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Lea's House on Sutton Court

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S: The House On Sutton Court A novel By:Lea Katanick

FC: The House On Sutton Court | By:Lea Katanick

1: I would like to dedicate this book to My mother, father, and my sister for all teaching Me how to dream and believe

3: Table of Contents | 1.Houses 2.Dreams 3.Names 4.Family 5.And Friends 6.Old Times 7. Her 8.That Month 9.Gone 10. The Garden 11.Memories To Come

4: Chapter 1 -Houses- | There are many different kinds of houses. There are green, blue, purple, and yes even pink houses. But there is something about a house that expresses the person or the people living in it. Our house is green and beige with two big protective walls that guard our house. I love our house because it is not to big but it is not to small. I like that our house looks happy, fun, and inviting. | I think of my house as a fun house because my family has had so many great and fun memories in it. One memory is when my mom spilled macaroni noodles all over the floor. She told me to pick all of them up. Instead I made pictures with the noodles. I made a smiley face and a flower. It was so funny when my mom saw it.

6: Chapter 2 -Dreams- | My dream house would have very neutral colors. Colors like dark purple, light green, and browns. I would like to live in the city. If I could pick any place to live I would live in Paris or New York City. I would love to have an apartment penthouse so that I had a beautiful view. In my first room I would have a kitchen that has a island with Beautiful gray and red granite counter tops. I would have a pot filler and a regular sink. I would have a flat stove top but I would not have the stove and the oven connected. Also I would have | two ovens, one that is confection and the other normal. My kitchen would be as sleek as a leopard.My living room would have a very modern look.I would have the Couch be a sectioned couch so that you can sit with your legs on the the floor or you can put your legs up on the long section. I would have a 55 inch LG flat screen Television that I would use for apple t.v, regular t.v, and the Kinect gaming system. I would have the windows be one of the walls so that I would be able to look out on a beautiful scene.

7: My bedroom would have teal and beige walls with a queen size bed that had draws under it. I would have pillows that are beige and the comforter would be purple. I would have 3 beige dog beds next to mine for my dogs. My dog would be a Doberman Pinscher, a Great Dane, and a Rat Terrier. My Doberman would be named Goliath, my Great Dane will be named Muge, and my Rat Terrier would be named Scruffy . I would also have 2 cats that are Siamese and I would name them Si and Am. | I would have a room that is for the animals so that I can storage all of my pets things. I would also have 2 bathrooms, a movie theater, a gymnastics room, a garden room, and a pool. My cats and dogs would have a room dedicated to them so they can always play.

8: Chapter 3 -Names- | I love my name and believe that it is beautiful. Lea means grassland or meadow. To me my name is like a meadow flowing in the wind. I love the way that my name rolls off the tongue. When I looked up my name everything was exactly like me. The website told me that I was idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading me into situations where I can express my desire to serve others. I see my name being a light blue or an aqua. | My name comes from the name Leah and it is Hebrew and Assyrian. I am not named after anyone in my family. I think that it would be cool to be named after someone but I like having my own name because it is unique and fun. My name is different which I like because there are not many people that are named Lea and there is only one other way to spell my name. Many people pronounce my name as Lay-a, but the real way to pronounce it is Lee-ah

9: Some nicknames that I have are Lee Lee, Lea Corey, Ea, lee, Katanick, Katnip, Titanic, Bee, Little Lee, Peanut, and Cookie. I like all of these nicknames because I think that they are cute. The nickname cookie was what my dad called me when I was little. He used to say “Goodnight Cookie!” and I would say “ Goodnight Milk!”. The rest of my nicknames I am called to present day. I would not want to change my name. This is because my name is. The reason my name is super unique is that not many people spell lea without the “H” at the end. | I think that the funniest thing that always happened to me with my name was when I was younger. When I was younger my family and I would go out to Einstein's to get breakfast. We would go order and they always asked what name to put it under. I always said mine. Then came the problem. They would say “L-e-a-h?” and I would say “drop the H!”. I think that this still brings back memories and still is funny to me and my family.

10: Chapter 4 -Family- | Many people have different hair. There's long hair, short hair, curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, and just all over hair. But if two people have straight, short hair they could still have different textures of hair. There is feathered hair, fluffy hair, soft hair, rough hair, and scraggly hair. There is clean and dirty hair, there is thin and thick hair, and there is oily and greasy hair.

11: Most families have hair that looks the same or feels the same but my family is different.All of our hair are different. My mothers hair is curly. Her hair has blonde and red highlights. My moms hair is rough with a soft touch and I love when she straightens it. I love when she straightens it because you can see all of the highlights and the beautiful color. She smells like a sweet summer day in a meadow. Dads are very different. Some have a full head of hair, some have none. My dad does not have hair. He is bald but I love that about him. My dads hair was blonde and fluffy. His smell is different than the hard worker he is. I think that he smells sophisticated but fun at the same time. My Sister has hair that is blonde and straight. I love my sister, Taylor’s, hair because it is soft and short with layers. She is like me when it comes to hair. She tries to do fun | fun stuff with her hair but not extravagant things. Her smell is pretty. She wears a very pretty smelling perfume that is fun but laid back. Then there is my hair. A mix between straight and curly. To my hair is a mess. It is wavy but was little curls all up and through it. I like my hair but think that sometimes it can be a pain in the butt. My hair has blonde, platinum blonde, and brown in it and is soft and thick. I think that md perfume smells like strawberries and flowers. Many families have the same hair or type of hair. But my family has curly hair, straight hair, and wavy hair. We might look different in hair type but we aren’t different in personality. We all are fun and happy and love to laugh. Without my family and their hair, smell,

