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Liberty Devon Duke

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S: Liberty Devon Duke Pregnancy and all the is to come...

BC: Liberty 9 months old

FC: Our Family Liberty Devon Duke | Pregnancy & all that is to come | There once was a family who was as happy as can be. They had three little boys and then... they were blessed to have a sweet little girl and their lives changed forever.

1: Liberty Devon Duke | Duke Family Tree May 28, 1998 | Logan S Duke Jan. 26, 2002 | Todd & Lucy Duke | Kennedy S Duke April 16, 2005 | Jordan S Duke April 26, 2008 | Liberty DeVon Duke Jan. 12, 2011 | Jan. 12th 2011 6:27 am 20 inches 6 lbs. 10 oz. | me & my brothers | Logan & Kennedy | Jordan & Liberty

2: May 2010 - September 2010 Well you are the last (maybe) of four kids. That has been the plan since your dad and I got married. We always thought that 4 kids would be perfect. Time will tell if this is the case. I has taken us a while to get pregnant this time, almost 7 months altogether. So when I found out I was pregnant it took me quite a while to believe it, about 2 full months and then it really set in when I heard your heart beat and I was so excited to have you on your way to our family. I want to say sorry that I did not get your baby journal started as early as the other kids. I guess that in life no matter how hard you try, it gets busier & busier & things get pushed back farther and farther, but I am trying and starting it now. This summer has been very busy but is seems like not to much has happened. Kennedy your older brother had surgery again on his palate. We went to SLC Primary Children's Hospital and once again it did not heal completely, it is better than before but there is still a whole in his palate. Then we have been working in the garden and enjoying the beautiful summer sun, played at the river a few times and at the cousins as often as we could. In August your Aunt Amy's husband Shawn passed away and we went to SLC again for the funeral, Grandma Swenson came down for the funeral and has been over here in Craig, CO with us since then. We are seeing Suzanne Tully , my midwife again and I am very excited about that. She is wonderful and I am happy she is here to deliver you too. I went to see Suzanne for the first time with you on July 13th and have seen her once a month since then. In August on the 26th we had an Ultra Sound here at our house. That was a new experience to have it done in our home, it was nice. The lady's name is Mary and she did everything she could to see if you were going to be a boy or a girl but to no avail. You were to busy in there, keeping your legs crossed, also the umbilici cord was between your legs so that made it even more difficult, but the import information was that you were healthy. Mary even noticed that you already had cute baby fat on you and she said you were so cute! Grandma Swenson was there for the Ultra sound as well as all your brothers and mom (obviously) & dad. Then after all that craziness Logan fell off the play house at Aunt Sharon's house and fractured his skull and sinus cavity so they life flighted him to Denver Children's Hospital for observation and sent him home the next day, saying that things would heal on their own and just to not let him do anything to harm or hit his head for 10 weeks. It is going to be a long 10 weeks for Logan... Other things that are happening right now are Logan and Kennedy are both at home this year for school and it had been a rocky start but I am hoping that now we have got some of the kinks out and it will go smoother now. Schooling at home is always a changing process but we keep learning no matter what. We are so excited for you to come. I am already 23 weeks, over half way and feeling good. We love so much. Love Mom, Dad and the Brothers.

3: October 12th 2010 Today we had another ultra sound at Suzanne’s office and well you were so cute, you would not uncross your legs. Your legs were crossed to tight with your cute feet crossed as well and wiggling your toes. It was so cute. But it made it hard to see if you were really a girl like the tech thinks or are you a very sneaky boy. Well she said today that you are a 90 percent GIRL, so I am trying to figure out how to get excited about the maybe part. So you might be a girl. Logan is very excited about the idea of you being a girl and he was hoping that I would come home with a definite answer for him and when I told him that I was not sure he was a little disappointed. Such a cutie! | Logan | Kennedy | Jordan

4: I love this picture. The Ultra Sound Tech said that it looked like you were kissing the placenta, and it does look like it . So amazing!!! | I love seeing the 3 D images of you . It is so incredible to see what you look like before you are even born . I really enjoyed having this ultra sound . It was great!! | Fetal Foto | Hush little baby, don't say a word

