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Kids Books (Popo and Gung Gung)

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S: Kittens and Cats by Mia Birk & Gigantic Waves by Levi Birk

BC: by Levi Birk | Chris Surfing Gigantic Waves

FC: Kittens and Cats by Mia Birk

1: Dedicated to Popo and Gung Gung

2: Cats are nice, cats are sweet. Kittens are furry, they are a treat. Kittens lay down in the field of flowers. They hide indoors during April showers. | Kittens and Cats

3: Chapter 1 Once there was a white and gold house with a silver gate in London. The house was in the city where there were nice people and many happy pets. And in that house there lived a woman named Ana, two cats named Angela and Michael, and their four kittens named Maria, Sammy, Max and Sydney. The family of cats had their own room, which was right next to Ana’s bedroom. The cats’ room had two soft, warm, big, white and purple beds and three little windows. Every day, the cats would wake up, drink their milk, the kittens would play together, and Angela and Michael would hunt for mice. Then, before lunch, they would snuggle together, and then after lunch they would watch the birds outside the window.

4: Chapter 2 | One night, the cats were all sleeping together and they heard a sound at the window. They all woke up and found a robber in front of the window! The robber was big and scary and he had a mask on his face. Angela covered the kittens with her blanket to hide them from the robber. Then Angela and Michael ran over to the window and jumped onto his legs. They used their sharp claws to grab hold of his pants and pull them down to the floor. The robber, who was half naked in his underwear, got so scared that he ran into the bathroom. Then Angela and Michael jumped on him and pushed his head into the toilet.

5: After that, Ana woke up and called the police. The police raced down the streets to their house. They ran to the doorway and arrested the robber, whose head was all smelly and wet. Then the cats all went to bed and dreamed sweet dreams.

6: The next morning, after breakfast, all of the cats went hunting for mice. Then when saw some mice, they tried chasing after them, but the mice were way too fast to catch and they scampered into their home, which was a hole in the wall. But one of them, named Theodore, stayed behind. Now the cats knew how to speak mouse and they heard Theodore say, “squeak squeak please don’t squeak eat me, I want to be squeak your squeak friend.” So the cats didn’t eat Theodore, and they agreed to be his friend. Theodore and the cats all played together. | Chapter 3

7: All of a sudden, Max broke the lamp in their room! They were scared that they might get in trouble. Ana heard the sound, and she was coming down the hall. The cats told Theodore, “Go back to your home!” Ana came into the room and found the broken lamp. Ana realized that the kittens had been playing and broke the lamp, so she told them to sit in their bed for one minute. Ana pretended to leave, but she hid behind the door, peeping into the room. Then the kittens began to play. “Ha! You’re busted!” said Ana with a smile on her face.

8: Chapter 4 When Ana had left the room, the kittens said, “Meow Meow, hey Theodore, come meow back out and meow play with meow us.” But Theodore didn’t come out. So they tried again, “Meow Meow, Theodore, we meow really meow meow want to meow play with you!” But Theodore still didn’t come out. Then Maria realized that they might be scaring Theodore because they were speaking in Cat language. So they tried a third time, but this time in Mouse. “Squeak hey Theodore, squeak come back out and squeak play with squeak us!” This time, Theodore did come out, and he played together with the kittens. Theodore asked them a question: “I want to bring out my family, will you promise not to eat them?” Max replied, “sure, as long as we’re not hungry.” But then Theodore said, “Come on Please! I really don’t want them to get eaten. Squeak!” So the kittens agreed with Theodore, and they promised to never eat them.

9: Theodore went back and got his family, and brought them out. All the kittens and mice met each other, and they had a good time. It was time for the mice to leave now, and just in time because Ana walked into the room and she said, “Oh you kittens must be sooooo hungry.” Ana fixed some food for them and they ate it all up. They snuggled together, and took a nap, very content that they had made new friends, but not one bit as happy as the mice! THE END

10: Mia Winand Birk 2011

11: About the Author: Mia is 9 years old and lives in Honolulu, HI. She likes to dance, sing and act. She also enjoys talking with her best friends, watching movies, swimming, doing makeovers. Her favorite food is Spaghetti ! Mia has an excellent sense of fashion and wants to be a fashion designer and actress. Her favorite CD is Justin Bieber and her favorite books include American Girl, Junie B. Jones, and Fudge books.

12: About the Author Levi is 7 years old. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up and build giant bridges, skyscrapers, hotels and roller coasters. His favorite books are Ricky Ricotta and Captain Underpants. His favorite food is sushi! When he is not fighting evil ninjas with his sword, Levi likes to watch movies, swim, draw, play games with his dad, play with his sister, skateboard, play basketball, tennis, and baseball and rock out on his drum set.

