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Life and Culture in Elizabethan Era

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Life and Culture in Elizabethan Era - Page Text Content

S: Life and Culture in Elizabethan England

BC: By Liliane Lindsay

FC: Life and Culture in Elizabethan England

1: Elizabethan England territory covers most of modern day Great Britain, with the exclusion of Scotland. Scotland was the only neighbor England shared a border with, however the country did have a fare amount of business and conflict with nearby France.

2: The map to the left shows England as it was portrayed in Elizabethan times, or as it is titled, Tudor England. It shows various counties and borders, as well as many of the bodies of water that border the country. England is bordered by the North Sea, the Irish Sea, and the English Channel as well as the North Atlantic Ocean and the Celtic Sea, both of which are not shown on the map. | GEOGRAPHY

3: However, in the south of the country you can find more rolling hills and plains | The northern part of England consists mostly of steep highlands and rich valleys, | North | South

4: When Rome collapsed King Henry VIII of England established the Church of England, which no longer answered to the Pope. This dramatic change in the church caused many conflicts in the following years, mostly between the Protestants and the Catholics. Queen Elizabeth I was Protestant herself, however she was tolerant towards the Catholics, However, prior to Elizabeth I, who ruled during Elizabethan times, there was Queen Mary I, who is often referred to as 'Bloody Mary,' due to her persecution of the protestants. | RELIGION

5: WItchcraft was a widespread fear and superstition though out Elizabethan England. Witches and magic were blamed for anything bad that happened, perhaps most famously for the bubonic plague. Superstitions were also very common, including black cats crossing your path and spilling salt. | SUPERSTITION

6: Achievements | - New forms of art dominated by portraits and architecture common to the Renaissance. -New printing techniques made books and education more wide-spread and affordable. -New theatrical works, like Shakespeare's many dramas and comedies provided cheap entertainment. -England began to explore the new world and brought new spices and foods back to Europe.

8: Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the Elizabethan era, which is why the time period was titled so. She was a very inspirational ruler and loved greatly by her people. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII, an the last of the Tudor rulers since she never married and had no children. Although she was Queen, Elizabeth I was viewed both as a figurehead and a ruler, and she sill had the final say in parliament. | Parliament was, and still is, the governing body in which bills traveled through in order to be passed by the Queen. Similar to our system, the Parliament was divided into two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

9: POLITICS | LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT | NATIONAL | REGIONAL | COUNTY | TOWN OR VILLAGE | When Henry Tudor became king after winning in battle, he ended the Wars of the roses between the two houses, the House of Lancaster and the House of York. His mother belonged to the House of Lancaster, and he himself married Elizabeth of York in order to unite the two. As a result the two house badges, the white rose and the red rose, were combined to create the Tudor Rose (shown above) to symbolize the new dynasty.

10: The economy of Elizabethan England was reached it's most successful point during the harvest each year. | The newly discovered wool trade provided many opportunities for the lower class to earn money. | ECONOMY | Trades were passed on through families.

11: Shilling | Penny | Pound | Crown | Angel | Sixpence | Groat | Tuppence | Ha'penny | Coins of Elizabethan England

12: -Women were inferior to men; Patriarchal society where women generally ran the household and men worked to make a living. Women, once married, were considered their husband's property. -Marriages were arranged so that both families would benefit from it. The bides family had to provide a dowry, or payment. The legal marriage age was 14 for boys and 12 for girls. -Schooling became available for the middle class, especially after the invention of the printing press which made books cheaper. -The feudal system that appeared in the Dark Ages began to brake down and make way for an emerging wealthy merchant class. -The population remained rather small due to poor hygiene which led to epidemics such as the bubonic plague which killed almost a third of the population.

13: SOCIETY | Lord | Gentry | Yeoman | Tenants | Skilled Laborers | Unskilled Laborers

14: William Shakespeare is known as one of the world's greatest writers of all time. ~~~ "All the world's a stage, all the men and women merely players..." ~William Shakespeare | William Shakespeare

15: Life | Born April 23, 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon Oldest of 8 children Attended primary and grammar school Married Anne Hathaway, age 23, in 1582 at the age of 18 Had three children~ Susanna (1583), Hamnet and Judith (1584) Died April 23, 1616

16: Career | Between the years 1585 and 1592, William Shakespeare moved to London to begin a career in the theater and literature. He became an actor in a company, Lord Chamberlain's Men, which was originally named for it's aristocratic sponsor. Later, the company was adopted by the monarchy and subsequently named the King's Men. In the late 1500s, William Shakespeare's plays began to be performed in the theater, and his career had started.

17: Playwright | Poet | Actor

18: Plays | William Shakespeare is perhaps most famous for his many plays. In his lifetime, he wrote 37 plays ranging in genre from comedy,to history, to tragedy. Many of these plays are so well known today, that they are quoted in common day parlance without a second thought. Quotes such as "All the world's a stage," and "All that glisters is not gold," are found in Shakespeare's plays. Although many of the bases for his writings are borrowed from other authors, Shakespeare's unique style and development resulted in numerous one of a kind stories.

19: Poems | Throughout his career, Shakespeare wrote a number of poems, the most famous of which are a collection of sonnets. A sonnet is a type of poem that generally contains fourteen lines, a recognizable rhyme pattern, and often ten syllables per line. Shakespeare wrote 154 of these sonnets,most of which dealt with topics of time, beauty, nature, and love. For example, in Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare compares a women to s beautiful summer's day.

20: THe Globe THeater | In 1599, a theater called the Globe Theater opened just outside of London. This particular theater was actually owned by Shakespeare and some of his companions from Lord Chamberlain's Men. The theater was an open air amphitheater that sat 3,000 people, and was three stories high. It was shaped as a polygon with 20 sides, and on the inside there was an apron stage, or a platform that extended into the audience. Seating in the Globe Theater was based on social class and wealth, since theater was a social event in Elizabethan England.

21: OUr book for English 9 | Romeo and Juliet

22: Persona | Lorenzo Lindsay | Town: Verona, Italy Height: 5 foot 1 inch Weight: 213 pounds Hair: None Eye Color: Gray Marital Status: Married 25 years Children: Four Occupation: Town Crier- Government Hired

23: Oyez! Oyez! Hear ye! Hear ye! Listen to my story! I, Lorenzo Lindsay, aged 48 years, have come from the town of Verona to share with you the news of the time and my knowledge. I am old, and my hair has begun to gray, I am of short stature and am fairly plump in the waist. My meals are bountiful and filling, and I am often given food in exchange for additional information. I am short-tempered, talkative, and very opinionated, and rarely enjoy the company of the illiterate. I have come to educate the masses who are unable to educate themselves, and are illiterate in nature. I share news of sickness and health, of victories and defeats, and of births and executions. I announce the news on the door of the local inn for all to see. I serve as a spokesman for the king, and my loyalty resides with the monarch of our great nation. For this reason, I know all of the business of my town; however, I do not offer my own views on the matters of the day. I am able to read the King's official proclamations, and I do so as my wife stands beside me and rings a bell to sound an audience. We make a very decent living, and are able to easily provide for my four children, Giovanni, Isabella, Caterina, and Piero, and my children's children. My dress resembles that of the mayor, and shows the colors of my town and where I reside. God Save the Queen!

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