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Kylie's First Year

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S: Kylie's First Year


1: Kylie Shaw Craig | December 8, 2011 7oz 1lb 21in

2: WE'RE HAVING A BABY | After 10 months of trying to get pregnant, I had started preparing myself for the worst. I knew most likely we were fine and that it was just taking a while, but I had stopped hoping each month. I honestly wasn't worried or stressed, just trying to be realistic. In March I started taking my temperature, just to make sure that I actually was ovulating. It went very well - I had a very clear spike one day. | Sunday, March 27, 2011 - I start Spaz Week. I have a MAJOR (even for me) melt down for no reason and I pour boiling water on myself. Monday, March 28, 2011 - I break my toe by walking into a wall. Thursday, March 31, 2011 - I post this facebook status: "I'm just a spaz this week! Today I called 4 kids by the wrong name :(" Friday, April 1, 2011 - I expect my monthly friend because of the day my temperature spiked. I'm not that surprised when it doesn't come because I am very irregular. I do begin having my normal PMS symptoms. | Sunday, April 3, 2011 - My toe has gotten worse, so I decide that I will go to the doctor. In case they want to do an x-ray I decide to take a pregnancy test so I can tell them for sure that I'm not pregnant. Dollar General was out of their dollar tests so I buy a two pack. | taken from Momma's blog

3: I am SHOCKED when it's positive. Out of the probably 10 tests I've taken, I was least hopeful for this one! We're not even sure if we should believe it, but two hours later I take another test and it's positive too! Neither of us could sleep that night, and I had a blood test confirm it the next day!

4: BIRTH STORY | taken from Momma's blog | Some background info: We didn't make a birth plan, because we really didn't have strong opinions about a lot of things. I knew that I would love to have an epidural. However, because I have spinal fusion in my lower back I knew it would be unlikely that an anesthesiologist would even try. I also knew that I didn't want to be induced without an epidural, because everyone tells me that induced labor is much more painful. I was open to IV drugs, but skeptical about them working and concerned about how they would affect me and if they would be worth it. On to the story... | So since I was scared to be induced, when I hit 40 weeks by my period due date (on the 1st) I started to get antsy. I did not like finding the balance between not wanting to be induced and not endangering the baby by waiting too long. But I was pretty much ok with letting my doctor make that decision. I had an appointment on the 5th (the day before my ultrasound due date) and I was still just 50% effaced and not dilated. So my doctor made an appointment for a non stress test (monitoring the baby's heart rate for an hour) on the 8th, which eased some of my worry. I'm pretty sure I lost my mucous plug when she examined me. I didn't see it until after she left the room, so I couldn't ask her about it, but it looked exactly like I've read it described. | 39 weeks

5: due date | All that evening and the next day, I just felt different. My stomach was tight all the time and I had a lot of brown discharge. We were pretty sure it was happening soon, but also didn't want to get our hopes up. The next day (the 7th) I really felt different. I was having a lot more contractions than usual and started having some watery discharge [MISTAKE - It occured to me that the watery discharge could be my water leaking, but I did not call my doctor. This was not smart, I didn't know the risks in having your water leak for a long period of time]. We were pretty sure it was going to happen that night, so Josh went to bed early. I couldn’t sleep because of reflux (with the earlier bedtime I had eaten too close to lying down - SO glad those days are over!). | So I sat in the recliner and cried my eyes out to the Biggest Loser (that show kills me), while writing down my contractions. They were almost exactly 7 minutes apart between 10 and 11pm. I started to really think this is for real, but it could still be a while before I needed to go to the hospital. So I decided to try again to get some sleep. My contractions still weren't that painful, and I figured they would wake me up when things really got going. But when I used the bathroom, I found that my discharge has turned to pink. I thought this might be normal, but I wasn't sure so I decided to stay awake and keep an eye on that. Now I really wasn't sure what to do. Do I wake Josh up? Do I pack and shower? I watched some more TV online, tried to sleep again, and then I decided to pack and shower and still time my contractions. By the time I was out of the shower they were 5 minutes apart but still not very painful. I still wasn't sure what to do. I had tested negative for Strep B, and I thought I couldn't have an epidural, so there was no reason to rush to the hospital. But I started having a lot of blood coming out and I really didn't know if that was normal, so I just decided to go.

6: I woke Josh up around 2:30am and he was soooo out of it. I told him he had plenty of time to shower if he wanted - he said "no that's ok" and got in the shower. I checked my packing list about 10 times, paced around the house while he got ready, got my towel and garbage bag to sit on in the car and off we went! | By the time we got in the car I started having some pain in my right hip with each contraction, but no pain in my abdomen. We got to the emergency room, I said "hi, I'm in labor" and everything gets a little blurry after that! By the time I got to a room it was about 4am. I told them about the clear discharge and they did a test. Sure enough, it was amniotic fluid, but they felt my belly and said I must not be leaking very much. I think this was the point that Josh called my parents. We didn't want to wake them up until we were sure, and we didn't think it was necessary to wake anyone else up in the middle of the night. My first nurse was not particularly talkative or informative. She came in and told me that they would start Pitocin at 6am. I asked why?? (remember - I was scared about induced labor) She just told me that's what the doctor said and couldn't tell me any more than that. By the time they started the Pitocin, my contractions had slowed way down (I thought I was just sleeping through them!). I was only 1cm, and I wonder if I hadn't been leaking if they would have just sent me home. Thankfully there was a shift change, and the nurse I had during the day (and most of my labor) was great. She answered all of my questions, but didn't put up with my "I can'ts" :). She explained that since my water had been leaking for so long the baby had to come out TODAY and that's why they were doing Pitocin. Now I'm very fuzzy on the timeline for the rest of the day. They kept changing the Pitocin because the baby was not handling it well. Eventually they stopped it, I think around the time I got my epidural. When they stopped the Pitocin I thought for sure I would end up with a C-section. But my body got into gear - maybe the epidural helped relax me?

7: That's right... I said when I got my epidural! I asked to see the anesthesiologist right when I came in, and I think she came in around 8. She was so great. She was very blunt with us - she was willing to try the epidural, but half the time with fusion patients she can't get it in. And even if she can get it in, most of the time it doesn't work or is spotty. I was just excited that she was willing to try! Right when she came in, I started to get very nauseous and a little panicky. She suggested I take some Zofran (for the nausea) and IV pain meds to calm me down for the epidural. After she conferred with my OB and came back in, she pretty much told us that she would not give me the epidural unless I took something to calm me down. As I said before, I didn't have very strong opinions, and I was pretty much willing to do what the doctors suggested. The IV drugs affected me exactly how I had feared. They did not do much for the pain, but they made me groggy, confused and whiny. I was SO out of it when she put the epidural in. It took her a long time, and at one point I heard her tell the nurse that she didn't think she could do it. But I was too confused to care - I was just frustrated trying to understand what the nurse was telling me to do with my feet and arms. I realized later that I never opened my eyes the entire time she was talking to me! WHY do people do narcotics for fun, ugh. While she was putting in the epidural, the woman next door to us was screaming her head off! In my confused state I just thought it was funny, but Josh was begging God for my epidural to work :) And it did! It was so amazing... I felt NOTHING but could still move my legs. I was ecstatic. I told everyone who came in and asked how I was doing... my epidural worked! The anesthesiologist told me that she wanted me to feel no pain, and I took her up on that. I went through two bags and 4 of the extra syringe things. She came to check on me regularly, and made sure I was ok before she went into 2 C-sections. I could move my legs until the 4th extra syringe. I am SO grateful! I know women have been doing this with no meds for all of time, but I was so glad I didn't have to. I was only 3cm when I got my epidural, so I still don't really know what labor feels like!

8: My water did finally end up breaking on its own... I can't remember if it was before or after the epidural, but it was one of the times the nurse was checking me. I'm thinking it was before, because I definitely felt the pop! It was green, so we knew early on that there was meconium in there. After I got my epidural, I suddenly felt a flood and looked down to see a lot of yellow fluid. I called the nurses station and told them my cathedar had fallen out! Turns out it was just more amniotic fluid. It happened again a little later... I heard something dripping and there was a yellow puddle on the floor. Labor is gross :) I think I slept a lot after the epidural because the rest of the day went by pretty fast. I was still expecting a C-section, but it seemed like I got to 8cm in a pretty short time. And then I was stuck. The doc kept coming in, the nurses kept checking me, and it was just 8. We hit the 7:00 shift change and I was sad to lose the nurse I'd had all day. By 8pm I was still not completely dilated, but they decided to push anyway. They kept saying something about a lip that they could push around her head. The pushing did not go so well. I started getting very nauseated right before we started to push, and as I said - it makes me panic. I felt like I had NO idea what I was doing. They kept saying push toward the ceiling and I did not know what that meant. I was also stressed because they wanted me to tell them when it was time to push, and with the epidural I could barely feel my stomach tightening and was never really sure. They told me I was doing a good job - but I'm sure they tell everyone that. I was just confused. At one point they tried the tug of war thing. All I could think about was that my arms were too weak to hold onto the towel and I was going to let go and make the nurse fall on the floor. About an hour into the pushing, the doctor said something about the cord being around her neck. I'm not sure if they had suspected that the whole time I was in labor or not - but it seemed that was why she was having a hard time coming out. She wasn't handling the pushing well, so they had me on oxygen between pushes. I was a total baby about that, because breathing in my own hot air made me way more nauseated. Josh ended up just holding the mask a few inches from my face.

