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Liberty Foundations at Spirit Horse Ranch

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S: Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations, Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals, Ruella Yates

FC: Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations | by Ruella Yates, Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer whose herd lives their lives by The Waterhole Rituals at Spirit Horse Ranch, near Oklahoma City, OK

1: Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations | by Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer Ruella Yates whose herd live their lives by The Waterhole Rituals at Spirit Horse Ranch, Jones, OK

2: For eight days in December 2012 at beautiful Dances with Horses Ranch in Escondido, CA, Carolyn Resnick brought a group of students from around the world to a new level of being with horses. We will never be the same.

3: The best teaching and learning experience of my life! My fellow students from around the world and across the USA were so amazing. The talents and achievements of this group were impressive, exceeded only by their love for and ways with horses. We all returned with heightened awareness of ourselves and horses, along with some very valuable knowledge to share with horses (and people) back home. As for me, I came home to welcoming nickers, horse hugs and kisses, and an outpouring of love from my own herd in a dark, cold pasture which became a place of wonder.

5: TinyTales:Lad | Beyond the Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn | Sonador | Maestro | Lad | Marchador | Liberty | Kai, Carolyn and Apollo | Kai brings Liberty to the Hillside Arena

6: My Horses, My Heart Ruella Yates I’m living the dream. And the dream is real. The dream of living with horses was with me from the beginning of my life, when I knew the way to be with horses. And now again, thanks to Carolyn Resnick, my inspiration, my teacher, and my dear friend, I know again the way to be with horses, nourishing their wild hearts and merging with their ways until at times I feel more horse than human. It’s been a long journey back, with the last years filling me with such gratitude for the incredible joy of living on the prairie with my own herd, knowing their thoughts, breathing their breath. How did I get to this magical place? The Horse Nation came for me in my busy, sometimes frenetic life and brought me home. As it happened in my life, being an adult got in the way. The little girl who always said she would have a horse ranch didn’t get one. But she lived an extraordinary life, infused from birth with the gentle ways of horses, their unbridled spirits and their beauty. Raising a family with a mostly-inspiring teaching career had its times of brilliance and times of endurance, always making time for the joy of horses, even if they weren’t mine. And my dreams were filled with horses, running horses carrying me away, away. I wondered why I was running away with the horses until I realized we were running toward something, and resolved to find where they were taking me. beloved horses. | My children became adults; I retired from teaching and began to make a new life. I promised myself time with horses each week, finding a local ranch who graciously welcomed me to ride their trails. And then in a rush, horses seemed to come from everywhere, leading me to spend most of every day at a boarding stable, being with my beloved horses. Training Horses My whole life had been spent in a study of horses. I knew different training methods, but found no resonance there. I chose ‘Natural Horsemanship’ as something I could do. I used the parts I could and ignored the rest, never finding the place inside me that would allow me to hit a horse. During this time, a new book was released: Naked Liberty, by Carolyn Resnick. There was the resonance I longed for! Another little girl came to me, she growing up in the desert as I grew up on the Plains! Amazingly, in a short time, this led to the purchase of my own Spirit Horse Ranch, named for the horses who lived in my dreams and in my paintings. As my own beloved herd came to me, I researched The Carolyn Resnick Method, and to my delight found that she was starting an online class within a month. I rushed to enroll, and my life changed forever. The Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn’s class rang true from the beginning. I knew she had found the key to bring back the natural, in-born way of horses.

7: I compared her Waterhole Rituals with finding the Rosetta Stone, an ancient carving that enabled early archaeologists to translate hieroglyphics. She had indeed discovered the true herd language of horses and translated it into human terms. There was no talk of dominance in Carolyn’s method. It was the gentle language of herd animals who chose their leaders for their wisdom. Through the clear language of the method, I saw my horses respond in ways that were familiar to me. I knew this was what I was looking for, as it awakened memories of my earliest childhood contact with horses. I felt back with my grandfather again, with his gentle strength guiding me in the ways of horses. I knew Carolyn on a deep level, as though I had known her for years, and I continued to study the nuances of the method, enrolling again and again for online classes, talking and learning online and sending videos of my beautiful horses, so grateful for what we were becoming together. Carolyn Resnick, a Force of Nature! And then it happened. Carolyn suggested I come to Escondido to her now-famous Dances with Horses Ranch to study with her personally. I couldn’t have known what awaited me. The experience was so incredibly powerful that it took my knowledge to a whole new level. I was no longer with my herd who loved me, but with horses who came to Carolyn with baggage, some of it, I suspected, still unpacked. | When I arrived, I met Carolyn personally and felt that I had known her forever. She is and always will be a treasured friend. Her Beyond the Waterhole Rituals 8-Day Clinic was the most powerful learning experience of my life. There was a day that I felt I didn’t have what it took, but when I awoke the next morning, my boots hit the floor and I knew I did. Carolyn propelled me into being a leader for all horses, not just my own herd. Each horse I touched there brought streaming tears as I realized they were all a part of my own beloved herd who welcomed me because I came to them with their own language. I returned home on fire to spread the word of what happened on that mountainside in Escondido. I ran first to my own herd, waiting in their dark prairie pasture, knowing I was coming home. They loved what they saw in me as we came together again, and knew, too, that life was forever changed. Certification Carolyn and I, by now fast friends, stayed in close touch. She watched with interest as I began teaching others the strength of the Waterhole Rituals. And then one morning, I got the incredible news that Carolyn was granting me Certification in her Method. one of only 8 in the world. I’m still in that same magical state that grew in me in Escondido, and forever grateful for living the dream. Now I’m conducting clinics and coaching sessions, still feeling that same surprised exhilaration with every horse who recognizes that I speak his own language! Carolyn Resnick's Blog April 26, 2012

