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Lauryn 1-2 years

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Lauryn 1-2 years - Page Text Content

S: 1 to 2 years old

FC: Lauryn Olivia | 1 year old | 2 years old

1: Lauryn you are 1 year old. How big you are getting and surprising Mommy and Daddy with everything you do. We love you more each day! - You can drink from a sippy cup really well and hold it on your own. - You let Mommy and Daddy know when you are finished with your food by shaking your head or squashing your food....or dropping it to Hogan on the ground. When asked if you are all done with your food you put both hands in the air. - You can put your index finger in the air to tell everyone you are 1. - You also give Daddy a high five, which you learned to do in 2 days. - You LOVE balloons and spoons and you make the "oo" sound. You also help Mommy count by making the "oo" sound in a high pitch 1,2,3. - You like to count the monkeys on your excersaucer. - You put your hand over your mouth and blow kisses. - You are getting more stable to walk and take 2 steps falling towards Mommy or Daddy. - You are starting to snicker laugh and Mommy and Daddy think it is hilarious. - When you poop you wave your hands in front of your nose to show you made a stinker in your pants. - You show Mommy and Daddy you are 1 by putting your pointer finger in the air. - You love balloons, dogs, and flags. You put both hands in the air for "all done." You sign "more" when you want more food. - You blow kisses to Daddy and give him high fives. You also give eskimo kisses. - You dance with both hands in the air and your pointers fingers up just like Urkel. - You can knock on the door. - When saying Good Job you clap your hands. - You blow your food off to cool. - You play hide and seek with Mommy and Daddy by hiding under the table, behind the chair or under the side tables.You play peep-eye with the shower curtain. - You are starting to climb on tables and over lots of things. You want to climb on the couch and up to the window to see into the kitchen. - You scream at the vacuum cleaner when you see it, (in a good way you want to touch it but when it gets close you just keep talking to it). - You pat the ground and make hand gestures for Hogan to come to you. You also steal Hogan's chewy ear. - You can feed yourself and wipe your face. - You are getting both of your bottom molars, they are peeping through. You are using a toothbrush...mostly just chewing on 2 toothbrushes. - You act like you are combing your hair and help Mommy comb her hair too. - This July was the first time you went on vacation with Mommy, Daddy and the Pikas family. You loved the birds, umbrellas and mostly putting your feet in the sand and feeling the water. - You can put shapes into the holes with help - You spin on your butt when we say spin,spin, spin. - You recognize animals and objects in books and can point to things when asked. - You point to door handle to go outside and wants to see Hogan when he goes outside. - You wear a size 2 shoe

2: JULY | You turned 1 on a Thursday and we didn't have your birthday party until Saturday. Grammie and Pop came to visit on Wednesday June 29th which is Grammie's birthday.

3: When you pooped you would wave your hand over your nose and Mommy would ask if you had a stinker in your pants | We know you are going to walk soon. You want to climb over, under and on top of everything. | Weight 18 lbs 15 oz 29.50 inches

4: You went to visit Great Grandpa Green | Yes Lauryn that is your nose. You can point to your nose and toes. | Had the best time riding with Papah | JULY

5: Climbing in Daddy's shoe box

6: 1st Vacation to Duck North Carolina

7: 13 months It's amazing.....You just turned 13 months old and you are already doing new things! Today you decided you would take a few more steps on your own. Still not walking around the house yet but I have a feeling it will be soon. - You are my little mimic, everything Mommy does you try to do. You are getting more of a personality and your tempers are showing when you don't get what you want. - You are starting to climb in everything, even things you can't fit into you still try to climb in. You are putting boxes and buckets and tupperware on your head. -You try and eat everything Daddy eats while he is eating - You can make the sound of an elephant and stick your tongue out and breathe like Hogan for the sound of a dog -You know your hair, head,eyes, nose, toes, belly, belly button, ears, fingers, hands, legs, mouth and tongue. - You goose Mommy when I run your bath water. - You love to tickle Mommy and Daddy. - You love the baby Grandma got you and you take on and off it's hat and give baby kisses and hugs. - August 19th you stood up on your own to walk!! You are walking all over the place and Mommy is soooo scared you are going to hit a corner with your head or face. - You use your hands and body to tell Mommy and Daddy things by moving our arms or hands or legs to do what you want them to do. - You are getting your top two molars and your bottom right canine tooth in so you are drooling a ton! - You LOVE LOVE LOVE to brush your teeth - You bounce on your bottom to music or when we sing about Tigger bouncing - You are doing a great job of walking by the end of this month and you don't just walk in a straight line anymore you can turn really well too

8: Nectarine! Yummy! | AUGUST | You loved to play with the remote for the TV and the fan. You also loved the phone including cell phones. You knew what they were used for too. | You were putting balls in and out of your shirt | 13 months old

9: Lovin' your new water table and splashing yourself in the face. | Not walking yet. You can take 2 steps toward something or walk a few steps between toys

10: August | Aunt Jaime and Jocelyn | Havin' a great time with Aunt Angie | Jocelyn was pulling Grandma's hair | Grandma got you and Jocelyn baby dolls

11: Getting into everything... | Fresh corn, yummy!

