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Labor and Delivery--DONE and ORDERED

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Labor and Delivery--DONE and ORDERED - Page Text Content

S: Demi Taylor Yoakum

BC: Made With Love From: Daddy and Mommy

FC: Demi Taylor Yoakum The Birth Story

1: Friday January 04, 2013 4:30 am | so at 4:15am mom called Labor and Delivery asking if they had a general idea of when we would get called. Their response "Come on in now. We are ready for you." We jumped out of bed, Dad took a shower and we both ate microwave sausage, egg and potato bowls for breakfast. We were out the door by 5am. | Our instructions were to wait for a phone call from Labor and Delivery to let us know what time to come in for induction. | They stated that they would call between 4am and 12pm.Mom did not sleep well that night

2: We arrived at Mercy Hospital St.Louis at approximately 5:45am. (Dad wants you to know he drove really fast because we were so excited to meet you!) We checked into Labor and Delivery on the 2nd Floor. We were assigned to Labor Room 1. The first nurse started Mom's IV, attached her to the monitors and drew some blood. The first nurse was not there long due to shift change at 7am. Our next nurses for day shift were Megan and Katie. (We thought this was funny because they were your Aunt's Names) Also the nurse Katie's brother was an ironworker in which Dad knew.

5: Dad was awesome about sending the family and friends updates. They were all anxious to get to the hospital to be with us and to meet you just as soon as you arrived!

6: Dr.Rosen, mom's OB, decided to start the induction process with a drug called cytotec. This pill is inserted vaginally and can work up to 6 hours to induce contractions and cervical ripening. Before that was done, the resident came in and did an ultrasound which showed you head down. She estimated your weight at 7lbs 8ozs. At 8:30am they inserted the cytotec.Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Leah were the first visitors to arrive. They got to the hospital round 10am and brought us a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a nice vase. Gran and MaMaw arrived about 11am. At this point moms contractions were seven minutes apart. Mom was barely able to feel them so she was just resting. At 12:30 Pitocin was started because contractions had subsided. At 1:30 Dr.Rosen came in to say hi. Mom asked her if she was on call until midnight and she said no, she was here until 7am Saturday. Moms response "Oh good, we should have a baby by then." "We will have a baby by then," responded Dr.Rosen. While she was there they increased the dosage of the pitocin. At moms 4pm check her cervix was still closed. Again pitocin was increased. Mom was starting to feel increased contractions.

7: We were thankful to have all of our family surrounding us. It made the time pass quicker. | Mom actually enjoyed labor. We smiled and laughed a lot.

8: By 6pm mom still hadn't progressed. Dr.Rosen decided that we would try to decrease the Pitocin dosage by half to let the membranes have time to uptake the medication. | Slowly the Pitocin would be re increased. Dr.Rosen stated she would be by later this evening to see us and discuss plan of care. When she came back by around 10pm I still had only | progressed to 1cm. Contractions were irregular and were not painful. Dr.Rosen asked if we would like to go home. Mom and Dad replied "We really do not want to leave here without our baby."

9: Mom was getting so bored in bed so Dad and the nurse helped her up to the birthing ball. It was sure nice to get out of bed. The grandparents noticed the way Mom was sitting on the ball made her butt look HUGE. They thought it would be fun to take a picture. Dad also enjoyed taking some fun pictures.

11: The grandparents decided to go home around 11pm. By this point we knew we were not going to be meeting you anytime soon and they would have plenty of time to get back to the hospital if something happened. Mom and dad needed some sleep. Dad rested very well and Mom did too for very short periods of time. About every 45 min-60 min Mom had to pee. This was quite the process because the nurse had to come each time to unhook the monitors and then come back to re attach them. By early morning the nurses had questioned us several times about going home and coming back another day to retry induction. Mom and dad were determined not to leave without you. At about 4am mom was so sick of laying in bed that she asked the nurse if she could take a walk. Moms contractions had again completely subsided. The nurse came in and hooked mom up to a traveling monitor. Mom woke Dad up to help her walk. We walked the halls for about 10-15min. While walking mom had a painful contraction. Mom and Dad both wondered how that could be when I wasn't having any just minutes ago. As we walked back to the room Mom had another strong contraction. Upon arrival back to the room Moms contractions became very painful very quickly.

12: Just as Dad got Mom back into bed Mom looked at Dad and said "I either just peed or my water broke. Call the nurse now." As soon as the nurse got into the room she did a cervix check and Mom was dilated to a 3. She asked if Mom wanted an epidural. "YES PLEASE," said Mom. | Everyone laughs about this because Mom was wanting to try natural childbirth. Mom now states that she doesn't know what she was thinking and that was a crazy idea. The contractions were very painful. Luckily for us the anesthesiologist arrived within 20 minutes | (although at the time it felt like forever). Mom and Dad were both scared for the epidural but it was not bad at all. The pain relief it provided was way worth the intense 30 seconds of burning that occurred when it was being put in. We just wish the anesthesiologist was a little bit nicer!

