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Kendal's 50th

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S: Kendal's 50th

FC: You've come a long way our friend... a long way! Happy 50th!!

1: Happy 50th Kendal, 50 years of age: The older you are, the wiser you become. The closer to 70, more childish you will be. "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." (Woodrow Wilson) Let us know how it feels--we are right behind you. :O) Wishing you an awesome year ahead and may the Spirit of the Lord take you to new heights! Adam & Debbie Howorko

2: Hi Kendal – Happy 50th As we look back over the last 50 years – I thought that it would be fun to do a little research to see what the big news events were in 1961: President Kennedy was in the White House The disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion took place in Cuba There were 2000 “advisors” in South Vietnam figuring out what to do OPEC was created The Berlin wall was built and the Cold War was started West side story was the big movie My best buddy Kendal Shannon was born When you look at the above - it was clearly a huge year from a historic perspective and the world was dramatically changed as a result of so many of these events. And truthfully – my world was changed as a result of you being born some 50 years ago. Playschool; Football at Shannon stadium after school; band; band tours (with your Mom chaperoning us); golf at Riverside on the bus; a controversial speech topic in tenth grade – “bats” – I still don’t get it; youth group; roller skating; one hufflet for unknown reasons; your first car - 8 track playing Sweet (Ballroom Blitz) at full volume; more golf – my best game ever at Victoria golf course was with you; road trips; running at 11pm at night in the summers as you waited until I got off of work; Expo and the girls from the other countries that swooned over you; your so cool RX7 and you trusting me to drive it on the Coquihalla Hwy without ever being able to shift properly; your speeding ticket on that same darn highway; your stereo and CD player; watching great movies together; soundtrack from Thief; Penticton (drive-in movie and sunstroke); Hawaii and three D headache – but incredible tans; tons of Frisbee at Mayfair; your motorcycle and me dropping your brand new armoralled helmet ( I am so sorry); Club Med – unreal – that topic alone would fill pages; golf days at Wolf Creek and other assorted Alberta locations; incredible trips hiking the backcountry; racquetball; ski trips; hockey, and you giving me your extra equipment to get me started; weddings and best men; first born children; second born children; coffee and more coffee; talks; talks about girls; talks about all your girlfriends; talks about why I didn’t have any girlfriends; insights; guidance; support; complete trust; lots and lots of love and laughter; and of course; a best friend who has always truly been my brother.

3: Hmmm.. we have now been friends for 45 years – which in itself is an absolutely incredible milestone and really should have been in the world facts as well – but sometimes the most important things never get noted. Things like you being a phenomenal husband, a phenomenal dad, an incredible son and brother, and the best friend that anyone could ever imagine. So let me go on record and say what the online record books will never say - I am so thankful for your friendship - we have been through so many incredible things together and I truly wish you all the best for the next 50 years and God’s hand and blessings on you and your family. Miss you a ton and wish that I could have been there to celebrate. We will definitely have to work on getting to your 65th birthday. Hope you ate lots of cake. Happy B-Day Kendal Don, Angela, Matt and Christi

4: Kendal, we wish you another 50 happy years with family, friends, good health, and your commitment to making the world a better place for others. Donna & Doug Gerry

5: Happy 50th Kendal! May you keep growing in the Lord and may He give you wisdom and joy in every way! Keep singing and have lots of fun with your family! Your "cousin" Bee.

6: Happy Birthday Kendal Goodness sakes, are you really fifty? And yet you’re really quite nifty Wrinkles, grey hair, are just part of the old look Along with the Cialis, you just took. Because you are so young at heart We really forget that you’re such an ol’ fart And us youngsters, can still use that line Because we are still younger than 49! Love and friendship, Stephanie and Eric Sjerve

7: Dear Kendal, Happy 50th Birthday! We have sure appreciated getting to know you and your family over the past few years. You are a blessing to so many people. It is great to have you in the neighborhood. You have always been such a kind, generous, and caring friend. Your love for Christ is so evident as you care for those around you. We have seen your love in action with your family, neighbors, friends and the single mothers around you. You are a man of God. We pray for God's wisdom, guidance, peace and health for you. Love, Mike and Nicole Pedde