9: About an hour and a half into pushing I lost it. My body seemed to be shutting down. I was incredibly nauseous and throwing up in my mouth, my face was on fire (they kept taking my temp but I never had a fever), I had gotten congested and was coughing through the pushing and I was shaking uncontrollably. But still felt very little pain! I was really starting to feel like I must be doing something wrong and I couldn't follow all of their instructions. A few tears came out and then I just couldn't stop them. I kept telling the nurses I was fine, I understood that the baby was fine, I wasn't scared, etc. Thankfully Josh knows that the flood of tears just happens sometimes and he ignored them. I kept crying and shaking like that until about 15 minutes after she was born. After 2 hours of pushing, Josh says something suddenly changed - the doctor decided she had to come out NOW. We've never asked what happened. But suddenly there were about 8 people in the room, the doctor pulled out a suction (she called it a kiwi) and in 2 pushes she was out. I was too tired to understand what was going on or to be scared. I remember hearing her cough and knowing that was a good thing. The doctor said something about 2 necklaces and the nurses were talking about her hair and long legs. Right when she came out I did have the presence of mind to tell Josh to get the camera, so he captured the craziness.

10: I remember hearing her scream, but once they swaddled her and handed her to Josh she was quiet. Once I had stopped shaking and the doctor was done working on me, Josh handed her over. It was the most surreal moment. I couldn't believe how cute she was. I expected her to be purple and pruny! | We tried to nurse but she wasn't interested. Then they whisked her away for a blood test (because of the meconium) and whatever else they needed to do. Those 15 minutes after she was born were probably the most confusing, overwhelming and emotional minutes of my life. Hearing my baby cry, watching my husband hold her, feeling the doctor sewing me, shaking and crying... it was really crazy and I felt completely helpless. It seemed like the doctor was sewing me for a long time, so I asked how bad my tearing was. She said "third degree." I thought it was like burns... first is the worst. Nope, it's the opposite. | When I got to the recovery room and a nurse came in to check my stitches she said "are you the one with the third degree tear that went all the way?" I said, "I don't know, am I???" I thought because of the long time pushing my tearing might not be too bad, but I guess because of the suction in the end I tore quite a bit. But it doesn't bother me too much now, so it definitely wasn't as bad as some people!

11: After they took her away, Josh brought me a Sierra Mist and it tasted and felt so good in my stomach. I could have drank 3 of them! Because of the time my only option for food was a box lunch. I was still feeling pretty icky, but I knew that I would feel better if I ate, so I finished every bit of it. It seemed like in no time at all my epidural had worn off, they were helping me use the restroom, and I was wheeled into the recovery room. I laid on my back for the first time in months and slept like a rock! | It all didn't seem real until they brought her back to me a few hours later. They helped me get started nursing and then left us alone. That is the time I will really remember.

12: FIRST DAY | taken from Momma's blog | Our day started when they brought her back to me around 4am. The nurses gave me a fun surprise: a perfect mohawk! Her hair is even better when it’s clean and fluffy! | HER HEALTH: She swallowed a lot of gunk, but they got it all out and her blood work came back good! I am VERY glad that she doesn’t need an antibiotic and I don’t have to be walking back and forth to the nursery. And of course it’s best to have her in my room. Her temp was a little low for a while today, so we “had” to hold her constantly for a few hours wrapped in a ton of blankets. But she’s back up now. After the delivery, she did not need a diaper change all day. But sometime after 8pm she had 3 dirty diapers! (all for the nurses while I was sleeping haha!) They gave her a suppository anyway to help keep things moving.

13: PEOPLE: She has many facebook admirers and everyone is in love with the hair! It is, by the way, exactly like the hair I was born with. So maybe that means she’ll stay dark like me! We had 5 visitors today, and I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures. I do have one of Ashley that she took with her phone: | PERSONALITY: I don’t know what 1st day babies are usually like, but she has barely fussed at all. [added: the nurse that had her both nights said she is a particularly calm baby! whoo!] She loves being swaddled – fusses a tiny bit during the process, but calms down immediately. She always works her hands out of her blankets and holds them under her chin. She even worked off her hospital bracelet. She had a long period of awake time this afternoon and the other Ashley got her to take a binkie instead of sucking on her mitten. (would have been a good picture bah! We should stage it later :)) She’s spit up a number of times – and always lets us know – but calms down immediately. She hasn’t christened either one of us yet, but she got a nurse. :) She is a very good sport while being burped and waiting for me to get situated when we switch sides. My best trick so far to keep her awake while nursing is tickling her ear, which makes me laugh. She makes super cute noises when she sleeps and sticks her tongue out a lot. We know she won’t always be this easy, so we’re definitely making sure to enjoy it! | Momma as a baby

14: So far we’re thinking Josh’s chin, forehead, and nose and my eyes and hair. But everyone says something different!

17: Grammy and Papa came to visit when Kylie was 2 days old

19: DATE__________ | Coming Home


22: grabbing her hair | first time with bare legs and no crying


26: At her two week appt. she weighed 7lbs 2oz which is 1oz more than her birth weight. I didn't catch her height, but Josh said it was less than her birth height, haha! It's hard to measure an infant. She's perfect. Even her skin still looks great. | TWO WEEKS | taken from Momma's blog

27: The first two nights home were rough - she didn't sleep more than 1 hour or 45 minutes at a time. We finally figured out she was cold and kept adding layers until she slept for 3 hours! We ended up with: a fleece sleeper, mittens, a cotton Swaddleme, a fleece Halo swaddler, a fleece blanket and two hats. This week she's been getting hot, so I have reduced the layers. I usually have to wake her up to feed her which is SO great. She is GREAT at nursing. She is amazing at switching between regular nursing, using a shield, and drinking a bottle. For the first five days we were home, she didn't spit up once. I thought I had a miracle baby. But since my milk has really come in she's had some good ones. Last night she decided I needed a better initiation into mommyhood and got everything both of us were wearing and both of our hair. Other than pooping fussiness, she's the easiest baby. We've never had a time of inconsolable crying. The binkie ALWAYS works and she's also easily comforted by the swing, being swaddled, or being held - particularly by Daddy.

28: The past three weeks have been both incredibly long and incredibly short. Having a baby is really something that cannot be described! It's still so crazy to me how everything changes daily. I think I have her figured out, and then it's all different! One thing that has stayed pretty much the same is our schedule. The Babywise plan is still going pretty well. Before she was born, I had an ideal schedule in my head- knowing it probably wouldn't work. But she's fit into it well! I believe she's started having reflux this week and its been pretty upsetting for both of us. I hate seeing her so uncomfortable and she's having a hard time falling asleep at night. She doesn't have a doctors appointment before two months, but I'm debating taking her in earlier to see if they have any suggestions. So far I'm burping her more, keeping her upright after she eats (except at night), propping the mattress in her bassinet, and we just bought some gas drops. So far the only thing that helps is the binky... but popping the binky back in her mouth until she falls asleep at night is not exactly ideal! And lets just say I'm doing a LOT of laundry. With it being Christmas we had a lot of outings this week! On Christmas Eve we went to church and a party. She wore the sweater that Josh's mom made for her. | THREE WEEKS | taken from Momma's blog

29: Christmas Day we went to church and another party! She wore the outfit my mom bought for her. | Monday was Josh's last day off and we went shopping in Columbia. This was before the spitting up had gotten bad and she was super easy! She didn't cry until we got home and it was time for dinner. She's getting better about napping in her crib, and I think I've decided that swaddling is best. She still loves her swing, and sometimes before her bedtime feeding she naps on Daddy. Other than her reflux discomfort, she's still a super happy baby! Even with the reflux, she only cries for about 15 seconds before settling herself down. But she is noisy! I'm so glad she takes a binky - otherwise I don't know what we would do about church. And as far as I can tell she still has all of her hair....

30: Grandma and Pap Pap came to visit when Kylie was 3 weeks old

31: #1 diapers | found her thumb | noticing her toys

33: first bath with no tears | wearing Steelers gear for Daddy's birthday | asleep in the tub

34: ONE MONTH | taken from Momma's blog

35: According to our home scale, she is about 9 lbs. She's in 1 diapers and kind of in between newborn and 0-3 clothes. She nurses 8 times a day, and goes for 4 hours between feedings two times overnight. When we give her a bottle she drinks 2-4oz. She usually takes two 45 min naps in the morning and sleeps a lot in the afternoon and evening. On her one month birthday she went to the nursery for evening church for the first time while Josh and I did music, and we cheered on the Steelers who lost the wild card game to Tim Tebow. | Thanks to suggestions from the Grandmas, she took her first bath without crying. I put her in the regular tub so she could be submerged, put a towel under her in the tub, kept a warm wet washcloth covering her and used an actual baby towel. I'm still trying to figure out how to go from tub to towel without scaring her or getting me soaking wet We're still trying to figure out if she's a spitter... she had a week with a lot of big ones, but she's barely spit up the past few days. She's having a lot of trouble with gas pain, but we're thinking (hoping!) that dairy is the culprit.

