Months!

88: June 2011 Fun Swiming (not very fast), jumperoo, moving!

90: June days were spent outside playing with brothers. Keira loved watching them practice tball and play games. They made sure she had plenty of attention.

92: 6months eating lots of baby food, picking up cheerios, rolling to get everywhere, almost sitting alone, very happy, still up once at night, 15 lbs of joy!

93: Parker Reid is a great big brother, even if he does hold you and play "opposum". He loves helping out with you.

94: Best Catch of the Day!

95: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller | Happy Father's Day Daddy!

97: Pretty Girl Keira Jane! Watching mom work in the garden with new hat and sunglasses! What a blessed 6 months!!

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