8: The Waterhole Rituals at Home The Waterhole Rituals begin with Sharing Territory, our favorite ranch activity. Ruella has studied with Carolyn Resnick for four years. Skeetz started his formal training with Carolyn last fall, 2011. We both know the importance of time spent with the herd. I ask nothing of them except just to be. I move among them as a family member, sit and read with them, meditate about our shared breath, think about the wind touching us and the sun on our shoulders. Mostly, I give thanks for the earth we share, and the privilege of being in their beautiful presence.

9: Using Tack with the Herd Mostly, we don't. I halter train gently, leading as if there were no rope. No bits or spurs are used at Spirit Horse Ranch. Renn carries me with a willing and generous heart. | Interspecies Camaraderie We have a Paint horse, a Welsh pony, two miniature horses, a donkey, three cats and two humans living at our ranch. We live in such harmony that Sophie naps on Jenny's back.

10: Teaching WHR at Angel Acres with MaryGaye, Christy & Michelle | MaryGaye and Cowboy, Christy and Nemo learned the send-away, Leading from Behind and Companion Walking! Amazing! Both women prepared their horses by much Sharing Territory. And now they are joined by Michelle and Bella, Arden and Hollywood and Haley and Sugar! | Old friends Christy,Michelle and MaryGaye visit Spirit Horse Ranch. All 4 find amazing joy in horses. | Christy and Nemo | The Angels of Angel Acres!

11: Uberstreichens at the Big W with Trainer Terri Lindley and Rage was a relaxed affair! | Terri began her clinic the next day with UE #1 and relaxed, happy horses. | WHR with Ranch Visitors Kristy and family learn about Strider's mama Trinket's training; when Renn's long-time favorite Teresa visits, he asks her to dance; Kylee, with a bit of coaching, Companion Walked with Renn.

12: Mason McGinty Apprentice in the WHR Mason is learning the Waterhole Rituals, horsemanship, riding and horsekeeping at our ranch. In return, he assists with ranch activities and horse care. | Mason and Renn, bitless and bareback | Mason starts dressage training | Mason and Renn have their first dressage lesson with Shelley Cassada

13: Hansons Visit Our daughter Kathy, Mark, Eric, Andrew and Jackie Hanson Share Territory with our herd as well as pitch in with ranch work. They are always welcome! Isobel wishes they'd stay!

14: Our son Kurt visits and immerses himself in the ranch activities, helping with training, talking with the herd, and having a reunion with his beautiful black cat Frey. Son Marc and grandson Richard bring welcome help hauling hay.

15: Sharing Territory Photos clockwise: Sophie resting on Jenny's back, Renn wearing Ruella's necklace, Skeetz the cat herder, Skeetz bonding with new baby Strider, Ruella in her favorite place, Jenny wearing silver and turquoise.

16: Matt | The Herd welcomes visitors, happily Sharing Territory with horse lovers. | Mia Karen, Molly | Griffin | Elena | Jacob | Bridget | Pat | Sadie

17: Terri | Our ranch is a refuge for horses and humans, a calming retreat. | Lisa Ginger and Veronika | Eric | Ethan | Hannah | Lynn | Janice and Rae | Brooke

18: Playing Ball with the Herd Everyone wanted in on the action, from Spirit Horses Renaissance Painter to miniature foal SH Renaissance Strider! | Take Me Out to the Ballgame! With music on the stereo, the pasture was a happy place for mares Starwyn, Jackie and Jenny! After the game: Carrots for Everyone!

19: In Black and White Ruella, age 17 with Diamond Commander (Shawnee News-Star); The Kind Eye of SH Renaissance Painter.

20: Ruella carries the Waterhole Rituals with her wherever she goes, bringing peace, comfort and herd behavior to horses in whatever circumstances she finds them. | Cowboy | Cowboy | Peter | Nemo | Grace, Minnie | Peace

21: First Clinic: WHR Spirit Horse Ranch Inspired by Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals, Ruella conducted the first clinic at Spirit Horse Ranch, with amazing horses and humans. The result: Everyone there was ready to make the paradigm shift to Liberty Training as a gift to their horses. Thanks to the spirits of Rose, Nemo and Elijah. The clinic was theirs. Assisting were Skeetz Yates, Molly and Mason McGinty. | Ruella with Elijah | Ruella with Nemo | Ruella with Desert Rose

23: Art at Spirit Horse Ranch Studio Art activities are an important part of life at our ranch. Ruella, known for her Spirit Horse art, teaches painting and art with gourds grown in the ranch garden. She invites guest artists, featuring basket weaving classes by Pauline Hogan Asbury. | Ruella, Laura and Jill gather with a patio class in weaving baskets by Pauline H. Asbury. | Slava, a Russian Artist, visited our ranch to teach plein aire painting. Gourd Art with Ruella attracts artists of all ages. | Educating people and horses is a priority at Spirit Horse Ranch. Sensory Connection:Equine Connection through Bodywork with Susan Smith, visits in April, and Carolyn Resnick, in a rare outside CA appearance, will honor us with a clinic at our ranch in the fall.

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