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Korea 2009-10

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Korea 2009-10 - Page Text Content

S: Fall 2009 - Summer 2010

FC: Fall 2009 - Summer 2010 Beginnings in Seoul Christmas in Hawaii Coby's birth Spring Break in Thailand Summer in the States

1: Arriving on July 23, 2009, we were greeted by administrators from YISS then taken to the Capital Hotel for our first night. The next day, we moved into our new home in Bokwangdong: 207-01, on the second floor.

2: Our villa in Bokwangdong

3: Yongsan International School of Seoul

4: Our first few weeks were filled with shopping and trying new flavors. | Mika was a good sport through it all, even when Mark insisted that his gym bag could double as a baby carrier.

5: Mika made friends the fastest!

6: Our ICS students visited us... | Yup and Esther met us in Itaewon for Mexican food. | MinJee came to our house to eat sloppy joes, watch old ICS videos, and help get Mika ready for bed.

7: Yumi met us in Sinchon and took us to a museum and to eat Korean food.

8: We celebrated our wedding anniversaries-- Linns (1 year) and Heils (6 years)--by going to see the musical Rent.

9: Walking through Seoul Forest with friends at sunset brought rest after a long week.

10: Our day-to-day lives in Seoul . . . alongside the Han River

11: We both coached volleyball in the fall season: Malia with JV girls and Mark with varsity boys. | Coach Shelli Lewis | Mark took his team biking to Seoul Forest and fed the deer there.

12: Everland

13: During Chusok holiday, we went to a local theme park with a number of other families. Mika discovered many animals and even stood up unassisted for the first time while playing in the ball house.

14: Insadong & a River Walk with the Hales

15: A Great Visit from Malia's Dad | Dr. Rhoades stopped in to see us in the fall, and we enjoyed his company and appreciated his help. | Seoul Tower | Insadong | Dr. David H. Chung | Eating kimchee "like salad"!

16: Inchon Rice Festival

17: As the leaves changed, we joined a school-sponsored trip to Inchon to be a part of their annual rice festival, where we partook in a number of Korean traditions.

19: In November, we drove out of Seoul to enjoy a cabin in the mountains. It had a jacuzzi! | In November, we headed out of Seoul to spend an evening in a cabin in the mountains.

20: In December, we flew to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas with our family there. Malia was 7 months pregnant, and Mika was 16 months old.

22: Happy graduation, Salome!

23: Beach Volleyball at Fort DeRussy

24: Pure fun with family and friends

25: Christmas Service at FCF | Malia and Steph with their unborn baby boys: Coby and Paxton | Malia's mom Adela came with us, and Mika fell asleep.

27: The ohana gathered at Lila's to eat . . . | to worship . . .

28: . . . and to bless each other with gifts.

29: We spent the night at Lila's then came back to the Rhoades' home in the morning to open more gifts there.

30: Mika loved opening presents, especially because of the fun ribbons!

31: Christmas Dinner at the Rhoades' House

32: Here today . . . Gone to Maui! | We left for Lahaina, Maui, the day after Christmas for our annual family vacation at a resort, thanks to Dad's timeshare! Mom stayed back for the first few days, then she and Jon switched places later in the week.

36: Maui Ocean Center

37: We liked to hang out at the resort: playing cards, barbecuing, and swimming. When Mom arrived, we went to visit our Filipino relatives in Lahaina.

38: Haleakala at Sunset

39: Surfing in Lahaina

40: Cruising with Cousins | When we got back from Maui, we spent time with the Weros girls who were visiting from WA.

41: At Sam Choy's for Malia's birthday | One last get-together at Lila's: Lila gave all 4 great-grandkids baths in the palangana! | Tanioka's and Savers with Marisa, Camille, Chris, and Bran

42: We returned to Korea in January and were greeted by one of the coldest, longest winters in years. | Joshua and Grace A Sonnet to Celebrate their Marriage Just two souls bound in purpose, love, and truth-- Ordained to heed their mission call as one, Securely strung to God's call from their youth, Humbly seeking Kingdom work be done, Unleashed upon a world of wrongs and needs And hurts that cry for mercy from the Lord, Anchored in the Rock that far exceeds Nonchalance that comfort can afford-- Dare to see an undaunted dream, and Gear themselves in white to don the task: Requiring their union as a team Acquiescing to whatever God may ask. Ceremonially join your hands today, Entwined as one, together now: pray.

43: Gretchen hosted a baby shower for Malia. | Mika playing "pretend" for the first time

44: On January 31, we ventured out of Seoul with the Jangs, had hot chocolate at LOHAS, enjoyed the snow, and ate mondu in the car. | Kurtis | Judy, Caleb, Caden

45: On February 7, we went to the Korean War Memorial as a family. It was so fun to watch Mika run and explore the planes and tanks. | Mika settled down with some ice cream and a warm bath.

46: At 11pm on February 10, Malia was admitted to SoonChunHyung University Hospital. Coby was born at 6:57pm on Thursday, February 11, 2010.

47: Weight: 2.8 kilograms Length: 51 cm Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown

48: The Blessing of Birth To realize potential before it is seen To know pain and joy with no in-between To connect with a stranger in the snap of a second To feel my heart bounce as his first cry beckoned To expand my love to a family of four To realize God's grace as I rely on Him more To gaze into the eyes of my infant son To find our relationship has finally begun To touch his fingers and count his toes To see in his eyes that I'm all he knows To take this responsibility and hold him close To teach him of the One who loves him most To love and give and dream and share To dedicate him daily through tears of joy. . . and prayer

49: We brought Coby home on Saturday, February 13. | When he was 5 days old, we had to take him to the American Embassy to get a passport, visa, and SSN.

