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Kennedy Duke- You are now one

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Kennedy Duke- You are now one - Page Text Content

S: Kennedy S Duke 4-06 to 4-08

BC: see ya later

FC: Kennedy Swenson Duke | 1-3 years old | our

1: You were always the most smiley baby. We sometimes like to call you Mr.Smiley. You are such a good baby. Happy through everything, even surgeries. You are very patient and willing to do what you are asked to do, at least what you understand. I love this picture. It was taken in the town house that we lived in when we first moved to Craig, CO. It was a perfect day, the sun was shining and you were playing in the living room with Logan and I, just as happy as could be!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and a part of our family. Love ya so much Your Mother. xoxo | May 4th,2006

2: On the day before your birthday you started crawling. We used this essential oil to help with your balance called Milenia, we put it in your ears, it was amazing how fast and effective it was. With in two weeks of using it you were crawling, we were very excited for you!! Even then Logan still wanted to carry you everywhere. | yOUR tWO faVoriTe thiNgs tO do... Getting in the tub and playing with Logan.. doing anything that he is doing. | Cute as can be...checking out spring in the buff

3: oKay you are super into your tongue. It is like your thinking tool. Always out when you are busy and working through something. SO CUTE. | Checkin' out daddy's bike | scrub-a-dub-dub one little boy in the tub | June 18th 2006

4: You are about 15 months and so very cute. At the end of this month we went to go see Dr Yamashiro, your orthodontist and he said that you looked so great, that was exciting to hear, but what was even more exciting was that we went and had your hearing tested and they said that your hearing was perfect and that was so good to hear. That test was the first test that you have passed since you were born. It was really good news! I love you so much, more every day! Love your Mother. | 1st Canada Trip 2006 | July 2006

5: June '06 | July 2006 We went to my sister Lisa’s (auntie Katie's) wedding in Canada this month. We left about the 28th of June and returned home to Craig CO around the 7 or 8th of July. We missed the fourth ofJuly this year, but we had a great time. We got to go to Francois Lake for about 4 hours one day and you played in the water the whole time. You had the greatest time putting rocks into a plastic water bottle and sitting in the barely warm water. Aunt Lisa’s wedding was very fun. It was a medieval themed wedding and everyone was in different costumes. You and Logan were dressed up with peasant shirts on and tights, it was so great. This was your first trip to Canada and you were so great, barely cried at all and it was a long ride, we drove about 10-12 hours a day and they we were all sick of traveling when we got home. Your daddy sure missed us and he was so happy to see us when we got home. | Oh Canada~2006

6: I am so excited that you are trying to walk .You are now 16 months old and going to town. Aug. 2006 | I'm walking, yes indeed I'm walking | one foot in front of the other | we just moved into our new place out of town by aunt Sharon. We are loving it and well you are loving all the space. You have been using your little truck to walk everywhere. it is so cute!!

7: Or working on it, in more then one way. | Your entertainment as we move into our new place. | this funny little thing you do, is something you do all the time. It is a great pass time and it just makes me laugh. What kills me is that you are wearing shoes already and you still need to put some on your hands. Logan's no doubt. Maybe thats what he can never find his shoes. | Aug. 20th 2006

8: Today you walked. We got to go to Canada again, second time this summer. We came to help my mom build a better porch onto her house and well you decided to walk on it, it was very exciting and fun to see you walking. What a great day it was. | In Canada Again | 2nd time | Sept. 4th, 2006

9: Fun at Grandma's House | We had the greatest time at Grandmas House. You were such a good baby on the trip up there and while we were there. Your older brother Logan had the best time checking out all the places that I used to play as a kid and you had a great time learning to walk and enjoying the sunshine. It was such a wonderful trip. | 9-8-2006

10: Salt & Pepper | Shake, shake | summer 2006

11: You love corn. You could eat it everyday. It is so great to watch you chow down on it. It makes you super happy and is so good for you. Love ya so much Mom | Just going to town on that corn. | At this point I think it was nap time and I took away the salt and pepper. Oh, you look so sad.

13: Well today is HALLOWEEN. I dressed you up in a cute Batman costume and you didn't even last long enough for us to get out of the driveway, you fell asleep right away. I did carry you to a few homes so that people could see how cute you were and also so that you would have some candy for later. You were so cute, you never took off your Batman hat. You thought that it was awesome. It was a fun night. Happy Halloween Kennedy LOVE MOM | :) | Halloween 2006

14: Merry Christmas 2006 | November & December 2006 Well Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year. We have had wonderful holidays this year. It started at our home in Colorado were we had our first Thanksgiving at our house. Aunt Kim, and Grandma and Grandpa Duke came. It was mostly exciting for me (mom) because it was my first time to host Thanksgiving. You loved having them at our house. It always takes you a few minutes to warm up to grandma & grandpa, but eventually you do and then you are your same cute self. I guess that I may have been to busy because I don't remember taking any pictures of this event, but I do remember that it was so fun and beautiful. Around this time your cousin Emmy and her husband David had their first baby Audia and you thought that she was so beautiful. You were lucky enough to get to hold her at about a week old. You did not want to let her go, you actually got mad when her mom picked her up because she was also sad. It was really cute.