36: She's looking at us more. I love it when I give her a bottle and she watches me the whole time. She also likes to GRAB at me or the bottle (which ever one is feeding her). She still loves her swing and binkie, and now that she's a little longer she loves laying in the boppy and stretching her arms and legs. I use the Swaddleme for naps and fleece Halo swaddler for night. We don't use the binkie to sleep unless she's having bad gas pains. She's had a few rough nights and Daddy stayed up with her and let me sleep. But for the most part she goes down no problem! I haven't seen any hair loss yet! Maybe she'll keep it! She did get cradle cap and baby acne, so she's a bit of a hot mess at the moment :) But we still think she's pretty cute.

37: first time in the carrier was a success | first walk outside | good tummy time

38: I had fully intended to do a 6 week post, but that was in the middle of the worst of her tummy troubles and I didn't have the heart. But now we have our easy baby back! Seriously, I think we have been blessed with an easy one. At the doctor yesterday she was 9lbs 9oz and 22in. I think she is perfectly normal - not very skinny or chunky. I had to put away 3 more newborn outfits yesterday. We currently have 2 newborn and 2 0-3 outfits that fit perfectly. The night after we had given her formula for 24 hours, I fed her at 9:30pm and woke her up at 6:30am! (at exactly 6 weeks old) She then slept all day. Poor thing had been exhausted. | SEVEN WEEKS | taken from Momma's blog | Since then (for the past week) she has mostly slept through the night. From 3:30am - 5:30am she grunts and squeaks, and then gets hungry and cries at 5:30 (exactly those times, every morning). Wednesday night I put her in the crib for the first time with the monitor, but still couldn't sleep through the two hours of grunting. So last night we did the crib with no monitor and she woke us up at 5:30. So right now she goes from 9:30 - 5:30 and my goal for the next two weeks is to get her to go from 9-6 so I can get 8 hours of sleep (since the feeding and getting ready for bed process takes about an hour). And yes, I do realize how fortunate I am to be talking about getting 8 hours of sleep with a 7 week old. I can't take any credit - she's been a great sleeper from the start.

39: But before I work on her going 9 hours at night we are working on naps. We started out doing the Babywise thing, but with her tummy troubles everything went out the window. Plus formula changes everything. I was stressed at first about figuring out a new schedule, but I'm very happy with where we've landed. She still eats every three hours during the day (except the first cycle is 4, which will hopefully change if she goes 9 hours at night) but the new timing is even better for church, piano lessons and our dinner! The Babywise plan is eat - wake - sleep - repeat. But I THINK I've decided that we prefer eat - wake - sleep - wake - repeat. I put her down for a nap right when she starts getting sleepy instead of trying to keep her up longer, and she almost never cries when I put her in her crib. I like that she doesn't expect to eat right when she wakes up. And I don't know if it's in my head, but it seems like she eats more and her reflux isn't as bad if she's not eating right when she wakes up. So ideally, our cycle would be eat - wake time for 1 hour (including eating) - nap time for 1.5 hours - wake time for .5 hours. But, she had only been sleeping for 30 or 45 minutes. I was pretty sure it was the reflux because she sleeps great in her car seat. Propping the mattress didn't work, so today I've been putting her on her belly and just swaddling her lower body. So far she's slept 1.5 and 2 hours. I will still put her on her back in the Halo at night. | She is such a happy baby. She's content wherever I put her. I've been trying to be more purposeful about putting her on the floor to let her stretch and roll around. On Sunday I saw her roll up on her left side for the first time and now she does it every time. She is kind of lazy with tummy time. She doesn't protest it, but she usually finds her fist with her mouth and then that's all she cares about. But she seems to be doing well with her neck strength when I hold her.

40: She does have her tiny little cranky time, between the 6:30 and 9:30pm feedings. Which is a bummer because that's when Josh is home, but I know it's typical. I just plan on holding her or putting her in the carrier during that time. She has yet to cry while in the carrier! I'm hoping that she might be a little happier if she starts napping better, because it's obvious that she's overly tired. She will suck or eat anything I put in her mouth. She's never protested the formula and I give it to her straight from the fridge. She gets maaaaaaaad when I take it away to burp her and I think it's a little hilarious :) Her little arms flail all over and she does does this drawn out mmmmmmmaaaaaa cry. She definitely smiles now, particularly when I'm changing her diaper right after feeding her. Of course she never does it when I'm trying to video her. Her reflux gets a little better every day. I'm getting better at getting her to swallow all of the Zantac. I keep her upright in my lap for at least 15 minutes after she eats and I burp her A LOT. Once before she eats, about every .75oz when she eats, once after she eats, once after I've held her upright for 15 and changed her diaper, anytime I move her around while she's awake, and before I put her down for a nap. She usually gives me a good one every time! While she eats I don't even have to pat her back - just sit her up. And the other times I just put her on my shoulder and give her a few pats. So that's our easy happy gorgeous baby at 7 weeks! (seriously, is she not the prettiest baby ever? She doesn't even have any bald spots - yet)

42: CHURCH FRIENDS | Ava Cook Taylor Norton Myka Waldron


45: Kylie has been doing fun things the past few days! The first 6 weeks it was like you could watch her grow everyday and now it seems she does something new everyday! At her 2 month appointment she was 9lbs 15oz and 21.5 inches. That's 1/4 inch shorter than the last time we went to the doctor :) And I really think she has grown more than 1/2 inch since birth. But anyway, that's about 15th percentile for weight and 10th for height. I didn't know that she was small! She's pretty much out of newborn clothes and some of her 0-3 clothes. Her 3 month things are just a little big but we still wear them. I still usually dress her in a sleep and play. But about half her 3 month things are 2 pieces, so I'm having to make my peace with socks. This Sunday she wore stockings for the first time! And we borrowed a bow from our friend Ava since she doesn't have enough hair for it yet. She still loves all the same things... binkie, swing, front carrier. She's starting to grab her blankets so I'm introducing the lovey. | TWO MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

46: She wears 1 diapers during the day and a 2 at night. I still haven't had to buy diapers! And people gave us a lot of different brands | so I've been able to figure out what I like. I THINK I will be buying Target diapers. They are more absorbent up the back than Parent's Choice and I love the stretchy sides. We don't have a Target in town, so I'll have to stock up whenever we go to Columbia or Florence. Huggies are my least favorite, they are loose around her legs. On Wednesday the doctor said she'd be rolling over soon. I thought "soon" meant two weeks... nope, two days! On Friday I put her in her crib for her nap and she flipped from her stomach to her back. I couldn't believe it! I flipped her over and she did it two more times! She's not a big eater. Sometimes she'll have 5-6oz, but usually it's 3-4. She eats 5 times a day and we're on a flexible 3-4 hour schedule depending on how she's acting and what we have going on. We just moved her last feeding up to 8pm. She's in bed by 9pm and wakes up at 6am. The last few days she hasn't even made any noise in the night... at least not enough to wake us up! I put her on her belly to sleep and that's working very well. She falls asleep right away when I put her down.

47: I love that she's interacting more and more. She's grabbing my finger, grabbing her toy bar, and going cross eyed trying to get her hand to her mouth. She watches us walk around the room and is distracted from her bottle every morning to smile at Josh. I can't wait for her to laugh! I'm not feeling like I want her to stop growing yet. I'm loving all the changes! I think I will really enjoy this next month.


50: Kylie is having a particularly happy week. I don't know if it's a fluke or if she's actually outgrowing her evening fussiness! On Sunday she laid in her boppy and watched us practice music. Then she slept through the whole evening service. On Monday she slept in the carrier while we grocery shopped. On Tuesday she sat in her swing and watched us P90X and then took a nap in her crib. Last night she took a looong nap in her crib. Josh had to wake her up for her last bottle! She's been taking forever to drink her bottle, particularly if someone else is feeding her. And she's still not drinking a lot. So yesterday we switched to the 3 month nipple and it seems to be helping! And she's not spitting up any more than usual. This past Sunday she modeled one of the sweaters Grandma Maureen made her. | 2.5 MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

51: watching her toys | holding her head up

54: According to our home scale she's almost 12lbs. She's only grown out of 2 of her 0-3 outfits, and most of her 3 month clothes are still a little big. She eats between 6-7am, between 10-11am, between 1:30-2pm, at 5pm and at 8pm. I'm guessing that by the time we're starting solids she'll be going 12 hours at night and only eating 4 times a day. She usually has 4 6oz bottles and one 4oz. She sleeps from 9pm to 6-7am. She takes 4 naps a day, each 1-2 hours. Except for yesterday she's been sleeping in the church nursery for both the morning and evening services. She's napping better than she was a few weeks ago. I think she's getting better at transitioning between sleep cycles. A few days a week she'll wake up in the middle of the night. But I'll just put the binkie in and hold my hand on her back for a minute and she goes back to sleep. I think only once this month she had a hard time going back to sleep and Josh stayed up and rocked her for awhile. She's great at interacting with us. She's not laughing yet, but I think she's soooo close. Her favorite thing right now is her feet. She LOVES when her outfits have feet faces. She stares at them for long periodS of time. | THREE MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

55: She loves to grab at any fabric... burp cloth, blanket, wash cloth. She lifts her head 90 degrees but I don't think I've seen her lift her chest yet. She can roll over from her stomach to her back but she doesn't do it very often. From her back she rolls up on her side and she can get her hips all the way around, but she can't get past her shoulder to get on her stomach. I've started putting her in her bumbo like seat, but she can only hold her head for a few seconds. In general she's very content! Every morning she rolls around on the floor for 30-45 minutes while I exercise. She usually only gets fussy if we're out and about when she should be home napping.