8: Kendal, Happy Birthday! We hope that God blesses you with a joy and peace filled year. I look forward to our continued friendship. Thanks for all of your prayers, love and support-we offer them back at you, Love, Jaimi, Nolan and Aivan | Happy Birthday, Kendal! You are a half-century old.....Enjoy it! All the best, Randy and Joylynn

9: Dear Kendal, We have reached this milestone together! This poem will help us “Count our Blessings” of the first 50 years and look forward to the next 50! Happy Birthday Kendal! Love, Jeff and Karen Birthday Blessings Instead of counting candles, Or tallying the years, Contemplate your blessings now, As your birthday nears. Consider special people Who love you, and who care, And others who’ve enriched your life Just by being there. Think about the memories Passing years can never mar, Experiences great and small That have made you who you are. Another year is a happy gift, So cut your cake, and say, "Instead of counting birthdays, I count blessings every day!" By Joanna Fuchs

10: Kendal you have always been a great friend to us. Your thoughtfulness and prayers for our family have meant the world to all of us! God bless you as you turn 50. Have a great year full of love, laughter and health. All the best, Wendy, Walt, Steph and Taylor

11: Kendal, Who would have thought that a colleague of Pauls, and friend Don Mclymont would have introduced us to such a wonderful friend like yourself. One never knows who we will meet in all walks of life and in the most unsuspecting places. Thanks to Don we have become friends with a wonderful family that lives only minutes from our home. It has been wonderful getting to know you and your family and we feel blessed to call Shannons our good friends and neighbors. We hope to stay in touch through this busy stage of our lives and may our friendship continue to grow. We wish you a very happy , healthy , and prosperous next 50 years!! May we all become as wonderful , and caring human beings as you are as we all slowly climb into the 50 decade. You are a great example to lead the way. Many happy returns Valtr family

12: Kendal, You have been an example of what a calm presence should look like to our kids. Thanks for being such a godly example in this area Al & Hannah

13: Kendal, I have appreciated the opportunities we have had to chat together. You have a quiet wisdom and strength that shines through your life. I have also been encouraged by the fire in your heart towards the mission that the Barcelona’s are doing in Mexico. May God tend that fire by his supernatural hands and work his purposes through it! Sam Nikkel

14: Kendal, it's been a pleasure getting to know you over the last 9 years. You've got a kind and gentle heart that's a great example of Christ in everyday life. As our kids grow older together, I'm looking forward to the adventures that we'll share. Have a fantastic 50th year! Dwayne

15: Dearest Kendal, Happy 50th birthday dear friend. We hope this birthday wish finds you healthy and happy! Old Friends Wandering back through the rivers of time As special memories flood our mind People and places that once meant so much Now we rarely keep in touch Although we have parted and gone our own ways I sometimes journey back to those familiar days To you my friend, I’ll lift my glass As long as there’s memories, friendships will last! Barbara K. Cox We have some many special memories that we treasure (camping, small group birth of our children and so many more). God has blessed you with so many gifts. Your caring and gentle spirit is most evident in your interactions with all those who you encounter. You have touched the lives of so many youths in your career and live your life which radiates God’s love. We hope as time goes on we will be able to connect again when life demands decrease. We feel blessed to be able to call you friend and hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations with your family and friends. Blessings Cal and Jill

16: Happy 50th Kendal! It's hard to believe we are in this stage of life! We don't like to think of ourselves a middle-aged, but the aches and pains, and the school-aged kids and teen in the house tell us it must be true! 50 is just a number, however. It really is true that you are only as old as you act! You're still a pretty cool, active, relatively fit, hip, happening guy! Anyone who plays hockey and skis is young in our eyes! (We include ourselves in that!) :) We have been blessed to be in a growing friendship with you for the last 20 or more years, Cam probably longer. We have many great memories... 1.church baseball teams... that's where I first got to know Colette before you were even married. I'm so glad you married that girl! :) 2.the West Coast Trail...so many memories! Dead whale smells, getting up early to make powdered milk, ladders, slugs, relaxing on the beach, "What's for supper?" "Porridge!", reflecting around the campfire at night. So much laughter and fun! One of our favorite vacations of all time! 3.the Flow Lake trail... I just remember the beauty, and lots and lots of uphills! It rained one night, so we ended up all in one tent playing full- contact Dutch Blitz by suspended flashlight. I think people had bruises after! 4.camping in Jasper 3 years ago...it was just so natural and comfortable to be together...hiking, biking, cooking meals, hanging around camp, talking, stoking the fire. Remember Nathan's discovery of the TP out in the bush, right when he needed it? Oh we laughed! Another great vacation. 5.beyond trips together, we've shared so many wonderful times of visiting in each other's homes.

