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lee family 2010

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BC: 2010

1: Laken Christopher Lee | Laken loves his mommy | Seven Months Old January 2010

2: January 2010

3: Landon 6, Lauren 5, Laken 7 months

5: Laken is a sweet & happy baby. He babbles a lot (especially if the big kids aren't around). He rolls everywhere and is full of charm & personality. | Happy Baby | January 2010 - Laken 7 months old

6: January & February 2010 | Kids with Kalen & Reid | Landon & Lauren with Captain Cain | The world's GREATEST Daddy is LOVED!

7: Fun with Family | Grandma Gomez with Grandkids | Landon & Pa Lynn | Mike, Jan, & Matt | Sissy & Uncle Matt | Kids with Kalen & Reid

8: Happy Valentines Day

10: UPWARD 2010 | Landon did great this year ! He was able to make points and improve on dribbling. Daddy was his coach | THE PACERS

11: Lauren was a cheerleader for the first time. She did great and had lots of SPIRIT! Daddy even did a dance with her for the half time show to "All the Single Ladies" | THE SPARKS

12: Laken | February 2010 - 8 months old

13: March 2010 9 months | April 2010 10 months | Laken does patty cake, has BIG smiles, jabbers constantly, and crawls all over the place. He "works a crowd" with his bright eyes and big smile. So easy to LOVE!

14: Easter 2010

16: Easter in The ARK

17: Family Dinner

18: Dancing Queen | Spring 2010 - Ballet - Jazz Class | Strike A Pose | Love Ya!!

19: Super Soccer Player | Lauren played soccer again in Spring '10 on the li'l brown dogs team. When she focused, Lauren could run fast and score goals. Soccer is still a social sport for Lauren and she enjoys working the crowd.

21: April 2010

22: Lauren

23: Lauren was in a ballet recital with a dance program at her school. | April 2010 5 years old

24: PaPa Dawes comes to town to visit. April 2010

25: Landon | Looses one of his front teeth | Crazy Hair Day Landon fixes himself | Art Project at School (kindergarten) | Spring 2010 - 6 years old | Landon has had a fantastic year at Bixby North in Kindergarten. He has learned to read and getting better and better at it. His teacher said he is eager to learn, very bright, and friends with everyone. | Buddies Landon, Karsten, Kyle, Cade | BIG BRO

26: May 2010

28: May | Mike & Christina celebrate 12 years of marriage this month

29: Outside Fun - Summer 2010

30: Laken plays baseball and is very proud of himself May 2010

31: Trip to the Zoo | 5-22-10

32: Happy Birthday Tracy | We had a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 50th birthday! It was a backyard garden party and we had so much fun!

33: Saffa IV Pharmacy Staff all dressed up - May 2010 Front: Barbara, Rae, Kathy, Mary, Sarah Back: Linda, Becky, Lisa, Tracy, Christina, Pam, Beth

34: Dance Recital -May 2010 | Prom Theme Daddy came on stage at the end and lifted her up- so sweet | Friends: Ella & Addyson

35: Spring Baseball - The Pirates

38: Cool Dudes

39: Super Hero Party Landon celebrated his 7th Birthday SUPER HERO style. We had a big bash in the backyard with an obstacle course, board breaking, freeze dance (to batman theme song), and a punching bag. PaPaw Bookout, Matt, and Abbi helped with the fun!

40: Landon turns 7 Landon had a fun family birthday party to celebrate his big birthday. He was exited to receive a camera and a bible. Landon loves to play outside with neighbors, play sports, and swimming. He is such a sweet boy!

41: Landon goes to OSU basketball camp with Noah Ralston and Carter Lye. His birthday was in the middle of the week and he and his friends got ice cream after camp that day. | Landon with OSU player Keaton Paige | Kindergarten at Bixby North Mrs. Thiemann's class | Landon's art work of an astronaut

42: June 2010

43: Our little cupcake turns one! We celebrated Laken's birthday with family and friends. Laken had fun being the center of attention! He LOVED his cupcake and ate it right up! Luckily, Big Sis was around to help him with his presents. | Buddies Reid & Laken | Grammy, MeMaw, Pa, PaPaw | Richie, Shanna, Sydni, Grandma, PaPa, Blake, Adam, Michelle

44: Lauren & Lauragale Ralston | Lauren & Tyler Ferland | Lauren & Ella Ruley | Kendra, Lauren, & Kirsten | Lauren & Mommy | Lauren and her American Girl Doll

45: June 2010

46: World's Greatest Dad

47: Father's Day 2010

48: Matt, PaPaw Bookout, Daddy, Laken, Pa Lynn, Cody, and Landon celebrate Father's Day at Fuddruckers | Landon & Lauren love on PaPa Gomez for Father's Day | Daddy is LOVED by his two favorite little boys | Mike has been an officer in USPHS since 1998. He was promoted to Commander this year.

