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Kyle's Fantasy 2011

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S: Kyle's Fantasy Football 2011

FC: FANTASY | football | 2011 | 70+ | Player Rankings In-Depth Analysis Standard League Rankings PPR League Rankings EXCLUSIVE Sleepers and Bust Auction Values | KYLE'S TOP 10 1. Adrian Peterson 2. Arian Foster 3. Chris Johnson 4. Jamaal Charles 5. Michael Vick 6. Ray Rice 7. LeSean McCoy 8. Aaron Rodgers 9. Andre Johnson 10. Rashard Mendenhall | Kyle's | QB/RB/WR rankings!

1: Features | Top 50 Cheat Sheet Top 50 PPR Cheat Sheet POSITION RANKINGS: Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Position Recap Rankings 2011-2012 Schedule | Writer - Kyle Clifton Editor - Devan Shaw Kyle Clifton Publisher - Devan Shaw Photographs - Google Images | Kyle's Credentials: 9 years of fantasy football 1 championship 2 runner-ups 1 year of fantasy basketball 2 runner-ups 2 years of fantasy baseball 1 year of fantasy baseball 1 year of fantasy nascar 1 runner-up

2: TOP 50 CHEAT SHEET | standard scoring | 1. Peterson 2. Foster 3. Ch.Johnson 4. Charles 5. Rice 6. Vick 7. McCoy 8. Rodgers 9. A.Johnson 10. Mendenhall 11. Jones-Drew 12. R.White 13. C.Johnson 14. S.Jackson 15. Brees 16. McFadden 17. Rivers 18. Turner | 19. Jennings 20. Brady 21. P.Manning 22. Nicks 23. Wayne 24. Fitzgerald 25. Hillis 26. Austin 27. Forte 28. Gore 29. Romo 30. Wallace 31. Schaub 32. D.Jackson 33. V.Jackson 34. Bradshaw 35. Roethlisberger 36. Colston | 37. Blount 38. M.Williams 39. Marshall 40. Moreno 41. Bowe 42. Matthews 43. Lloyd 44. Ryan 45. Maclin 46. Greene 47. Benson 48. Holmes 49. S.Johnson 50. Freeman

3: TOP 50 CHEAT SHEET | PPR scoring | 1. Peterson 2. Foster 3. Ch.Johnson 4. Charles 5. Rice 6. McCoy 7. A.Johnson 8. Vick 9. Mendenhall 10. Rodgers 11. Jones-Drew 12. R.White 13. C.Johnson 14. S.Jackson 15. Brees 16. McFadden 17. Rivers 18. Jennings | 19. Turner 20. Brady 21. P.Manning 22. Wayne 23. Fitzgerald 24. Nicks 25. Austin 26. Forte 27. Hillis 28. Gore 29. Romo 30. Wallace 31. V.Jackson 32. Schuab 33. D.Jackson 34. Bradshaw 35. Colston 36. Roethlisberger | 37. Marshall 38. M.Williams 39. Moreno 40. Bowe 41. Blount 42. Lloyd 43. Matthews 44. Maclin 45. Ryan 46. Holmes 47. S.Johnson 48. Benson 49. D.Bryant 50. Greene

4: Passing Rushing YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 1/12 6/13 86 1 0 0 24 95 2 2010 12/12 233/372 3018 21 6 3 100 676 9 | 2. AARON RODGERS - GB $37 | QUARTERBACKS | Always a rushing threat, but also an injury concern. Most likely a lock for a first round pick, therefore leaving you searching for running backs later. His rushing yards and TD’s do end up making you the extra points you need, but that’s a lot to bank on from one player that can get hurt easily. Passing wise, he has plenty of young targets in Maclin, Jackson, and McCoy. Andy Reid is also going to pass plenty. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Passing stats declined throughout the year, throwing all 6 of his INT’s in the last 5 games so maybe DEF coordinators figured something out. (Vick had his only 3000 yard season.) | 1. MICHAEL VICK - PHI $38 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 350/541 4434 30 7 5 58 316 5 2010 15/15 312/475 3922 28 11 5 64 356 4 | Passing Rushing | While Vick is risky, Rodgers is the opposite. Minus one concussion and Rodgers would have completed his third straight season of 16GP and 4000. Since becoming a starter, he lowest TD total is 32. He does get some rushing stats, and ATT have increased each year. He’s no Vick, but the next best thing when it comes to running QB’s. While Driver is fading away, Nelson is stepping in to join the already nice core of Jennings and TE sensation Finley. McCarthy knows what he has, and is not afraid to abandon the run game. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: There is no reason to suspect anything but up for Rodgers, while you will most likely have to spend a first round pick on a QB to get him you will be consistently getting 20+ a week.

5: 3. DREW BREES - NO $34 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 312/486 4254 28 9 5 29 50 1 2010 16/16 357/541 4710 30 13 6 26 52 0 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 15/15 363/514 4388 34 11 7 22 33 2 2010 16/16 448/658 4620 33 22 7 18 -3 0 | Passing Rushing | Brees will get you 4500 yards and 30 TD's, and has only missed 1 game in 5 years. Losing Bush and adding Ingram won’t help his fantasy numbers, but he still has enough around him to be in the race for most TD's and yards. Brees does throw a relatively high amount of INT’s, but he had 7 games over 40 PA. Payton isn't changing his offense now, draft Brees after the big two are off the board. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Most likely a mid 2 or early 3 rounder. If you pick a RB first then no fear when taking Brees, but if not you will be desperate the rest of the draft with no RB's after 1st two rounds. | 4. PHILLIP RIVERS - SD $32 | Passing Rushing | Maybe a little high for Rivers, but his potential to be top 3 QB and younger age has me putting him slightly above Manning and Brady. He led the league in passing yards even though he had more than 100 less ATT than Manning and Brady. Rivers is a warrior who has not missed a game yet. He also has plenty of weapons in Gates, Jackson, Floyd, and even Matthews out of the backfield isn’t a bad option. While Matthews is expected to step up in year 2, there is no signs that San Diego is going back to the LT ground and pound days. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Rivers put up career highs in all the major categories last year, and he only had his best WR Jackson for 4 games and Gates for 10. With them back and healthy, we might be looking at the MVP of the league.

6: 5. TOM BRADY - NE $30 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 371/565 4398 28 13 7 29 44 1 2010 16/16 324/492 3900 36 4 4 31 30 1 | The most efficient QB of the year, earning MVP honors. Brady is a dink and dunk specialist, while Branch goes down the field. He has talented young TE’s and a slew of pass catching RB’s. The downside is the Patriots drafted a RB to go along with Woodhead and Green-Ellis. As long as Moss is gone and the WR core is a mixture of talent, Brady has to have realistic standards. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: With his ATT at an all-time low last year, you can see the Patriots becoming a little more balanced. Draft Brady as a week to week starter, but not as your best player. | 6. PEYTON MANNING - IND $30 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 393/571 4500 33 16 9 19 -13 0 2010 16/16 450/679 4700 33 17 7 18 18 0 | The older Peyton is getting, the more you can see the Colts leaning on him. With ATT at a career high, Manning put up very nice stats. He had a career high in yards and another 33 TD season. Manning did have offseason neck surgery that took a little longer than expected, but he should still put up 16 GP. He has the weapons in Wayne, Clark, Collie, and Garcon, but injuries could factor in again. As long as the Colts don’t acquire a stud RB, Manning will have plenty of chances. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Manning is trying to do too much to keep the Colts elite, eventually he will hit a wall and not be able to pull off ridiculous numbers. At age 35, most QB’s hit it soon. I believe Manning has a year or two with stud QB stats left. He should be drafted in round 4, but likely someone will reach for him earlier. | 7. TONY ROMO - DAL $27 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 347/550 4483 26 9 8 35 105 1 2010 6/6 148/213 1605 11 7 2 6 38 0 | Through just 5 and a quarter games, Romo already had 213 ATT. As long as Romo is healthy he is among the elite for fantasy. He has a Favre like mentality, with the guts to go for anything. He likes the spot light, and can play like a star at times. When he’s the QB, Austin shines along with the company of Bryant, Witten, and now starting RB Felix Jones. His offensive line is horrible, therefore he sometimes ends up running for his life. Romo is a fantasy starter, but most vulnerable to injury out of the top 8, so draft a decent back up. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Likely to be judged by most as significantly worse than the 6 above, therefore you may get him in the 5th-6th rounds. If so, you get great quality at that spot. | Passing | Rushing | Passing | Rushing | Passing | Rushing