17: Your family is very special to us. We feel a close connection there, and value time together. It's a blessing to be in a small group with you now. It's great to see you guys on a regular basis and be a little more in touch with each other's lives. We always appreciate your openness, wisdom, and Godly perspective on whatever we're discussing. We appreciate how you spur us on in our faith and challenge us to follow Christ more deeply. So thanks for being there as our friend for so many years now, Kendal. We really appreciate you and have confidence that we will navigate the next few decades, and the challenges they bring, together. We want to support you and Colette, and know that we will need your support as well. Aging parents, teenagers, failing bodies... eegh! But we can look on the bright side and look forward to seeing what God will do in the lives of our children, who they will become. We will grow in our marriages and be stronger as couples. Lord willing, we'll be able to serve the Lord in new ways, maybe travel together. So much to look forward to! Blessing to you, dear friend. Gaylene, for Cam & I

18: Kendal, Congratulations on reaching fifty! It does not seem that long ago when I used to think that thirty-year-olds were pretty ancient, but now even fifty does not seem to be that old (After all, it is only half way to 100!) Time is a strange element in our lives. Some days it seems like a long time ago since we were kids and at other times just like the blink of an eye since we first tried our talents as finger painters back in play school. Who could have imagined back then that we would know the blessing of sharing in so many experiences, and in remaining friends for all of these years. Yes, God has been good in giving to us the gift of a shared friendship. I do deeply appreciate the impact that you have had in my life. While we don’t see each other as often during this season of our lives, I am thankful for the times we are still able to connect. In between such times there is the joy of praying for one another as we age and as our families grow and change in amazing ways. May you know God’s continued blessing in all of the years he has yet in store for you. Grace & Peace, Brian (Kirsch)

19: Kendal, you make fifty look really young!! God bless you on this milestone in your life. Jeannie and I truly appreciate the person you are. We can see that you are serious about your faith and serious about your family. Along with that, you exude a quiet consistency of character that I know is a real example and encouragement to ourselves and to others. We have also seen a caring compassion that is aware of the needs around you and responsive as God has given you time and resources. This became very apparent on our last Mexico trip and I'm sure it will be a great asset to the team once again. So, happy birthday and God bless you on the years ahead. Lyle and Jeannie

20: Kendal, Congratulations on celebrating 50 years! Thank you for being such a great friend and neighbour; yourself and your family to ours. We are privileged to share in your celebration and your life. Warm wishes, Dave, Barb, Brannon & Leah Guenette

21: My dear brother Kendal In the last number of years you have increasingly proven to be a friend that is filled with integrity, compassion and dedication. I know that I would be able to have a long line of people that would echo that statement. I have also seen you as playful...there are those times when you just get on a roll and your wit is hilarious. Your fortitude with your boys is remarkable. I can always tell when they are pushing you, as you become even more calm and patient. You are very blessed to have Colette as your soul mate. Your affection and care for her is very evident. I believe you are modeling for the boys how to compassionately care for your spouse. This past summer has been extremely stretching for our family. In the spring we were in a pretty tough situation. The manner in which you were part of the spearheading of an incredible campaign was both courageous and encouraging. Kendal, I believe that you are the man that you are because God has chosen you to love those around you. I believe that long before you realized it, you were selected to influence others in a way that their lives would be enhanced and would be drawn to know our Lord. My brother, you have a special calling in your life. I encourage you to continue to allow God to stretch you, so many of us benefit from your submission to the Lord. My brother, I hope we have many years together ahead of us so that we will opportunity to share many laughs, experience various adventures, carry one another through dark valleys, and celebrate great victories. Kendal, my life is better because you are in it. With brotherly love Dan Schroth and family

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