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Life in A Dream

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FC: Haley Febrey Spencer Starr's Mill High School 5th Period | Life in a Dream...

1: Life in a Dream By Haley Febrey

2: Table of Contents: | Dedication..........................................................4 Personal Beliefs about the American Dream......6 Article Review 1...................................................8 Article Review 2.................................................10 Article Review 3.................................................12 Article Review 4.................................................16 Article Review 5.................................................18

3: Summary of American Dream as Synthesized from Article Reviews......................................20 Role of Persuasive Writing.............................22 Perceptions of America.................................26 Realities of America......................................28 Prospectus....................................................30

5: This book is dedicated to my parents. Thank you for doing everything possible to make the "American Dream" a reality for me. | Dedication

6: Since the 17th century, people have been migrating west to America to start a new life. Immigrants had an idea in their heads that there was more to offer in the New World. Through their hard work and perseverance, they spawned the idea of the “American Dream”. What is the American dream to me? Personally, I believe the American dream is equality and freedom. Every single American citizen has an equal opportunity to be successful in their life. America has all of the resources needed for each citizen to live a prosperous life. America was established on the principles of equality so that each citizen could live their life the way they wanted. Since the beginning of America, the United States government has does everything possible to ensure that each citizen is treated equally. | Personal Beliefs about the American Dream

7: America has a strong government that protects the rights of every citizen. All citizens are treated equally regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, or gender. Each United States citizen is free to live the life they want to live. Whether it is practicing a certain religion, speaking a certain language, or dressing a certain way. No one can force a citizen of America to act a certain way or change their beliefs. Freedom is a right to Americans that no one can take away. Americans are free to express themselves however they wish. Diversity is encouraged in the United States. Everyone is unique yet everyone is still united as one. (243 words) | "...the American Dream is equality and freedom."

8: Smith, Hedrick. How To Reclaim The American Dream. Forbes. 29 Aug. 2013. Web. 29 Aug. 2013. “How To Reclaim The American Dream”, found on Forbes and written by Hedrick Smith, discusses the state of America's economy. Smith’s article is about how to boost America’s failing economy. Smith believes America has lost its title of “The Land of Opportunity” because of the nation’s failing economy. Smith explains in depth his ideas to help revive America’s economy. Smith proposes his plan to improve the nation’s failing economy. | Article Review 1

9: The plan features ten steps that Smith believes must be taken by America’s government in order to improve the state of the nation’s economy. Smith acknowledges that improving the economy will be difficult, but he believes that his plan will make a huge impact with America’s economy. Smith’s article is very informative and helpful in that it is a plan to help America in a time of economic crisis. This article is well written and easy to comprehend. An older age group, specifically high school and college students as well as adults would get the most use out of reading this article. Smith’s article discusses that in order to maintain “The American Dream” America must improve its economy first.

10: Levin, Adam. The New American Dream: It's Not What You Think. ABC News. 8 Sept. 2013. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. The article, “The New American Dream: It’s Not What You Think.”, written by Adam Levin and found on ABC News, explains Levin’s thoughts and opinions on the “American Dream”. Levin shares results conducted in a survey that asks people, “What is the American dream?” Most people answered “being debt free”. Levin finds this interesting because before the recession, | most people answered that question differently. Before the recession, most people stated that their idea of the American dream was owning a home and having a family. | Article Review 2

11: In this article, Levin analyzes the evolution of the American dream and why American’s idea of dreaming is so generic. This article was rather easy to comprehend. Levin’s article was captivating from start to finish because it was filled with data he received from people who completed the survey as well as his own opinions. Not only was the article is easy to read because of Levin’s use of statistics, it was also very well written. High school, college students, and adults would benefit the most by reading this article. Levin’s article evaluates what American’s believe in regards to their hopes and aspirations for the future as well as their thoughts on “The American Dream”.

12: Kadlec, Dan. Is the American Dream Withering or Just Changing? Time. 26 September 2013. Web. 1 October 2013. The article, “Is the American Dream Withering or Just Changing”, written by Dan Kadlec and found on Time, discusses the evolution of the “American Dream”. The article shares two different perspectives of the American Dream: the perspective of older Americans and the perspective of teenaged Americans. In recent times, because of the state of America’s economy, the American dream has been pushed away and frowned upon by Americans. A recent poll shows that younger citizens are anxious to change that. | Article Review3

13: Based on those who took the poll, most young adults want to fix the economical mistakes made by previous generations. They want to achieve their idea of the American dream: wealth and retirement at a young age. Older citizens see the American dream withering away. When older citizens were younger, their idea of the American dream was owning a home and having a family. Older citizens disagree with the younger generation’s idea of the American dream. Older citizens think that young citizens do not take their idea of the American dream seriously.