56: front facing | first time with bare legs | playing with the binky

57: getting sophie to her mouth | enjoying her bath | head up! | loves the puppy

58: visit from Grammy and Papa | and trip to the zoo

60: loves straps

61: does not love carrots

63: BBQ with church friends


66: 4 months and 1 day old. This day was a little unusual - she slept and drank a lot! Her days are very predictable (except for her bottle amounts). I always feed her at the same times, unless something in my schedule prevents that. I don't do naps by the clock; I wait until she's looking sleepy or getting fussy. But she is very consistent and naps at the same times. Her first two naps are 1.5 - 2 hours and her 3rd nap is usually an hour. | A DAY IN THE LIFE OF KYLIE | taken from Momma's blog | 7am - wake up and 8oz bottle | play on the floor while Momma exercises | usually she finds the bookshelf with her feet. This was the first | day she found it with her hands

67: 9am - nap | 11am - wake up | 2nd bottle, 6oz | happy full, rested baby! | smiling at the baby in the mirror | she loves baths now! | We always grocery shop on Mondays. And she's always happy or sleeping! Here she's just avoiding the sun

68: 1:15 - 2nd nap. | 3:15 wake up | 3rd bottle, 8 oz. | I wasn't expecting her to eat that much and had to make another bottle | talking to me in her high chair while I made dinner | name that book! It's my favorite | listening to me play piano and staring at the baby in the mirror

69: welcome home Daddy! | this is a new thing - grabbing our noses | 5pm - nap. Usually she only sleeps an hour for her 3rd nap, but today she slept two! She woke up for her 4th bottle, 6oz, at 7pm | in her nighttime diaper (a size two, still in ones during the day) | she was sucking her bottom lip like crazy. I didn't know if she was hungry or if this was just a new thing. But I offered her more and she had another 2oz! She must be going through another growth spurt | cuddle for a bit and bed at 8:30

70: meeting cousins Catherine and Roberto | Aunt Gail saved Momma's old dress coat

71: GROWING She hasn't had her 4 month appointment yet, but I think she's still on the small side. I think I'm a couple days away from putting away her 0-3 month sleepers, but she still fits in 0-3 onesies and pants. However most of her summer stuff is 3-6 so she's been swimming in her clothes for a few weeks. She just graduated to number two diapers this week! But she needs to be in Pampers or Huggies overnight. | FOUR MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog | EATING The past few days she's been drinking 32oz! I need to get her on some solids! We first tried Parents Choice rice cereal... I didn't look at the label until after she had a reaction to the soy :( Then we waited awhile and tried homemade carrots. She gagged a lot on them. I wasn't sure if that's just what they do or if it was too chunky? So we waited another few days and now we're working on soy-free Beechnut rice cereal. She doesn't necessarily dislike it, but she does not understand the concept of swallowing. I definitely hope the rice cereal will help her reflux. It is getting better... she usually only spits up large amounts when she's on her belly. The bib can handle what comes out the rest of the time. But she still coughs a lot. It's sad :(

72: SLEEPING She wakes up at 7 almost every day - she's very consistent. She takes a 1.5-2 hour nap at about 8:30 and 1. The length and time of her evening nap depends on her earlier naps and if we were home enough for her to get a full nap. She goes to bed at about 8:30. She still wakes up in the night sometimes and I go in and give her the binky. I've only had to hold her and help her fall back asleep once in the past month. | DEVELOPMENT She can roll over both ways, but I think she forgets that she can roll onto her back. When we hear her making happy noises in the morning, it's usually because she has rolled onto her back and is chewing on her blanket. She just started grabbing her feet this week. Thankfully it's warm enough that she doesn't have to wear socks anymore. | She still doesn't laugh very often. Usually the most we can get it a "heh" And as you can see, she's getting good at sitting in her seat.

73: FAVORITES She loves sitting up. I think she feels like big stuff. he loves fabric... burp cloths, washcloths, bibs, high chair straps. Her favorite toy right now is randomly these crinkly wrist things with faces. She smiles when I hand them to her.And of course the binky is always the favorite. | She's still the easiest baby! Pretty much perfect :)

74: friends Ava and Taylor

75: my exercise buddies

76: curlers did not work so well, but pigtails did!

79: first cold | not liking solids

80: According to our home scale she is exactly 14lbs. I never went back and posted about her 4 month appointment... she was 24.75in(50th), 13lbs(25th), and her head was 80th percentile. She definitely longer because she's pretty much fitting into her 6 month clothes length-wise. Skirts and bloomers are still big. She is using Pampers twos at night and Target threes during the day. She was leaking out of Luvs twos once in a while (mainly when she did both at the same time) so when we bought a box from Target I just went ahead and bought the bigger size. That was the first time we've had to buy diapers! We still have a package of Pampers, but I'm being stingy and only using them at night. There is SUCH a difference. | FIVE MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

81: She's eating solids. It took her a few weeks to get the hang of it, and I've been cautious with introducing new foods. Right now she has bananas for breakfast, peas for lunch and apples, carrots and rice cereal mixed together for dinner. It has helped with her reflux (yay!). I'm making her food and it's really cheap and easy! I got a Baby Breeza, which is not cheap but I love it and it will pay itself off. | She's so noisey and we love it! She just talks and talks and it's so funny. | She's always been good about falling asleep (I always put her in her crib a little bit awake), but she's getting very good at putting herself to sleep. One day after grocery shopping, I put her in the crib with her binkie and blanket while I brought in the groceries and by the time I came back she was out.

82: She loves fabric. I'm switching up her blankets so hopefully she doesn't get attached to just one. If she's in the swing or her car seat she'll pull a blanket or burp cloth over her face when she wants to go to sleep. She isn't excited about fuzzy stuffed animals yet. | She is so good at using her hands. She'll grab anything you put in front of her. And of course put it in her mouth. | She doesn't seem close to sitting up yet. She just flops forward and tries to grab her feet or anything else in her path.

83: She has teeth! I was so shocked when I found them. They showed up the same week she got 4 month shots, so I'm not sure which one caused the fever and increased fussiness. A very exciting development is that she can drink by herself from a sippy cup! This is working out very well for piano lessons. | She LOVES Beaker. She laughs and smiles and grabs him. He wants nothing to do with her unless she's spitting up. I'm very glad that he is respectful of her space and not acting jealous. We give him treats when he lets her pet him. | And yes, she lets me put the pigtails in without a fuss.

84: Swing - We still use it everyday! She's started holding her arms out like she's flying. | favorite things at 5 months | taken from Momma's blog | Adjustable feeding seat - Her high chair reclines so it doubles as an infant seat. I wish I brought it out earlier! And it has removable, washable padding. | Carseat Toybar - we just removed it because she is too tall, but it was the first thing she was able to play with. | Pacifier with a handle - easier for her to grab!

85: NUK Sippy Cup - She also has a Playtex cup, but has a harder time with it. And the way the NUK is designed you can get every last drop | Activity Seat - I love this seat! She's too small for an exersaucer so it's perfect. This week she really got good at playing with the toys. The front is not as tall as the bumbo, but it does have straps. If you use them you can prevent this: | And the Sophie - it was the second toy she was able to play with and she's currently enjoying it for teething

86: Mother's Day

87: loved her first tooth brushing

88: visit from Grandma and Pap Pap | first boat ride

89: Swan Lake on Memorial Day

90: I always hear moms say, "My baby cries every time I put her in a ________!" I really can't say that about anything! Except the church nursery, ha. Kylie just pretty much loves everything. She fusses sometimes when we strap her in her carseat, but once the process is done, she's fine. We usually can keep her strapped in there through a meal at a restaurant or at the grocery store. She's cried a couple times in Walmart, but never at the grocery store. She noticed the balloons for the first time this week! She's still loving her activity seat. She likes to fling her toys from it. I'm not sure if it's intentional. | things to sit in | taken from Momma's blog | This weekend she spent some time in her stroller and was totally happy. She puts her arms out like she's flying like she does with the swing.

91: And now, we have discovered the greatest "thing to sit in" of all. We don't have room for a jumperoo or exersaucer, so I ordered this doorway jumper. I wasn't sure she was ready for it, but OH WAS SHE! Josh's parents were here when we tried it out, and I immediately called my parents to Facetime. Because she was just SO CUTE AND FUNNY! She was pretty excited about the toys and the lights at first. But once she discovered jumping, that thing could sing and light up all it wanted and she didn't care. We eventually took her out just because she was spitting up. I wondered what she would do if she got tired and yesterday I found out... blow raspberries. She's so cute.