7: 8. MATT SCHAUB - HOU $26 | YEAR GS/GP C/A YARDS TD INT 300YG ATT YARDS TD 2009 16/16 396/583 4770 29 15 9 48 57 0 2010 16/16 365/574 4370 24 12 7 22 28 0 | Saving his fantasy owners and his stats at the end of the year by having 4 300+ yard performances in the last 5 games. This made many unhappy with their drafted QB. Last year was suppose to be a break out year, but instead we saw a decrease in yards, TD’s, and 300 yard games. He has arguably the best wide receiver and other quality options. As long as Foster stays a stud, teams can’t prepare just for the passing game. Expect a 4300 yard season and hope the TD numbers increase. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: This is the absolutely last option for the week to week starters at the QB position. Make sure you snag one of these 8. If you get Schaub draft a decent back up just in case. | 9.BEN ROETHISBERGER - PIT $24 Despite being suspended for 4 games, Big Ben still put up quality numbers. Big Ben’s TD total will always be a little lower than most since the Steelers pound Mendenhall in the red zone, but the yard totals are not bad. The Steelers are still a run first team, but unlike the past they can turn to their QB to win. What puts him a little above the next 5 is he has a chance to run it, gaining 176 yards and 2 TD’s on the ground last year. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A decent but not great option at QB. If you’re starting him hopefully you have a solid base for him to fit in. | 10. MATT RYAN - ATL $22 Most likely an owner will reach for this guy, expecting him to be a week in week out starter. But truth is he had a career year for him, and yet was around 40+ points worse than the elite 6. With the lockout carrying into training camp, Julio Jones won’t have a great effect on the offense and Gonzalez is old. Michael Turner is on the decline, and Roddy is the only sure thing. Defenses will key on the pass, unless Turner turns it around. Expect more turnovers and less TD’s from Matty Ice. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you’re stuck grabbing him as a starter, make sure you are drafting another QB soon. | 11. JOSH FREEMAN - TB $20 This guy really stepped up from his rookie year, throwing 25 TD’s and just 6 INT’s. He wont put up many big yardage games, but could get you 3 TD games. He also makes his presence felt on the ground, with 2nd in the league in yardage with 364 yards. He has only one really stud receiving option in second year wide out Mike Williams. Now with teams knowing his go-to guy, will his turnovers increase? This guy is many people’s QB sleeper of the year. Realistically, he’s a quality back up. Draft accordingly. | 12. MATTHEW STAFFORD - DET $19 This guy’s potential is unreal, but his injuries on the other hand are real. He has an explosive offense around him, but he literally can’t stay on the field. In only three games he threw for 6 TD’s. This guy will be tricky in many drafts. His stock could be valued as a potential starter or as a stud QB’s back up. I would view him as a quality back up, with the upside to be your starter. | Passing | Rushing

8: 13. ELI MANNING - NYG $17 4002 yards and 31 TD’s usually will put you in the "STUD" QB category, but when those numbers are accompanied by 25 INT’s, 5 fumbles, and a team collapse will land you amongst the fantasy backups. Some weeks you see the Peyton in Eli, but then others he can’t hit the ocean. With 9 INT’s in the last 5 games, that should remind you not to draft this guy as your starter. | 14. JAY CUTLER - CHI $14 There won’t be too many people applauding this pick after his bow out in the NFC Championship game. This guy is an athlete with a great arm, he’s just got an attitude to keep him from elite. With Mike Martz you would expect a career number in ATT, but actually he threw the least amount of passes since becoming a starter. He has a decent supporting cast, but not a huge star like he had in Denver. Down the stretch the Bear’s went to the run game and found success, which does not bode well for Cutler in fantasy. He does run at times with 232 yards, and at least 40 ATT every year. Draft Cutler as a sure back up, and make sure you have last year stats expectations rather than his first 3 years as a starter. | 15. SAM BRADFORD - STL $14 Bradford excelled in a system many do not. He has a very lack luster supporting cast, but made them relevant. His numbers were nice but he did have the a rather enormous amount of ATT. As a second year player he should be more mature and improve some of his turnovers. He has potential, but I don’t think his ceiling is too high for this year. Unless St. Louis acquires a new wide out be careful with how you draft this guy. | SLEEPERS OUTSIDE TOP 15: Tim Tebow - DEN If he wins the starting spot, this guy can rack up numbers. He won’t win too many games for Denver, but his athleticism will rack up the fantasy points. (108.9 points in just 3 starts and 9 appearances.) Ryan Fitzpatrick - BUF 23 TD’s in only 13 games is numbers you can look past. The Bills have done nothing so far to make you think he isn’t the for sure starter. This guy is a smart QB in a system that is begging for someone to take over. This guy could fill in nicely as a weekly matchup QB. DEEP SLEEP: Donovan McNabb - FA Pending on which team, he could have one more year left. AVOID OUTSIDE TOP 15: Matt Cassel - KC Kansas City won’t benefit from the weak schedule that they had last year, with one of the toughest this year. You will get 2-3 great weeks from this guy and about 8 stinkers. Bowe and Charles are his only targets and teams know that, expect a steep decline in his 27 TD's and incline in his 7 INT's. Mark Sanchez - NYJ This guy might lead his team to the playoffs every year, but he will never be relevant as a starter or even quality back up in fantasy. He’s an inaccurate QB in a run first offense. Those two don’t make you draftable. AVOID!

9: VS.

10: RUNNING BACKS | 1. ADRIAN PETERSON - MIN $50 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 15/16 314 1383 18 2 43 436 0 2010 15/15 283 1298 12 5 36 341 1 | He is not the RB that had 2000 yards rushing 2 years ago, and he is not the RB with the most fantasy points last year. Instead, he is just a week in week out work horse. In a “down year” he had 1600 yards and 13 TD’s combined with the second most fantasy points of any RB. This guy was caught in the middle of the Favre circus and still stayed strong. Now with much media far away from Minnesota it should be back to business. One problem is they currently don’t have a viable QB to keep teams from stacking the box. If the Vikings don’t get a QB via free agency then you could question him at one. If they do then he is the for sure number one. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He is consistent, strong, and fast. He is the real deal and fantasy is all about consistency. Since last year was his worst year, you can see how good this guy is. Draft him high and reap the benefits. | 2. ARIAN FOSTER - HOU $49 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 1/6 54 257 3 1 8 93 0 2010 13/16 327 1616 16 8 66 604 2 | He was the best RB in the league last year. He came from free agent to stud. He opened against the Colts with 231 yards and 3 TD’s and never turned back. He’s a duel threat with 66 receptions to lead all backs. After a year like this most RB’s are guaranteed to be the first pick, but since it was the first time he did this some might be a little skeptical that he isn't the real deal. Saying that, there are still not a whole lot of questions or dislikes about his game. Barring injury he should definitely stay top 3 RB. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: This team seems to be pass happy at times which is not horrible seeing he can catch, but seeing he is your RB you want the offense to give him every opportunity. Defenses will key on him this year, will he repeat? | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

11: 3. CHRIS JOHNSON - TEN $49 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 16/16 358 2006 14 12 50 503 2 2010 16/16 316 1364 11 8 44 245 1 | Coming off a career year in 2009 everyone expected him to have a little decrease, but not many saw 900 less yards and 4 less TD’s. He is not a between the tackles runner, and can be brought down by an arm tackle. With a rookie QB under center, life might be a little hard with consistency for the fantasy owners. Johnson did score 20+ points 4 times last year, but on the other hand he had 6 games with less than 8 fantasy points and 3 of those with less than 5 points. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He can go 80 yards at any time in the game. That is why you draft this guy, because he can score at any time. If the Titans can’t find a semi decent passing game, then Johnson will have some awful weeks. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 15/10 190 1120 7 5 40 297 1 2010 6/16 230 1467 5 4 45 468 3 | Jamaal was second in the league in rushing yards despite having 230 carries. He had an amazing 6.4 yards per carry, and 8 combined TD’s. The way he was used last year, frustrating for fantasy owners, was perfect for Charles himself. He is a speedster that uses moves and cuts to beat the defenders. With only being 5'11 and less than 200lbs, Charles might have ill effects if he receives 300 plus carries. With his teammate Thomas Jones probably over the hill, it will be interesting how the Chiefs will use Charles this year. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If Jones role is diminished then that means more carries, and goal line carries for Charles. This sounds great, but we have never seen Charles as an every down back. Draft Charles early and ride him, he has a tough playoff schedule but his style can break down even the best. | 4. JAMAAL CHARLES - KC $46 | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

