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Let's Cheer To Writing

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BC: BIEBER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FC: Let's Cheers To Writing | By Sam Fulgham

1: Dedicated To: The music and bands that have kept me from making bad decisions. | Thank You :)

2: Do you ever feel like drowning? A moment suspended in time; a dream or reality? -Asking Alexandria

3: Table Of Contents: 1. This I Believe... -List 2. Inside Me -Poem 3. Fire -Song 4. A Tragic Love -Story 5.Top Ten Bands -List 6. Dear Mom -Letter 7.Johnny Cade: The Outsiders -Essay 8. Why? -Story 9. I Am -Poem 10. If It Means A Lot To You -Song 11. Buggy -Poem 12. Top Five Video Games -List

4: This I Believe... -World Peace is Possible -Everyone has a heart -Being nice to everyone -Having fun is good -Music is the best medicine -Everyone has a purpose -Poetry cleanses the soul -Animal cruelty is wrong -Honesty is good -Lying is sometime necessary -Cutting yourself is pointless -Fur is murder -Gay marriage is perfectly fine -Everyone has regret -No one is perfect -Love -Life -Love everything you have -Abortion is not necessary -Nature -Secrets -Only you can judge yourself -Be yourself -Keep the one you will love forever -P.L.U.R.

5: We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen, so come a little closer, tell me those three little words. <3 -Bring Me The Horizon

6: If you think you're alive, then you're better off dead! -Bring Me The Horizon

7: Inside Me Inside me is death Pain and Envy There is a hole, A huge gaping hole That people have taken from Inside me is joy Leaping, floating joy Joy leads to smiles Smiles lead to randomness Randomness leads to trouble Trouble leads to secrets Secrets lead to evil inside me there is a demon A blood curdling demon Who cares about nothing Except its problems The haunting problems Ones that can’t be shared Forbidden secrets Death Anger Hatred No one can know They are locked behind a door The container I call myself Holds to many horrifying things to hear No one shall ever know What’s Inside me

8: You made up your mind Right before the sound can move Softly from your lips You leave behind A choice which once before you thought you could not resist You give what you have when you Decide that you Keep burning like fire, It's burning you down Sometimes they say this should feel something like fire 'Til it burns you and you can't, No, you can't remain the same Stay the same, stay the same, stay the same I can't change You're losing your light, Everything that was yours just does not exist So don't even try to say Sorry for the things in life you might have missed You give what you have when you Decide that you Keep burning like fire, It's burning you down | Fire -Sleeping With Sirens

9: Sometimes they say this should feel something like fire 'Til it burns you and you can't, No, you can't remain the same Stay the same, Although you know They say this should feel something like fire, No, I can't change Do what you wanna do Keep building it higher, Keep burning it down You lose who you are when you Keep burning like fire Like it's all around What do you have to prove I'll die for you Keep burning like fire It's burning you down Sometimes they say this should feel something like fire 'Til it burns you and you can't, No, you can't remain the same Stay the same, Although you know They say this should feel something like fire 'Til it burns you and you can't No, you can't remain the same Stay the same Stay the same Stay the same

