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Ken & Sue's 50th Anniversary

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BC: Ken & Sue- 50 years together!

FC: Ken and Sue- together for 50 years! | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: 50 Years ago this day Two people came together in a remarkable way. It was the beginning of something quite unique. They knew it would be special as soon as they did meet. In 50 years, they've shared good and they've shared bad. Making memories together of special times that they have had. Raising kids and traveling the world through, There's no one else quite like them, not like Ken and Sue. Their hair's a little grayer, a sign of wisdom they say, But they still look forward to the dawn of each new day. You are such an inspiration because of the things you do. We are blessed because we know and because-we are also loved by you. For my mom and dad By Christy June 30, 2012

2: Sue as a child

3: Ken as a child

4: To love and be loved is one of life's greatest gifts. Celebrating Sue and Ken's 50 years together is such a special event for all of us. I just want to add some thoughts that I have about them as a couple. For a union that was a big worry to the Hardy family at the beginning (we all had a hard time thinking anyone was good enough for Sue) it has been one of the best marriages ever. They have supported each other in all their endeavors, dreams and activities. Sue and Ken have been the folks that we (my family) have always turned to when we needed advice, cheering up and moral support. They define what families do for families. So as they celebrate their 50 years together I hope they're planning many more exciting dreams, experiences and years together! Love you both tons!!! Molly

5: What a wonderful journey through the years getting to know Ken and Sue ..For the first few years when we were all able to get together it seemed something had to go wrong. I remember Christmas 1987 when Ken, Sue and David came to Springfield, Missouri to celebrate Christmas with us. Well on Christmas Eve we experienced one of the worst ice storms we have ever seen. Ice lidded tree branches started coming down all over town, knocking out power all over the city including most of our neighbors. Lucky for us our power was only out for a few hours. A few of our neighbors did not get power for many days afterward. Good thing they could still enjoy our light Christmas Lights. I’m sure they were very appreciative. I think it was Ken who suggested we turn them off. Another time KJ and Sue came to visit I had to show them how impressive our new Correle Ware was, and, in fact, a plate could be tossed onto the floor and would not breakI had done this many times, demonstrating to Christy (much to her amazement ) how super tough these plates were. So I had no doubt that once I tossed a plate onto the floor, it would just bounce a couple of times and roll to rest against the cabinets in the kitchen. I looked at both of them and said, “Watch this,” at which time I tossed the plate like a frisbee onto the floor. What happened next I have not lived down to this very day..that plate shattered into a million pieces all over the kitchen floor. After a short pause to make sure they took this event all in, Ken , Sue and Christy burst out with laughter that I can still hear to this day. Then in 1988 there was the time Christy and Tara (just 6 months old) and I went to see Ken and Sue in Phoenix, Arizona for Thanksgiving during Ken’s Sabbatical that year. Well the night before Thanksgiving the water heater come to the end of its life and starting flooding the kitchen floor with water. We all grabbed rags, mops and anything we could get our hands on to dry the floor. Every Thanksgiving I can’t help but think of the time we were all together preparing the meal for Thanksgiving and I had the brilliant idea to put all the potato peels into the garbage disposal. I peeled and packed the peelings in the disposal like there was no tomorrow, after all wasn’t this what a disposal was designed for? Grinding up garbage and sending it out of sight somewhere? Well, when the switch was turned on and the disposal started running, it blew out all the pipes under the sink. Ouch, some lessons must be learned the hard way. There are so many stories to share like these. Ken and Sue have always been there to support Christy and me over the last 28 years of marriage.like the time Sue came to Moberly and spent 6 weeks when the twins were born helping out in every way possible. What a God send and I can’t thank Ken enough for sharing his bride with us for that long while fending for himself back in Weatherford. All this and we haven’t mentioned the great times in Europe traveling around to so many wonderful places together. We have to be so careful not to take these adventures and time together for granted.they seem to come and go so very fast. Ken and Sue have been such a blessing to us and to me personally, I love them dearly. Their marriage and love for each other is a standard we all can aspire to. Tim

6: Sue & Ken become...

7: Mr. & Mrs. Snyder

8: Mr. and Mrs. Snyder become...

9: The Snyder Family

10: The picture at the left shows Jim, Rodney, Ken, Bill (listed from left to right) and two girls, the one on the left whose name I've forgotten (it may be Betty?) and Karen. All of us were I believe at a birthday party for Karen Girts in summer of 1957. In the middle is Ken at the same party. | When we were married in Philadelphia in 1961, as my best friend from high school, Ken walked Andrea in, as she had no father to do this. He stood beside her for the brief ceremony. Fifty years later he and Sue helped us celebrate our 50th Anniversary! | Pictures & Memories shared by Bill & Andrea Kearney

11: Two years later Ken and Sue visited Johnsonburg when we were also home. This picture was taken at my mother and father's home. You were there too, Christy. This was the first time we met Sue. | In 1979, possibly 1980 (our memory isn't what it once was) Ken, Sue, Christy & Dave again at my mothers house in Johnsonburg. I liked the beard, Ken.