5: I wasn't so sure actually, grandma on the other hand was trying to convince me that, that should be your name. I told her probably not but who knows. Anyways it was a great day and a great trip to Grandma's Jan's house. | So I went out and bought some clothes for you and it was really fun, and I was a little apprehensive still, but I had fun. So Dad it really excited as well, he immediately said that your name should be Liberty, | November 6th, 2010 So we went to Fetal Foto today and guess what.. You are a girl. It was so great to go today. It is such a great experience to go somewhere where they specialize in Ultra Sounds. The ultra sound tech could tell right away that you were a girl, she said that even your mannerisms were like a girl. I am so excited, it did take me a while to believe it. I had the tech check a few times to make sure, I just could not believe it. But after we left and headed back to grandma Jan’s house then I really started to get excited and believe that you were really going to be girl.

6: November 10th 2010 So this morning I was heading to Suzanne's in Steamboat Springs CO where her office is and I was going over names in my head and all the sudden while I was saying names I had this feeling, like you name was supposed to be Liberty. So I kind of got frustrated about it. I wanted to come up with a different name and have fun going through books of names, but the minute is said you name this morning I knew that it was your name. So now I am on a mission to come up with your middle name. I did a google search for middle names to go with Liberty. There were a lot of them. A few that I liked are | Liberty Faye Duke | Liberty Rae Duke | Liberty Sue Duke | Liberty Renee Duke | Liberty Grace Duke | Liberty Kate Duke | Liberty Joe Duke | Liberty Jayne Duke | Liberty Deanne Duke | Just to name a few.....

7: December 2nd, 2010 Well I know it sounds crazy, but I really don't know how we got here. It is the second of December and well I am not sure where the time went. You are getting bigger and moving around peaceful like and at the same time you like to stretch out your legs or feet or something like that and it feels like you are rubbing your toes along the uterine wall, it feel strange and crazy and a bit alarming. So we only have 5 weeks left and I am doing everything I can do to prepare for you to come. I set up you place in our room and am rearranging all the stuff in the school room so I can move things from our room to there. Logan is so excited for you to come. He kisses my belly every morning and says “good morning Liberty” he says that you and he are going to share a room later when you get older. Kennedy is so cute with you also. He comes up to me probably 10 times a day and rubs my belly and asks me how I am doing. The reality of you coming is hard to imagine I just cannot believe how fast it is happening and time just keeps flying by way to fast. I keep telling myself that, next is Christmas and after that it will be New Years Eve and then you will be here. It is hard to believe and I cannot wait! Your Aunt Kriket will be having her baby boy just about 2 weeks before you are born. I am so excited to meet you, I feel like your dad is also. He is excited to have a little girl. Hehe, Life is going on normal and crazy in its own way. Getting ready for Christmas and trying to do school and what ever else comes our way. Your Grandma Swenson is here. She came here in August and it has been great to be able to spend so much time with her. I am hoping that she will be able to stay long enough to be here when you are born. I cannot decide if the boys will stay here at the house when you are born or go to your Aunt Tamra's house. When Jordan was born your Great Aunt Sharon lived here and she came and got the boys, it was so wonderful to have her here. We miss her so much. Well I am not sleeping very much, time for you to come must be drawing to a close because I cannot not sleep. Last night alone I think I got up about 5 -6 times. I slept on the couch twice and changed the laundry. My body is getting ready to stay up with you. So here goes another try to sleep tonight. Love ya Mom | December 6th 2010 You must be getting bigger and stronger because you are moving around like crazy the last few days. I feel you all the time and it is to the point that I can watch my stomach move, so crazy. I have 5 weeks to go. Getting excited and trying my best to figure out what to decorate you room space with, I have to admit I am struggling with this. It is hard to go all girly after so many boys in the house. So I am trying to go to Grand Junction this weekend to find something cute to put up. 5 weeks sounds like a long time and so short that I cannot believe it. You will be here before to long and I cannot wait. Love ya mom | On to Christmas..

8: Merry Christmas Family 2010 | our Christmas Tree | boys coming out Christmas morning. they could hardly wait!