95: first time in a restaurant high chair

96: first haircut

97: concentrating feet | watching the puppy

98: At her doctor's appointment Kylie was 14lbs 13oz and 25in. I think that's about 25th percentile for both. She wears #3 Target diapers. I just pulled out her 9 month sleepers today, and I will have to put away the 6 month onesies soon. | SIX MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog | On her 6 month birthday, she was not quite sitting up. She doesn't really scoot and we've only seen her push her chest off the ground with straight arms once. She doesn't respond to her name, but she recognizes sounds like Beaker's collar or the bottle shaking. She still growls when she concentrates. We forget it's unusual until someone new hears her! She's still super easy and happy. She smiles all the time, but she only laughs once in a while. The only thing that ALWAYS makes her mad is a public restroom changing table. I have no explanation for it!

99: She's very attached to us. She doesn't do very well in the church nursery and no one has successfully been able to feed her solids. Josh has been working evenings which is kind of a bummer, but it's been great for him to spend time with her! She doesn't prefer me over him and I love that. | People are always asking us if she's teething because she always has something in her mouth. She doesn't care for soft animals or blankets, probably because they don't feel good in your mouth! She'll pretty much play with anything else, but she does seem to have some favorites. And of course she loves her binky, Beaker, and tags. She loves when we sing to her or swing her around. She loves any toy that she sits in. She opens her mouth big when she's excited. | She's had the same schedule for a couple months. She sleeps from 8pm - 7am and takes 3 1-2 hour naps. She can only stay awake for 2 hours. She gets 4 bottles at 7, 11, 3 and 7. She's not a great eater but I make her do solids 3 times a day. She will often whine or cry. Something we tried bothered her stomach, but I'm still figuring out exactly what. She coos some and doesn't really babble much, but she's started doing raspberries a lot. If she's "talking" to a toy she growls! She yells at Beaker a lot. We think she's the prettiest easiest baby ever :)

101: Kylie's first trip was this past weekend. We went to Buffalo for my Grandma's 80th birthday and cousin Andrea's baby shower. I was nervous but she was amazing! I am now going to give you way too many details about our trip to show you just how amazing she was. | FIRST TRIP | taken from Momma's blog | We borrowed a stroller from our friend Ava. I still haven't decided if we need to actually buy an umbrella stroller. I think it's cute that she's giving a thumbs up in this pic :) She loves riding in strollers! She leaned forward and stuck her arms and legs straight out and smiled at everyone. | Waiting for our first flight and getting sleepy... I love her little hands on his chest | She slept on me for most of the first flight and part of the layover. Side note: most of the sleep training books say not to rock your child to sleep so they don't need you to fall asleep. But about once a day I let Kylie fall asleep on me before I put her in her crib (for purely selfish reasons - who doesn't love to hold a sleeping baby?). I'm really glad I've been doing this because she was able to fall asleep on me so easily during the trip! She won't sleep on Josh and rarely sleeps on a nursery worker at church.

102: For the second flight she played on Daddy's lap and then fell asleep on me again. She just starting eating puffs and they were so great to help keep her quiet! It's funny to watch people's faces when we board the plane with a baby... especially the people seated right next to us! But she got a lot of compliments at the end. | When we got to Grandma's house it was her bedtime, but since she had had so many naps she was able to play for awhile. She had very little stranger danger with Grandma (yay!) and even laughed a little. Grandma had put some toys for her in this green bowl and in typical kid-fashion, she liked the packaging best.

103: This was the first time she slept the night in a pack n play. And the first time she slept in a room with us since she was 6 weeks old. No problem. | The next day my parents arrived and I could pretty much forget I had a baby :) This was 30 seconds after they walked in...

104: Kylie had some stranger danger, but she did much better than I expected! She particularly liked her male relatives... (I think everyone was especially excited about her since they are getting their own granddaughter/ daughter/niece next month!) | AM tried to snag her before Grammy arrived and Kylie did not understand why she was so excited

105: She really warmed up to my parents and Grandma which was a big relief for me!

107: We got some great pictures of her! Grandma has a white couch in front of a window and I LOVED how these turned out

108: There were some new developments while we were there. She started doing this super cute kissy face... And we put her in a playground swing for the first time!

109: We flew home on Father's day in the EVENING.

110: At 9pm during our layover, 1 hour past bedtime... | During the layover she slept on my stomach on the ground. It took her a few minutes to settle, but then she slept so well! It was a great idea for Kylie but a bad idea for my head and tailbone. | We got home at 1am. This was the first time we ever got her out of the carseat and into the crib without waking her up.

111: It was a very successful trip!

112: We've had a rough week here. Kylie's been having random episodes of pain and trouble drinking her bottle. We're still going through the options for causes and solutions. It's really messed with her naps, but pretty much nothing interferes with her nighttime sleep. This is her after her last bottle most days this week... | taken from Momma's blog

113: Kylie was having a bad reflux day so I put her in the boppy to drink her cup. And I had one of those moments when I was suddenly shocked about how much she has grown. This was the only picture I could find of her in the boppy when she was little (5 weeks). But you know what? I'm still not wistful (well, definitely not for week 5 when we were both in so much pain). I've loved each month better than the last! I love that she can sit up and smile and laugh and that she has favorite toys and can put her own binky in her mouth. And I'm so excited for her to start clapping and babbling and feeding herself. I'm sure you're all thinking "just wait until she's crawling and into everything" but I'm sure there are things I will love about that stage, too! | growing up | taken from Momma's blog

114: whole peas are a success | first time in the grocery cart

115: Fourth of July

116: We've almost got Kylie's naps figured out, and today was a happy, pretty normal day! She wakes up around 7 and haa about 2 TBSP of bananas with some rice cereal and an 8oz bottle. Then she plays while I exercise or do stuff in the kitchen. Some days we go for a walk. She's very content to play on the floor in a pile of her toys. | a day in the life of Kylie | taken from Momma's blog

117: But when she starts getting tired it's much nicer to sit on Momma's stomach. | She went down for her nap at 8:45. I'm trying to push it to 9. I usually read a book to her before each nap. Unless we're having issues with waking up early, she sleeps for exactly an hour and a half. We know she got enough sleep when she wakes up happy! | She gets another bottle at 11. Usually it's all I can do to get 4oz in her, but today she drank 8oz by herself! | I'm experimenting with spreading out her bottles and solids to see if she'll eat more. Also, I think it will be nice to have her eating meals at the same time as us when she can do finger foods. Today was NOT a good day for solids. But usually my goal is to do half a jar of an orange veggie and half a jar of fruit (both with some rice cereal) at 12.

118: She is so content to play with anything. She likes a change of scenery about every 15-20 min. I try to make sure she gets some exercise during each wake time - rolling on the floor or in her jumper. | We've discovered a new love for the high chair with the tray. She loves to bang her toys. We also play with Beaker a few times a day (meaning: chase Beaker), especially when we don't take a walk. | She took her second nap at 12:30. I'm trying to push it to 1. (it was at 1 for two months, before we started having issues with naps) She woke up growling after 45min and put herself back to sleep for the first time in weeks! She slept for exactly another 45min. But she did not wake up happy. She was able to cheer up with some puffs on Daddy's lap and we took 7 month pictures. | She has another bottle at 3. It's usually 4-6oz but it was 8oz again, probably because she wouldn't EAT! I attempted to give her solids at 4:30 when I ate my dinner. Usually I try to finish the jars from lunch, with some whole peas mixed in the fruit. Beaker often thinks he should get to eat at this time, too. (He used to get his second meal at 4 but now it is at 2)

119: By 5 Kylie is usually struggling. We are weaning off the third nap, which is helping her first two naps, but makes her pretty needy in the evening. I've switched her bath to the evening for another distraction. I've started bathing her in the sink to help my back. She doesn't mind, but I'm sure she's going to hit her head at some point. And I struggle rinsing her hair. But it is much less painful for me. | At 5:45 she was sitting on my stomach and she suddenly put her binky in her mouth, leaned forward, put her head on my chest, and immediately fell asleep. It was so unusual and sweet, I just couldn't wake her up! She dozed for about half an hour. She has her last bottle at 6:30 (almost always 8oz) and goes to bed at 7. She's always gone to bed very easily, but with skipping the third nap she's been over tired and struggling. We'll figure it out eventually!

120: STATS 15lbs 10oz at the doctor's office - in between 6m and 9m clothes - size 3 Target diapers that sometimes fail at night - still just two teeth SKILLS Accomplished: sitting up. I still put the boppy behind her though. I think that will be a hard transition for me - gumming puffs - pushing up with straight arms - holding the bottle - getting herself in a sitting position when she's laying in the boppy Making progress: putting puffs in her mouth (she got two today) - scooting I'm trying to work on: clapping - dada and mama - getting herself in a sitting position from the floor - responding to her name - getting on all fours - drinking through a straw | SEVEN MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

121: LIKES MOMMA. It's bad - The binky - The puppy - Other kids, especially age 1-2 Anything that's not supposed to be a toy or chewed on (especially paper) - Singing - hard plastic toys - making noise: growling, yelling, banging her toys She does really well in restaurants and stores. She's also good in the car and on walks as long as she's not too tired. We're still struggling with the church nursery and solids. EATING She drinks 24-30oz a day over 4 feedings. We also TRY to do 1/3 of a banana, 1 jar of fruit, 1 jar of an orange veggie, some whole peas and rice cereal. I've given up on pureed green veggies. I don't know that I'll even try with the next one! It's gross. I've been using puffs as "dessert" since they really are pretty healthy: brown rice, apple juice and sweet potato. SLEEPING We had a rough time with naps this month. I think I will do a separate post on sleep training at 6 months. But nothing seems to interfere with her nighttime sleep! She woke up once at 4 am crying, and when I picked her up she rested her head on my neck. So I pretty much didn't mind at all. I'm still trying to decide if she needs a third nap or not.