12: Dear Ken and Sue, Looking again at these pictures made me (Bill) realize that you and I, Ken, have known each other for 58 years! The pictures from the 50's brought back a lot of memories from our high school days. Band provided many of those memories as did our trips for solo contest, summer and football season marching and the annual band picnics. The group picture from 1957 reminded me of the many times we spent together outside of band. All of these memories are somewhat etched in my mind, extraordinarily important at my age. Thank you for being my friend especially through those formative years. The pictures from the early 60's with you, Ken, participating in our wedding and both of you a year after your own wedding were again a great reminder of the exciting times following our weddings as each couple began their first steps into an unknown future. The picture of your family standing at the brink of the 80's was another stage of your lives - and also ours. Such great memories and such a wonderful, long friendship. Happy 50th Anniversary to two wonderful friends! Bill & Andrea Kearney

13: Grandpa and Grandma, I did a little research and found that according to the 2009 US Census only about 6% of marriages make it to their 50th wedding anniversary. I knew before researching it that the number would be low, but that was even lower than I expected. You guys have accomplished a great feat. You have stood the test of time and stayed true to your vows you shared 50 years ago. We have all looked upon your marriage with great pride to call you our family or friends. You two have done what so many others gave up on. You give me hope for my marriage. By the grace of God you have endured all the hardships and all the joy marriage can bring. I'm so grateful for your influence in my life. Thanks so much for being exactly who you are. Congratulations! | Much Love, Jessica

16: Ken and Sue: Congrats on 50 years of marriage. I was so blessed to be "adopted" by you when I came to Weatherford. Your home is one of love and you always made me feel so welcome and cared for - something I will never forget and hope I can pass on to others. I will never forget traveling with you, and Ken getting out at rest stops and "buzzing." I was amazed at his dedication! I told my son about that story and this summer we went to Yellowstone and he too "buzzed" whenever he could (he plays French Horn). At one campground a couple set up next to us and after one buzzing session, they quickly moved. Guess they weren't as impressed with his dedication! You are a true model of what marriage should be. Fun, caring, and inspiring to others. May this just be another milestone in your wonderful journey together as you enjoy many more years to come. Congrats! Laura (Busdicker) Britton

17: Tara \ This picture of you two, I believe, is so telling of who you are, Grandma with a sweet smile and Grandpa being goofy and making people laugh. You two have always been a shining example to me- and to many I'm sure- of what true love looks like from the small stuff, like always making an extra cup of tea for your spouse, to the big stuff, like being able to be in an RV or car together for hours and hours and still appreciate each other's company. Thank you for all you do to make me and everyone around you feel special. I hope you feel just as special on your 50th anniversary. Congratulations! Love, Tara

18: A Happy Family

20: Ken Snyder, Ed and Bill Geer | Ken Snyder's Grandma and Grandpa Snyder | Photos & well wishes on your 50th from Bill Geer | To my good looking cousin Kenny & his beautiful wife Sue, I have admired your good humor, your talent & all the travel that you two have done. May 50 years of wedded bliss only be the start of what you have left to do in life. You are an inspiration to ALL. I love you both, Carol Parana Happy Anniversary!

21: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, 50 years is a LONG time. I hope I can be married that long. I am always excited when we get to see you. You make good breakfasts for dinner and peanut butter pie, and I love you weak meat. You used to clean my play room when I was little and took me to IHOP a lot. You also always play games and do puzzles with me, you taught me how to play Sudoku, and Grandpa is fun to play basketball with and he is smart, especially since he is a lefty like me. You are the best Grandma and Granpa ever. Happy Anniversary, I love you, Dylan

22: The legacy of family continues...

23: and grows.

24: Ken & Sue Snyder's Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary A few years ago, God blessed me with the best neighbors ever. It wasn't long till Sue, Ken, and I became best friends. When I was sick, Sue took care of me, came to hospitals many times. She checked on me morning, noon and night, and fed me wonderful food. Ken is my go to guy, he does lots of little things for me, he does all my mowing and is there every time I need something done, or just there to advise me when needed. Sue and I are so alike that many times we even wear the same colors. We go to TOPS together, we go to water aerobics together. They volunteer for "Meals on Wheels" and St. Vincent's Thrift Store. Lots of times we just go out to eat together. My family love them, when they come for a visit, they go to see Ken and Sue. They are wonderful giving people and I love both of them. May God bless my next door neighbor KEN & SUE. All my love Barbara Gray