9: the boys in the Christmas tent | make'n ginger bread houses Logan & dad worked on one and Mom, Kennedy & Jordan worked on the other

10: Jan. 9th 2011 Well we are only 2 days from you due date. I am feeling very tired and anxious about your arrival. The other night I thought that you were coming, I had crazy strong pressure, felt like you were going to push right through and break my water. It lasted about 2 hours and I had a hard time telling if these sensations I was having were contractions or just you pushing really hard. So I decided to get in the tub and see if things would calm down and they did. So we went to bed and there really hasn't been much action since then. I was hopeful that you were coming, excited even and now we are still waiting. I am hoping that things start up again soon, I am going to try to take a tincture that Suzanne gave me to help start things up again, if thats what I think happened the other night, I think I would like to test it again. I am not feeling great. I have been having a lot of gas and a very hard time sleeping. I sleep about an hour at a time at night and try to rest some during the day.

11: Let it | just passing time waiting for you to arrive... | This is your little part of our world We are excited for you to be a part of our family. | I made these shoes for you to wear with your blessing dress. I learned to crochet them on Youtube. | I made this car seat cover from scratch, in one night. I was so proud of myself, it was so fun to do.

12: January. 7-12th 2011 So I have been having contractions since Friday night (7th) off and on. I took a tincture that Suzanne gave me and it started the contractions. My contractions were really weird and crazy. I felt like you were going to push your way right out of me, I could feel you pushing on my cervices and I was waiting for you to break my water. So I took a bath and went to bed and everything stopped almost. I kept having contractions on Saturday they were not constant or hard yet so I didn't worry about it. Then on Sunday night I tried taking the tincture and started having contractions again but like Friday night not much happened so I didn't get worried about it, I did kind of get frustrated. I was wishing you would come. So Monday morning I called Suzanne and told her what has been going on and she told me that I should take the tincture, one dropper full every hour for the day and see what happens. So I did, and I had contractions all day but again nothing to constant. You just were not ready to come yet. Tuesday morning I went to see Suzanne for my appt. and she gave me a massage as usually and I went home. On the way home I started to continue to have contraction and they became more consistent and lasting longer. At about 6 pm the contraction were lasting about 45 seconds and coming about 6 minutes apart. I started timing the contractions and around 12pm I felt like they were starting to burn and get harder so I called Suzanne and around 1pm she arrived here at the house and started to get things set up. I labored for about 5 and a half more hours and you were born at 6:27am. You came out with you eyes wide open and you took a minute to breathe. You were so precious and I was so excited to have you in my arms. I birthed in the tub this time and it was great. You got stuck a bit as you were born and Suzanne had to help you out. Your arms were up by your face and when you came out it made it harder to deliver you. Everything went well and in no time you were nursing and did for about an hour. It is so great to have you here. Not long after you were born the boys came out of the office where they had been hanging out for about 40 min. I think, and came to see their new baby sister. Logan has been waiting for you to be born for quite a while so he was especially excited to see you. I think that Jordan came out first and stood by the tub while I was still in it and Kennedy was woke up by Logan. Kennedy was so excited and could not stop sitting by me and looking at you. He kept asking me what your name was and telling me that “Liberty loves me, it was so cute. It was a great morning and looking forward to all the moments to come. Love ya Liberty MOM.

13: you & your brothers | you right after you were born, within a minute. | Logan could not wait to hold you.

14: Welcome Liberty... to our Family. | You with Grandma Swenson, the day you were born. Grandma was going to be there at the birth, but she got sick a few days before and was not able to come. during the night. So she came that afternoon. What a blessing to meet your Grandma Swenson. | You with Grandma Swenson and your new cousin Brodie