11: Friendship is the best addiction!! :D -Sam Fulgham

12: “Hey! Emo girl!” a guy in the hallway yelled, jumping out in front of me. I dodged him and kept walking, listening to A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria on my iPod. I had a lot of music on there, mostly by Asking Alexandria. I have OAAD, which to me means Obsessive Asking Alexandria Disorder. OK I’m getting off-topic and that’s not the point. When I got to my eighth-period class, Reading, I grabbed a book, stuffed my iPod in my bag, and took a seat in the back. People stared at me and snickered. “Hey, are you supposed to be here?” the teacher asked me. I nodded and brought my schedule up to her. She took it, looked at it for a moment, and handed it back to me. I walked back to my desk. I was too busy putting my schedule in my binder I didn’t see this one girl’s foot poke out in the middle of the walkway. Of course, I wiped out. People laughed. “Ha ha, emo girl!” the girl said. “Hey, Ms. Todd! You should give that girl a Wing. That was a good one!” a boy in the front yelled. I gathered up my stuff and ran to the back of the room. At the end of the day, I walked home in the pouring rain. I lived in Oregon so it rained 24/7, 365 days a year, 366 days on leap years. I turned my iPod up to full blast and sang along to Diamonds Aren’t Forever by Bring Me The Horizon. They’re another screamo band. I guess I didn’t mention that Asking Alexandria is a screamo band. People stared at me and I walked down the sidewalk. I guess I did look kind of stupid, seeing as how I suck at screamo. The song ended, so I took my iPod out of my pocket to choose another song. While doing that, I bumped into someone. Figuring it was another person getting ready to hate on me, I got up off the ground and started to walk past him. Oh my gosh, I thought, as I stared at him, dead in my tracks. He was the most gorgeous emo boy I’ve ever seen! “Sorry about that, my bad,” I said, looking down at my neon purple and black Converse because I was sure that I was blushing. “No problem. I’m Zac. What’s your name?” he asked me, picking my iPod up from the ground and handing it to me. “I’m Bliss.” “Cool name. Nice shirt, too. Dashboard Confessional is a good band. I like the song Vindicated. ‘Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong, I am right, I swear I’m right, swear I knew it all along,” “I love that song. Hey what school do you go to?” “Hawthorne High. What about you?” “H. B. Lee.” “Nice. Wanna walk?” he asked, putting his arm around my shoulders. I nodded, blushing again. “Emo kid!” someone yelled, standing up in the backseat of a convertible that was driving by. “Ugh, I’ve been getting that all day. Someone in eighth period tripped me, and in ninth period, Home Ec. class, someone dumped cookie dough all over my favorite hoodie, which is why I’m walking down the street in the pouring down rain in a tee shirt. He laughed. We walked for about 20 minutes, until we reached my house. “Can I have your number?” he asked, taking out his cell phone. I gave my number to him, then he handed me his phone so I could take a picture of myself to put with the number. We said goodbye, and I walked in my house. “H. B. Lee is full of preppy kids who hate emo kids,” I told my step-mom and went to my room. I looked around at all the boxes that I needed to unpack, turned my iPod on, and opened a box up. | A Tragic Love