14: However, the young adults of America feel as though they are taking the American dream very seriously. This article was very informative and interesting to read because it shared two different opinions. Older students would find this article useful. The article was easy to read and well written because the author keeps the reader engaged throughout the entire article. The article, “Is the American Dream Withering or Just Changing”, examines a poll taken by different age groups of Americans and fairly analyzes the opinions of each side in regards to the American dream. | Article Review 3: continued

16: Busler, Michael. Debt Debacles: Defunding the American Dream. Washington Times Communities. 9 Oct. 2013. Web. 11 Oct. 2013. The article, “Debt Debacles: Defunding the American Dream” written by Michael Busler and found on Washington Times Communities, shares the author’s opinion on the state of America’s economy. Busler explains that the way the government is currently handling issues is not the way the founding fathers of America had hoped. | Article Review 4

17: Busler states that America was founded on the principles of the American dream, freedom and opportunity. Today, Busler does not believe the American dream still exists. Busler believes that the United States government provides too much for its citizens. By providing for American citizens, wealthier Americans are being highly taxed. Busler believes this takes away freedom the Americans. Busler proposes his ideas on how to prevent this from happening at the end of the article. Busler believes people need to contribute more rather than relying on the government to provide for every need. This article was easy to comprehend and useful because of Busler’s use of statistics in the article. Although the article is slightly biased, it gives readers an idea of other people’s opinions on the state of America. Young adults, specifically high school and college students, wondering how they can contribute to help America’s economy would benefit from this article the most. Taking Busler’s opinions into consideration and using his plan can help America attain the American dream once again.

18: Morello, Carol. For Many, American Dream Fades as Certainty. Times Dispatch. 19 October 2013. Web. 22 October 2013. The article, “American Dream Fades as Certainty”, found on Times Dispatch and written by Carol Morello, discusses how the idea of the American Dream is changing from what it used to be. Americans have lost faith in “brighter tomorrows” because of financial troubles. About 25 years ago, Americans believed the American dream was to own a home and attend college. | Article Review 5

19: Today, the American dream is completely different because several citizens cannot afford to own a home or go to college. Morello includes information from recent surveys and concludes that many Americans don’t feel they get paid enough for their work and fear losing their jobs and paying bills. Because of financial crisis, the American dream is withering away. In fact, Morello states the only part of the American dream that remains the same is that each citizen is able to live their life the way that they want to. This article is easy to read because the article is informative and interesting and contains statistics and information from polls. The article is well written and easy to understand. High school and college students and adults would find this article useful. This article discusses how economic problems have ruined the American dream for US citizens, and how difficult it is for citizens to stay financially secure.

20: Summary of American Dream as Synthesized from Article Reviews | The term, “The American Dream”, has been tossed around for decades. In the 20th century, the American dream for most people was having a family and owning a home. Now the American dream has completely changed. According to the five articles I have reviewed this semester, the American Dream has evolved from owning a home and having a family to being financially successful. Why has the American dream changed? What is responsible for making the American Dream so superficial? Because of the financial issues the United States faced in the early 21st century, Americans have a different outlook on their lives. According to my five articles, the American dream is somewhat alive, but very different from what it used to be.

21: Author Carol Morello, of the Times Dispatch, believes that financial success is more of a goal than the American Dream. The American Dream isn’t as simple anymore because of the struggles Americans have faced. On top of recovering from these struggles, the government is making things harder for some Americans in an effort to help others. Author Michael Busler, of Washington Times Communities, feels that the efforts of America’s government are doing more harm than good. The government is complicating things for Americans, and that’s changing their thoughts on the American Dream. Americans seem eager to attain the American Dream by being financially successful, and by helping America recover from economic crisis. (233 words) | "The American Dream is somewhat alive, but very different from what it used to be"

22: Role of Persuasive Writing | Persuasive writing is presenting reasons and examples to influence one’s actions or thoughts. If done correctly, a writer can persuade readers to agree with their opinions. Persuasive writing is a common form a of writing. Authors have used persuasive writing for centuries in American literature. American authors first started to use persuasive writing to convince Europeans to immigrate to America at the beginnings of settlement.

23: Over time, American authors expanded on their writing techniques and began using persuasive writing as a tool to convince American’s to rebel against the British. Patrick Henry used persuasive techniques while delivering his speech at the Virginia Convention. Henry’s goal was to persuade Americans that a war against Britain was necessary because of the poor treatment American’s have received from the British. Henry believed that it was vital for America to gain independence from Great Britain. Henry was able to persuade his listeners with the use of emotional appeal. | "Persuasive writing is a powerful tool that can convince others to agree with one’s personal beliefs."