15: Christmas is Wonderful

16: We decided to take pictures of your brothers. It started out fun, you kind of liked the attention, until I asked you to stay and take a few more and then it turned from fun to really not so fun. Actually you were really really sad.

17: The sadness continued until I let you get down from the chair and then you were happy again. Despite all the sadness, the pictures turned out so cute and I am happy that we took the time to take them. You are almost 2 years old here. You are so cute, so funny, so fun to play with and we just love you to bits. | Spring 2007 | 3-28-2007

18: A Outing with Dad & Mom | This was such a great day. It was early in the spring. Little bit cold outside and it was so nice. I just love these pictures. You are such a cutie. | We So Love SpringTime...

19: Loudy Simpson Park 4-1-2007

20: Random Fun.. before your birthday. | Easter Fun . . . There are so many great things about spring time. Your birthday, Easter, melting snow, sunshine, warm weather, spring general conference, water running down the street, spring rain storms, leaves budding on the trees, crazy wind, new grass growing, day light savings time, daffodil's and tulips. I love spring, I love spring. Spring fever is so great. It is so exciting to get outside and enjoy the weather and to start gardening.

21: Happy Easter, fun at home, cousins and at church.

22: Happy 2nd Birthday Kennedy 2007

24: San Diego Here We Come.

25: 2007 | We had the greatest trip to San Diego. We surprised Dad with a letter and a suit case full of stuff to play at the beach with, Dad wasn't sure what we were doing at first and then he said, "are we going on a cruise?" I told him no, and then we told him we were going to go to San Diego California. He was excited and we left a couple of days later. We went with our good friends Brad & Sara Gill and their families. We loved it. We got to go to Lego Land, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World. We spent time a the beach which was right near the house that we rented. It was so beautiful and so so so fun. We missed our flight heading out, so we had to spend some time at the airport. You had a good time and were patient at the airport. You decided to spend some time on the automatic walkway going back and forth with dad. It was so cute. I would say that your favorite thing that we did while we were in San Diego was play at the beach. You loved it the whole time we were there. You built a great sandcastle, you would run over to the waves and then run away from them again. You didn't really like the water, you liked it if it was about an inch deep. We have never had a better vacation, I am so happy we were able to go. Love ya so much Mom | 6-3-2007

26: Summer 2007 | Summer time is the best time of year. You just love to be outside, you love every minute of it. This little rocking horse came from a friend in Craig and you have loved it ever since. You love to ride it really fast back and forth and it is so cute. Everything about you is cute. I know I say it a lot, but I love you so much! Love you, Love you, Love you Mom | This is your excited look. You always rub your hands together and shrug your shoulders just like this picture shows when you are happy or excited about anything. I LOVE THIS ABOUT YOU. You are so happy all the time, and the way you are happy is truly sincere. It is the most pure and joyful happiness I have ever been able to witness. You are such a special, amazing and incredible boy. I love you so much. Mom | This ball under your foot was one of your favorite toys from your birthday. It just delighted you to watch it pop back up after you would smash it with your foot. You would do it over and over again and just be so excited to watch what was going to happen next.

28: We had a really fun day today, you got to go trick or treating at the churches Trunk'r'treat party. It was so fun! | You were a pumpkin, Logan was a Mummy and I was a witch. Daddy was able to meet us there just as things were getting started, which made us all so happy.

29: Your favorite parts of the night were, of course.... getting candy and playing on the hill beside the church. It was such a joyful day. | The cutest little Pumpkin in town

30: We went to Uncle Max's Funeral in Idaho and while we were waiting for the funeral to start we went to a park and stretched our legs and let you cute kids play. It was such a fun place to play. You were really cute and it was so great to watch you be brave on the slide and in the rest of the park.

31: We had a great time. Aunt Sharon, Uncle Will and their kids came with us. It was really nice to see family. We got to see Uncle Max's wife Reva, it was wonderful to see her and talk to her for a bit.