13: Dad was an awesome helper during the placement of the epidural. He held moms hand continuously. Then came the catheter and internal contraction monitor. Once all this occurred visitors started returning to the hospital to see us. First came Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Leah. Dad was so funny; he was worried about people seeing my catheter bag so he placed a pillow case over it to hide it. At 7:30 am Mom was 5cm dilated and baby was at -2 station. | Pappy and Gran and MaMaw and PaPaw all arrived as well. Again we were all anxious and ready. At 10:30 Mom was dilated to a 7.

14: At 10:30am they made a plan to recheck Mom at noon. Around 11am all of the grandparents and Mom and Dad decided to make bets on your birth weight and birth time. We wrote all of the bets on a baby hospital blanket and everyone had to pay $1 for the bet. Closest guesser gets the money! Dr.Rosen is off today so Dr. Padrazik was Moms OB for the day. At Moms noon check there was no progression and she had spiked a low grade fever. Your heart rate was also increasing. They put this huge rubber "peanut" as they called it in-between moms legs in hopes that you would naturally descend farther before the decision for C-Section was made.

15: Dr.Padrazik called Mom on the room phone and told her that if there was no progression by 1:30pm that he would have to perform a C-Section. Mom had a melt down and got really scared. Dad was downstairs getting lunch so Mom called him and told him the news. He came right back up. When they checked Mom at 1:30 there had been no progression so the decision for C-Section was made. Around 2:20 everyone was asked to leave the labor room. Mom cried as everyone kissed and hugged and said their goodbyes to her and Dad. She was very nervous, overtired and yet so extremely excited that it was finally time to meet you. Gran and Grandpa Jeff were extremely anxious and scared | and it showed. They were worried about their baby, Mom. Dad was also scared but he did good at not showing it and being supportive of Mom. Although everyone was emotional, they were all there for one reason to meet baby Demi and that was about to occur. At this point the anesthesiologist came in, assessed Mom and began to administer medication. They started with anti nausea medication and then began the analgesia and numbing medicines. They also gave Dad his yellow gown, booties and headwrap. The anesthesiologist explained how things would go in the OR to Dad.

16: When we first arrived to the OR Dad had to wait in the hall while they transferred Mom to the OR table. (The room was small compared to all the equipment and people in it.) Once they pulled mom over onto the table Dad was allowed to join mom in the OR. Mom was quite relieved to have Dad back at her side. | Before Dad had came back into the OR Mom experienced severe shaking of her upper body. Mom asked the anesthesiologist if this was normal. He said it was a side effect of the medication. When Dad came in he laid his arm on Moms and immediately became | worried about Mom because he had not heard what the anesthesiologist had said. These pictures are of us before the procedure was started.

17: As scared as we both were, (Dad says he wasn't too scared!) we had an amazing OR staff. Without them I can't imagine how the experience would have been. Dr.Padrazik the OB that was delivering stated that the 3 minute chloraprep scrub always seemed like forever for patients so the staff shared jokes with us during this time to relieve the tension. The one joke we remember was, What is the difference between in-laws and out-laws? Out-laws are wanted! | This picture was taken by the anesthesiologist. He said "Let me get the last picture of you two before you guys become a family."

18: The staff pinched moms skin several times to ensure the medication was in effect. Dad was impressed with how hard they were pinching and mom couldn't feel anything. Mom and Dad heard the OB say "Scalpel" and Mom got very scared. | Dad was then able to stand up to see over the drape and take pictures. In only a matter of seconds it seems the Doctor said "Are you ready to meet your baby?" Of course we were ready and that's just what we replied. Mom felt slight pressure on her belly and then heard your beautiful cries.

19: The OR staff announced "You have a big baby. She's beautiful." Dad never let go of Moms hand during the whole thing. It sure made Mom happy. We were both so happy to hear you cry.

21: Immediately the nurse brought you to me. I just couldn't believe you were finally here and how beautiful you were. I had no idea what you would look like and you were just perfect. We were so surprised by all your dark hair. The time I got to hold you seemed to pass so quickly. They needed to take you to the warmer to assess you. Once the nurse took you to the warmer Dad was able to go stand there with you and hold your finger. He was anxiously awaiting his turn to hold you. In fact before we went to the OR Mom told Dad she thought | he would be the first to hold you, so much to his surprise when the nurse walked right past him and brought you to me he was quite disappointed. While mom and dad were watching everything going on with you the Doctor was stitching mom up. When he was finished he stated "Well you are skinny now. And you'll never know I was here. The incision looks great." While the nurse assessed you Dad stood back and took many pictures. He was so great. As soon as they wiped you up a bit and weighed you they wrapped you up and Dad finally got his turn.