13: It had all my composition books I’ve kept since I was 12 (I’m 14 now), which had poetry, music (bands I’ve written down to add to my iPod) and lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I put the composition books on my shelf and took the box apart and put it in my closet. I picked up the next box, and I heard knocking on my window, dropping it, I looked up. It was Zac. “What the? You scared the crap out of me!” I exclaimed, opening my window. He laughed. “My friend is having a party, and told me I can bring anyone. Wanna go?” “Uh, yeah!” I said. “Cool. We’re going to be driving there so I hope you trust a seventeen-year-old behind the wheel. Don’t worry I have my license.” He held it up. “You look hot in that picture,” I said. “Zac, you never told me that there would be drinking at this party. You know what, screw it I’m not even going to let you drive me home, because you’re as drunk as a horse.” “No I’m not, I’m just buzzed,” he said, tripping over the flat ground. “Uh-huh, sure. My parents would kill me if I were in a car with a 17-year-old who is drunk. Look, I don’t have anything against you,” I said, helping him up. “Look, Bliss, I really do like you. And I know you like me too,” he said sympathetically, “So trust me.” “Slow Down Before you get us killed. What are you, suicidal or something?” I yelled. About 100 yards in front of us was the railroad tracks. He sped towards them, trying to beat the Union Pacific train that was coming down the tracks. “You’re not going to beat the train, Zac. The train always wins. Always.” “Okay, you know what, you drive,” he yelled, stopping in the middle of the railroad tracks. The train was about 300 yards away, coming at 55 miles an hour it looked like. “You moron! You are trying to kill me, aren’t you?” “No, oh my God, we’re screwed,” he yelled, finally realizing what he was doing. He floored the gas but ended up running into the bar that’s supposed to keep cars from getting hit by the train. He cursed under his breath. I jumped out of the car and ran over to Zac’s side. “I’m not getting out. Go. If you try to get me out then we’ll both get killed. Something’s wrong with my seat belt, sometimes it gets stuck and you have to pry it open—“ he was cut off by the trains whistle. “I’m not just going to leave you here, Zac!” I yelled over the train, which was 100 yards away now. “If you don’t get out of the way I will never forgive myself. Just go. Don’t worry about me,” he said, looking me in the eyes. I hugged him tight, and jumped back when the train blew its whistle again. The train was fifty feet away. “GO!” he yelled. Trying to hold the tears back, I jumped over the bar as the train comes thundering by, smashing the car, and killing Zac. A piece of sharp metal flew out from under the train, almost hitting me. I burst out crying and couldn’t stop for two hours. Once I was done, I reached into my coat pocket for my cell phone, but I found a folded up piece of paper instead. I took it out and unfolded it. “Bliss, I’m very sorry for what happened. I never meant it to be like this, this was supposed to be a fun night. Sorry if you can’t read it, if this note is messy, I just wrote it really fast while you were busy yelling at me. But I really, really like you and always will. And I hope some day we’ll get to see each other again. I didn’t know this was going to happen. I just wrote it incase something did happen but hoping that it wouldn’t. I’ll miss you. From: XxXZacXxX." I folded and opened the note about a million times before it finally hit me. He didn’t even try to get out of the car. I should have pulled him out. He’s dead because of me. I started crying again, not sure of what I was supposed to do. I found my cell phone and noticed that it was 2 o’clock in the morning. I did really like Zac, and now he’s gone. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not, but I didn’t feel like pinching myself or kicking myself, like a lot of people I know do. Instead, I picked up the piece of metal that had landed next to me, closed my eyes, and stabbed it into my chest.

14: Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember in Denver, CO... Best. Night. Ever.

15: My Top Ten Favorite Bands At The Moment 1. Sleeping With Sirens 2. Asking Alexandria 3. Bring Me The Horizon 4. A Day To Remember 5. Breathe Carolina 6. I See Stars 7. The Ready Set 8. Woe, Is Me 9. Black Veil Brides 10. Pierce The Veil

16: Dear Mom, I feel like I haven't thanked you enough and also like I haven't said I love you enough... so thank you and I love you!!! You may be asking why I'm thanking you. I'm thanking you because you have given me the love and support that I have needed for these 13 years that I've lived. If you wouldn't have been there to go to my school plays, choir concerts, orchestra concerts, etc. I think I would have suicidal thoughts and feel unloved. I will admit that there has been times where I doubted I was loved by anyone, but then I thought of you and remembered that you will always be there for me. Even after you pass away, I know you will still be watching over me and protecting me. So once again thank you, for everything. Love Your Youngest Daughter, Samantha Ann Fulgham

17: Keep your hopes up high and your head down low! -A Day To Remember

18: Johnny Cade: The Outsiders Johnny Cade is one of the main greasers in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. He has a lot of teen issues in his life, but yet he finds a way to deal with them all. Johnny Cade is one brave soul throughout the book. Small, shy, and that scared little Johnny inspired me to be open minded and to look and appreciate all the little things in life. One of the issues that Johnny has to face is impoverishment, but he learns how to face it. Johnny lives on the bad side of town, but that doesn't matter because he still has his friends. He also gets jumped by Socs. The Socs nearly killed him! He always makes sure that he has a switchblade in his pocket at all times to insure that if he does get jumped again, he will be ready. Because he lives on the bad side of town, Johnny is a greaser, but he has his greaser friends. Another teen issue that Johnny encounters is abuse. Johnny's parents abuse him, whether it's hitting him or ignoring him. Johnny just attempts to stay away from his parents when they are in violent moods though. His parents never really cared for him. When he murdered Bob and ran away, his parents didn't even worry about it. An immense issue that Johnny dealt with was murder. He had murdered a Soc, Bob. He did it to save Ponyboy, but it forced him to turn to Dallas for advice. The advice Dallas gave him was to run away. He didn't want to go to jail. After he heard that he would have a chance of getting out of jail earlier, because Cherry Valence would tell the truth, he decided to go back. I fell in love with the character Johnny, and he helped me learn a life lesson. He also made me ball. Thanks Johnny. You changed my life, and the way I look at things forever. The Outsiders is definitely one of my new favorite books. It helped me learn golden lessons that I will cherish forever. I highly recommend this book for anyone.