49: Shower for Tara & Jeremy Richardson | June 2010

50: Laken the Golfer We took Laken over to a putting green to get a cute picture in his golf attire. As soon as we set him down on the green, he started smiling with joy to have his own golf club in hand. Then he began trying to hit the ball into the hole with his club. It was hysterical!

51: June 2010 - 1 year old

52: Laken Christopher Lee Our little angel was baptized at Asbury Methodist Church on June 2010. He smiled as soon as Pastor Tom placed water on his head and then tried to steal the show with his charm. Big Brother & Sister were right by his side along with the whole family. At the end of the day, Daddy commented that it had been a "perfect day". Praise be to God for this precious baby and his life ahead. | Pastor Tom, Laken, Mom, & Dad

53: Landon 7 years old | Lauren - 5 1/2 years old | Laken 1 year old

54: Our sweet, funny, & happy baby boy

55: Laken - 1 Year Old | June 2010

57: kiddie park | July 2010

58: Summer Fun | 4th of July Picnic

60: Worlds of Fun & * T-Rex Restaurant

61: July 2010 Family Vacation to Kansas City We took a road trip to Kansas City and stayed at Great Wolf Lodge. Our room was like a cabin and had bunk beds for the big kids and an indoor water park. It was so much fun. The big kids went down the slides and swam all day. Laken had a ball smiling at new people and playing on the splash pad. We found a great restaurant with dinosaurs that was super fun. We spent a day at Worlds of Fun riding rides. Laken & Lauren did not like the characters that came to shake their hands. We also got to visit our cousins that live in KS (Amber & Josh). By the end of the trip, Landon was ready to move to Kansas City.

63: Family Vacation 2010 | Kansas City - Great Wolf Lodge | Cousin Amber & Josh

64: Lauren's Graduation Ceremony Lauren attended a Pre-K program this year at Shining Through Learning Center. She is a bright little girl with a big future! August 2010

65: Mommy & Lauren | Wonder Woman | Miss Amy & Lauren | Lauragale, Abby, and Anna help Lauren skate | Howdy Ya'll | Summer 2010 - 5 years old

66: July 2010 | July 2010 | Landon 7, Lauren 5 1/2, Laken 1

69: Jeremy & Tara Richardson Wedding July 2010 | Landon & Lauren were honored to be a part of this special day. The kids had fun during the festivities. Landon wanted to be right with Jeremy and showed off his "robot dance during the reception. Lauren was mesmerized by Tara's beauty in her princess gown. Laken was just happy to be there showing off his GQ tuxedo.

70: First Day of School - August 2010 | Kindergarten Blessing at Asbury | sweet kindergartener | cool first grader

71: August 2010 A big month as the kids are off to school. Landon in first grade and Lauren in kindergarten both at Bixby North Elementary. We had a fun summer and the kids are excited to get back to school and see friends and start activities. Landon has Mrs. Rickener and knew several kids in his class (class of mostly boys). Lauren has Mrs Thiemann (same teacher Landon had) and was excited that Addyson and Tyler were in her class. | hand prints in concrete when basket ball goal installed

72: Luau at The Lee's Murder Mystery Dinner August 2010 | We hosted our very first Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It was fun to get dressed up and eat a Hawaiian fest with friends. The acting got pretty serious (I think some rehearsed their parts prior to the party!) | The Ruley's | The Short's | The Borgelt's | Host: The Lee's | The Ralston's | The Segnar's

73: Friends & Family | Ella & Lauren | Kalen & Lauren | Jacob & Landon | Laken & Reid | Karsten & Landon | Gentry & Lauren | ASA Kids | Aunt Barbara & kids | Macy & Lauren | End of summer & early fall 2010

74: August 2010 | Lauren goes to her first dance with Daddy and they had so much fun! She loves her American Girl Doll and she helped Mommy make a dress for her. She wanted to be a pharmacist for career day and told me she hopes to do what Mommy does when she is a grown up (she said she loves all the papers I get to have on my desk)

75: Deanna Rose Farms - Kansas | Labor Day Weekend - September 2010

76: August, September, October 2010 | Our little bundle of sunshine and energy | beat Texas motions | laken | One Year OLd

77: Bixby North Jog-A-Thon 9-24-10

78: Go Upward Go - Lauren Cheerleader Fall 2010 Asbury Children's Choir | Macy & Lauren | Big Kick | Full of SPIRIT | Coach Mommy

79: American Girl Fashion Show September 2010 | Lauren was able to model 2 outfits in an American Girl Fashion Show. She was "Ruthie" and a "bity baby birthday girl". It was fun to watch her walk down the runway

80: OU SOONER Birthday Party for Daddy! Happy 36th! 10-17-10

81: Family Time - October '10 | Cousins sleep over- Landon(7), Laken (16mo), Lauren(5), Gavin(14mo), Aidan(4) | little cousins | big cousins | Bill & Pamela's Wedding | girls day at the ice capades