23: Dad said it felt like they were taking forever. He was ready to get to hold you. They wiped you off, gave you your eye medication and then took you to the scale to get your birth weight!

24: Dad stayed with you the whole time. He never took his eyes off of you. Mom watched from the bed and was so happy.

25: Demi Taylor Yoakum January 5, 2013 2:43pm 8lbs 12ozs 21 1/4 Inches Long

26: Finally after being weighed they swaddled you and gave you to your dad! Mom has never seen Dad so happy! Mom told dad to smile for his picture and Dad made fun of her because he had a mask on! We can all tell though that he is smiling underneath of that mask!

27: Taken by the anesthesiologist. Dr. Padrazik was finishing up with moms stitches then it was off to the recovery room.

28: We arrived at the recovery room! | Your first time breastfeeding. You were like a pro!

29: Upon arrival to the recovery room the nurses let mom breastfeed you for the first time. You did great with feeding and ate for 40 minutes! After feeding Dad got to hold you then the Nursery nurse came to do your bath. | Dad got to participate in your first bath with the nurse. She was great in letting him help. Mom laid in bed and took many pictures of you and Dad. Right after they were done with your bath, two nurses came in and gave mom a bath.

30: Your first shot!

32: Your first hair wash. You enjoyed it!

33: Mom didn't get to see, but thankfully Daddy took pictures!

35: My finger may be small, but I can still wrap my Daddy around it!

36: When you were fed and both you and mom were cleaned up it was finally time to go to our room and meet the family!! We knew the family was anxiously waiting. Normally, the family gets to come visit in recovery but the way our timing worked out with feeding and bathing there was no time in recovery. We were there for 2 hours. We knew that we would roll by the waiting area on the way to our new room so we asked the nurse if there was another route. Of course, there wasn't. Mom got to hold you while we were wheeled to our new room. As we passed the waiting room the whole family came running. They were like a herd of cows chasing us down the hallway. In fact, somehow Gran and MaMaw beat us to our new room!

38: Our room number was 7141. These were the signs on the door!

39: These were pictures taken as we rolled into the room. Mommy got to hold you on the bed and then while they were assessing Mom, Dad got to go show me off to everybody! Mom was sad because she didn't get to see everyones first reactions!

40: More pictures of Dad holding you while everyone sees you for the first time!

41: Here is mom in the new room! She was very happy! She also got ice chips right away which made her even more excited! The people waiting to see you included Gran & Pappy, Grandpa Jeff & Grandma Leah, MaMaw & PaPaw, Grandpa Roger & his friend Dale, Kelsey & Clint, Kayla, & Sean & Ashytn. (Grandma Darla wasn't able to come because she was sick.)

42: They did have to take you to the nursery for a short while for assessments. This is you being wheeled down the hall. Everyone but Mom got to follow you and watch them with you.

43: They told us that everyone was talking about that beautiful baby with the head full of dark hair! :) Once you returned all the Grandparents got their turns to hold you! (Notice the birth year is wrong on your crib card)

44: Meeting Gran for the very first time!

45: And also Pappy!

46: Meeting MaMaw!

47: And also PaPaw!

48: Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Leah!

50: Grandma Darla

51: Grandpa Roger

53: Daddy changed your first diaper! He did a great job! | He never complained once!

54: Our first night was AMAZING! Family was so exhausted that they all left fairly quickly and we had some alone family time. | We all got to snuggle and relax after a long 36 hours!

55: These pictures were taken all on the first night.

56: Mom and Dad didn't think that we wanted you to have a pacifier.... | Until the middle of the first night...

57: When you cried... | The pacifier soothed you!

58: Middle of the night photos during our first night in the hospital. Mom was so excited to be with you she couldn't sleep much. Dad was so exhausted and got some much needed sleep | on the sofa. He would wake up with us if we needed him to. (We just had to throw things at him occasionally to wake him up! :) He was happy to help once awake though!

59: The nurses encouraged mom to get sleep and send you to the nursery but mom and dad did not want that! We kept you in room with us all the time except for 1 hour each morning they required for you to go get lab work and assessments. Mom even let you sleep in bed with her which they weren't the happiest about but we loved snuggling!