12: tired and you haven't even started to fold the towels yet | Play date with Isaac

13: On your mark, get set....... | GO | GO | GO | Taking about 6 steps before falling...getting much better at walking on your own! | Well I guess you aren't up for sharing with Jocelyn yet

14: Little Professor Lauryn | Dancing with Grandma | Grandma painting your toenails for the first time

15: Walking like a superstar!!! | Wow did you have a great time with those flower sticks. Grandma making sure you didn't fall on the pavement | YEP, You're our little stinker | KISSES

16: Brush, Brush, Brush | Looking at pictures with Papah | Looking at your shadow | You kinda look like Mommy | Walking so well now

17: S | Stop and smell the flowers

18: 14 Months - You are walking so well! Going in circles and starting to pick up the pace. - You are getting your top right and left molars and your left canine. You are not sleeping to well during this time, crying during the night and taking short naps. - After your bath you run around the house laughing and playing hide and seek with Mommy and Daddy...We call it "Naked Baby Time." - You are trying to say pretzel and banana. You make the consonant sound "p" for pretzel and "b" "na" for banana. You can "duh" for dog and you are starting to say "Mumm" more frequently. Mommy can't wait to hear you actually say MOM! - Now add your right canine trying to pop through your gums...ouch! - You wear a size 4 shoe - You can walk backwards and you are starting to run - You can say yellow - You can twirl - You can kick a ball - You love pushing things and putting things in your blue cart. - You play football with Daddy by throwing down the football and putting your hands in the air when Daddy yells, Touchdown! - You are fascinated with bugs...especially ants and spiders. - Love going outside and picking dandelions and pine cones. - Love to ride in Pooh Mobile outside. - You run around the house naked after bath time - Mommy likes it when you help her pick up things and put things away. - When you like something you eat you say, Yum! - You have a bug puzzle that is magnetic and you can pick up the bugs with your magnet all by yourself. - You give pats. - You colored with crayons and made your first scribbles

19: September

20: Papah getting double teamed | Kisses from Aunt Jaime | You and Jocelyn loved those balloons

21: Waving at cars. Having a garage sale at Papah and Grandmas | Love to read!

22: Isaac's 1st Birthday Party

23: Hiding under your tent | Smiling with Mommy | Eating your sock puppet

24: Hugs and Kisses for Jocelyn | Smiling with Papah

25: Yipee, hangin' out with Aunt Angie | Wiping your own face | Yum Grandma, this Oreo Cakester is delicious

26: 15 months - You can say "hat" "ball" "cheese" - You make sounds for things like "s" for socks, circle, square and others. "buh" for balloon, baby, etc and "p" - You twirl around in a circle. - Mommy and Daddy think you are getting to be the star of the show by acting silly - Stack blocks on your own. - Feeding yourself much better. - Blows bubbles in the tub. - Screams at the fridge when you knock the magnetic alphabet letters off onto the ground. - Brings bunches of puzzles pieces to Mommy to put in piles. - Points to airplanes. - Smiles when asked by squinting eyes and smiling face. - Blows razzberries on Mommy and Daddy's belly and likes to give tickles too. - Can get off the couch on your own. - Says "uuh" for "up." - Makes sneezing noise after someone sneezes "A- Choo" - Can make a muscle. - Does "happy feet" runs in place like feet fire. - Length: 29 3/4 Weight: 20lbs 10 oz Head: 17 7/8


30: A wonderfully warm day in October to pick a pumpkin

31: Taking fall pictures with the Ward family outside Grandma and Papah's house

34: Sisters

35: A visit from Grammie, Pop and Aunt DeeDee

36: Giving kisses to Aunt Angie on her birthday

37: 16 months on October 3oth - Swirls finger to around and around - Feeds baby dolls. - Turns on a flashlight and looks for Hogan under the bed - Can sort shapes - Can identify the letter s,p,d and h - Calls Jocelyn Gee Gee - Says lalalalala - Can put puzzle pieces in correct places. - Can turn things around when asked. - Knows some colors...sometimes you get them right and sometimes you don't. We'll keep working on those. - You love chocolate , whip cream and candy and when you see them you want it right away. - Points to a chair or where you want someone to sit - Puts both hands in the air for "touchdown" - Says, "baaaaa" for the sound of a sheep - Signs "please" - Knows a Christmas tree, ornaments and lights - Kisses boo boos - Likes stuffed animals, Your favorite is Brown Bear and your little baby doll with the blue body that Grandma Ward got. - Tells secrets and whispers - Pretends to feed self and others - Creeps at Hogan and anything really excited to touch - LOVES TO TICKLE - Tries to get into small things


39: Cutest Cow Baby in the World | October 31st

42: Jocelyn's 1st Birthday Party | Great Papah's 86th Birthday | NOVEMBER

43: Laura came over for a visit. Tickling her was too much fun! | Thanksgiving

44: 1st Thanksgiving at our home

45: Lovin' some pumpkin pie | Yipeeee!