122: PERSONALITY She smiles easily but only laughs once in a while. She almost always smiles when Josh walks in the room. She doesn't often smile for strangers. She "yells" at other kids and the dog. She rarely cries while I'm holding her unless something is wrong. She is curious about her environment but easily overwhelmed. She plays very well by herself as long as she can see one of us. She likes her schedule. She kicks her legs and waves her arms when she's excited and crunches her nose when she's unhappy. When she's tired she buries her face in us and doesn't know what to do without her binky. She wakes up happy as long as she's had enough sleep and can find the binky.

124: We drove to Michigan for a wedding and Kylie was able to meet 2/3 of her cousins. She was good in the car and entertained herself by saying her first syllable: "ba"! | trip to MI and KY

125: Ky | Kylie did well in the hotel after we discovered she needs a "cave" to sleep in the same room as us.

126: Meeting the Gafners and Kylie's first swim.

127: Ky | Kylie's first wedding: Hilary and Owen | Greenfield Village with Bonnie. Kylie wasn't a fan of the heat

128: Meeting the Hesses

129: Ky

130: first pigtails found her tongue friend Ava

131: Meeting the Hesses | Ky | scooting is hard work!

132: Kylie had a great weekend and I’m so behind! The 6/7 month crazy is definitely over, Hallelujah! Saturday morning we went to Josh’s squadron picnic and she smiled and baba-ed the whole time. Then she fell asleep with no problem on the way home. | many new things | taken from Momma's blog | Food is still a big issue, and since she’s been sick she’s been refusing all purees. So on Saturday I tried and experiment with some sweet potatoes. Josh thought I was crazy, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt! She particularly enjoyed the spoon. I even did some dipping the binkie. So she doesn’t have issue with the food or the spoon, just me feeding it to her. hmmmmm

133: She is so happy to be mobile and discovers something new everyday. She’s already hit her head on the kitchen floor twice you may be surprised at which one of us is most upset by that... Most exciting for me is that her eating is improving a little bit. She was down to only mashed bananas (only in the morning, I have no idea why), and maybe 10 cheerios and 5 peas in a sitting, with a lot of coaxing from me. This weekend she started eating a little more, and today she was shoving peas in her mouth as fast as I was giving them to her! Yesterday I accidently dropped a craisin on her tray and she ate it! Today I bought her some raisins and she | swallowed 5 of them. She kept spitting them out and putting them back in her mouth, so I think she didn’t know how to swallow them. She was finally able to do it with a mouthful of peas or cheerios. Kylie’s not the only one changing. Beaker was super stressed about her crawling/creeping but he got a lot better this weekend. He started playing with her a little bit, and even brought her his ball. Yesterday he got comfortable enough to lie down and chew next to her! Which of course did not work out well because she wants to steal his bone.

134: Kylie was 8 months old last week! I think this is going to be my second favorite age (after 3-5 months) I have no idea how much she weighs. I just ordered size four diapers for overnight. She’s still wearing a few 6 month onesies, but mostly 9 month things fit her best. | EIGHT MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog | One of the reasons we are both so happy is that she is mobile! She is an expert “creeper” and is so close to crawling. She is great at playing by herself as long as she is in the same room as one of us. She doesn’t go off exploring on her own yet, but she spends a lot of time chasing Beaker. I still cannot get her to clap, but she does “bam bam” on command! (hit her hand on book/table/etc) She’s said dada a couple times, but she mostly says baba. She still growls while she plays by herself, but now she purses her lips and ends up whistling while she growls.

136: Her schedule has been all over the place for the last few months but we finally have something down: 7-7:30 wake up, eat breakfast (mashed bananas and cheerios), drink 8 oz 9-9:30 nap, ideally 1 hour, sometimes 45 min 10:30-11 lunch (attempt a puree, attempt a finger fruit, as many whole peas and cheerios as she’ll eat), drink 4-6oz 12:30 nap, ideally 1.5 hours, sometimes 45 min 2:30-3 snack (cheerios, maybe attempt something else) drink 6-8oz 3:30-4 nap, usually 45 min, longer if the other naps were bad. 5:00 dinner (whole peas, cheerios, puffs) 6:30 drink 8 oz 7:00 bed | Her naps have gotten much better, but some days we still have issues. Eating is up and down, but the past few days I’ve been able to get her to take a few bites of a puree. The only fruits she has ever picked up and swallowed are raisins/craisins, and only once or twice. We tried chicken a few weeks ago and she did ok with it! She does so many funny things and one of our favorite is her scrunchy snorty face. She does it when she’s playing with us. She loves any toys that are good for chewing, ribbon and string, books, paper, being surprised, balls, toddlers, wind, videos of herself and mirrors, doing something new, being somewhere new, exploring and her binky! She is great for us in public places and she’s doing a lot better in the church nursery.

137: She does not like getting her diaper changed, lying down in the bathtub, being held by a stranger, or eating purees (except mashed bananas). She is not interested in stuffed animals or music. She’s curious about loud noises but is not easily scared. As long as she’s not at the 45 min mark she can sleep through anything (I still vacuum after she goes to bed).

138: This week I’ve about given up on headbands. Her hair is just too long, and I don’t want to cut bangs. The good news is, I can now do pigtails without worry that they will come out during her naps. (I didn’t do them much before because it was a pain to put them in and take them out.) We tried a new eating strategy – the mesh bag. Not so successful. The first time I filled it with grapes. She chewed on it a little bit so I thought that was a good sign. She is currently getting 4 teeth so today I filled it with frozen blueberries. She didn’t even put it in her mouth and just threw it on the ground. Not in an angry way, in a “I don’t want this and I’m making room for puffs” way. | catch up | taken from Momma's blog | But she will still put anything that’s not food in her mouth. As soon as she showed signs of crawling I baby proofed the kitchen – except for this shelf of dishes. The plates are too wide for my cabinets and the top shelf of this rack, so I was hoping I could just teach her not to touch them. But she still thinks it’s hilarious when I say no, and she could really hurt herself if she broke them. So now the shelf is clear and one of our cabinets hangs open a bit. And we’ll just have to learn no with the dog bowls.

139: Beaker doesn’t mind her touching his bowls and still improves daily with his tolerance of her. She loves him and does not leave him alone. She grabs his nose and climbs on him and he just looks at us like “do I really have to let her do this?” We try to be cautious about her cornering him, especially when he has his bone, and we still give him treats often when he lets her touch him. I think he mainly sees her as a lap-stealing cheerio-dropper.

140: Kylie pulled herself up on the couch today! She only lasts a couple seconds but she is very proud of herself. Her favorite toy this week is the pantry door. And pulling things out of the pantry. It’s cute to watch her try to figure out how to get her legs out of the way. We’ve been trying different hairstyles it’s becoming necessary to pull her hair out of her eyes! I tried one ponytail but it didn’t stay in very well. | something new everyday | taken from Momma's blog | I think this is my favorite, and it stayed in all day Sunday! The nursery is the best hair-security test. I had a hard time getting a good picture, but it’s parted on the side and then pulled back. Sometime this week I want to pull out the mousse and try a braid!

142: Most of the time I love that Kylie is crawling. She is independent, can go where she wants to go, and can follow me around the house. The problem is she is independent and can go where she wants to go. If she understands ‘no’ yet, she is not letting on. She loves to play with the kitchen. Right, not IN the kitchen, WITH the kitchen. She usually makes her round of all her favorite stations. Some of them I’m not sure if I should allow or not. | kitchen play | taken from Momma's blog | Like the baby proof shelf. I don’t mind her playing with these things, but I wouldn’t want her going to other people’s houses and pulling things off their shelves. Or the pantry. Not really a problem with lunchboxes and bags, but maybe a problem with easy to open protein canisters. | She just discovered the dishwasher this week. But it’s only open when we’re using it.