12: 5. RAY RICE - BAL $43 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 15/16 254 1339 7 4 78 702 1 2010 14/16 307 1220 5 2 63 556 1 | Rice, despite having 50 more carries, saw a decline in every major category. He was second among running backs in receiving, but even those numbers were down from a season ago. So why is this guy most likely a top 8 pick? This is because he is a duel threat. When Flacco is in doubt he dumps it off to Rice, when Baltimore needs a big play they hand it to Rice. Baltimore’s offence is around him. Also, at the beginning of the year they used McGahee to spell Rice near the goal line taking a total of 5 TD’s from him, but the last half they detoured from that strategy with McGahee only having 1. Willis is all but gone, and Rice will only benefit from this. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Rice is a yard gainer plain and simple. About every week he’ll be atop the rushing yards, but until he puts up double digit TD’s he will not be top 3. Draft late mid first round. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 4/16 155 637 4 0 40 308 0 2010 13/15 207 1080 7 3 78 592 2 | A loveable pick in PPR drafts. Philadelphia moves this guy everywhere giving him multiple opportunities to change the game. With Vick as the QB and Andy Reid being the coach, the odds of him being a 250+ carry RB is very small. Also the Birds turn to the pass in the red zone. This doesn’t completely leave out McCoy from scoring seeing he led the league in reception for RB’s with 78. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: McCoy is an identical twin to Rice as far as versatility. The reason he is ranked below him is because the 100 less carries, and the fact he isn’t his teams first option. | 6. LESEAN MCCOY - PHI $42 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 12/16 242 1108 7 3 25 261 1 2010 16/16 324 1273 13 3 23 167 0 | The old meaning of a running back, a workhorse, powerful, tough back that specializes in pounding the ball right down the throat of a defense. This guy reminds many of the fantasy backs such as Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes, and Emmitt Smith which is not so common now of days. The good part is he plays for a run first team, bad part is if he gets down you won’t be racking up much in the passing game. He had an injury in his first couple seasons, but went the length of the season last year. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You know exactly what you are getting with Mendenhall. He will get 20+ carries each game, and will not be taken out in the red zone. Since Pittsburg has a pretty consistently good team, the running game to milk the clock will be there leaving Rashard as a good end of first round pick with no regrets. | 7. RASHARD MENDENHALL - PIT $41 | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

13: 8. MAURICE JONES-DREW - JAC $39 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 16/16 312 1391 15 5 53 374 1 2010 14/14 299 1324 5 7 34 317 2 | All MJD has done in his first two years as a full starter is gain 2700 yards on the ground, 23 total TD’s, and nearly 700 receiving yards. He would have smashed his career rushing yards and competed with Foster for the league lead if it wasn’t for his nagging knee injury. Many had expectations so high for MJD in his 2nd full starting year, and think of the last year as a disappointment. But many don’t see he topped 200 fantasy points for yet another year. At age 26 and basically 2 seasons of 300+ carries he still has his legs. With all the good, there is some bad signs: he didn’t record more than 9 fantasy points in 5 games, had a career low receptions, and a career low in receiving yards. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Regardless of how good the Jags are, MJD will get his chances. If he recovers from arthroscopic knee surgery 100%, there is no reason to believe he won’t be back in double digit TD’s. Draft in first 2 rounds and hope Gabbert is better than Garrard to relieve some pressure. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 15/15 324 1416 4 7 51 322 0 2010 16/16 330 1241 6 4 46 383 0 | Not many people would agree with this ranking right off the bat, but like I preach, fantasy football is all about CONSISTANCY. Yes you could draft Darren McFadden over him and he’ll win you 2-3 weeks almost single-handidly. But he will also put up 5 stinkers leaving your team to pick up his slack. On the other hand, Jackson won’t let you down. Jackson had at least 8 fantasy points in all but 3 games, and he had over 10 points in 12 games. Since he is 2 years from the running back threshold of 30 years old and getting over 300 carries many times in his career, most believe he is done. The only thing pointing to this fall from last years stats is his career low in YPG (3.8), but on the other side he had more receiving yards and touchdowns then the year before. He has over 1000 yards each and every year of his last 5 (even the two years he played 12 games each), and 38 or more catches in each of those years too. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The most consistent thing outside of the top 4, and even maybe more consistent than C.J. His name has been around the first 2 rounds for years now, turning away many to go to younger and explosive options. Grab him as early as first few picks of the 2nd round, and collect your 10+ points each and every week. | 9. STEVEN JACKSON - STL $37 | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

14: 10. DARREN MCFADDEN - OAK $35 | 11. MICHAEL TURNER - ATl $35 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 7/12 104 357 1 0 21 245 0 2010 13/13 223 1157 7 6 47 507 3 | He is the biggest risk in the draft right here. Everyone has known about this guy since his junior year at Arkansas. He came into the league with big expectations and many believe he proved himself last year, and if he could stay healthy for a whole 16 games think about what could happen. Well that is a big “IF”. He has never played even 14 games in a season. After his first two seasons he only had 856 rushing yards and 5 TD's. Aside from injuries, many questions surround this guy: is he a one year wonder, can he take a full work load, will teams stack the box as Oakland has no QB? As McFadden did in 2010 with 14 rushes of 20+ yards he can change his game and your fantasy game in a heartbeat. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Someone in your draft will reach mid-late first round to grab this guy (maybe you). The real question if you want this guy is, “Are you willing to risk your 1st round pick, and likely your season, on a RB that had one good year and a career filled with injuries. And oh yeah he plays for Oakland.” If the answer is yes then take him and hope the “sky’s the limit” potential he has is what you get. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 11/11 178 871 10 4 5 35 0 2010 15/16 334 1371 2 7 12 85 0 | Turner is not the same as the top 3 back we saw in 2008, but he is still worth a high pick. He is a running back and truly just a “RUNNING” back. In 3 years in Atlanta he has a combined 23 receptions with a career high of 12 last year. On the other hand, he has found success on the ground in those 3 years. He has double digit TD’s in each (even in 2009 when only playing 11 games), and 1699 and 1371 yards in each of his 2 complete seasons. Atlanta gives him the touches, and they don’t have much of a serviceable every down backup. Even though he has many carries on those legs, he is a pretty safe pick as long as he is healthy. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: After his 4.1 career low YPC, many think he might be on the down slope. As long as he is healthy he will put over 1000 yards and 10 TD's. Those are stats you can’t look past, but take any reception as a bonus. | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

15: 10. | 12. PEYTON HILLIS - CLE $32 | 13. MATT FORTE - CHI $30 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 2/14 13 54 1 0 4 19 0 2010 14/16 270 1177 11 4 61 477 2 | The 4th best fantasy running back last year comes in at #12. This would be shocking most years, but he slips because of his team. The Browns spent their 2009 2nd round pick on Montario Hardesty. He got hurt in the preseason and that was all Hillis needed to be a Pro-Bowl caliber running back. But now Hardesty is back and the Browns don’t want to keep him out of the situation. They stated that Hillis looked a little worn down and they could see an equal split between the two in 2011. Hillis was basically a rookie and many will get tired through 16 games, but many don’t put up his numbers. The only other knack is he is prone to fumbling (5), but that is it. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Hillis is a duel threat that is not scared of anyone. He has the power and some speed to create the big play, but as long as the Browns keep to their word he can’t be a top 10 back. If Hardesty gets hurt in the preseason or struggles early look for the Browns to quickly turn back to their Madden cover man. Draft him late 2nd round and root against Hardesty. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 16/16 258 929 6 2 57 471 0 2010 16/16 237 1069 4 3 51 547 3 | With the addition of Mike Martz in 2010, it was much believed Forte was all but done after his disappointing 2009. Instead, the passing guru revived this backs career. Through the first 6 games he had 4 games of 29 or less rushing yards, with one being 11 yards on 8 carries. But as the season went on the Bears went to a more balanced attack, Forte ended the last 7 games with 5 games of 90+ rushing yards. He will never top 300 carries again he is just not that kind of back, but he is a lock to get 50+ catches. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: This could be a steal for where you could get this guy. He is even better in PPR, and he has no competition. The TD vulture, Chester Taylor, is likely gone which only helps Forte. Draft him as a #2 and you will like what you get as long as Martz stays balanced. | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