12: Chapter 5 -and friends- | " Kait I haven't seen you in forever !". Kait.She was and still is my best friend. I love her to death and she is the best. When I was little we use to play with each other. Her mom and my mom are still best friends just like us. We always call each other on Skype and just talk. This is because she lives in St.Louis. I don't know what I would do with out her. We are like sisters. Almost every summer we get to stay at each others house for about 2 weeks. I love her so much.

14: Chapter 6 -Old Times- | I remember when we were little. When no one cared. When we could all be our self and we could be friends with everyone. I remember. When I was in the second grade we got a new neighbor.They had four kids, a boy and 3 girls. One girl was my age and I was super shy to meet her.I remember she came over and my mom told me to go up to my room and play her. I was scared she wouldn't like me. I remember how her dress looked like a flower. It was pink and floral. | It was sophisticated. This made me even more nervous. As we talked we noticed we had so much in common. We became best friends, traveling from one house to another. But as we grew up we sadly pulled apart and found new friends. I remember.

16: Chapter 7 -Her- | Taylor. Gosh I miss her. I wish sometime that we didn't have to grow up so fast. She is not only my sister but my best friend. My sister Taylor is 19. She goes to college in Ithaca, New York. I really miss her and wish she was with me and my family. I remember in summers when my family bikes. I watch my sister's hair as she rides down hills. Her hair skipping through the wind. I miss her I really do.

18: Chapter 8 -That Month- | In life many hardship may come your way. There may be a family loss.Maybe a member of the family gets fired from their job. Nonetheless it is natural for these things to happen. Some people get so attached that it is hard to let go.My family lost our first horse 5 years ago and in that same month we lost one of our dogs. I was told that we had lost our horse ,Rocky, in our living room. It was horrible because I had no suspicion whatsoever. I didn't even think that that was going to happen soon. When I was told I started to cry and thought that the world was out to get me. This was hard because my | dad was overseas and my mom, my sister, and I were the only ones home.It was a late evening night and the the sky was dark. It was a summer night with the wind blowing through the open windows. My sister and I could tell something was wrong, but we didn't know what. We both hopped nothing had died. We had just had to have put down our small dog Tramp and we had just gotten over that. It was one and a half weeks after the death of Tramp and it was a hard recovery. My mom brought my sister and I in the living room and

19: sat us down.The expression on her face was very grim. I sat in the middle of the room on the ground next to my mom and Taylor, my sister, sat on the couch. My mom started out trying to sugar coat the news, but it was useless. She finally came out with it and Taylor and I played chicken holding back the tears. Then finally we both started to cry. I scooched over and cried into my mothers cradling hands. It was a sad night for the Katanicks. To help us out my mom took Taylor and I out for Ice Cream and we got the biggest bowl they had. The three of us drowned our sorrows in ice cream and tears outside of the shop.

20: Chapter 9 -Gone- | "Bye Taylor!". I love my sister to death. When we had to drop her off at college I thought I would die. If I every lost my sister forever I would be lost in the world. The moment that we dropped Taylor off it hit me that I would not be able to wake up and say 'hey Tay.'. I wouldn't be able to feel her warm embrace we I have a tough day. I wouldn't be able to tell her that I love her in person. I remember walking away from her dorm as the warm New York breeze touched my skin. It finally had hit me. That there were no more Taylor hugs. | Then came Thanksgiving. When my mom and dad told me that Tay was not coming home for this holiday . They took me down to Chicago as a surprise and I thought that it was just to cheer me up. My mom said that we were going to go through Union Station as a short cut to get to the restaurant. As we were going through the station we turned into the baggage claim area and that threw me for a loop. Then we walked up to two college students. Both from Ithaca.

21: One was My sister. I hugged her so hard and started to cry. I love my sister.

22: Chapter 10 -The Garden- | I am who I am. I won't let anything stop me from being me and having fun. A garden flows through the wind. Not caring which way it blows. I am a garden. I flow through the wind as if nothing can make me angry. I grow beautiful flowers for all to see. I am like a garden because I want to share my life stories with whoever will listen. But when a storm comes a gardens way it easily lets go. I am like a garden.

24: Chapter 11 -Memories to come | When we are little we want to grow up. But as we grow up we want to be little again. Both of this times we are wishing away days, months, years, and memories.Memories are like a Dandelion. If you aren't careful the fluff will fly away. Just like memories. Even when life gets hard we can't wish away time. Wishing time away is not living in the moment. With out living in the moment memories slip away from us. We keep coming back to the same outcome which is letting memories slip away. Memories fuel life. With out memories we would not tell stories. There are many memories to come and I won't let them slip away.

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