62: These pictures are dark because this is Daddy snuggling with you for a while on the first night. Mom tried to get some sleep but instead just stared at Daddy and you sleeping. You guys were just so peaceful and I loved laying there watching you.

63: You woke up about every two hours throughout the night to feed. These pictures were at another feeding and diaper change during the first night. | Mom enjoyed getting to change you for the first time!

64: Day # 2: Sunday January 6, 2013 Busy Day of Visitors! Mom was able to get out of bed today. She got her catheter out and was getting up (with a lot of assistance to use the restroom and sit up in the chair)

65: Visitors today included Aunt Vicky, Sam and Haley, Nick, Grandpa and Grandma Clark, PaPa and GiGi,Pappy and Gran, MaMaw and PaPaw, Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Leah, Grandpa Roger and Grandma Darla and NaNa Sue, Aunt Robin, Aunt Kati, Uncle Chris, Kaiden, and The Abells.

66: Grandpa Jeff snuggling up with Demi. | Demi and Aunt Robin.

67: Grandpa Jeff brought in Mommys baby picture because he thinks Demi is a look a like. Here is Daddy's baby picture. There is a lot of resemblance there as well.

68: We loved having visitors at the hospital, but we were sure glad when it was our turn to hold you again!

69: We thought this was too cute. You grabbed on to mommy's nursing top and would not let go.

73: Everyone loved to hold you.

79: Grandpa Roger and Grandma Darla also came followed by Nana Sue. We loved all the visitors but were quite tired buy the end of the night and ready for some rest. Mommy was ready for snuggles with Demi because she felt like everyone else had her all day.

80: Day # 3: Monday January 7, 2013. Mom got her epidural out today and got her bandage off the incision site. | This meant that Mommy got to take a shower. Daddy got to "watch" Demi for the first time by himself while Mommy showered but Mommy also required lots of help.

84: Cousin Ben Ben, MaMaw and Aunt Amy came for a visit. Cousin Ben sang you "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

85: We got to visit for a short period of time until it was time for Bella Baby to come in and do our newborn pictures.

90: Gran changing you for the first time.

91: Gran came in at a lucky time. No other visitors were there. She brought us more clothes and items we needed. She took this picture of Daddy sleeping in Mommy's bed while we were visiting.

94: These pajamas were big but we thought they so cute on you. Daddy loved showing you off to our friends when they came to visit.

95: Bryce and Brittany came and Mommy thought it was just too cute that Bryce had an interest in holding you. He did really well with you (even though mom was nervous with anyone holding you)

96: Day 4: Tuesday January 8, 2013.

97: The nurses took you around 1am for your morning lab work and when they brought you back they had given you a little bath and washed your hair. They also put this pretty blue bow in your hair. Mommy thought you looked so beautiful.

100: Not long after bringing you back Mommy nursed you but you still wouldn't stop crying. Mommy and Daddy took turns trying to soothe you but no relief. As new parents we started getting nervous so we called the nurse in. She said that Mommy's milk supply probably wasn't sufficient enough so Daddy got to feed you a bottle for the first time.

101: You calmed down quite nicely after your bottle and settled onto Daddy's chest.

103: Time to go Home! We got to go home a day earlier than planned! We were discharged on Tuesday January 8 around 11am. Grandma Darla came to visit at just the right time and was able to help us pack up and get everything to the car.

107: Daddy was such a careful driver on the way home from the hospital. Not only because of Demi but Mommy was hurting a lot with all the bumps. We made one stop at Walgreens for Mommys medication and then when we arrived home we had balloons waiting on our mailbox. Gran had came and decorated for our arrival home.

108: Welcoming baby Demi into her new home.

109: Demi trying out her swing for the first time when we arrived home from the hospital.

112: Gran had just decorated with the balloons and was only down the street at Wal Mart. She stopped by with some groceries for us and of course to see Demi. Gran was still very worried about her baby, Mom.

113: Grandma Leah and Grandpa Jeff also came by for a short visit. Grandpa Jeff changed your diaper for the first time.

114: We enjoyed introducing you to our dog Duke. He really was interested in you and loved to snuggle up by you.

115: Our first night at home in bed. Snuggling up before going to sleep. Dad was a big help. Mommy couldn't get in and out of bed very well.

117: So according to our bets, Daddy was closest on your weight at 8lbs 9ozs (Unless Grandpa Jeff was but we misplaced his weight guess.) The closest on time was Mommy at 2:45 for guess. You were born at 2:43 pm and weighed 8lbs 12ozs.

121: Demi, You are loved by so many. We are so thankful to get to share you with so many great friends and family. | We hope that someday when you are older you will enjoy looking at this book about your entrance into this world. | We Love you Forever and Always!

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