16: 16. LEGARRETTE BLOUNT - TB $26 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2010 7/13 201 1007 6 4 5 14 0 | This undrafted controversial running back silenced some critics with his rookie performance. Blount didn’t see much of the field until week 7, but after that he was a workhorse seeing 191 carries in 11 games. He is a very powerful runner, and at times showed he had some quickness and speed. The Buccaneers did nothing to say Blount isn’t their guy, and with only the old Cadillac behind him he will be fine. There are only two things to not like about him: 1. he is a potential head case from his prior problems. 2. He is a non-threat in the passing game. He actually isn’t even on the field when they do pass it. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He is built to last, and is on a team that can and will use him. If he has a successful 2nd year, his name will stay around fantasy for a while. He is built like a horse and has a nose for the endzone. Draft as your #2, but he could end up being your #1. | Bradshaw’s first year as a starter was a successful one. It was nice to see the Giants have the faith in him to take on 100 more carries than the previous year, and 129 more than Brandon Jacobs. Even though he was better than Jacobs, we did see the Giants give Jacobs more carries later in the year. This was mainly because of Ahmad’s fumbles (6), and Coughlins short leash with him. Still, Ahmad’s duel threat makes him a breakout candidate. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: With another year under his belt and some ball security, Jacobs should be all but gone. Bradshaw is a decent #2 with some potential, just keep an eye on Jacobs in the preseason. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 1/15 163 778 7 2 21 207 0 2010 11/16 276 1235 8 4 47 314 0 | 15. AHMAD BRADSHAW - NYG $27 | All the backs after Turner have a rather big question mark, and this guys’ is obvious. He just can’t play a full season. Until his season ending hip injury, he was on pace to have the most rushing yards since 2006. In just 11 games he was within 30 receiving yards and 15 catches of career highs. When he is able to play, the 49ers really use him. He is their whole team and in a division so weak that is what you like to hear. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Rumor is Alex Smith is returning as the starter. If so, Gore will face stacked boxes like he has his whole career. But in a weak division with so much skill the potential is still big enough to make him a top 10 back IF healthy. If you are someone who doesn’t like the risk of injuries move him down in your draft board. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 14/14 229 1120 10 5 52 406 3 2010 11/11 203 853 3 4 46 452 2 | 14. FRANK GORE - SF $29 | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

17: 17. KNOWSHON MORENO - DEN $24 | 18. RYAN MATTHEWS - SDG $23 | 19. SHONN GREENE - NYJ $23 | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 9/16 247 947 7 0 28 213 2 2010 13/13 182 779 5 2 37 372 3 | After a decent rookie season, many expected a breakout in his second year. Well that wasn’t the case, he dealt with some injuries and was stuck on a team that was usually down by 20 after the first quarter. But all signs point to a better season in 2011. He will be 100% healthy and will be in a better situation since John Fox's run first offense is now in place. Moreno will be the #1 back with only Buckhalter being little competition. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Hopefully Denver can stay in more games so Moreno’s carries go up. With all the QB shake up in Denver, odds are they will be bad yet again. That being said expect 1000 yards and about the same number of TD's, unless Tebow or Orton can keep their team in the game. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2010 9/12 158 678 7 1 22 145 0 | Many of us expected a stud running back in year one. Well, honestly that is dumb to thank anyone can just break in to the NFL and be an instant stud. Now in year two our expectations are down a little. He is now the sure starter and is in a perfect system. He won’t be the guy expected to win them games, but he will be the main back and getting 15+ carries a game. As long as he can play like he did in the last 4 games, scoring 5 TDs and having at least 55 yards in each, or at least close then owners will be happy. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: As long as he is in a dynamic offense he will be fine. Even if they are passing, he still has a chance to score seeing his good hands. Draft Matthews a little later than most #2’s, and expect big things. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 0/14 108 540 2 1 0 0 0 2010 13/13 182 779 5 2 37 372 3 | We put the same expectations on Greene as we did Matthews, if not more. And yet again we were vastly wrong. We learn from our mistake by moving Matthews and Greene down in our rankings. Honestly, Greene has the most potential for one reason and that is because he is on a run first offense, but he is ranked below him because he is not a duel threat. It will take Greene a solid start to be an elite RB because of who he has behind him. He showed his stuff in the post season, and has at least for the time past LT. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: This will be a tough pick no matter what round you get him. The expectations are there, but no one knows for sure what the Jets will do. Even though LT is past his prime, he is still good enough to be a starter. Greene will have to work his butt off to win the work horse back label. Draft him knowing you’ll need a decent #3 in case he disappoints again. | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving | Rushing Receiving

18: 23. JAHVID BEST - DET $ 17 | A big sleeper here, Best is able to go the distance at any time. He started the season off great and was making owners proud by going 98 yards and 4 TD's rushing and 170 receiving and a TD in the first 2 weeks. He suffered turf toe and was never able to become what he was in the first 2 weeks. Also, the Lions don’t look like they have much faith in Javid since they drafted Leshoure in their draft. The reason he is #23 is because of his explosiveness and potential, but he also has the chance to become irrelevant if not instantly productive. | No matter which QB is the starter, Newton or Clausen, the offense will be put on the shoulders of Stewart. I don’t even think Carolina thinks they’ll win much this season, so odds are teams will stack the box and key on him. He is a dynamic runner and an all-purpose back when he is healthy and starting. This year has the signs of a 300+ carry load. If he even can average a whole point under his YPC last year (4.3), he will go over 1000 yards. He will have hard times since he has the worst supporting cast, but he is worth a #2/3 RB pick because of his work load. | 22. JONATHON STEWART - CAR $18 | I put him in front of his old running mate because as long as he lands on another team he will be in a better situation if he is a starter. More than likely, a team won’t sign him unless they need a starter because of the money he wants. Many don’t realize but he is only a year removed from 2nd round fantasy pick, and only 2 years removed from a top 5 pick. He should be completely healthy and looking to make a statement for himself, but until he is on a team we don’t know for sure what his role is. So when you draft him realize the ceiling will vary on which team he is on. He is a solid #2 when healthy and given the chance to shine. | 21. DEANGELO WILLIAMS - FA $19 | This ranking is purely on if he stays in Cincinnati, and since it seems like he will we say he is. Benson has had a career revival in Cincinnati. Even though his stats were down in 2009, he is still the Bengals work horse. He does not have speed or quickness, but he does have power and ball control. He doesn’t have much of a receiving history, but he gets the ball enough to remain a solid #2. It seems like Benson has been in the league forever, but the facts show he is only 28 which is a year or two from the RB threshold. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He has never been a guy that will gain 5 yards per carry, but now he is on a team that gives him 20 carries a game. He is on a rookie oriented team that will rely on the running game. I see Benson with at least a year left of production, and his situation is ideal. Draft Benson as a #2 and expect his last two years stats. | YEAR GS/GP ATT YARDS TD 100YG REC YDS TD 2009 13/13 301 1251 6 6 17 111 0 2010 16/16 321 1111 7 2 28 178 1 | 20. CEDRIC BENSON - CIN $21 | Rushing Receiving

19: 24. FRED JACKSON - BUF $17 | 25. MARSHAWN LYNCH - SEA $15 | SLEEPERS OUTSIDE THE TOP 25: Mark Ingram - NO I’m not high on rookies, but Mark has the chance to be the work horse there. Even Drew Brees would like a relief in the run game. If he can produce near what he did in Alabama he could be a 1-2 round pick next year. He might be reached on in some leagues, but if he is drafted where he should be take him and take the chance of a big year. Ryan Grant - GB Everyone watched James Sparks give the Packers what they didn’t have all year, which is a running game. What people didn’t realize is that they didn’t have their stud running back. Most say he is going to split time (and maybe even the Packers say that), but they know what he did in 2008 and 2009. If he shows off his stuff early he will easily be able to return to a 2nd round pick in 2012 with the versatility of the Packers offense. DEEP SLEEP: Mikel Leshoure - DET He is one injury away from being a 300+ carry back. He is built to be a work horse and he is on a stacked offensive team if they have a healthy QB. He will probably be there in the last round, so what is wrong with drafting a rookie that could be a 1000 yard rusher? AVOID OUTSIDE TOP 30 BenJarvus Green-Ellis - NE He was given the rare opportunity to shine in the NFL, and he was able to make the best of it. The thing is Belichick gives everyone a chance, and this year they have many other capable runners. They drafted Shane Vereen and will not waste any time to get him in. So now along with Woodhead that is 3 RB’s that have to split the carries. The only thing BJGE has is goal line carries guaranteed and those are limited with Brady at QB. Look for BJGE to become irrelevant in every league come week 4. | It seems like Buffalo doesn’t even want to believe he is good. He was put behind Marshawn Lynch and prevailed, he was put behind CJ Spiller and prevailed, and then the Bills passed more and he still made success with his carries. Finally he is the feature back (yes that’s not much in Buffalo but it’s still something) and yet he still barley makes the top 25. He won’t be high on any ones draft board and most likely you’ll get him as a #3. If so, take him late and reap the benefits of 200+ carries and close to 1000 yards. | Many people forgot he even played until he made the best run in years vs. the Saints in the playoffs. Lynch needs to thank whoever made the trade that sent him out of Buffalo because he was third string there. It is not sure why he was given up on in Buffalo so quickly, but it happened and Jackson made Buffalo seem smart. He still has the chance to be the guy he was early in his Buffalo career, but he is not on many people’s radar. He could be a steal, and if he is your #3 you have to be happy with 3 starting running backs on you squad.