143: Shoes are also a new favorite this week. Not so good since she puts everything in her mouth. Someone had already claimed this spot in the kitchen. | And my least favorite – under the table. She wants to crawl in the chairs. Right now that ends up with her getting stuck, but I know someday she is going to take a dive on her head! | She had a doctor's appointment during her naptime and she was so sweet. She fell asleep on the way home without a peep. For a while she was fussing a lot in the car before falling asleep, but recently she’s been great about sleeping in the car. Aren’t they supposed to get worse about the car? Not my baby, haha! :)

144: Kylie was 9 months old last week and had her well baby appointment today. She is 18lbs 3oz (about 30th) and 28in (about 60th). She still wears a couple 6m things but I pulled out the 12m sleepers today. We tried on shoes today and I think she’s between a size 2 and 3. Do they make nice rubber soles in size 3? Because I couldn’t find any. Maybe by the time she’s walking she’ll be in a 4. We did the ages and stages questionnaire for the first time today. She’s pretty good on fine motor skills but a little behind on communication. I got some instructions about talking, singing and reading. But I think I’m doing fine with all that. The doctor asked about her hearing, but I think that’s ok, too. I’m not concerned! I really felt like she’s been learning a lot more in just the past two weeks. She won’t clap but she consistently gives high fives and sometimes does kisses. We think she might be waving, but she likes to wave her arms a lot so it’s hard to tell. And she puts her arms up when I say “up?”. She doesn’t sign or point or really have any way of asking for things. She says “baba” and “mama” all the time and we’ve heard “dada” a couple times. She doesn’t say anything with purpose, but she will mimic us sometimes. She pulls up on the couch and mostly stands on her tip toes so she’s very wobbly. She might take a side step, but mostly she will sit back down and crawl if she wants to go to the other end of the couch. | NINE MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

145: She’s very smiley, even though you can’t tell by this month’s pictures! (and she still loves her scrunchy face) She’s doing much better in the nursery and is very friendly as long as people aren’t trying to hold her. She still loves other kids, which is a big reason she’s doing well in the nursery! She has 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom. Her bangs are now in her eyes and we have to pull her hair back everyday! Her favorite toy is probably her binky clip. She will growl and growl at it and turn it over in her hands. It’s useless now because she pulls it right off, but we still keep in on in the car so she can play with it. A close second is board books. Our favorite right now is That’s Not My Baby. It has great touch and feels (she likes to pull the teddy bear’s fur) and she loves the mirror at the end. She still loves balls, string/ribbon and anything that’s good for chewing. Her eating is up and down and all over the place. We were making a lot of progress but she had a virus a week and a half ago that sent us back to square one. It also messed with her sleep schedule so we’re still sorting that out, mainly what time she wakes up in the morning. The doctor isn’t concerned about her picky eating and told us we can try dairy now, yikes! I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I’m going to try some yogurt when Josh leaves. Can she just do a bottle forever? ;) Eating is so stressful! She does this thing now where she grunts and whines and strains at the high chair the whole time.

146: Even though I want to pull my hair out at dinner time she is still such an easy baby. She has been known to sleep 13.5 hours at night and take two 1.5 hour naps. She’s very easy to take places and she loves to be held or play by herself. And is it sending the wrong message to tell your daughter 100x a day that she is so pretty?

148: Daddy's last week | first slide

149: Ashley | Ava

150: skyping with Daddy | asking for asparagus | kissing her picture

151: a | visit from Grammy and new bike

152: We have settled into an eating strategy now and I’m feeling much more sane! I still don’t know what her issue is with food and the bottle but I’m kind of resigned to working with it instead of working on it. I’m sure all parents have a story of a time they had to pick their battles with their baby and this has definitely been mine! Breakfast has been the same for a long time. She eats mashed bananas and cheerios. She almost never has issues with her bananas. Sometimes we work on just taking bites of a banana, but she won’t eat as much that way. Some days she will eat 5 cheerios and some days she will eat tons. | eating update | taken from Momma's blog | Lunch and dinner are the same, and that’s where the strategy comes in. We try an orange veggie or fruit puree BEFORE anything else. I usually have to force the first bite. If she’s still shaking her head and clamping her mouth shut I don’t push it. I used to keep forcing it, but since I’ve backed off we’ve been having more success. On an equal number of occasions she will eat nothing, 5 bites, or a half jar. Very rarely she will eat a whole jar. | When she starts refusing the puree we move on to finger foods (and sometimes I still try to sneak spoonfuls inbetween). We start with chicken. When she refuses the chicken we move on to peas, then raisins, then cereal, and maybe puffs if she has not been eating well. Her tray usually ends up looking like this:

153: Most weeks I try something new. But those are the only finger foods she will consistently eat. I really can’t tell you if there are foods she really doesn’t like because she’s so inconsistent. Except this week we tried a corn thin (instead of teething cookies which are not dairy/soy free) and it was a HUGE hit! | One of the most stressful things is that she strains and grunts and whines the whole time. But that may be more about being confined than eating. She’s very into biting her food with her front teeth and one day she left all the cheerio halves on her tray.

154: Because I’m trying so hard to make the experience low-stress, I pick my battles with manners. If putting her finger in the spoon means she’ll let me put it in her mouth, sometimes that happens. And what is that all over her face? Yes, it’s YOGURT! Now that she is 9 months we are testing her allergy. We’re starting with dairy because we never really confirmed it (we were more sure about soy and they usually go together). | I gave her yogurt for 3 days last week with no reaction! But she was not excited about it (that smile is because Mama is NOT trying to get her to eat anymore). Today we tried cheese and she was much more excited about that. She inhaled about 10 pieces and then was done. Very similar to how she eats chicken. It’s very exciting – I think next we will try some bread that contains soy. Cheese wasn’t our only excitement today I think she is trying to say please! We’ve been working on it for three and a half months. She just started waving 2 weeks ago, so I’ve been doing the signing more. She still won’t clap. Goof. She still has periodic issues with the bottle – taking 2 sips and crying or not taking it for a stranger. The only thing I can think of is reflux or allergies causing a sore throat. Especially since it comes and goes for a few days. When she just had a sore throat with a virus a doctor recommended giving her some orajel before the bottle when she wouldn’t drink it worked so well! I hope that trick keeps working (or she has no more problems!). But most of the time she drinks 32oz a day. I’m trying to not worry about that being too much! But she’s growing perfectly and no longer spitting up, so it’s working for her.

155: A lot of the “stricter” baby books talk about not giving your baby unnecessary freedoms. Some call it credit card parenting: you’re letting them do something now because its easy but it’s going to be that much hard to train them later. One book has something about a funnel that I don’t really understand, but the example is, if a baby cannot use a remote for its correct purpose then they shouldn’t be playing with it. I can never decide if these philosophies are wise or just over thinking it. I have not followed this plan in the kitchen – it’s just too easy to let her pull things out of the pantry for 20 minutes while I cook. But then there was the day she got into the K cups | unnecessary freedoms | taken from Momma's blog | And now she’s opening cabinets (LOVES to open and close doors) and I’m having visions of pinched fingers. So I think it’s time for a kitchen crackdown. She’s still not really responding to ‘no’ so wish me luck!

157: big girl toothbrush

158: Kylie is exploding with new things this week! She has reached the “taking things out” stage. | new things | taken from Momma's blog | Grammy gave her a tissue box for her “treasures.” She will take things out of it for a long time as long as you help her put them back in! Yesterday she started dancing! AND yesterday she started playing peek a boo with the shower curtain.

159: watching the big girls at church

160: Kylie loves Veggie Tales. Me too. “Can God squirt slime out of his ears???” Kylie learned to use her snack cup today! I was trying to teach her to use the handle until I realized she didn’t need it. She was being cute. I took a lot of pictures. | learned this week | taken from Momma's blog

161: She hasn’t played with her Sophie in a while and this week she finally figured out how to squeak it on purpose. It’s cute to watch her discover something new. | Kylie has been crossing her legs all the time. I thought I would be the only one to find that funny, but they commented on it at MOPS today. | Her favorite game is to take things ‘out’ or ‘off.’ This week she’s gotten much better at putting things in a box, and this was the first time I thought she was trying to put a ring on the stack.

162: Kylie is 10 months old today! She wears a size 4 diaper and is in between 9 and 12 month clothes. It’s been very nice of her to be right on track with clothes. :) I can’t figure out what shoe size she is, none of them fit quite right. But the pair that fits her best is a 2. She has 7 teeth – 4 middle top and 3 middle bottom. I am SO SO SO excited that she’s made a ton of progress with eating. In the past week she’s picked up and eaten everything I’ve put in front of her! It’s amazing! We’ve been testing her allergies and she had no reaction to yogurt or bread containing milk and soy but she got a bad diaper rash with cheese that kept her up one night. She’s cruising so well. She is still super proud of herself whenever she stands up, especially if she can reach something new. | TEN MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

164: She’s started responding to ‘no’ this week (YAY!) and she loves waving and mimicking facial expressions. But no signing or clapping. I’ve been trying to determine what her personality is apart from normal baby stuff. I think that she is a mix of strong and sweet. She is stubborn and opinionated, but not ornery. She is happy playing by herself but she loves being around people too (as long as they’re not trying to hold her). She likes to cuddle with me but doesn’t need to be held all the time. She’s usually only whiny if she’s off her schedule or in a strange place. She’s not easily scared if she falls or if Beaker runs into her, but she will cry when you lie her down to change her diaper or wash her hair. She loves to be active and explore but she will also look at books for a long time.

165: Favorites: books, anything plastic, puffs, corn thins, tongues, toddlers, Beaker, doors, cartoons, her play table that makes music, waving at people, walks, the binky, stacking rings Dislikes: diaper changes and getting dressed, being confined, sippy cup, hats, not being with Momma, (yay for eating not being on this list!)

