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Kenny Chang

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BC: Thank you for your time.

FC: The Revenge By Kenny Chang

1: I dedicate this book to my friends.

2: It was a dark and stormy night. Lighting struck showing the Robinson's House. We see Jason one of the richest kids in Miami,seeing his parents leave for another business meeting. He is 13yr old.5'6" and is pretty skinny. Jason waves good bye when his parents car leaves.

3: Jason walking back inside the house to start making his dinner. As he almost finishes the power went out. Pitch black he can't see anything. Boom!! Lighting cracked the sky showing some light in the house. "It's just the weather" Jason thinks. He goes to through the house using the lighting as a guide.

4: Jason finally finding the flashlight and turns it on. The next thing he hears creaks and tapping in the house. Jason shakes it off " It's probably the wood in the house and the rain tapping on the windows" He goes up stairs and gets a book from the library and sits down and reads.

5: As Jason grows tired of reading he puts the book back. When he turns around in a dark corner he sees yellow beating eyes. He turns around and check if the eyes are there, but they were gone. In his mind again he thinks he is just hallucinating. He checks again to see the yellow eyes are gone. Nothing just pitch blackness.

7: Jason goes to the kitchen and gets a box of cookies from the closet. As he backs out, his back hits a mysterious figure. He turns around and sees yellow eyes. Jason tries to run, but the figure caught him and threw him to the ground. The man takes the flashlight that Jason drops and shines it on him. Jason open his eyes and sees a half burnt face and those eyes. The mysterious figure introduces himself as Eric. Eric was a 6'4" man and very skinny. Eric tells Jason he came back for revenge on his parents. He was a young man in his late 20s when he worked at the Robinson hotel. He was a repair man, one day Jason's parents told Eric to fix the oven in the kitchen. Eric goes into the oven and fixes it but forgot to turn it off. Fire raised into the oven and singed his face. He was rushed to the hospitals but the doctors couldn't do any thing except to cool it down. Jason's parents had to let him go. Eric who lost his job swore revenge on the Robinsons.

8: As Eric finished his story, Jason was already gone. Jason was in panic and saw a cop car about to past his house. He opens the door and runs off into the storm. Jason stops in front of the car. The cops shouted "Why did you stop us." Jason tells them there is a killer in the house. He convinces them to go in.

9: The cops go into the house and all Jason hears are gunshot and screams. Jason waits for a few minutes and goes in. He doesn't see dead bodies or blood. As he walks further in he sees blood in the kitchen and the dead bodies. He also hears drips, he looks above and sees hanging heads. Jason now horrified runs off to find the killer.

10: He gets a gun from the dead bodies and searches around the house for him. He searches all around the house but nothing.

11: Jason gives up trying to find him and comes to the conclusion that he left. All of a sudden Jason hears creaks and clangs that sounds like metal. Jason panics knowing the killer is still here.

12: Next thing he hears is laughter and a voice taunting him. "You think you can stop me boy with the cops!" I will find you and end your life". Jason follows the voice.

13: He silently walks into the kitchen, nothing. He hears the voice getting louder. | He goes upstairs, he's getting closer the voice is getting louder each step. He searches his room, nothing. | He searches through the bathroom and his parents room still nothing, the last room is the library. | Lastly, Jason goes into library. Eric was waiting for him sitting on a chair.

14: "Thats enough I had it with you!" Jason exploded out. "Finally you showed up." said Eric. Eric gets up and calmly walks to Jason. Jason panics and starts shooting the gun. Every fire he shots it misses. "You have terrible aim" Eric making fun of him.

15: Eric swings his machete, chopping off Jason's left hand. Jason screams from the pain. He doesn't know what to do its all over for him. Suddenly, he remembers a secret slide in the library. He walks around to find a yellow book. Eric follows him to finish off.

16: Jason finds the book and stops. Eric stops and swings his machete. Whoosh! Jason falls down to the secret slide, the trapdoor closes. Eric couldn't follow and curses. Eric goes downstairs to get him.

17: Jason goes down the slide. In a second he is back at the front door. A bright light blinds him and his parents are back. His parents back from the meeting, suddenly panic and see Jason's left hand is cut off. Jason tells them a killer is in the house and wants revenge.

18: The parents didn't know what to do, except to face the killer. First, they stopped the bleeding on Jason left arm with a piece of fabric from his dad's jacket. Jason warned them to not go. They wouldn't take no for an answer.

19: Jason followed with them. They stayed close and kept watch of each other. They feel like someone is following them. Watching each and every move they make.

20: They walked around the house, being careful to not get lost. Jason's dad asked, " Is everybody still here." Jason replies back " I'm here." Jason's mom never replied back. They start to wonder what happened to her. They hear a scream upstairs and then silence.

21: They rush upstairs, but everything looked normal. They went to the bathroom and saw a dead body on the floor with bloody hand prints on the wall. "Oh, my goodness, who would do such a thing." Dad whimpered. Jason was standing there about to cry that his mom was gone. They had to move on.

22: They move to the library were Jason's hand got chopped. Nothing there, but then dad disappeared. Jason looking around trying to find him. He couldn't find him. He goes to his room and sees the body with blood on the wall showing, " Your next."

23: Jason weeps on the floor crying over the dead body. He didn't know what to do. He gets up and leaves. He finally realizes he can't do anything and submits defeat.

24: He goes to the kitchen and waits for the killer to kill him if he is still here. A figure starts walking in front of him. It was Eric, "You finally came to your senses." announced Eric. "Yes, I did" responded Jason. Then the machete swung and blackness came.

25: Jason woke up on his bed. "Whew, it was only a dream, but it felt so real." Jason went back to bed. The corner of Jason's bed were yellow eyes staring at him and a sinister grin.

26: The End

27: The morale of the story is to not take revenge on people.

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