20: WIDE RECEIVERS | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 16/16 171 101 1569 9 6 2010 13/13 138 86 1216 9 6 | 1. ANDRE JOHNSON - HOU $40 | Andre had the lowest YPG in his last four years with 93.5, but that still led the NFL. He is the most dominate wide receiver in the NFL, with his 6’3 220 body, he is an animal to mess with. He finally got some help on the offense last year with Foster, but also got injured for the 3rd time in his career. This guy is talented beyond question with a pass happy QB. FOOD FOR THOUGHT- At age 30 he is one of the older WR in the top 10, but still should be the 1st WR off the board. With an average of over 97 YPG in the last 4 years, consistency is not a question. One little note is Johnson has never had 10 TDs in a season. | 2. RODDY WHITE - ATL $39 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 16/16 165 85 1153 11 4 2010 16/16 179 115 1389 10 5 | Consistency was this guys middle name last year, with 14/16 games with 7+ points and 8 with double digits. He has back to back double digit TD seasons, a career high in TRG, REC, and YARDS, and was 3rd in the league in standard fantasy points. In a PPR league, this is probably the top WR. The Falcons went out in the draft and picked star receiver Julio Jones. This should take away some of the defense on White. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: White is the safest pick at this position. The addition of Jones will take away some TRG, but not too many to hurt the value of White. As long as Ryan continues to mature, White will be amongst the top WR’s.

21: 3. CALVIN JOHNSON - DET $39 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 14/14 136 67 984 5 3 2010 15/15 137 77 1120 12 4 | This season sets up for the big breakout this guy has been waiting for. His team has a QB, two nice RB’s, a defense to get their offense the ball back, and of course the monster out wide, Megatron. Calvin is the perfect receiver with hands, size, and unreal speed. The only problem in his past is he plays for Detroit, where he is double/triple teamed and a weekly change at QB. The ceiling is so high if Stafford can stay healthy, but then again that is a big “IF”. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Every week each secondary schemes on how to stop him, and it seems like every week he makes ESPN for a spectacular play. If Detroit keeps improving and can get a good team around Calvin, the sky is the limit for this monster. Out of the top 3 he has the highest ceiling, but also the lowest floor. | 4. GREG JENNINGS - GB $37 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 13/16 118 68 1113 4 5 2010 16/16 124 76 1265 12 5 | The top 3 is a step up from the next group of WR's, but this guy plays for the best situation of the 4. What I mean by situation is: he plays for a pass first and sometimes pass only offense, he has the best QB of the top 4, his team has many other threats so defenses can’t key on Jennings, and he has not been injury prone in the past. A lot of Jennings elite fantasy status is with his TD’s. In 2009 he had a pretty good season, but only had 4 TD’s which dropped him in many drafts. Now he and A-Rod clicked, and it is only a good thing for Jennings' owners. After a slow start, Jennings finished the last 11 games with an average of 98 YPG and 10 TD’s. Also, most people didn’t realize this guy finished 3rd in scoring for fantasy WR’s. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Jennings' break out season started in week 5, after TE Jermichael Finley went down for the season in week 4. Finley is a big, strong, quick TE that is a favorite of Rodgers. Read in to that as you will going into the season, but Jennings should still put up big numbers in the offense.

22: YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 6/14 74 47 790 6 2 2010 12/13 128 79 1052 11 4 | 5. HAKEEM NICKS - NYG $40 | With shades of Andre Johnson in his game as a big, strong receiver, Nicks had a breakout season in only 13 games last season. Eli Manning is not shy of throwing and that was evident in the 128 targets in 13 games. In the red zone, if the Giants throw, this is the only guy Eli looks for. He has had a history of losing focus, dropping balls, and in two seasons has had 2 injuries. Potential is here for Nicks, but it is yet to see if he can put together a full season. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When drafting this guy as probably a 3rd rounder, you will be purely selecting him that high because of last year. If you remember the year before in NY, Steve Smith was the go-to receiver. For the last 3 years we have had 3 different guys top the charts for top wide out in NY. It seems he and Eli had a connection. We will see if it lasts. | 6. REGGIE WAYNE - IND $40 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 16/16 149 100 1264 10 5 2010 16/16 176 111 1355 6 4 | At age 32, Wayne set a career high in receptions and extended his 1000 yard season streak to 7. He had the most yards since 2007, and does not seem to be slowing down. Manning had to throw to many unknown names last season because of injuries, but he always has Mr. Reliable there for him. Wayne has not missed a game in the past 5 seasons, and he and Manning’s timing is like no other. The Colts aren’t changing their approach from a pass happy offense as we saw last year with Manning’s 679 attempts. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Don’t be fooled when you see the usual red flag at age 32. In the system he plays in, guys smaller and older (ex: Marvin Harrison) where able to play well into their 30’s successfully. Wayne is a reliable 1WR, and is a guarantee to get over 1000. We will look for more TD’s next year with less yards and receptions. Draft him at the end of third or beginning of the fourth. | 7. LARRY FITZGERALD - ARI $40 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 16/16 153 97 1092 13 3 2010 15/16 173 90 1137 6 3 | Larry had his worst season since 2006 last year, but you cannot blame him. The Cardinals couldn’t put a decent player in at Quarterback, yet Larry was able to make something out of nothing. Larry will get his targets regardless of whose under center, but the sad thing is he might have the best hands in the league and yet he was only able to pull in 52% of the balls thrown his way. The Cardinals have not put anyone next to Fitz since getting rid of Boldin, which also did not help Fitz. All things aside, this is one of the best wide outs in the game. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Rumor has it that there will be a new QB in town. Options are Kolb, McNabb, and Hasselbeck. As far as fantasy is concerned, any of these would be very helpful. So keep an eye on that, and draft him expecting more yards and TD’s this year.

23: 8. MILES AUSTIN - DAL $40 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 9/16 124 81 1320 11 5 2010 16/16 119 69 1041 7 5 | This ranking is purely on the shoulders of Tony Romo’s health. In 22 games with Tony he has 1844 yards and 13 TD’s, while in 10 games without him he only had 497 yards and 5 TD’s. Romo has had plenty of time to recover from a broken collarbone and should be ready for this season. Miles has made himself the complete receiver he is. At age 30 he is only in his 3rd year as a starter. He is still getting better, and as long as he remains healthy with his QB he should be elite. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: This ranking might be high for most, but you can’t argue with the production he has done with Romo. Even with Jason Garrett there, the Cowboys personnel is more of a pass happy offense. | 9. MIKE WALLACE - PIT $40 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 4/16 72 39 756 6 1 2010 16/16 102 60 1257 10 7 | With a 21 yards per catch average, he is quite the big play receiver. He has top end speed and makes the most of his chances. With only 99 receptions in 2 years, a ranking of 9 would seem pretty high. Actually, he has over 2,000 yards in that time and 16 TD’s. He has now passed Ward for the top guy on the Steelers depth chart, and has Big Ben’s trust to throw it up for him. He should continue to improve since he is only going into his third year. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Usually with your first wide out you want consistency, but Wallace struggled at times with that last year. He had less than 8 points 7 times last year, but on the other hand that could just be a sign of a second year player trying to mature. | 10. DESEAN JACKSON - PHI $40 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 15/15 118 62 1156 9 5 2010 14/14 96 47 1056 6 4 | Another deep play threat, but Jackson is the best at it of them all. He averaged 22.5 yards per reception last year. 21 of his 47 catches were of 20 yards or more. If you are in a PPR league, then move this guy down a couple spots. Although he is explosive, he is a boom or bust week by week receiver. He had half of his games where he didn’t record more than 52 yards and only scored one touchdown receiving after Thanksgiving. He will get reverses and wild cat runs every once in a while. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When drafting this guy hope he and Vick can both stay on the field. He had much better stats with him rather than Kolb. Also, make sure you have some other quality receivers because this guy will leave you with some minimal point weeks. Buyer be cautious that you can take a headache every once in a while.

24: 11. VINCENT JACKSON - SD $27 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 15/15 106 68 1167 9 6 2010 5/5 24 14 248 3 1 | A run of deep threats has taken the wide out rankings by storm, with the last 3 being of sort. This one is probably much forgotten for some, seeing he served a 10 game suspension and only really showed up for one. In that one game he showed exactly what he did in 2009 with 112 yards and 3 TD's. Jackson plays for a team filled with guys that can catch the ball. He has the size to be a weapon in the red zone, and has the speed and hands to go deep. He still needs to become a better route runner, along with keeping his head in the game. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He has the potential to be a top end WR, and is on a team that will throw the ball. If Gates recovers from his toe injury then he will be the go-to guy inside the 20. Jackson will be left with being the deep threat. If you can get him as a #2 you are in good shape. If he is your #1 then hope for the 2009 Jackson. | 12. MARQUES COLSTON - NO $26 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 14/16 106 70 1074 9 2 2010 11/15 131 84 1022 7 3 | After a slow start of not scoring a TD in the first 6 games and only once gaining over 67 yards, Colston regained the tag as Brees’ favorite target. This is the fourth time in five years that he has gained 1000 yards. The problem Colston has is that Brees’ likes to spread it around; therefore if Colston doesn’t catch a touchdown he has a hard time putting up comparable elite stats. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Colston is coming off his 5th knee surgery in this offseason. His ceiling isn’t as high as it once was, but he has been consistent enough to be reliable. As long as Brees is his QB he will be able to put up decent numbers. | 13. MIKE WILLIAMS - TB $25 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2010 16/16 128 64 955 11 1 | We might be looking at the next big thing in wide outs. He came out of nowhere and clicked instantly with Josh Freeman. He is a big receiver with speed and good hands to make the big catch. He isn’t afraid to go across the middle, instead that is where he spends most of his time. He was as consistent as it comes; he never went more than 2 games without a TD, and 4 or more receptions in 11 out of 16 games. Williams is still learning seeing he was a 4th round pick with raw ability, but he caught on well. As only a rookie, he gained nearly 1000 yards and 11 TDs. He needs to improve on the 50% of balls he caught that were thrown to him, but for only his first year 64 receptions is much better than average. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Williams only had one 100 yard game, but that speaks to his consistency seeing he almost had 1000 yards. The sky is the limit for this kid. Now he has to go out and prove he is not a one year wonder.