25: Grandma and Grandpa, You are a wonderful example of a loving and equal marriage. I love you both lots and am thankful you are in my life. I remember when I was little I was always excited to see you because Grandma would cook us pancakes and other delicious treats and Grandpa would play basketball and other sports with me. I remember the hours of "Around the World" we would play always trying my hardest to beat him. Congratulations on making it 50 years together. It is inspiring. Love, Josh

28: To my dad, Thank you for showing me how special I am. Thanks for teaching me to not take life too seriously. Thanks for sharing your passion for music and for travel. I am my father's daughter! I love you, Christy

29: To my mom, Thanks for teaching me how to give of yourself, how to love others, and how to be an example by living it instead of nagging. You modeled living intentionally, not losing the important stuff in the tyranny of the immediate need. Thanks for teaching me how to laugh and enjoy life, family, and friends. Thanks for always having time for me, believing in me, and for always looking out for me. | Happy 50th Anniversary! I love you. Christy

30: Travels

32: Ken & Sue, What an incredible milestone you have reached, 50 wonderful years. You have spent these years not only blessing and enriching each other's lives, but the lives of your family, friends, and everyone else who is fortunate enough to have met you over time. I personally feel very lucky to have the most wonderful Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law I could have ever asked for. You always help with whatever we need help with, whether it is watching Dylan while we go out of town, helping with the cooking, or laundry, building houses, or opening restaurants, not to mention running them! The list could go on forever. You are wonderful grandparents to Dylan, and you have been great role models and examples for Dave, Dylan and I, in everything you do. We swish you many more years of happiness together! I love you both dearly! Shelly

33: Mom and Dad, I can't believe that so much of our lives have passed. I wasn't even around for all of the time you have been married. I hope we are as blessed to be able to live to our 50th wedding anniversary and still be able to have fun, live healthy, and look forward to the years to come. My first memories are of a red fire engine in California. Then there was Boulder with the upstairs apartment, the downstairs storage, the kid in kindergarten who called me Mr. Clean, walking down to Dairy Queen for a treat, and that misunderstanding at the Cornucopia. Then came some of my fondest memories in Weatherford. I will always think of Weatherford as my hometown. 820 North Indiana just two short blocks from the city pool where I spent many summers getting bleached hair and tan skin. There were those memories of me riding a skateboard on top of a skateboard (I would not recommend this to those of you reading this), my trip to Canton for Butches 14th birthday (and about 20 stitches), the stop sign that jumped out in front of me and broke my collar bone, the time Lee and I were testing the tensile strength of the glass in the gas meters at the judges house, my artistic spurt (I don't recommend that either and don't ask), Oh and by the way I think Christy had a party at the house when you guys left us alone one summer. I remember the unlimited SWOSU shirts from the bookstore, helping dad direct the band at basketball games, helping with homecoming floats, and the many hours Christy and I spent in the back of numerous station wagons heading somewhere in the 50 states. I remember when Christy and I got our first TV's, the birthday parties with homemade cakes, my waterbed I got for my 14th birthday, you guys setting the field on fire on the 4th of July while I was in the hospital. I remember grilled spam, bananas in orange juice, (bananas at the girl scout party), enchilada casserole, Little Bit, mom's first microwave, rebuilding motorcycles inside, I think you get the picture. There was the summer we spent in Colorado Springs when I worked at Burger King and rear ended a car with my motorcycle. I remember the flea market at the grey hound track parking lot, and the sundaes at an ice cream shop that the name escapes me but I'll be you remember it. I remember 5 cent scoops of ice cream and getting my tongue stuck on a frozen popsicle visiting Lou. I remember mom getting me a milkshake after I got my wisdom teeth out and I poured it down the front of my shirt. I remember all the friends who helped scrub the smoke residue out of everything at our house. I remember you guys taking care of Grandma Hardy when she lived with us. I remember my first car (Dylan is jealous), and I remember ratting you out to the border guard in Mexico when you bought two bottle s of liquor. I also remember parking the "69" Chrysler in your side yard for months, the Dodge pick-up, the Hurst Olds, the Trans Am, and who knows how many other motorcycles and cars cam and went. (Let's not bring up the time I filled the garage with motorcycles or Dave's Custom Cycle). I remember all the friends that came to our house for a graduation party, the volleyball, and the numerous tenants who lives in the apartment and the trailer in the backyard. Then came the days of that incredible mullet, Zaks, and meeting my lovely wife of 24 years. We went our way and you guys hit the road doing what you loved. I remember the numerous visits where ever we were. I remember the countless hours you guys spent painting, cleaning, scrubbing, and helping us get numerous restaurants open and running or moving from one location to another. There are so many memories and as I write this I keep thinking of more and more. We have so many good memories of holidays, vacations, and just being a family together. I don't say it enough but I love both of you with all my heart! I am who I am because of who you are and how you raised me. We aspire to be as happy as you two are for 50+ years. You have set an example that will be hard to beat. We will do our best to live up to the example you have set. Congratulations on 50 years of happy marriage and many more to come! Dave

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