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Kyle on Kyle

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FC: Kyle on Kyle | By : Kyle Boris

1: SOMEONE CALL THE FASHION POLICE | TOP LEFT: I thought the flower was a nice touch. Middle: I went for the Greaser Look Top Right: Nothing like dead fur on your head. Bottom Left: I went for the Indiana Jones look

2: Here you can see I was quite the fella as a little boy. My style definitely was at a high during my younger years. | To the right, you can get a look at my middle school days.

3: Senior Graduation: It came so fast, but I cannot wait for the rest of my life. | I have grown into one original, unique, and special young man in my opinion. I found it hard during my early years to figure out who I was during my early years in high school, but now when my graduation is coming near, I have started to figure out what I will become in my future and I know for a fact that it's only going to get brighter ahead.

4: 3 Wishes | I wouldn't be able to do this with any one else except them. | I just wanna be successful.

5: What Would My 3 Wishes Be? Wish #1: I wish that some how, some way, that I could stay close to the true friends that I have. I have gone through many friends, but only a select few have made it all the way through with me. I could wish for nothing more than for them to be with me for years to come. Wish #2: Success is something that few can achieve through a lifetime. I'm not talking about just living life to it's standards and just getting by. I want to make sure I can amount to my fullest potential. Wish #3: Using my third and final wish, I would only ask that the people around me that live their lives around me could life healthy and happily.

6: What Do You Like To Do Kyle? | First off, I love playing sports. Throughout high school I have played on the soccer,basketball,baseball,track and field, and tennis teams. I even played football in middle school. Sports just give me something to just let out everything and put my mind and body to a test and I love achieving in sports. | Another one of my hobbies includes bowling. Now, I may not bowl 300's but it's just a great way to spend time with your friends and have a good time. | Now, the NJ Nets may not be the best team out there, but I always feel like they'll win when I watch them play. I have been to over ten games with my friends and we always cheer them on.

7: Above: Die Hard Nets Fans Left: Bowling Like a Boss | HIS SPIDEY SENSES ARE TINGLING.

8: Above: Mila and Natalie :) | Torrie wilson; I guess i had a thing for female wrestlers | Karissa: well we got three celebrities above, But when it comes to my life, i kinda love this one to the left :D

9: love ever after | Love? Hmm I knew this would be the most difficult section. Who could I put for "My First Love"? I mean, I had crushes back in elementary school and middle school and stuff. I also probably told girls I "loved" them throughout high school, but did I really mean it? Did I even know what that meant? No one knows for sure. But, I can say that I do love the other K.B. walking around the halls of Lodi High School. My best friend and someone who will ALWAYS be there for me. I think that's love, right? Now when it comes to celebrity crushes, I have quite a few. Mila Kunis was always a favorite of mine, but recently Natalie Portman came into the picture. I'll put em on the same level. My first big celebrity crush was actually a WWE Diva by the name of Torrie Wilson. I was a huge wrestling fan and to see a girl doing that was just amazing. She was my first crush :O

10: "F" IS FOR FRIENDS | Above: Hammad Below: Christina | Above: Greg Below: Swaraaa | Above: Limo Below: Jinal

11: Top Left: Harkamal "Harry" Top Right: Musaiby <3 Bottom Left: The Party Guru Middle Right: Sunchips Bottom Right: Brian "Baby Whore"


13: Let's see.. With every group of friends there's going to be bumps and fights and mishaps. It's no different with my group of friends. Sure, we've seen our ups and downs. Some of the downs have been very low, but the ups have been higher than life. Each one of the people listed here on the page before I don't even feel like I'm doing them justice by calling them my "friends". They're more than that. They're my family. I have my own special connection with each and every one of them and that is why we have the friendship that we have. Even though we are moving onto college and different stages of our lives, I would help all of YOU in a heartbeat. As the great Mariah Carey once said " I'll Be There For You" ... Well it depends how far my bike can get me. | Top Row: Layton "Black Mamba", Iftekhar "Roomie", and Shehryar "Big Texan Gummy Bear" Bottom Row: Anisha "Since KG", Karissa, and Shivani :D

14: What Am I Most Proud Of? | Above: Being Recognized for not being Recognized. Top Right: Choir GODS Right: Doubles Champs. Only two years experience.

15: You know it's very difficult to just pick one thing that I'm most proud of so I decided to choose the three things this year that have given me the most satisfaction. One!: Being the Varsity captain of the soccer team was such a huge honor because coming into high school I wasn't even sure if I wanted to play soccer. With hard work I eventually earned the "Unsung Hero" award, which basically is given to a player who doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Two!: Moving onto another sport, I'd like to talk about tennis. I started playing my junior year and it led to winning the Hackensack Invitational Tournament with my doubles parter Harry. Three!: Singing in front of people.. I joined choir when I started high school because I loved the idea of finally coming out of my shell and singing for an audience. I even participated in Lodi Idol and made it to the final five with my Buddy Antonio.

16: ROAD TRIP | Top Left: Rutgersfest Top Right: Bamboozle Bottom Left: Hiking Trip Bottom Right: Prom ?

17: This year I went on five amazing journeys. First we had Rutgersfest. Let's just say that I attended the last one ever. Was it worth it is the real question. Then I had Bamboozle with Mr. Real Talk himself. We also had the hiking trip. I fell a few times but I like to think I did my best. Now who could think a roadtrip to find out where Prom was would be exciting. Well we did get lost in NYC so yeah. Finally, the best of them all was our trip to NYC. Watching the ball drop on New Years Eve has become a tradition that I look foward to every year. Cold weather conditions and giant glasses with numbers: sounds like my kind of night.

18: WE PUSH LIMITS AND CROSS BOUNDARIES | Top Row: Kiss Goodbye, Real Woman, Sexy and Dangerous | Bottom Row: Touch of Makeup, No comment, First Dance

19: Don't Give Me A Vacuum | Now, I am not trying to brag but I don't think you could find another group of friends quite like mine. We do things, that let me put it this way, that NO other group of friends do. It's really weird that we don't care what anyone thinks. We bring out the outrageous sides of everyone we're with. We have some power. We might dance together, take provocative pictures, and just simply put, act out of the norm. The funny thing is that I don't think we'll ever stop living this way. Watch out America! They don't call us the Rainbow Ryderz for nothing.

20: FOND MEMORIES | Well, looking back a few years I was a young fellow who was starting to mature. In the first picture I was posing at the 8th grade social. This was the first time I had contacts and I remember it clearly. Secondly we have my long hair. Could the long hair be making a return? Who knows... Then we have the Alexa Chung show. This was my first time watching live t.v. and i had a great time with little Brian and Iffy. Then we had my first job which required me to advertise an energy drink with my co worker Harry. It was a great way to meet new people and gain some experience. Lastly we have the Party Whores themselves. THis was at a friend's sweet 16 and it was a night we never will forget.

21: Top Left: First Day Without Glasses Top Middle: My Long Hair Top RIght: It's On With Alexa Chung | Bottom Left: Liquid Lightning Left: Well, it does say Party Whores

22: This Is Who I Will Be | Now, I have told and showed you my life in pictures and words but now I would like to give an outlook on what my life could become. No matter what I do with my life I just want to do it to the best of my ability and make it to the top. My career choice isn't certain but I could see myself being on the news. One day...not for a while, I'd like to become a father and raise my children with the passion and dedication it needs. Well, Kyle, only time will tell and you might just like what you see.

23: Sky is the limit | I wanna be like this guy... just with better hair. | A Father...That is All

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