168: Books are still Kylie’s favorite toy! Everyday she get this smirk on her face, then crawls off to her room to sing and yell in a pile of books. Then she usually brings one out to the kitchen to play with some more. | books | taken from Momma's blog

169: Since she found her pointer, books are even more fun! We discovered the holes in the Very Hungry Caterpillar book this week.

170: Edisto and the zoo with the Hesses

172: Allen | Molars | Toga Party with the youth group | first sticker

174: sippy cup progress

175: sippy cup progress | Visit from Grammy and Papa

176: visiting the Graffs and first time opening a present

178: Willard Farms with WCA | hayride at church

179: Peter Pan Tinkerbell and Nana

180: Some people say that babies have “wonder weeks” where they have an intellectual “growth spurt.” If that’s true, I think Kylie just had one! Starting when my parents got here she’s suddenly laughing a lot more. She was sort of waving her hand for please, and once when we were waving bye bye she said “ba ba.” It was probably a coincidence but I wrote it down just in case :) She found her hairbow so we’re just doing rubber bands now. I think almost 11 months was a good run! | wonder week | taken from Momma's blog

181: She is sooo close to walking! She thinks about it but just hasn’t made the leap (step) yet. She’s started pulling books out of her pile that we’ve read recently. This is Grammy’s favorite book and Kylie has been pulling it out since she left. | She figured out how to drink out of a straw. I love watching her learn new things!

182: Kylie was 11 months old last week! She is wearing 12 month clothes, but the pants are a little long. She wears size 2 shoes and size 4 diapers. She has had a great month. She is spunky and content and affectionate. Once those molars got through we’ve had very few whiny days. She is super easy to take anywhere, as long as I don’t leave her and we’re not missing a nap! Though she’s been sleeping well in the car. | ELEVEN MONTHS | taken from Momma's blog

183: It’s still kind of hard to make her laugh, and her typical expression is rascally. She still growls and sings to her toys and I still laugh everyday at the noises that come from the backseat. She has become a great eater and after daylight savings we’ve fallen into a really easy schedule. (after I covered her window with cardboard – I was holding out because I didn’t want her to have “sleep props” but it made a huge difference) 7-8 wake up, breakfast of cheerios and bananas (self fed), 8 oz bottle, bath every other day 8:45-10 play and find mischief – she usually spends a lot of time playing with her books in the morning 10-11:30 read books and nap (this is very consistent) 11:30 lunch of PB sandwich, cooked apples or raisins, and a treat of a corn thin or animal crackers. we also attempt to drink water from a sippy cup for the next few hours 12-2 if we have errands we do them in this time period. And we’ve started walking Beaker then sometimes because it’s getting dark so early 2-2:45 or 3:30 read books and nap – always in 45 min increments 3:30-5 8oz bottle and play. I usually spend the most time on the floor with her in this time period. Sometimes we’ll walk Beaker then if we couldn’t earlier. 5 dinner – she eats whatever I’m eating! Most often roasted veggies and quinoa. If she gets cranky before the food is ready she sometimes gets raisins and Veggie Tales 5:45-6:30 play 6:30 8oz bottle, teeth brushed, read books and bed at 7

184: Her favorite foods are cooked veggies and bread/crackers/cookies. She almost always likes raisins/craisins, cooked apples, bananas, meat, cheese, potatoes, beans, and quinoa. She doesn’t usually like fresh fruit (besides bananas) or rice. She is starting to like the short Dr. Seuss or other sing-song books. She will pull out books that we’ve recently read. She also likes books with flaps or other things that move. She plays with her books every day and she’s only ripped one. She just likes to turn the pages and slide them around. She loves any little toy that she can carry around in her mouth. She can put the rings back on her ring stack and pull a car on a string. She also likes anything with buttons or that makes sounds. She’s only interested in stuffed animals if she can tease Beaker with them. She’s very determined with her playing and she will pull or push something until it’s right where she wants it. I think she’s capable of walking, but she’s very happy crawling. She STILL won’t clap! But she does do high fives. She doesn’t sign or say anything but she does mimic growling or “roar”. (ha!) She will randomly crawl over and hug me while she’s playing, but Beaker gets the most kisses. She’s started trying to sit herself in my lap but she can’t get turned around quite right. Every time I get her out of her crib she pats me on the shoulder. I think because we taught her to “love the puppy”, she pats to show affection. She’s upset by diaper/clothing changes, baths, me showering, and being held by strangers. But her face lights up every time she sees another child. She’s good in the stroller or shopping cart as long as we’re moving, and she’s ok in the car, especially if she has a snack, binky, or book. We’re going to see Daddy in 5 days and I really really hope she remembers him. And a little less than that I hope she can fall asleep on me on the plane rides! Bring on the toddler years! I think we’re ready.

186: This trip was exciting, not just because we got to see Josh, but because this was our first time in California! We were really nervous about Kylie remembering Josh, but she definitely did. The first day when he tried to hand her back to me, she cried! That is the only time she’s shown a preference between us. | Thanksgiving in CA | taken from Momma's blog | I’ve realized that Josh and I have the same plan whenever we visit somewhere new: walk around the state parks and downtown areas and eat at one local place. We don’t usually do aquariums or museums or any entertainment unless it’s free or they have an awesome military discount. But this trip we also just spent a lot of time in the hotel room, hanging out with the baby.

187: I brought Kylie’s birthday present, so she could open it with Josh. We bought her her first doll and she has zero interest in it, haha! I thought she might like the hair but she seems a little frightened by it. | We spent some time exploring the base, because one of Josh’s possible career plans is to put in to be an instructor, which would land us back there. Vandenberg is a HUGE base with some nice (but shark infested) beaches.

188: Kylie’s favorite part was swinging, apparently we need to do that more often! | We went to a state park and walked around and took some pictures. This part of the country was so different to us because there are mountains, lakes, and ocean all in the same place.

189: On Thanksgiving Day we went to a buffet and Kylie ate SO MUCH. She had the best time they had all her favorite foods and there were tons of kids there for her to watch. She had bread, peas, corn, chicken, french fries, and even some peach cobbler. It’s really nice for me that this time Josh is gone he has more time, a smart phone, and a computer, so we can communicate a lot. But I think it’s really hard for him to be away from the baby. It was like we were never apart though, so I don’t think he’ll have any trouble fitting back in when he comes home in a few weeks!

193: First Birthday

198: Kylie is 19lbs 15oz (30th) and 29in (60th). She wears 12 month pants, 18 month shirts, size 2 shoes and size 4 diapers. Her eyes are still blue and her hair is LONG and a lot lighter. It has just a little bit of wave, which I call “flippy”. She has her 8 front teeth and 2 molars on top. Books are still her favorite toy. She will play with anything plastic or wooden, but she still doesn’t like dolls or stuffed animals (my mom just told me that I didn’t either! I promise I didn’t do that to her on purpose!). She likes toys with buttons, the ring stack, and magnets. She’s grown out of her activity table and carrying toys around in her mouth (though they still do go in there sometimes). She would love to empty every cabinet and closet in the house and is always exploring. She only has her binky in bed and in the car, and throws it back into her crib after a nap. She likes walks and shopping as long as we keep the stroller/cart moving. She loves to play peek a boo and be surprised. She does not like diaper changes/getting dressed, baths, me taking a shower, or the vacuum. She’s compliant with car rides, taking medicine, and brushing her teeth. | ONE YEAR | taken from Momma's blog

200: Her grandparents were here for her birthday and she was great with them. And the Sunday after her birthday was the first time she didn’t cry going into the nursery! She loves other kids, especially toddlers. She doesn’t say any words, but she signs please, milk, and music. She growls when you ask “what does the lion say?” and “barks” when you ask what the puppy says. She gives high fives and kisses, but Beaker gets most of them. She finally started to clap this month. She will point out a puppy in a book and tries to comb her hair and put on shoes. On her birthday she was standing on her own but not taking steps. She does not respond to “no” or copy syllables very often. She usually only laughs when she’s tired, and it’s almost always because she’s surprised. Her dairy/soy allergy is mostly gone. She hasn’t reacted to soy, but she can’t have milk or a lot of cheese. She will eat just about anything except green beans or rice. She’s not a big fan of fruit but she will usually take a few bites. She tries anything. She slowly got better with the sippy cup over the last month, and we were able to drop the bottle a week after her birthday. She’s still great at playing by herself, but if I’m on the floor she’s hugging me or patting me or sitting next to me. She will almost always cuddle and read books with me before naps and bed. We pretty much spend 24/7 together but she’s not attached to my hip. In a lot of ways, 12 months is the most exhausting and frustrating age we’ve had, but it’s so special when they can show you that they love you. When she’s cranky or overwhelmed, she crosses her legs, rocks backward and forward, and makes a raspy whine. When she concentrates she growls softly or “sings.” When she’s excited she roars. When she’s feeling spunky she wags her head back and forth while she crawls. When she’s angry or scared she freezes and wails. When a stranger talks to her she chews on her finger. I’m not one bit sad about her becoming a toddler! I’m excited to see her little personality. I can’t wait for her to talk!

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