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Lady Mary's Misadventures

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S: Lady Mary's Misadventures CM, KF

BC: Lady Mary's Misadventures Copyright 2011 Eyer Middle School Macungie, PA

FC: Lady Mary's Misadventures | By: Kelley Finley and Chloe Mathieu

1: Once upon a time, Lord Larry and Lady Mary lived in luxury.They had everything they could want; riches, farmland, peasants, loyal vassals, and of course their beautiful daughter. | In the year 1135 , Europe was right in the midst of the Middle Ages. Many people were suffering, and yet the Lords and Ladies still ruled happily. We now meet one such happy couple (kind of). This is their story........

2: But, despite everything Lady Mary was not happy. Her heart truly belonged to a peasant, but as custom dictated, her father had sold her to Lord Larry to get money and respect for their family.

3: Lord Larry was not charming. He may have been a noble and a wealthy man, but he was disgusting. Lord Larry was a slob, who sat around all day, and only got up to do his favorite pastime, hunting. Lady Mary despised him. He never did his duties as a lord. He wouldn't manage his land, approve of marriages, or be a good judge. He was terrible! And even worse was the fact that he was desperately in love with her!

4: One fateful day, Lady Mary was doing housework in the kitchen. Lord Larry yelled to her in the kitchen, " My dear wife I have been invited to go hunting." Lady Mary was thrilled to have him leave the castle.

5: The next morning Lord Larry set out to go hunting. When Lord Larry walked out to the castle gates he was met by Lord Jay, Lord Ray, Lord Shay, Lord Clay, Lord Trey, Lord Dre, and Lord Fay. They set off for their journey toward the woods. Late that evening a messenger came, informing Lady Mary that her husband has gone missing. The messenger quickly left, but told her not to worry because they had already organized a search for Lord Larry.

6: The next morning, Lady Mary woke up and went to mass, was dressed by her lady in waiting, and took a soak in the tub. She went to breakfast and ate with a smile on her face because the food had never tasted better. She looked after the land and felt that she truly belonged there. She looked after the household and ate her lunch in such bliss. When it was time to watch the entertainment after dinner she thought she had never laughed harder. She ended the day by saying her prayers and went to bed for the first time happily!

7: The rest of the week came and went but still no news of Lord Larry came. Now, Lady Mary was not heartless, and she did feel sorrow at her "husband's" disappearance. However, she had more than enough problems of her own at the fief. The steward, Phillipe was acting strangely now that the Lord was not in the picture. Sneaky movements, sly looks, covert attempts to control more than his share of peasants.......Mary was getting concerned. She would have to keep an eye on him.

8: Then came the final straw for Lady Mary. She had been watching Phillipe and decided to confront him. All his actions were taking advantage of his name as a steward. " Phillipe I think, no, I know, that you have been taking advantage of your name. You must stop this now or I will find another steward." said Lady Mary. "I do not know what you speak of, mistress." said Phillipe with a sly smile. Lady Mary turned and walked away. She would not sink to arguing with her steward.

9: As soon as Lady Mary had turned the corner, Phillipe breathed a sigh of relief. " That," he thought, " was too close!" And so Phillipe started to think of a dastardly plan, a plan to get rid of Lady Mary and take his rightful place as Lord of the fief. " After all," thought Phillipe, " who is a woman to run a fief? She has no right to be in control. A woman cannot do half of what a man could in power. Ha! Imagine a woman as a leader, a ruler! As long as I'm alive, Mary will never rule! | "I will go into the market tonight and ask the witch for a poison potion," Phillipe decided, "then early in the morning I will poison Lady Mary's breakfast. When she falls, I'LL be the Lord of the manor!! Mua Ha Ha Ha!!"

10: So when Phillipe saw that everyone at the manor was asleep, he sneaked out into the dark shadows of the night. He walked deep into the forest where a lone hut sat. " I need a poison potion," Phillipe said with a gleam in his eye to the crooked old witch who lived there. "I will give you this potion you speak of," replied the woman after much deliberation, " but what is it for?" "It is to get somebody out of the way, someone in power. Then the rightful person can rule!" "Ah, I see," said the witch with a different gleam in her eyes, " but proceed with caution young man, for power corrupts." Then with those words, the witch was gone, leaving Phillipe with her cryptic words and the potion he had come for.

11: But little did Phillipe know that the loyal and simple peasant Godfrey was just around the corner. Godfrey ran around the bend, with only the thought of telling Lady Mary of the plan in his mind....and hoping that he wouldn't be too late.

12: When Godfrey arrived at the palace, he rushed up the stairs to Lady Mary's room right away and banged on the door. " I must see Lady Mary," Godfrey yelled, panting. The lady in waiting opened the door just a crack, only large enough a space to see Godfrey with one eye. "I'm sorry, but the Lady will see no one now. Please leave now, peasant." "I must see her though! Phillipe is trying to poison Lady Mary!" With a small gasp, the lady in waiting withdrew from the crack in the door and closed it with a resonating BOOM.

13: Five minutes passed but still Lady Mary did not come out. Ten minutes passed, fifteen, twenty, and after thirty long minutes Lady Mary finally came out. "What is this plan you speak of?" she said with great haste. " Your steward Phillipe was down in the forest talking with the witch. He was getting a poison potion to slip into your breakfast. After you were out of the picture, he would have ascended to the throne and singlehandedly ruled the fief!" replied Godfrey.