13: Levi Winand Birk 2011

14: Chapter 6 Finally, they made it home! And when they made it home, they opened the door, they smelled something good. Max’s mom was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And then after they ate lunch, Chris was already gone – he had fallen asleep. Then Max snuggled into his bed too. | THE END!

15: And when they were on the safari, when they got out of the truck, Chris and Max snuck out of the group, because they wanted to go home. But then they got lost. They had nowhere else to go! But then Max remembered that they passed a little opening on the right. So they went through a bunch of trees and broken branches. Right when they went out of the trail, they found a bus stop and they took the bus to get home. But the bus passed their house! So they got off at the next bus stop and took a walk to their house. On the sidewalk, they drew a map so they knew where to go.

16: Chapter 5 One lifeguard truck came, with three more behind it. They saw a sea monster’s head coming into shore. The lifeguard said, “hold on tight, we’re going to high speed!” He drove them to another, even bigger truck. It was time to go on a safari. That was Max and Chris’s first time ever on a safari. They didn’t know what it was like. The lifeguard said, “we are going to go into a forest with lots of wild animals.” Max and Chris said, “WILD ANIMALS?!” The safari truck was 15 meters long and 12 feet wide. It had 100 benches, and there were six hundred people. Each bench was 5 feet long and 1 foot wide. The truck was black and red with fire flames.

17: They got out the life rafts, but the pilot said, “oh no! One popped!” Chris went up to the front and told the pilot that he had a surfboard. So the pilot made another announcement: “Good news everybody! Chris has a surfboard!” And everybody cheered. Chris led the way out the exit, opened the door, went on the wing, and everyone jumped on the board. They waited and waited and waited and waited. An hour later a huge wave came and swooshed them on to shore. But Max realized that the other lifeboats didn’t come in, so he told his daddy. Then Chris jumped into the water with his board and took the people into shore, one boat at a time. | Just before the last person got onto the board, a 50-foot wave came! All the water went into the last lifeboat. Chris said, “COME ON! YOUR BOAT IS GOING TO SINK!” So the last person jumped onto his board and wave took them into shore. They were riding the wave when the wave was about to curl over them, so Chris turned the board and went into the tube. Everybody was cheering! They made it out of the tube, but still it curled over them again. And he did the same thing over and over until they got to shore.

18: Chapter 4 It was such a long ride back to Africa: 5,000 miles away. Everyone fell asleep on the plane, but Chris didn’t. He was challenging Max to the last round of Cave Crunch, which was their favorite video game. Chris was really good at it. He played it for a year. And Max never ever played it before, but Max won! That is because Chris fell asleep and didn’t realize that Max was still playing. | All of a sudden, Chris heard a gigantic splash! SHPPPSHHHH! Chris woke up and opened up his window. Just as soon as he opened the window, he saw drops on his window. The pilot said “Oh no! We landed in the water! But there’s good news: we are close to shore.” The plane began to sink.

19: Chapter 3 So Chris found a really long wall, and he went behind it. He opened his suitcase, and he snuck the board into his suitcase. And the guard thought he put it back in his car, so the guard let him on the plane. Chris walked on to the plane and said, “WOW! There’s TV’s on all the seats. I want to sit in the first row.” And he got a seat right there. There was a big TV on the wall in front of his seat, and what was more exciting was that his tray didn’t come down it came across!

20: Chris flew to Hawaii to get a surfboard. There were 20 surf shops, and he went to the coolest one called “Surf Monsters in the Sea.” He looked at all the different boards and found one of the coolest ones in the whole entire surf shop. It was on the very end of the row. It had a sea monster painted on it. The monster was attacking a surfer. Chris was so happy that he got a new board. | The next day, he went to the airport, and the guard told him, “NO SURFBOARDS ALLOWED ON THE PLANE!” Now he was really mad.

21: Chapter 2 One day, there was a problem. When Chris was out surfing, a sea monster bit his surfboard in half! And he forgot how to make a new one. 100 miles away, there was a surf shop – a tiny little shack. But they had sold out of all their surfboards, and this was the only surf shop in all of Africa.

22: Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there was a guy who liked to surf. His name was Chris. One day, he made his own surfboard. This was his first time surfing in Florida. He liked to surf in big waves. And he liked to ride in the tube too! His family also liked to surf, especially his son. His son’s name was Max. He had a boogie board, and he was very good at boogie boarding. Max and his family lived in Africa.

23: Dedicated to Popo and Gung Gung

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