19: A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. -Leopold Stokowski

20: Why? I was the one. The only one. The only true "different" girl in the school. Sure there would be posers, but I was the only one that knew the true meaning of pain. I would walk through the halls with a smile on my face trying to hide the fact that they were there. The scars. The sometimes healed gateways to my sorrows. I was the one. The only one. The only one who slit their wrists. My best friend Krista was the only one who knew my sin. I always asked her why. Why was she friends with the only true emo person in the school? She was so happy and bubbly all the time, so why me? She was one of them. The "populars." None of her other friends really liked me. The boys would drool over Krista. Krista was never alone. Once one guy was done with her, a line of boys would be at her doorstep the next minute. I think the idea of me forced some boys to stay away though, so why? Why did Krista like me so much? The key word there is did. Now I am alone. I am nothing. I'm hated by everyone. Especially Krista. I still ask her why. Why me? Why do you hate me> I was alone for about to months. Then the rainy day arrived. The one day, out of my expected 30,00 days of life, that would change it forever. The day I met the other one; the new boy. The new emo boy. That morning, while as I was doodling in science class, he walked into the classroom 10 minutes late. Our teacher, Mr. Price, asked if he was in the wrong class. He showed Mr. Price his schuedule and was directed to the back of the class. As he walked towards the back of the class, Krista tripped him. Of course she did, he was emo. Like me. I was no longer the only outsider.

21: When he, the other one, walked into the classroom, he also walked into my life. He of course had to sit next to me. I blushed. He was the best looking boy I had ever seen! With his long black hair that covered his eyes, snake bites, and sky blue eyes. At lunch, he sat alone. The next day was the same. I decided I would finally introduce myself at lunch. "Hi, I'm Skye. What's your name?" He looked at me and didn't reply. "Darrien." He had replyed the next day in science class. "What?" He glared at me for a second before answering, "Darrien. Yesterday you asked me what my name was. So its Darrien." I gave him a puzzled look for a minute but finally replyed, "Nice to meet you Darrien, I-" Mr. Price then cut my sentence short. "Would you like to teach my class Skye? I can see you like talking so why not use those skills infront of the class?" I panicked and quickly murmured, "No sir... Sorry sir." Darrien started laughing so I punched him in the arm. We sat together at lunch. After school, we exchanged phone numbers and went our seperate ways. I was starting to fall in love with Darrien. Every time he would talk to me, I would blush. Even if it were as simply as, "Hi." Every night, before I would fall asleep listening to Escape The Fate, I wondered if Darrien loved me like I loved him. Obviously every night I would dream about him. Krista saw the way I looked at him. Krista was kind of a slut. She had dated every guy in school, except for one. Darrien. She started flirting with him. Of course he flirted back. Krista was gorgeous. She had long, flowing, blonde hair, and gray eyes. I was now jealous. I had never been jealous of Krista before, but now Darrien liked her.

