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Kira's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Time Traveler's Wife and Monomyth By Kira Garcia

2: The Call

3: "Henry! I can barely refrain from throwing my arms around him. Its is obvious that he has never seen me before in his life" (Niffenegger 4). When Clare is 20 and Henry is 28, Clare finds Henry in the Chicago library where Henry has not met Clare yet. Clare knows everything about Henry including that he is a time traveler. At dinner that night Clare tells Henry most of the information about the times they would hang out in the meadow of her parent's house when she was a little girl. Henry is overwhelmed by all of this but inside it makes since. I picked this as the call because this is one of the biggest scene of the whole book, this sets the scene and the hero knows that he has found the one.

4: Refusal of the Call | I honestly think that there is no refusal of the call. It is not like Henry signed up to do this. He had no choice, it was a genetic disorder. He could not control when he would go, where he would go, what he could bring, and how long he was going to stay in that place; "He vanishes unwillingly, without warning" (Niffenegger VII).

5: Supernatural Aid | I believe that the supernatural aid is Dr. Kendrick, Dr. Kendrick is a geneticist. Henry has a disorder called Chrono-Impairment. At first Dr. Kendrick thought Henry was a joke and he was making this all up, in order for Dr. Kendrick to believe Henry, he told him about how his unborn child was going to be: "Colin Joseph Kendrick April 6,1996 1:18 a.m. 6 pounds 8 ounces caucasian male down syndrome" (Niffenegger 313). After that Kendrick believes Henry and runs tests on him and his condition. Dr. Kendrick is Henry's Mentor.

6: The crossing of the threshold would be on Clare's eighteenth birthday when Clare and Henry first make love together. "Clare is quite pink but manages to look otherwise dignified as she says, We decided to make love" (Niffengegger 421). Clare has begged Henry for this for the while, this is a big deal for both of them. This will be the last time Clare will see Henry for two years when they meet in the library. I picked this as crossing the threshold because after this there was no turning back, at this moment he chose to be with Clare forever.

7: Crossing the Threshold

8: The Belly of the Whale | The Belly of the whale is when Henry time travels. "Sometimes you feel as though you have stood up too quickly even if you are lying in bed half asleep" (NiffengeggerVIII). When Henry time travels he is trapped in time, he is alone and naked. He cannot take any of his possesions with him. Sometimes Henry has no clue was the day, year, even where he is, or how long you are trapped there. "Sometimes it feels as though your attention has wandered for just an istant" (Niffengegger VIII).

10: The road of trials I think is when Henry gets hypothermia and gets his feet amputated. "Henry is on the floor shivering, white and cold-Help me, he says though the chattering teeth and I run for the phone (Niffenegger 472). "Henry's feet are not there now. The frostbite ruined them. Both feet were amputated above the ankles this morning" (Niffenegger 475). This is going to be a challenge for Henry because obviously he cannot walk, he has to run to get clothes, also run from the police.

11: The Road of Trials

12: Meeting with the Goddess

13: When Clare is six and Henry is thirty six Henry travels to the meadow to where they first offically meet; " The whole truth and nothing but the truth. I came from the future. I am a time traveler. In the future we are friends" (Niffenegger 37). Clare does not believe that Henry is a time traveler at first, they start talking Clare is starting to believe that he is. Henry asks Clare to leave clothes for him and gives the exact date when he is coming back to visit her. Henry tells her that he is a secret and cannot tell anyone about how he time travels.

14: Temptation away from the True Path

15: The temptation away from the true path is when Clare and Henry get married; "I, Henry, take you, Clare to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health" (Niffenegger 275). Clare knew that they would get married ever since she was young. Henry was her perfect guy, he was the man that she fell in love with. Henry puts Clare first instead of himself.

16: Atonement with the Father | The atonement with the father would be when Henry visits himself as a little boy; "Okay. Here's how it is: you time traveled. You were in your bedroom, and all of a sudden, poof! you are here" (Niffenegger 30). At this point in time Henry is only five, he does not really get the concept of time traveling, the future Henry tries to explain it the best that he can. Therefore Henry is Henry's fatherly figure that helps the hero out. "So we have come to one of the great art museums of the world for a little lesson in pickpocketing" (Niffenegger 48). Henry teaches "himself" lessons that he will need in the future.

17: Apotheosis | " Please, Clare. Stop waiting and be free" (Niffenegger 519). When Henry knew that he was going to die he wanted Clare to be free and not wait for him "I hate to think of you waiting. I know that you have been waiting for me all your life, aways uncertain of how long this patch of waiting would be" (Niffenegger 519). During the end of the book Henry realized his family is more important than himself "and Alba, who is so amazing, and for me: for me you have been everything" (Niffenegger 520).

18: Refusal of the Return | The refusal of the return I said would be when Henry goes and visits Alba but doesn't go see Clare. Clare is really hurt by this, she doesn't understand why Henry does not want to see her. "Why not me, Henry? I ask him silently as I pull into Charisse and Gomez's toy-littered driveway. Why only Alba?" (Niffenegger 527). Henry is dead and when she looks at Alba, she sees Henry. Clare is hurting inside and needs her best friend to talk to but that was Henry.

19: Master of Two Worlds | In the letter Henry wrote for Clare it tells her that she will see him again when she gets older, when Clare is eighty two. At first Henry did not know who the old lady in the rocker was until she turned around and saw her reaction and realizes that is is Clare; "I am suddenly amazed; this is Clare, Clare old! and she is coming to me, so slowly, and I take her into my arms" (Niffenegger 535). This is the last time Clare and Henry see each other. Clare is over joyed she has been waiting for this day for years.

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