50: When Coby was one week old, Malia took him with her to Yumi's baby shower. Mark took Mika to a pro-volleyball game with Craig Mooi and Julie Park. Mika won a dance contest there and brought home a little green volleyball as the prize.

51: Mark took Mika out to the business district of Seoul.

52: Grandma's Visit Malia's mom Adela flew in from Hawaii to help soon after Mark went back to work. She slept in Mika's room, and Mika loved having her grandma around. | We took walks to the Han River and around Bokwangdong. Mom helped cook, clean, and watch the kids. She was such a blessing!

53: YISS had a snow day while Mom was here, so Mark and Mika took her to see the palaces draped in new, thick snow.

54: Chris Comes to Seoul Just as Mom was leaving Korea, Chris arrived to help Malia with the kids while Mark was away at a conference in Singapore. | Malia took Mom and Chris to two museums on the day their visits overlapped.

55: While Mae and SaraJane babysat Mika, Chris, Malia, and Coby ventured out to Meongdong for some awesome noodles and mondu. Then, they caught a bus up Namsan to Seoul Tower.

56: Chris took some great shots of the kids while he was visiting.

57: Mark was granted the "Apple Distinguished Educator" award and attended a conference in Singapore with the other honorees. He spent a week collaborating with other excellent computer teachers from around the world.

58: Back to Bangkok During our Spring Break, we flew back to Thailand to see our students, friends, and church. It was an amazing week of reconnecting! | We stayed with the Benjathikuls for the first two nights. They took us to an Italian restaurant where Mark and Mika made our pizza.

59: Kamyee and Steve hosted an Easter dinner on Saturday night. | Annie and Thana loved Mika!

60: On Sunday, we went to church at Newsong. After a great lunch with the Garys, we went to ICS where Mark played basketball and Malia took the kids to the pool. In the evening, we went to dinner with Top Taifayongvichit's family at Fuji.

61: On Monday, we hung out with ICS students at Central: eating at Pizza Company and Swenson's. | Spicy spaghetti!

62: We took the kids to Dreamworld on Tuesday. Mika loved all the animals!

63: At night, we had a Mexican dinner with the Sierras in their/our Parkland apartment. Afterward, we dropped in to see our neighbor Praew.

64: Mark went to visit other BKK schools on Wednesday morning while Malia took the kids to a playdate at Kamyee's. | At night, we went on a double date with Paul and Becky while Helen watched Mika and Liana.

65: We visited Mr. Wong on Thursday morning. He gave Mika chocolate.

67: We hung out with students on Thursday and attended the Senior Showcase. At night, P'Toy, Praew, and Fern took us to eat barbecue.

68: Friday was Thai Day at ICS!

69: We went shopping at MBK on Saturday, only to get stranded there when a red-shirt riot erupted close by. Finally, a (red-shirt) taxi took us back to Bangna where we quickly packed, had dinner, and left for the airport.

70: After we returned from Bangkok, Mika was so jetlagged that she fell asleep during breakfast. | In late April, we went to enjoy the cherry blossoms with Gretchen and Alina Swinger. | Coby talked with me every night!

72: Mika likes chocolate chip cookies! | International Night at YISS | Mika's babysitter Nicole

73: One day in Namdaemun, Mika got sick and threw up on her shirt and coat. Mark washed her off and gave her his T-shirt to wear until we got her home.

75: On Children's Day, we took the kids to the river and to Coex. | TGIFriday's

76: Poor Mika had a high fever with convulsions on May 7. | We watched her closely for 3 days and took her to the doctor and the ER. Malia's hair was curly because we had planned to attend the high school banquet. We kept Coby separated from his sister.

77: May 10

79: As the weather warmed, we took more trips to the river playground, had barbecues with friends, and attended end-of-the-year school functions.

80: Graduation!

81: We had to put all our things in boxes before flying out, to be moved by the school in our absence. | Our friend Mike was on our flight to Japan. Then we had an 8-hour layover before heading to Hawaii.

82: HAWAII | Lila came over to meet Coby and feed Mika soon after we arrived. | MCC picnic at CORP on Sunday | May 29-June 7

83: We had a dinner to reconnect with everyone and introduce the family to Coby. Mika had fun playing with her cousins and Liza and Seva Swan.

84: Mark and Chris went hiking with guys from the MCC youth group.

86: Hopefully, Coby and Paxton will be close friends like Mika and Penny! | Mommy painted Mika's toenails for the first time!

87: Chris took us out to eat Korean BBQ (local style) and to shop in Waikele.

88: Ali`is with Chris, Marisa, Laur, Heze, Zeke, and Zoey

89: After a fun day at the beach, we ate at Kua`Aina's and Aoiki's.

90: Gardening with Grandma

91: A Day at the Zoo with Grandpa | The tiger is so close to Mika! | Coby and Mommy came to the zoo too.

92: Ko`Olina Family Picnic

94: Malia went to dinner with high school friends Summer, Amanda, and Tash.

95: Joanne arranged a party for us so we could see our friends! | Watanabes, Tamaokas, Simmons, Kimuras, Bran, Mel, & Ungos kiddos

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