22: He asked her out; she said yes. Now I was pretty much out of Darrien's life. Krista changed him. He was now popular. I was alone again. I never thought would happen, but Darrien tortured me the most. One day he stood up on his lunch table and announced to everyone that I purposly hurt myself. I ran home in the rain with tears streaking down my face. Everyone tried to slap my scars including Darrien and Krista. Once Krista slapped them so hard that started to cry. I payed her back with a broken and and got kicked out of school for two weeks, but it was totally worth it. When I came back to school, Darrien had changed back to his old emo self. He tried to apologize, but I ignored him. One day after school he caught me. He pulled me in close, made me look straight into his cloudy eyes, and kissed me. I couldn't get my a single sound out of my mouth because I was in so much shock. He softly whispered, "I am truly sorry for what I did. I was only trying to make you jealous. I have always loved you." Darrien then ran off. I ran home smiling. I turned on the T.V. and the news was on every channel. Why? "A teenage boy was hit by a car on Elm Street." OH NO! Darrien's is the only teenager that live's on Elm Street. "We have identified the young man as Darrien Wild." I burst out into tears. Why? Why couldn't that stupid car miss Darrien? The next day at school no one bullied me for once. They felt sorry for me. Even Krista felt bad for me. She invited me to sit at her table, but I refused. I was no longer sad. I was depressed. I was even more alone. I started to have suicidal thoughts. My mom turned the T.V. on. News was on every channel again. "A teenage girl was found dead in her room today. The young women has been confirmed as Skye Jones."

24: I Am: I am an unusual girl who lives for music. I wonder if I will live life to the fullest. I hear the whispers of ghosts at night. I see my own death. I want world peace. I am an unusual girl who lives for music. I pretend to be invisable. I feel the sorrow of my soul. I touch the hands of the dead. I worry I will never be truly happy. I cry when I'm hated by the ones I love. I am an unusual girl who lives for music. I understand that no one is perfect. I say cutting yourself is pointless. I dream about the world being together in perfect harmony. I try to make everyone happy. I hope to experience true happiness. I am an unusual girl who lives for music.

25: There is a hell, believe me, I've seen it; there is a heaven, let's keep it a secret. -Bring Me The Horizon

26: If It Means A Lot To You -A Day To Remember And hey darling I hope you’re good tonight And I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving Yeah I want it but no I don’t need it Tell me something sweet to get me by ‘Cause I can’t come back home till they’re singing La, la la la, la la la ‘Til everyone is singing If you can wait till I get home Then I swear to you That we can make this last (La la la) If you can wait till I get home Then I swear come tomorrow This will all be in our past Well it might be for the best And hey sweetie Well I need you hear tonight And I know that you don’t want to be leaving Yeah you want it but I can’t help it I just feel complete when you’re by my side But I know you can’t come home ‘til they’re singing La, la la la, la la la ‘Til everyone is singing La, la la la, la la la

27: If you can wait till I get home Then I swear to you That we can make this last (La la la) If you can wait till I get home Then I swear come tomorrow This will all be in our past Well it might be for the best You know you can’t give me what I need And even though you mean so much to me I can’t wait through everything Is this really happening? I swear I’ll never be happy again And don’t you dare say we can just be friends I’m not some girl that you can sway We knew it’d happen eventually La, la la la, la la la Now everybody’s singing La, la la la, la la la Now everybody’s singing La, la la la, la la la (If you can wait ‘til I get home) Now everybody’s singing La, la la la, la la la (Then I swear we can make this last) Now everybody’s singing La, la la la, la la la (If you can wait ‘til I get home) Now everybody’s singing La, la la la, la la la (Then I swear we can make this last) Now everybody’s singing La

28: Buggy This is Buggy. Buggy says HI! Buggy has to move when a car comes by. Buggy got money, Buggy got game, But best of all... Buggy us lame! He may be a dork That lives in New York, But deep inside He's full of pride.

29: My 5 Favorite Video Games 1. Pokemon 2. Castle Crashers 3. Kingdom Hearts 4. Animal Crossing 5. Mortal Combat

30: Morte Et Dabo -Asking Alexandria

31: Comments :) | You're mixbook is AMAZING.!! Love you.!! P.S. Love "Fire" -Natalie Staggs | I love how you put the song "Fire" by Sleeping With Sirens, it was an awesome song! Love you! -Hope Powers | You're "Tragic Love Story" was so sad and amazing!!! You did an awesome job!!! -Addie Paquette

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