25: 14. BRANDON MARSHALL - MIA $23 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 13/15 154 101 1120 10 3 2010 14/14 146 86 1014 3 4 | Marshall is not a deep threat, instead he is the possession receiver that can over power the defense. He doesn’t drop many balls, and is willing to go up and get them. The trade to Miami might end up ending this guys career early if they don’t land a QB or Coordinator willing to give this guy better opportunities. A trade could be possible if the Miami falls out of contention early, but until that you will have to live with the 5-10 yard possession catches. Also, his stats might be a bit deceiving seeing he had 26 rec, 305 yards, and 1 TD in the final 3 games. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He is a PPR monster having for 10 catches 4 times last year. He will get about 70 yards a game with 7-8 catches. In standard leagues he’s an average #2 WR, while in PPR he is a top #2 WR. Draft with reasonable expectations. | 15. DWAYNE BOWE - KC $23 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 9/11 87 47 589 4 1 2010 16/16 133 72 1162 15 5 | A year removed from a drug suspension of five games, Bowe came back with a bang. He gathered the most amount of receiving TD’s in the league and a career high with 15. He had the second most fantasy points of all receivers. Bowe’s final stats were very impressive, but he was very inconsistent when gathering these stats. Bowe had 5 games of multiple TD’s, but he also had 6 games where he was held under 7 points (4 having less than 17 yards). Bowe will play much harder defenses from their 32nd ranked schedule last year. Teams will be moving coverages his way and it will be up to him and Cassel to keep their stars stats up. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Usually with 15 TD's and 2nd most fantasy points you are the top fantasy wide out, but in this case inconsistency, dropped balls, and lack of a passing game in Kansas City has you sitting at 15. Don’t be the guy to draft him as your sure fire number 1 expecting 2010 stats again, instead think 10 TD's and 1000 hopefully. Draft as a number 2 not a number 1! | 16. BRANDON LLOYD - DEN $22 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 1/2 18 8 117 0 0 2010 11/16 153 77 1448 11 6 | Coming in at #16 is the leagues reigning top fantasy WR. Yes that is right, Brandon Lloyd, and he also led the league in yards (and probably spectacular catches too). There are many reasons this guy slides so far down: 1. He has never even had a 1000 yard season before last. 2. John Fox is now the coach and preaches run first. 3. The QB situation is a mess, and the front runner Tebow is not a pocket passer. Lloyd has the odds and the experts against him this year. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Same thing goes for Lloyd as Bowe. You do not want to be the guy that drafts him as your stud #1. He should be a 5th round pick at best. Honestly can you expect even half of what he got last year? His previous history says no.

26: 17. JEREMY MACLIN - PHI $21 | 18. SANTONIO HOLMES - NYJ $20 | 19. STEVE JOHNSON - BUF $20 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 13/15 90 55 762 4 1 2010 16/16 115 70 964 10 2 | With Maclin’s 4.2 speed you would expect him as a deep threat, but actually Eagles use him as their short to medium range receiver. He really benefited from the Vick change, compiling 200 more yards and 6 more TD's. He was pretty consistent catching 4 passes in 12 games last year. In only his third year he has plenty of upside, and he seemed to develop more of a knack with Vick than Jackson did week in week out. He has the possibility to be a top 10 reciever if he remains the high flying Eagles #1, but could also just be an average #2/3 WR if DeSean gets more targets. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Probably a sleeper for most with much upside. He gets lost because of all the star power the Eagles have. Draft him as a #2 if you have a sure fire #1, he would make a great #3. | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 16/16 138 79 1248 5 3 2010 10/12 95 52 746 6 2 | The only way Holmes is a solid #2 is if he stays with Sanchez. As weird and wrong as that sounds, Holmes seems to struggle at the beginning learning new playbooks and QB’s. After a 4 game suspension he gained a rather nice chemistry with Sanchez. He also benefited from Braylon Edwards on the other side to take some coverage away. Now he and Braylon are free agents and we are awaiting their destination. Holmes would benefit in fantasy if big catches were worth more points, but instead he is just an average receiver with potential to be better in fantasy. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Holmes has a career average of only 5 TD's per year, and has only topped 1000 once. He is a solid receiver on a team hoping their QB matures to being an elite one. Hope that Holmes continues his 2nd half success into the 2011 season. | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2009 0/5 5 2 10 0 0 2010 13/16 142 82 1073 10 3 | One of the big shocks of 2010, Johnson has the size, hands, and speed to duplicate his stats. He struggled with consistency in his first year as a starter with 3 or less catches in 6 games. Buffalo didn’t do anything to improve their QB situation, so the job is Fitzpatricks’. And to be honest, that is not so bad for Steve. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You will get some duds out of this guy regardless if he improves or not because he plays in the same division as Revis Island and Devin McCourty. With that said, his potential is high and he does not have much competition. Expect over 100 yards with a little less TD's.

27: 20. DEZ BRYANT - DAL $18 | YEAR GS/GP TRG REC YARDS TD 100YG 2010 2/12 72 45 561 6 1 | With all the talent in the world but the selfishness unlike many, Dez Bryant will be an interesting pick in any draft. When he keeps from trouble, injury, and trash talking he can be the next superstar. It seems that Romo and Miles Austin have a clear “go-to receiver” chemistry, so Bryant will have to play second fiddle. That is not always a bad thing, especially for someone who probably needs the defenses attention of a #1. He caught a solid 62% of the balls he got and was starting to gain a rhythm with Kitna until a season ending injury. If healthy and on the field, he is dangerous. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He has the talent to be the next Randy Moss, and the troubles to be the next Pac Man Jones. If he plays all 16 games then he is probably worth a better ranking. He is the most talented player of the Cowboys roster, but will still just be a #2 receiver there. Draft with your head and not the hype around this guy, beware. | The stats we saw alongside Fitzgerald in Arizona does not look to be possible in Baltimore. The teams are different, schemes are different, and Boldin is not what he once was. He takes a pounding every game because of what kind of receiver he is. He is the most talented actual receiver they have, but the other options are still good. With a run first offense with many passing options, the ceiling of Boldin is lower than most. When you draft Boldin expect better stats than last year, but nothing near his past. | 21. ANQUAN BOLDIN - BAL $16 | 22. WES WELKER - NE $15 | 23. AUSTIN COLLIE - IND $14 | 24. SIDNEY RICE - MIN $13 | If you drafted Welker last year you were probably pretty disappointed. Up until last year, the stat line said Welker will get you 110+ catches, 1200 yards, and 3-4 TDs. Well in 2010 the only thing he did of that sort was TD’s, and actually he up that to 7 last year. The increase was probably due to Moss leaving, which also helped the decrease of all his other stats. Welker made an unbelievable come back from injury entering last season, but in hindsight it looked to be a bit rushed. With no Moss and a full offseason to become healthy, Welker is a hard wide out to predict. More catches are likely, yards the same, but TDs will probably decrease. | Probably a risky ranking seeing some people will be looking for a weekly #2 WR at this spot still, but when Collie did play he was effective. Collie became relevant to people in 2009 with 7 TD's and then looked to becoming a star when he started the 2011 season with 378 yards and 5 TD's in the first 4 games. But then his season came crashing down. He had a rare thumb injury, then multiple concussions that leave many have questioning if he should play. He isn’t the big time receiver, but he is a good slot and he plays with Peyton. The combination of good hand and route running, along with Peyton Manning makes you a decent fantasy receiver. Drafting this guy will be hard, will you get the receiver that caught 82% of his passes or the guy injured on the sideline. | 2009 season was a dream one for Rice, 2010 was not. He dealt with a hip injury he delayed having in the offseason until later. That ended up having him missing 10 games. He has the size, route running, and the hands to be a Pro-Bowler, but his QB situation might keep him from that. He will need to get right with Ponder once the lockout ends if he is their starter. If the Vikings make a move for a QB then Rice’s stock increases. Rice will need a quick start to quiet the doubters from saying that Favre made him and not the other way around in 2009.