14: Lady Mary was shocked. Phillipe had never been the best steward, but she would never had thought that he would have tried to poison her. "Something must be done my lady," said the lady in waiting. "Peasant, what is your name?" asked Lady Mary.

15: "My name is Godfrey," he replied, confused as to why it would matter what his name was. "Godfrey,... it sounds so familiar. No! You couldn't be..." Lady Mary said. She looked sad and bewildered. | "I couldn't be what?" asked Godfrey. " You couldn't be the peasant boy that I used to play with," Lady Mary responded. She looked as if she might cry.

16: "Why couldn't I be the peasant boy?" Godfrey asked with growing confusion. "You couldn't be him because he was taken away one day and killed. No one saw him again. Someone thought he had stolen two pounds of rice from my family, but he didn't! My father only discovered later that he had counted the harvest wrong."

17: "Lady Mary, I am that peasant boy!" Godfrey cried with joy! "When I was taken away, my great uncle came and bargained for my life on the execution grounds. He made a deal with whomever the lord was at the time : that I would become a serf and spend the rest of my days on this fief, " said Godfrey. "It was not anywhere close to ideal, but at least I'm alive to tell the tale."

18: Lady Mary immediately looked up and found that it was Godfrey!" Godfrey, it is you!! I missed you so much!," Lady Mary exclaimed. "I have dreamed of the day that you recognized me!" said Godfrey, "but we still have to stop Phillipe. " My lady should I go and get the guards?" asked Mary's lady in waiting. " Yes, immediately Phillipe must be stopped." she replied. The lady in waiting ran down the hall and got the guards. Mary and Godfrey watched as they ran out into the forest in search of Phillipe. "Godfrey, would you honor me by being my new steward?" Lady Mary asked suddenly. " Lady Mary I couldn't. I' am not a noble; just a simple peasant. No, not even a peasant...a serf. I can't." said Godfrey with a sigh, even though there was nothing he wanted more than to say yes. "You must! " argued Mary. "You are the most loyal person I have ever known. Please." Lady Mary meant this with her whole heart, but still Godfrey could not bring himself to say yes. In desperation, Lady Mary cried out,"Godfrey the serf, I command you to take the position of Steward!" With a huge grin on his face, Godfrey turned to Lady Mary and said, "If that is what you wish, M'lady, then I simply cannot say no."

19: Before Lady Mary could congratulate Godfrey, the messenger came running down the hall. " My Lady, forgive the interruption. Urgent news has just arrived that Lord Larry has been found dead in a small cave on the outskirts of the forest. With the help of the new information on Phillipe, we have deduced that he must have killed the lord in order to take power. Phillipe is in the dungeon awaiting trial as we speak, and no poison was found in the kitchen, or anywhere near your breakfast food. You are safe M'lady." "Yes, thanks to Godfrey here." Lady Mary replied with a small, sad smile.

20: The next morning Phillipe was found guilty of murder and treason, and was put to death. Nobody mourned for the loss of the traitorous steward. Throughout the kingdom people where informed also of the loss of their beloved Lord Larry. People cried and wore black throughout the week of Lord Larry's funeral. The days dragged on for Lady Mary, and she cried as much as anybody for her husband.

21: When the time came to make Godfrey the new steward, Lady Mary appointed him; the first woman to have ever done so. The ceremony itself was a simple affair. Only the Pope was there, in order to give the new steward God's blessing. However, outside of the coronation room, the prospect of a new start filled people with hope throughout the Fiefdom*. | * Fiefdom- an area of one large Fief or many other Fiefs

22: Days, weeks, months, and then one year passed after the day that Godfrey became steward. Lady Mary had not found another husband, but she continued to rule anyway; the first woman to have done so. Godfrey was an excellent steward, whose loyalty and dedication set the best example for the other peasants and workers. The entire population of the fief was happier than they had been in a long time. Mary was turning out to be a wise and kinder ruler than Lord Larry had ever been, and she was happier too. However, she was still missing something in her life, although she couldn't put her finger on it. Then she realized what it was, when Godfrey proposed in the garden one fall day. Lady Mary's life was complete, and she had never been happier. | Epilog

23: There was laughter and joy throughout the land as Lady Mary and Steward Godfrey were joined in marriage, and they lived happily ever after!

24: The End

25: Vocabulary You Might Need to Know... Fief- A piece of land usually watched over by a lord and lady Manor- A landed estate. Lord- Master, chief, or ruler who has authority over others. Lady- A woman of high position. Steward- A person who takes care of another person's land; the lord's right hand man. Peasant- Unsophisticated uneducated poor person; usually a farmer. Serf- a peasant who is considered part of the fief or land; he is sold with it, bound to it, and owned by whomever owns the land; a slave Lady in Waiting- the queen or lady's helper, personal servant, and adviser; the woman's version of a steward

26: About The Authors | Kelley Finley is a thirteen year old who goes to school at Eyer Middle School. She loves to snowboard in the winter, draw all year round, and enjoys hanging out with friends! | Chloe Mathieu is thirteen years old and in 7th grade. She enjoys writing, art, reading, going outside, soccer, music, and skiing. Chloe dreams of traveling to far off places in the world. She first developed an interest in fiction writing in 4th grade.This is her first published work.

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