24: Role of Persuasive Writing Continued

25: “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, persuaded colonists to fear hell and sin. Edwards’s use of loaded language helped him persuade his listeners. Loaded language is wording that attempts to persuade the audience by appealing to the listeners emotions. Persuasive writing is a powerful tool that can convince others to agree with one’s personal beliefs. (269 Words) | "Persuasive writing is a powerful tool that can convince others to agree with one’s personal beliefs."

26: Since the beginning of America, people have had different perceptions of the country. Many people immigrate to America in search for wealth and prosperity, but end up never finding it. Others come for wealth, safety, opportunity, freedom, and shelter. The perceptions of immigrants have shaped the American dream. Although some perceptions of America are true, several immigrants have false perceptions of America. Steven Spielberg’s film, An American Tale, is a cartoon about a mouse, Fievel, and his family who immigrate to America in the late nineteenth century. | Perceptions of America

27: Fievel and his family have several false perceptions about America. They believe that America will offer them opportunity, freedom, wealth, and safety, as well as streets paved with cheese and no cats. Upon arriving to America, Fievel and his family find out that few of their perceptions are actually accurate. Just like real life immigrants, Fievel and his family had to adjust to life in America. Their new American lives were most definitely not what they thought they would be. The original perceptions Immigrants have of America seem to be the “American Dream”, however the realities of America are much different. (188 words) | "...several immigrants have false perceptions of America."

28: Realities of America | American immigrants find that the realities of America are very different to their perceptions of America. While many people plan on immigrating to America for a better life, that is not always what they will find. The realities of America are not always pleasant. The section, “The New Immigrants”, in the textbook, The Americans, explains in detail what early American immigrants faced with their journey to America and their new lives in America. Early American immigrants faced a brutal journey over to America. Immigrants would endure weeks on crowded ships. Disease spread quickly on these filthy ships, making it difficult for people to even survive the journey over.

29: Once immigrants finally arrived to America, they would face harsh questioning and physical examines at immigration stations. Immigration stations would decide if immigrants fit the criteria to be an American. | If an immigrant were to actually make it in America, they often faced the issue of nativism. Nativism is favoring native-born US citizens. Native born US citizens were often very cruel to immigrants. Immigrants faced physical and mental abuse from Native born US citizens. Immigrants also struggled to find work. American immigrants faced more struggles than pleasures. The realities of America completely counteract the “American Dream”. (204 Words)

30: Prospectus

33: Problem | Celebrity culture has a negative effect on the American Dream. The misbehavior of some celebrities is constantly displayed in the media. Their behavior has negatively influenced the people of America, therefore it also negatively influences the American Dream.

35: Significance of the Problem | Celebrity culture has a negative impact on the American dream because their lifestyle is an inaccurate representation of how American's live. Celebrities seem to get everything they want without having to do much work, but that is not how it works for everyone in America. Through hard work and determination, Americans are able to reach their goals. The American Dream is working hard to achieve your greatest desires and not just getting them handed to you.

37: Thesis | Celebrity culture negatively affects the American Dream because of inappropriate lifestyles of celebrities.

39: Information Needed | The information needed to prove my thesis will be articles concerning celebrities. Ideally, I need articles that talk about the poor choices made by the some of the most influential people in America, the celebrities. I will also need articles that state poor financial choices made by celebrities. I will gather the opinions of celebrity culture from others to help prove my thesis. I plan on using resources like the media center and Galenet to conduct my research. The Internet will also be a valuable resource because there are several online articles concerning celebrities.

41: Conclusion | Celebrities are often a bad influence on the people of America. My second semester research will be about how celebrity culture negatively affects the American Dream because of poor choices made by celebrities. Using resources like the media center and the Internet will help me prove my thesis.

42: After completing my semester portfolio, I’ve gathered that the American Dream cannot be defined as one certain thing. The American Dream is different for everyone. For people immigrating to America, the American Dream may be having the freedom to practice any religion he or she may wish. For my grandmother, the American Dream may be having a family and owning a home. The American Dream is significant to Americans because it gives Americans something to strive for. | The Reality of the American Dream

43: Before starting my semester portfolio, I never had put much thought into what I think the American Dream is. After researching and reading different articles, some of which I agree with, some of which I do not agree with, I have discovered my thoughts on the American Dream. Personally, I believe the American Dream is having the utmost freedom to do whatever one desires and being able to work your hardest and learn from your mistakes. | 153 Words

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