46: 17 months - Puts finger to mouth and says, "shhhh" - Says hello and holds a pretend phone to ear - Pats and loves baby dolls - Tries to wrap presents - Recognizes letters, A,B,D,E,G,H,P,S,T,Z. - Starting to say MOM a little more - Can drink from a cup on your own. - Identifies shapes really well and now you can identify the half circle, hexagon, and pentagon. - You have been able to do puzzles but now you can put the pieces into the right hole without much help. -Says words that are starting to sound more like, dirty, all done, baby, binky, papah, deedee. - Says, "guh" for Grandma and the color Green - Makes horse sounds, neigh - Knows animals, ostrich, rhino, hippo - Loves to climb stairs and ladders and get on the couch - Touches ankles - Loves Pooh Bear Book and memorized where things are in the book. - Pretends to clean ears with a q-tip - Knows squirrels are at Grandma and Papah's house and they eat corn. - Points to self - Licks fingers off - Says, "huh", for help. - Makes are motions back and forth for running

47: December | December

50: Christmas at Grammie and Pop's

53: Uncle Kevin

55: Uncle Bryan and Aunt Maureen | Carl and Sue

56: 18 months old - First hair cut on January 3rd - Knows numbers 0-9 but gets 6 and 9 confused - Shows crawling under something with your arms - Loves being in a tent - Says, "brrrr" for being cold - Pretend plays with babies by covering them up and kissing goodnight, feeding them, making them dance and twirl - Pretend plays with doll house and when putting the baby to sleep says, "shhhh" - Can stack 7 blocks high - Knows fruits and veggies - Drinks out of a cup on your own - First runny nose and cold Jan 27th - Likes to paint with jello and water, construction paper and water, and play with play doh using cookie cutters and a rolling pin


59: New Year's Day Christmas at Grandma and Papah's

60: 1st HAIRCUT | You did such a great job of sitting still and being patient

62: Cool shoes Lauryn | Sharing so nicely

63: You love to wear hats and necklaces | You like to sit in the big rocking chair | Eating your snack under your tent

64: You loved painting with the Jello and water mixture...and then you dumped it out and flung it around the kitchen. Check you out pushing your babies and stuffed animals in your cart! | Did someone say pajama party? You had Daddy put pajamas on all your stuffed animals and babies.

65: 19 months - You know the words Big and Small and can show them with hand gestures - Plays "Lauryn Says" at dinner table, Mommy and Daddy repeat everything you do. - Recognize family in photos - Says, "guh, guh" for Grandma, and "pah, pah" for Papah - Plays hide and seek. Covers eyes and hides in the tent - Dances with arms in the air - Loves to hear music and loves to hear Mommy and Daddy sing to you. - When yelling for someone, you put your hands to your face to create a megaphone - Eats with utensil by yourself - Recognizes all letters - Can bear walk - Says, "cuhcke" for cupcake, Diddle for your Hey Diddle, Diddle book, Bubbles, UHH for Up, Duh forDown. - Know what a bubble bath is and gets bubble bath out of cabinet for Mommy - Pours things into other cups - Turns on TV - Loves Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse ClubHouse and Curious George TV shows. You let Mommy and Daddy know you want to watch TV by patting your legs and throwing your hands in the air like the Little Einsteins do for "blast off" - Puts up pointer finger to ask for 1 more of everything, from books to food - Reaches arms out wide to say "I love you this much"

66: February | 19 months

67: Happy Valentine's Day

68: Concentrating on painting with water | What a beautiful SMILE | Playing with neighbor Laura

70: 20 months - There is only 29 days in February this year so I guess you will be 20 months on the 29th this year. - You know push, pull, happy, sad, clean, dirty, dark, light, up, down, high, low, back, front. - Knows what sounds a monkey, elephant, tiger, seal, snake, horse and sheep make. - Knows green, yellow, purple, blue, black, gray, white, red, orange and can say them. - Knows what a monkey, elephant and penguin eat. - Knows what things go together...ex: a bat and ball, shovel and bucket. - Taps lips when thinking about something. - Says, "Bach, Bach like a chicken while flapping arms. - Knows big and little and loves to draw big and little circles. - Mommy gave you your first pig tails. - Got your 2nd real haircut with Sara. - You really like to do finger plays, your favorite is the caterpillar that climbs into the leaf and flies away as a beautiful butterfly.