15: Jan 13th-19th 2011 So you are such a great baby. This week has been great. You sleep at night and are a really good nurser and you don't really cry. I think that I have yet to hear you really cry. I have been awake with you about the time you were born everyday and I have thought to myself you were X days old and could not believe how much you have changed everyday since you were born. One major thing I have noticed between boys and girls besides the obvious is that girls are cleaner. You have not dirtied any of your clothes since you were born except the little bit of stuff from your umbilical cord on your oneise and of course you blew out your new outfit that I bought you because I dressed you up, and that's what happens when you dress up a newborn. You were really cute in that new outfit for the few hours you wore it. We are doing really good. I am really tired, I would say more tired then I have been before. I feel like doing anything wares me out and my whole body is really sore, but you are really helping me by sleeping from 9pm to 7:30 am and waking up only every 3 times to eat. You are the cutest and best baby a mom could hope for. Love ya so much Mom | beautiful sunny, snowy morning | Your Dad stayed home for the first week after you were born. Suzanne told me that I was not to leave my bed for 3 days after you were born. That I was to stay there and rest up. So your dad took care of everything. He was amazing, so thoughtful and helpful. He did that & took care of your brothers and us for at least 5 days without any help, except for meals that sisters in our ward brought to us. It was so wonderful, It made me feel so loved and cared for. I have to admit that it was hard to stay in my room for that long, I got restless a bit and found it hard to sleep while hearing all the activity that was going on outside the room. It was good and we needed it.

16: 1st Picture Day My first attempt at taking pictures of you. It went okay. You were not really happy about being moved about and all the bright lights in your face. I do love these pictures though. I was fun trying and I am so happy that they came out so good. Love ya Liberty. | January 19th, 2011 | this was your baby announcement

17: January 29th 2011 | January 29th 2011 | January 16th 2011 | Jan 25th 2011 Today I went to see Suzanne, it was my 5 week appointment and Grandma Swenson came with me. I had to decide on a middle name for you for your birth certificate. Dad and I had decided on Kate as your middle name so I told Suzanne that that was your middle name and she put it on your birth certificate. Then as Grandma and I were headed home, we started talking about your Grandpa Swenson and Grandma told me a bit about Grandpa's sister and she said that Devon was grandpa's favorite sister. I had always wanted your middle name to mean something and I had looked and thought of all kinds of names but none of them meant something. So when grandma said that Devon was grandpa's favorite sister, I knew that that needed to be your middle name. I loved the way it sounded. So when I came home I asked you dad if he liked Devon as a middle name and he immediately said he did. So that became you middle name and I had to call Suzanne back to have her change it only 1 hr. after she had filled out the form. I am so happy about your middle name, I was named after my dads favorite Aunt Lucy and you are named after my dads favorite sister Devon. That is something special to me. You are so special to me and I love you so much. Mom | So hard not to take too many pictures

18: Your Blessing Day | Feb. 13th 2011 Today was your blessing day. The day started out good. Brothers were ready early for church, I was ready by 8 am for church and you were fed by 8:30, but the day did not work out as easily as that, Dad got out of his meeting late and so because of that and how things go when you are trying to go somewhere, we were 10 minutes late to church. They were waiting for us to arrive and when we walked into the church dad took you into the front of the chapel and we went into the back. We sat down and dad gave you a blessing right then and there.

19: Your blessing was wonderful. You are truly a blessed daughter of our Heavenly Father. You were blessed to have strength to make it through this life, to be an example to your brothers and to help them choose a good companion, you were blessed to be a peacemaker in our home, and to be able to choose a righteous man to marry in the Temple. It was a beautiful blessing. The men in the circle were Dad, Grandpa Duke, Ty, Bro. McClellan, Bro. Mike Widdison, Bishop Luke, Bro Womble and Bro. Romney. You looked so great in your blessing dress, it was so cute. Aunt Sharon helped me make your dress. She is so great, she can just make a pattern by looking at something else close to your size and cut it out. It has been a great day, we love, just love to spend time with your Grandma and Grandpa Duke and with your Aunt Kimmy and cousins. It really was a great day, we love you so much Liberty Devon Duke. ~ Love Mom

21: April 12th 2011 You are now 3 months old. You are getting so big. You are talking to me all the time and smiling so much, I love it. You are starting to sleep more during the night, two nights ago you slept all through the night in your own bed. I have to admit that I missed you sleeping beside me and I worried about you, hoping that you were safe in your own bed, but it was nice to sleep through most of the night. You are growing out of all your clothes. I had to go and buy you sleepers because you were not fitting any of your other ones. Your brothers just love you so much, they all want to hold you when ever they can. They give you kisses and hugs at night before they go to sleep and sing you songs. It is so cute, I love the way they are with you. You have had thrush for about 2 months now, it is just not going away, I wish it would for both our sakes. You are a very laid back baby. You rarely cry and are extremely patient. You love the bath tub, it always bothers you at first, you always get a bit scared but it doesn't take long before you warm up to the idea. I just love you so much. You are such a good baby. Your nick names so far are sister pants, libs, girlfriend, sister and Libby to name a few. I sure love you Liberty. Mom. | Our Little Liberty