83: Halloween 2010 | Mommy & Son Dance

85: ASA Annual Thanksgiving Dinner | Eagle Pride with Grammy & PaPaw Bookout

86: dance, dance, dance | *The kids love to dance to music and just have fun at home* | Lauren is in Ballet/Jazz this year and really enjoying it! Her Christmas program included a jazz number and she loved the part where they got to also sing while dancing "Jingle Bells Rock" | December 2010

90: Lauren turns 6 Lauren's family came over and celebrated her sixth birthday with her. We had great weather and lots of fun! Lauren got skates, a bible, matching clothes with her doll, a new coat, strawberry shortcake, and an Easy Bake! She had mentioned the Easy Bake to Aunt Michelle and was counting on her to come through. Grandma Gomez and Lauren began baking before the party was even over. Aidan also celebrated his fifth birthday with her. Aunt Christina made Aidan his very own super "A" cape. He put it on and magically had real super power! Guest: PaPa & Grandma Gomez, MeMaw & Pa, Grammy & PaPaw Bookout, Uncle Matt, Aunt Michelle & Uncle Adam, Uncle Richie & Aunt Shanna, and cousins: Blake, Sydni, Gavin, & Aidan | Lauren Alexis

92: December Events 2010 | Birthday party for Jesus hosted by the ARK. Big girls have fun chatting (Katie, Kristen, Christina, Aimee) while little girls twirl, dance, sing, and just have fun! (Lauren and Ella Ruley) | Gal Pals Kerry & Christina celebrate their December Birthdays together - grateful for friendship! | Mommy & Daddy out on the town for Christmas Parties

93: Cookie Exchange Party Hosted by: Landon & Lauren 12-4-10 Landon had always wanted to have a cookie exchange party for kids that he could participate in so this was the year. We made sugar & gingerbread cookies to decorate, crafts, bingo, hot chocolate, ornament trade, and the grand finale was a cookie exchange where all the kids brought 1 dozen cookies and each took home 12 different cookies. The kids had a ball and I think the boys enjoyed decorating the cookies more than the girls! | Jack Mose, Barrick Leu, Noah Ralston, Preston Freeman, Landon, Jacob Simpson | Kendall Clary, Lauren, Macy Mose, Tyler Ferland, Addy Sebastian, Kirsten Clary

94: Christmas with PaPaw & Grammy Bookout | Cousins

95: Christmas at PaPa and Grandma Gomez's house 2010

96: Christmas 2010 The kids had so much fun this Christmas season. They hosted their very first cookie party and also enjoyed nightly advent lessons and activities that daddy lead. We went to our annual birthday party for Jesus hosted by the ARK which is always a blast. Christmas morning was fun for all 3 kids. Landon and Lauren couldn't wait to open presents and Laken was happy just watching them. We had good weather and were able to attend Christmas Eve service and see all our family over the Christmas Holiday.

97: Laken looking for left over milk and cookies! | Lauren & Landon get new robes and luggage | Landon makes mom and dad a very special gift | Lauren gets PJ's for her and her baby doll | The big kids get new razors and Laken wants on for a ride | Laken gives hugs instead of gifts | Landon SUPER excited for a new Wii game

98: Landon turned 7 yo this year and was 60# and 49.5 inches. He continues to grow tall and his pants always seem too short! He has improved all year on reading and doing great. He is a sweet and positive little boy that is helpful and loves him family. He enjoys sports, playing outside, and watching cartoons. He is a leader by example and stays out of trouble for the most part. He has enjoyed Mommy volunteering in his Sunday School room this year and is always up for a little time with Daddy. He went to his first church camp this summer (Camp Loughridge) and also participated in a karate program and loved both of them. Landon went to a few weddings this year and a Mommy/Son dance and his "go to" move is "The Robot". We never grow tired of seeing him pull it off. He enjoys life and has a great smile. | Lauren turned 6 at the end of this year and is such a joy to spend time with. She plays well all by herself with baby dolls and papers and bags (she loves bags and shoes). She also is very social and loves to play with friends. She is a lover and a hugger. She and Mommy have been doing a lot of cooking together this year as well as shopping and other girl stuff. Lauren loves to sing and dance and will make up songs about anything (especially in the car). Daddy says that Lauren justs wants to be like her Mommy and that is why she is always in my stuff! She enjoys anything I make for her and loves to get dressed up. She was 48# and 45" at 5 years, 9 months. | Laken turned the big ONE this year and has just taken off with walking, running, babbling, talking, and loving. He is such a sweet and happy baby boy. He is taken all over to practices and games/activities of his big Bro and Sis but is a trouper. He is a huge entertainer for the family and carries on and on to make us all belly laugh! He is also quite the dancer as he bobs his head and raises his hands anytime there is music. He loves to get people's attention and smile at them. He loves puppies and balls, and his brother and sister. He was 23# and 30 1/4" at one year and 26# and 33 inches by the end of the year.

99: The Lee Family 2010

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