71: March

73: You love to wear the smock while painting or just whenever that Aunt Angie got you. You also love being in your tent and Mommy to be in the tent too.

74: Enjoying an unseasonably warm day in early March. Yippee for blowing bubbles

75: 1st piggy tails

76: Lauryn Olivia

77: Chillin' with Daddy watching basketball

78: We got a few 80 degree days in March and it felt like summer!


81: 2nd Haircut | You were perfect the entire time. You sat still while Sara cut, combed, sprayed and blew your hair dry!

82: 21 months - Makes faces for happy and sad - Draws circles - Says, hi-eeeee - Says, no, no, no! - Interacts with tv shows by answering questions, telling what is next, yes and no. - Vocabulary is really improving - Says #2 - Can count from 6-10 on own - Says, do and good. This is a list of just SOME of the things you say now... pull, push, good, hot, wet, high, big, egg, book, walk, dance, baby, bowl, fish, clock, tick tock, climb, back, socks, out, go, in, juice, please, paint, more, mom, dad, hogan, papah, guh guh(Grandma), gigi(Jocelyn), agie(Angie), jgee (Jaime), DeeDee, daisy, dduck, goofy, minnie, mickey, pluto, pete, jed, uh oh, play, water, bite, yeah, nose, eyes, hair, head, elbow, hand, knee, toes, shoulder, mouth, teeth, brush, cut, think(you tap your head like pooh bear when you think), muffin, cupcake, apple, bear, pear, orange, banana, cup, now, glasses, soft, stuck, balls, phone, dots, door, marker, draw, bubbles, shirt, pants, milk, kick, bounce, balloon, jump, flag, frog, sheep, pig, horse, dog, cow, owl, chicken, tent.

83: April

85: So excited to put Disney Stickers on the egg

86: Good Morning, Lauryn! Easter morning and there are eggs to find! | TaaaDa!!!!!!! First egg find | Loved this pinwheel and blowing it around in a circle

94: 22 months - Counts 1-10 - You were sick for the 2nd time with double ear infections....up at night coughing - Pretends to snore and when you get up say, wake, wake!! Also like to cover up yourself, Mommy, Daddy and babies. - Says: Ready....Set.....GO!! - Says: Sorry, high chair - Said your name for the first time May 28th - Rub your tummy and say yummy! - Tries to skip - Started using scissors.....mostly using 2 hands to cut but knows how to use scissors with one hand.

95: May

97: 23 months - Tip toes around - Starting to chew up food and then spit out and sometimes you eat it again! Ewwww!! - Putting 3 words together: Baby wake up, Daddy pick up, Papah fix car, Socks fall down. - Says, tut tut rain. From Winnie the Pooh, tut tut it looks like rain. - Wants to play hide-n-seek and covers eyes to count - Finishes sentences in books and songs with the correct word. Like to sing: On top of spaghetti, Twinkle Twinkle little star, She'll be comin' round the mountain, What could make that little old ant think he could move a rubber tree plant, Hush little baby, Old McDonald, All around the mulberry bush and many more. - Says, peekboo and tadaaa! - Points out which house is yours by answering Mommy when asked, Is that Lauryn's house? - Starting to notice there are many of something and saying: More trees, More flags, More chairs and repeating it over and over!! - Knows boy/girl and left/right - Knows song and points to body parts during head, shoulders, knees and toes! - Repeating everything - You try and dress yourself - You want cake, party hats, balloons for your birthday - Wants to do everything by yourself and you say, "self"

98: JUNE

99: First time to the zoo!! You were so excited to see the elephants. When we got there you were pulling my hand toward the entrance and yelling, Pull, Pull!!! Daddy was still waiting in line to get tickets but you couldn't wait! When we saw the elephants there were 2 big and 1 baby and the baby was throwing dirt on it's back which you thought was hilarious. The zoo was sooo busy today and was hard to get any pictures but Daddy did get a picture of us on the Carousel. Again, you couldn't wait to get on a horse! You laughed and laughed and Mommy thought it was the best part of your day! You went kicking and screaming off the ride though. We had a great day as a family!!

100: Painting with Cool Whip and food coloring | Tut, Tut looks like rain!

101: Jocelyn trying to scoot her way on Aunt Jaime's lap | You kept putting Mommy's UD helmet on so we had to get a picture!

104: Happy 2nd Birthday Lauryn!

105: At Grammie and Pop's to celebrate your 2nd birthday and Grammie's 60th!

106: Grammie's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

108: You and cousin Natalie

109: All Dressed up for your birthday party at Grandma and Papah's | Painting Angie

110: Grandma's beautiful girls!

111: R | R | Watching the Air Show at Grandma and Papah's.....what a great 2nd Birthday Party!! | Lauryn

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