28: 25. PERCY HARVIN - MIN $11 | 26. DEION BRANCH - NE $10 | 27. KENNY BRITT - TEN $10 | 28. JOHNNY KNOX - CHI $9 | 29. MICHAEL CRABTREE - SF $7 | 30. A.J. GREEN - CIN $6 | The Viking duo comes in at #24 and #25 and they are very different players, but their problems are the same. He improved on his yards and receptions in his second year while dealing with intense migraines. With Harvin saying his migraines are near done, that only leaves the problem of his QB. The good thing about Harvin rather than Rice is he can score in a variety of ways and gets the ball in different ways too. If the QB situation stays the same you could flip flop the value of the two Viking’s receivers. Either one you’re getting young potential. | There is no one happier to be in New England than Deion Branch. Once a champion in NE, he became a forgotten man until he arrived back in NE from Seattle. In just 11 games with Brady last year he compiled 48 catches, 706 yards, and 5 TD's. Also, let me inform you that he had 20 of his catches, 364 yards, and 3 TD's in two games. All in all, he was much better off in New England, but is a bit inconsistent. With his past with injuries and inconsistent stat line, he cannot be thought of much more than a #3 WR. | His off-field issues might stop him from seeing all 16 games, regardless if he remains healthy. At age 22, Britt clearly needs to mature. He is a tall athlete with good hands and nice speed. He had a 5 week span of scoring 7 of his 9 TD's, meaning he is pretty inconsistent. Now that the Titans will likely have a rookie starting QB, there are just too many question marks for Britt to be any higher. | The only receiver that seems to have any chemistry with Cutler is Knox. He shows signs of being a legitimate #1 in Chicago, but will need more statistics to be labeled that. He did show a little consistency with 7 games of 75 or more yards. With Martz as his coordinator there is always a chance they will be throwing, but with all the decent options in Chicago his value is only as a #3. | Crabtree has a lot of talent, but it is almost time for fantasy owners to give up on the potential. He and Alex Smith don’t see eye to eye, which is never good for a wide out. His attitude and lack of progress in two years might leave him as a “could have been”. This year is his last chance, and with an offensive minded coach he has no more excuses left. | The only rookie to make the list comes in at #30. It looks like Cincy won’t be resigning T.O. and Ocho is still up in the air. All of that said, it looks like A.J. will start the season as a starter. He is a very sure handed WR with a world of potential. With a shortened offseason, he and his rookie QB will have to get ready fast. As long as there’s football, Dalton has to throw the ball to someone and the best option is Green.

29: SLEEPERS OUTSIDE THE TOP 30: Mario Manningham - NYG Outside the top 30 there is not much, but when your QB is throwing it 539 times there will be plenty of balls to go around. Mario came on late totaling 16 catches, 346 yards, and 4 TD's in 3 weeks. As long as he holds off Steve Smith as the #2, he might be worth a late draft pick. Randy Moss - FA Since he is a free agent, the team he lands on really depends on his success. If the team can control Moss then we could see the Moss we did in the first 2 weeks of the 2010 season. He still has some speed, he is tall, and still athletic enough to put together one more year. Draft late and hope he lands with a coach and team he likes. DEEP SLEEP: Jordy Nelson - GB Post season success and the departure of James Jones has this guy as a nice sleeper candidate. He plays on a high powered offense that spreads the ball around. AVOID OUTSIDE TOP 30: Hines Ward - PIT Once a pretty good fantasy receiver, is now more of an afterthought. He is still going to be starting for Pittsburg, but he is no longer the go-to option. Don’t be the guy hoping for a resurgence of a guy at the age of 35.

30: POSITION RECAP RANKINGS | 1. Michael Vick 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Drew Brees 4. Phillip Rivers 5. Tom Brady 6. Peyton Manning 7. Tony Romo 8. Matt Schaub 9. Ben Roethisberger 10. Matt Ryan 11. Josh Freeman 12. Matthew Stafford 13. Eli Manning 14. Jay Cutler 15. Sam Bradford | 1. Adrian Peterson 2. Arian Foster 3. Chris Johnson 4. Jaamal Charles 5. Ray Rice 6. LeSean McCoy 7. Rashard Mendenhall 8. Maurice Jones-Drew 9. Steven Jackson 10. Darren McFadden 11. Michael Turner 12. Peyton Hillis 13. Matt Forte 14. Frank Gore 15. Ahmad Bradshaw 16. LeGarrette Blount 17, Knowshon Moreno 18. Shonn Greene 19. Ryan Matthew 20. Cedric Benson 21. DeAngelo Williams 22. Jonathan Stewart 23. Jahvid Best 24. Fred Jackson 25. Marshawn Lynch | 1. Andre Johnson 2. Roddy White 3. Calvin Johnson 4. Greg Jennings 5. Hakeem Nicks 6. Reggie Wayne 7. Larry Fitzgerald 8. Miles Austin 9. Mike Wallace 10. DeSean Jackson 11. Vincent Jackson 12. Marques Colston 13. Mike Williams 14. Brandon Marshall 15. Dwayne Bowe 16. Brandon Lloyd 17, Jeremy Maclin 18. Santonio Holmes 19. Steve Johnson 20. Dez Bryant 21. Anquan Boldin 22. Wes Welker 23. Austin Collie 24. Sidney Rice 25. Percy Harvin 26. Deion Branch 27. Kenny Britt 28. Johnny Knox 29. Michael Crabtree 30. A.J. Green | Quaterbacks | Running Backs | Wide Receivers