22: Summer, summer, summer... here we come! | You & your Jordan & Kennedy playing in my room. Play time with sister is so much fun. | You are now 4 months old and we are more and more in love with you every day. We are enjoying the slow coming summer. It is almost dads birthday and he will be 37 yrs old. You are getting so big. Your brothers like to play with you every waking moment. Kennedy especially is your favorite. He can make you laugh when no one else can and in the funniest ways. He gets right in your face and makes loud noises and you smile and make the happiest noises, we know you are having a good time and that you love your brother. Logan is your protector and wants to help you and helps me so much and Jordan wants to hold you and be your friend. You have the best brothers! We all love you so much. Xoxox Mom | MAY 2011

23: You are a peaceful & happy baby girl. You and Kennedy are so much alike. You both like to go to sleep without being held. You both are very happy, patient and loving children. I think you remember each other from before you were born. You have a special connection with Kennedy, it is very special to witness. | I so love this picture of you. I don't know what it is about it, but I love it! | In some ways, you are the most photographed child of ours. I like to practice my photography on you a lot. YoU R JuSt So CuTe! I love you!!! | Sleepy time with Daddy..... so wonderful for you

24: to many pictures of you to leave out any.... I want to put them all in here so here are a bunch of you, sweet Liberty. | May & June 2011

25: Having a girl.... is way too much fun! love ya sweetie!!! August 2011 | Monster for a day.... | A monster hat I made for fun, then I sold it on ETSY not to long later. You are my little model Liberty, Thanks for your help! LOVE LOVE!

26: Your photo shoots.... there have been many :} | Can you guess which one's my favorite? | 5.5 months | 8.5 months | 8 months | 8.5 months | 8.5 months | 5.5 months

27: Its just cause I'm your mom, I love to take your picture, your so pretty! You inspire me sweet Liberty. | 8 months | 8.5 months | 8.5 months | 8 months | 8.5 months | 8.5 months

28: Martins Cove, WY... on our way to South Dakota to see, Mount Rushmore.... summer 2011 | going to see Mount Rushmore. | Devils Gate @ Martin's Cove in WY | Going to see the Dinosaur bones at the Dinosaur Quarry in Dinosaur, CO

29: We had a great summer, so busy and so fun. We went to see dinosaur bones, Mount Rushmore, the Mammoth site in Hot Springs Nebraska, Martin's Cove in WY. It has been a fantastic summer, full of FAMILY FUN! | playing at the river | Our family Mt Rushmore | Just Mom & Dad

30: Your allergic reaction... reminds me of someone you seem to be close to.... Kennedy :) | Kennedy at 15 months, having his own allergic reaction... to we think chick dander, yours we are still not sure, I say its WHEAT! | Liberty 6 months | 2011

31: sChool DaYs 2011

32: Family Photo 2011

33: Working out the kinks of a family photo. It was snowing, cold, cloudy, and well it was so great. I loved getting this family picture. It turned out so perfect! Thanks to your Aunt Kriket and well my camera... | Boys just want to have fun'un! Fun with the portrait equipment at our house.

34: You love your baby doll you got for Christmas, you have played with her so much today and I think that you gave her the first hug, that you have ever given anyone. You squeeze her so tight, its the cutest thing ever.

35: Merry Christmas 2011 We had a great Christmas, it was quite and peaceful at home. You were so cute, I loved getting to see you at your first Christmas. Love ya to pieces | doll ball game crackers toys

36: 1st

37: Your 1 yr old Jan 12th, 2012 Liberty, we love you. We were not to sure about your cake at first, but after you took a bite of the whipped cream, you were hooked. You love your pig Olivia, you have played and played with her. Love ya sis! Mom :)

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