32: Christmas is Wonderful December 25th 2007 We had such a great Christmas, Grandma & Grandpa Duke came from Utah to be with us. You have always been so funny, you are never interested in the presents, we always have to help you open them. You do like them after you get them opened but it is not that exciting to open them. We spent last night up at Aunt Sharon’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and it was wonderful, you had so much fun playing with the cousins. Then we made yummy German Pancakes for breakfast and Grandma & Grandpa Duke came over to watch you and Logan open some presents and eat our yummy breakfast. It really was a special treat to have Grandma & Grandpa here for Christmas, they loved every minute of being here with you. Merry Christmas Kennedy. PS Santa brought you a Diego tricycle for Christmas

33: This is our family picture, that we had taken for the newspaper. We were in the newspaper because they did an article on our family about you,Kennedy and the struggles you have gone through and the help you are receiving through the county Horizon's program for speech. The information they put in the article was not completely true, but pretty close. It was fun and interesting to have our picture on the front page newspaper here in town. Love ya son. MOM | Our Family Christmas Morning, It was such a great holiday.

34: Winter Fun | sliding at the school | with Drake & Izzy | was so much fun! | It was the first time you eve when sledding and you did not want to stop. I bet we were there for about 2 hours, I was cold by the time we left, but I think you would have stayed longer if I had let you.

35: Peanut Butter Fingers | It was so funny when this happened. I was folding laundry in my room and when I turned around, there you were, in the basket eating peanut butter. I just laughed, I was so surprised that by what you were doing. I knew you loved peanut butter, I just had no idea how much. Love ya son! MOm

36: Journal Entries Jan '08 | January through February 2008 Where to start, Happy New Year, lets have surgery. We started this new year out with a bang. It was not planned that way at all but that is what happened. We went to your panel appointment in Salt Lake City on the 7th of January. It went wonderful, you were excited to see all the Dr.’s you would run from room to room and say hi and thank you and bye until we got to one Dr. It was like you had a six sense about her. It was the speech Therapist, you would not talk to her at all, not even hello. You walked in and made this fuss, you would not even sit on my lap, you laid on the floor under our chairs until we were done and then you stood up and said with a smile on your face “bye” to the Dr., it was funny. You had been so excited so see all the other Dr.s but you must have had her number, because you were determined not to answer her dumb questions. When we went in to see Dr. Warnock, I felt like I needed to mention to him the problem we were having with your thumbs. Trigger fingers they were called and he said that you should have surgery and that we probably should not wait until you need to have other work done. So we said okay, and by the end of the appointment, we had a date set for Surgery. THAT FIRDAY! We looked at the Dr and said um okay?, and that was Monday. We went home on Tuesday, all of us got the flu on Wednesday and Thursday we were fine enough that we could go back to Utah and you could have surgery. Dad couldn't come with us and that was a bit stressful, but we managed. So that was Friday, the 11th of January. You were so great, right after surgery, when we were leaving, you wanted to walk out of that hospital, you would not let me carry you. Which is what you did when we got your medicine at Walmart, you would not ride in the cart or let me hold you and you were so hungry that everything you saw looked good and you started putting all this stuff in my cart for us to buy. Then when we got back to Grandma's house all you would eat was Honey Nut Cheerios and Ice Cream. Good diet eh. You were great and I was stressed. We went home on Sunday and by then I was starting to wonder when your thumbs were going to release. The Dr told us that it would be right away, and it had not been, so I tried to be patient and see what was going to happen, but it was hard, the Dr would not call me back.. So we went home. About 5 days after surgery, you right thumb started straightening out, but you left was still so swollen and stiff, and that worried me. When I finally heard from the Dr, he said to keep watching it but that it sounded like we would have to come in and see him again and possibly have the surgery redone on the left side. I was so upset, I did not want to put you through that again, once a year is enough, but twice in one month seemed crazy. But to no avail we had to go back, and this time Daddy came with us yeah. This time it worked, your left thumb works beautifully. :)

37: March 3rd 2008 Sick, sick, sick. All of us are sick right now. You always seem to have the worst of it. Your body just cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to health. We have this really cute game we play. I have been saying it to you for a while now, at least a year and now that you are talking so much more, you said it to me. I went in to check on you Saturday night, march 1st to see how you were doing. You had a fever earlier and I wanted to make sure you were still okay. You had not really gone to sleep, you were still awake around 2:30 am. I am sure you were uncomfortable. I started rubbing your back, head and legs to try and bring the fever out through your feet. As I was doing it you said to me, “Guess what?“, and I said “what?”, than you said it again, “guess what?”, and I said “what?”. Then again you said, “guess what?”, I said “what?”, and you said “I love you too!” that's our game. We say it back and forth all the time. I love it you, get so excited, you have so much expression when I play that game with you, but that is one of the first times I remember you starting it. I love you so much Kennedy, and you saying that to me helped me to realize that, you know that I love you. Love your Mother

38: 3 years old | 2008

39: here is your baby brother...

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