31: WEEK 1 Thursday, Sept. 8 Saints at Packers 8:30 PM Sunday, Sept. 11 Steelers at Ravens 1:00 PM Bengals at Browns 1:00 PM Colts at Texans 1:00 PM Titans at Jaguars 1:00 PM Falcons at Bears 1:00 PM Bills at Chiefs 1:00 PM Eagles at Rams 1:00 PM Lions at Buccaneers 1:00 PM Seahawks at 49ers 4:15 PM Giants at Redskins 4:15 PM Vikings at Chargers 4:15 PM Panthers at Cardinals 4:15 PM Cowboys at Jets 8:20 PM Monday, Sept. 12 Patriots at Dolphins 7:00 PM Raiders at Broncos 10:15 PM | WEEK 2 Sunday, Sept. 18 Chiefs at Lions 1:00 PM Seahawks at Steelers 1:00 PM Raiders at Bills 1:00 PM Packers at Panthers 1:00 PM Ravens at Titans 1:00 PM Browns at Colts 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Vikings 1:00 PM Cardinals at Redskins 1:00 PM Bears at Saints 1:00 PM Jaguars at Jets 1:00 PM Cowboys at 49ers 4:05 PM Chargers at Patriots 4:15 PM Bengals at Broncos 4:15 PM Texans at Dolphins 4:15 PM Eagles at Falcons 8:20 PM Monday, Sept. 19 Rams at Giants 8:30 PM | WEEK 13 Thursday, Dec. 1 Eagles at Seahawks 8:20 PM Sunday, Dec. 4 Ravens at Browns 1:00 PM Bengals at Steelers 1:00 PM Panthers at Buccaneers 1:00 PM Chiefs at Bears 1:00 PM Jets at Redskins 1:00 PM Falcons at Texans 1:00 PM Raiders at Dolphins 1:00 PM Lions at Saints 1:00 PM Titans at Bills 1:00 PM Broncos at Vikings 4:05 PM Rams at 49ers 4:15 PM Cowboys at Cardinals 4:15 PM Packers at Giants 4:15 PM Colts at Patriots 8:20 PM Monday, Dec. 5 Chargers at Jaguars 8:30 PM | WEEK 17 Sunday, Jan. 1 Buccaneers at Falcons 1:00 PM Cowboys at Giants 1:00 PM Panthers at Saints 1:00 PM 49ers at Rams 1:00 PM Colts at Jaguars 1:00 PM Titans at Texans 1:00 PM Lions at Packers 1:00 PM Redskins at Eagles 1:00 PM Bills at Patriots 1:00 PM Bears at Vikings 1:00 PM Jets at Dolphins 1:00 PM Ravens at Bengals 1:00 PM Steelers at Browns 1:00 PM Chiefs at Broncos 4:15 PM Seahawks at Cardinals 4:15 PM Chargers at Raiders 4:15 PM | WEEK 3 Sunday, Sept. 25 Patriots at Bills 1:00 PM Lions at Vikings 1:00 PM Giants at Eagles 1:00 PM Jaguars at Panthers 1:00 PM 49ers at Bengals 1:00 PM Texans at Saints 1:00 PM Dolphins at Browns 1:00 PM Broncos at Titans 1:00 PM Chiefs at Chargers 4:05 PM Ravens at Rams 4:05 PM Jets at Raiders 4:05 PM Packers at Bears 4:15 PM Falcons at Buccaneers 4:15 PM Cardinals at Seahawks 4:15 PM Steelers at Colts 8:20 PM Monday, Sept. 26 Redskins at Cowboys 8:30 PM | WEEK 4 Sunday, Oct. 2 Saints at Jaguars 1:00 PM Vikings at Chiefs 1:00 PM Panthers at Bears 1:00 PM Titans at Browns 1:00 PM Steelers at Texans 1:00 PM 49ers at Eagles 1:00 PM Redskins at Rams 1:00 PM Bills at Bengals 1:00 PM Lions at Cowboys 1:00 PM Giants at Cardinals 4:05 PM Falcons at Seahawks 4:05 PM Broncos at Packers 4:15 PM Patriots at Raiders 4:15 PM Dolphins at Chargers 4:15 PM Jets at Ravens 8:20 PM Monday, Oct. 3 Colts at Buccaneers 8:30 PM | WEEK 5 Sunday, Oct. 9 Saints at Panthers 1:00 PM Eagles at Bills 1:00 PM Bengals at Jaguars 1:00 PM Seahawks at Giants 1:00 PM Titans at Steelers 1:00 PM Raiders at Texans 1:00 PM Chiefs at Colts 1:00 PM Cardinals at Vikings 1:00 PM Buccaneers at 49ers 4:05 PM Chargers at Broncos 4:15 PM Jets at Patriots 4:15 PM Packers at Falcons 8:20 PM Monday, Oct. 10 Bears at Lions 8:30 PM Byes: BAL, CLE, DAL, MIA, WAS, ST | WEEK 6 Sunday, Oct. 9 Saints at Panthers 1:00 PM Eagles at Bills 1:00 PM Bengals at Jaguars 1:00 PM Seahawks at Giants 1:00 PM Titans at Steelers 1:00 PM Raiders at Texans 1:00 PM Chiefs at Colts 1:00 PM Cardinals at Vikings 1:00 PM Buccaneers at 49ers 4:05 PM Chargers at Broncos 4:15 PM Jets at Patriots 4:15 PM Packers at Falcons 8:20 PM Monday, Oct. 10 Bears at Lions 8:30 PM Byes: BAL, CLE, DAL, MIA, WAS, ST | WEEK 7 Sunday, Oct. 23 Texans at Titans 1:00 PM Seahawks at Browns 1:00 PM Falcons at Lions 1:00 PM Broncos at Dolphins 1:00 PM Chargers at Jets 1:00 PM Bears at Buccaneers 1:00 PM Redskins at Panthers 1:00 PM Chiefs at Raiders 4:05 PM Steelers at Cardinals 4:05 PM Packers at Vikings 4:15 PM Rams at Cowboys 4:15 PM Colts at Saints 8:20 PM Monday, Oct. 24 Ravens at Jaguars 8:30 PM Byes: BUF, CIN, NE, NYG, PHI, SF | WEEK 8 Sunday, Oct. 30 Colts at Titans 1:00 PM Jaguars at Texans 1:00 PM Cardinals at Ravens 1:00 PM Dolphins at Giants 1:00 PM Vikings at Panthers 1:00 PM Saints at Rams 1:00 PM Redskins at Bills 4:05 PM Lions at Broncos 4:05 PM Browns at 49ers 4:15 PM Bengals at Seahawks 4:15 PM Patriots at Steelers 4:15 PM Cowboys at Eagles 8:20 PM Monday, Oct. 31 Chargers at Chiefs 8:30 PM Byes: ATL, CHI, GB, NYJ, OAK, TB | WEEK 9 Sunday, Nov. 6 Jets at Bills 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Saints 1:00 PM Falcons at Colts 1:00 PM Seahawks at Cowboys 1:00 PM Dolphins at Chiefs 1:00 PM 49ers at Redskins 1:00 PM Browns at Texans 1:00 PM Broncos at Raiders 4:05 PM Bengals at Titans 4:05 PM Rams at Cardinals 4:15 PM Giants at Patriots 4:15 PM Packers at Chargers 4:15 PM Ravens at Steelers 8:20 PM Monday, Nov. 7 Bears at Eagles 8:30 PM Byes: CAR, DET, JAC, MIN | WEEK 10 Thursday, Nov. 10 Raiders at Chargers 8:20 PM Sunday, Nov. 13 Saints at Falcons 1:00 PM Lions at Bears 1:00 PM Jaguars at Colts 1:00 PM Broncos at Chiefs 1:00 PM Steelers at Bengals 1:00 PM Titans at Panthers 1:00 PM Texans at Buccaneers 1:00 PM Redskins at Dolphins 1:00 PM Rams at Browns 1:00 PM Bills at Cowboys 1:00 PM Cardinals at Eagles 1:00 PM Ravens at Seahawks 4:05 PM Giants at 49ers 4:15 PM Patriots at Jets 8:20 PM Monday, Nov. 14 Vikings at Packers 8:30 PM | WEEK 11 Thursday, Nov. 17 Jets at Broncos 8:20 PM Sunday, Nov. 20 Bengals at Ravens 1:00 PM Cowboys at Redskins 1:00 PM Bills at Dolphins 1:00 PM Titans at Falcons 1:00 PM Raiders at Vikings 1:00 PM Jaguars at Browns 1:00 PM Panthers at Lions 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Packers 1:00 PM Seahawks at Rams 4:05 PM Cardinals at 49ers 4:05 PM Chargers at Bears 4:15 PM Eagles at Giants 8:20 PM Monday, Nov. 21 Chiefs at Patriots 8:30 PM Byes: HOU, IND, NO, PIT | WEEK 12 Thursday, Nov. 24 Packers at Lions 12:30 PM Dolphins at Cowboys 4:15 PM 49ers at Ravens 8:20 PM Sunday, Nov. 27 Browns at Bengals 1:00 PM Texans at Jaguars 1:00 PM Cardinals at Rams 1:00 PM Bills at Jets 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Titans 1:00 PM Panthers at Colts 1:00 PM Vikings at Falcons 1:00 PM Bears at Raiders 4:05 PM Redskins at Seahawks 4:05 PM Broncos at Chargers 4:15 PM Patriots at Eagles 4:15 PM Steelers at Chiefs 8:20 PM Monday, Nov. 28 Giants at Saints 8:30 PM | WEEK 14 Thursday, Dec. 8 Browns at Steelers 8:20 PM Sunday, Dec. 11 Falcons at Panthers 1:00 PM Vikings at Lions 1:00 PM Raiders at Packers 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Jaguars 1:00 PM Eagles at Dolphins 1:00 PM Patriots at Redskins 1:00 PM Saints at Titans 1:00 PM Colts at Ravens 1:00 PM Chiefs at Jets 1:00 PM Texans at Bengals 1:00 PM 49ers at Cardinals 4:05 PM Bears at Broncos 4:05 PM Bills at Chargers 4:15 PM Giants at Cowboys 8:20 PM Monday, Dec. 12 Rams at Seahawks 8:30 PM | WEEK 15 Thursday, Dec. 15 Jaguars at Falcons 8:20 PM Saturday, Dec. 17 Cowboys at Buccaneers 8:20 PM Sunday, Dec. 18 Dolphins at Bills 1:00 PM Redskins at Giants 1:00 PM Titans at Colts 1:00 PM Panthers at Texans 1:00 PM Packers at Chiefs 1:00 PM Bengals at Rams 1:00 PM Saints at Vikings 1:00 PM Seahawks at Bears 1:00 PM Lions at Raiders 4:05 PM Jets at Eagles 4:15 PM Browns at Cardinals 4:15 PM Patriots at Broncos 4:15 PM Ravens at Chargers 8:20 PM Monday, Dec. 19 Steelers at 49ers 8:30 PM | WEEK 16 Thursday, Dec. 22 Texans at Colts 8:20 PM Saturday, Dec. 24 Browns at Ravens 1:00 PM Buccaneers at Panthers 1:00 PM Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 PM Raiders at Chiefs 1:00 PM Jaguars at Titans 1:00 PM Cardinals at Bengals 1:00 PM Giants at Jets 1:00 PM Rams at Steelers 1:00 PM Broncos at Bills 1:00 PM Vikings at Redskins 1:00 PM Chargers at Lions 4:05 PM Eagles at Cowboys 4:15 PM 49ers at Seahawks 4:15 PM Sunday, Dec. 25 Bears at Packers 8:20 PM Monday, Dec. 26 Falcons at Saints 8:30 PM | 2011-2012 schedule

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