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Life In The Fast Lane (Richard Trinh's auto-bio)

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FC: Life In The Fast Lane!!! | By Richard Trinh

1: Life In the fast lane By: Richard Trinh | A novel about the peculiar life of Richard Trinh | Published By: Trinhity Inc.

2: Copyright: | Publisher: | Trinhity Inc | by Richard Trinh

3: This book is dedicated to my dad Trong Trinh and the rest of my immediate family. I also dedicate this book to my best friend Jeremy and Ethan Vu. You guys have inspired me to become the best I can be. This book also goes out to all the haters for bringing out the motivation being held back inside of me. | Dedication Page:

4: Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Prominent Influences Chapter 2: Paramount Events Chapter 3: Interaction among Peers and Family Chapter 4: Timeline Chapter 5: How to Make a Richard Trinh Chapter 6: Free Flow Poem Chapter 7: Boast/Speech Chapter 8:

5: Richard is the most kind and loving person I have ever met. He doesn’t get nosy about anyone else’s business and keeps his word when he says it. He’s extremely helpful when it comes to his friends. Every time I see him in the hallway it makes me smile. He’s extremely hilarious even though he doesn’t exhibit it. He’s also the most humble individual you will ever meet on the face of the earth. Not to mention, he’s so talented at singing, acting, and dancing. I’m grateful I will be able to collaborate with him in the drama 2 plays next year. If I have to choose my best man for my wedding, it have to be Richard. He’s trustworthy and loyal. Just the perfect friend that anyone can ask for. -Tim Wilson | Foreword:

6: Preface: | My life has been filled with ups and downs. In my opinion, this is just a component in the process of maturing and growing up in general. The ups definitely bring joy and happiness while the downs help bring out lessons that I incorporate into my daily life. Luckily, during the down moments I have caring friends and family who cheer me up no matter how depressing the predicament is. Finally, in the process of writing this novel I reflected on how crazy my life is and how lucky I am to have the life I have today.

7: Chapter One: Prominent Influences My current life revolved around the past encounters with certain individuals. That includes my mother Nga, dad Trong, and my brother David. My dad is a real estate broker and agent which helped me developed an interest in investment and learning about our free market economy. My mother is a house-taker which really helped me develop my sensitive and feminine side. Finally, my brother was basically the bully in the house which somewhat helped made me a stronger and more willing to work harder to achieve something type of individual. Although my household family were important and critical influences that transformed me into the type of human-being I am today. I would also like to mention a few other prominent and persuasive teachers and individuals that I have encountered throughout my lifetime that has helped transform me into me. The first one is my first grade teacher Mrs.Dye. Although I was the most hardworking and dedicated student, I didn’t have self-confidence. I had really low self esteem to the point that I would just give up on something because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough to accomplish it. That included talking to friends and family. However, Mrs.Dye gave me a lecture about adventuring into new things and believing in yourself. At first, I thought it was just plain out stupid and bogus. Then she proved to me that anything was possible. Her method of persuasion was by going on a diet. Not trying to be rude or anything but she was suffering from obesity. She has been struggling with it since her teens. Once she lost approximately 80 pounds in four months. I knew anything was possible if I put my mind into it.

8: My family wasn’t so wealthy or influential in the community back in my adolescent days. Especially compared to the kids in my school. My total household income was just a fraction of what my peers households were earning annually. This made me self-fish and greedy. I didn’t want to share anything with others since I knew they were capable of affording it themselves. Until about the third grade, I didn’t want to share the fruit snacks I had brought to school for snack-time. I would usually say to the other kids “Get your own”or “Hey rich boy! Go buy your own since you’re so rich”. Stuff like that was commonly exclaimed during conversations with my peers. However, my pastor Mr.Lee changed my whole demeanor towards partaking my snacks and daily equipments. Mr.Lee seemed intimidating initially, but honestly he’s like a huge panda who is wise as Confucius. He lectured me about how Jesus saved us all from eternal suffering in the fiery pit we monotheistic believers call Hell. Pastor Lee also expounded on the matter of how every single individual is equal in every way since we’re all offspring’s of the magnificent and all-mighty lord. This whole lecture took approximately 30 minutes in total which doesn’t insinuate that I really attained any valuable lessons from it. However, from that 30 minutes alone, that lecture molded me into the lovable, humble, and selfless creature I am at the moment. My whole childhood was the molding process for my personality and characteristics. Luckily, my role models and mentors were effective in enlightening me into the proper and civilized path for adulthood. They taught me life lessons that I will always attain and cherish for the rest of my mirthful existence on earth.

10: Individuals definitely impact your life to a point where your whole personality shifts towards maturation and evolution whether it’s positive or negative. But let’s not forget about paramount events that veer our growth and development towards the path of where we stand today. For some, these events occur in sequences. For others, it occurs haphazardly. On the other hand, the events manifested haphazardly for me. These prominent events indubitably triggered a characteristic trait inside me to really develop and mature throughout my adolescent years. The first of these magnificent events occurred about the time I was three according to my gracious mother. Well. it was an early morning in 1999 in the city of Falls Church. As most toddlers are uncouth as they are, I was probably a step higher on the ladder of clumsiness. My legs would oscillate in a peculiar fashion. Often causing mishaps and abrasion on the surface of my skin. Well on this particular morning, my mom unwittingly placed a lighter on the kitchen/breakfast table. Around 10 A.M. which was my conventional breakfast scheduled time, I adventured downstairs to discover the lighter sitting there without any warning. As I approached it, I was evaluating its features and functions. The lighter was like an obscure gargoyle. While analyzing the peculiar item, I accidentally caused a spark and embers fell on my silk-cotton table cloth. At first I thought the embers didn’t do any damage. However, as soon as I returned from my refreshing and exhilarating bathroom break. I realize that a small fire had been induced from just a spark of ember. I was in a total state of shock. My heart racing and sinking to the bottom of the earth. My mind was cluttered with endless possibilities resulting from this including death. What I should have done was put the fire out preferable than just thinking of possible detrimental consequences. My half-brother quickly scrambled downstairs to investigate what the entire clamor was about. Luckily, he was a fast thinker and hosed it down with water and placed a moist blanket on top to expel any existing embers. After that very day, I have been very cautious with everything I do including where I place my homework or even under garments. | Chapter Two: Paramount Events

11: The fire however was just the beginning of the haphazardly occurring events. Soon after in 2001, I ditched class in Kindergarten. I was tired of my teacher lecturing me about how school was going to be so amusing. Honestly, school is just boisterous and irritating. So, a day before Christmas break, my parents dropped me off at my dim and shady elementary school. Not trying to be rude or anything, but the school looks like the prisons shown on the show lockdown airing on MSNBC. The hallways were dimly lighted and everyone seemed nonchalant about anything. As soon as I entered the building, I decided today would be a good day to play hooky since the previous night I saw a show about it on Cartoon Network. It seemed like an adventurous and exciting idea and a good way to end the year before entering the school year in a new year literally. Well anyways, I ran into the closest bathroom. Once I got in there, I was envisioning about where I should hide and keep myself out of sight. I wasn’t so street smart back then so I ran into the stall and just sat on the toilet seat for an hour. I actually thought I had gotten away with this petite infraction. However, the school called my parents for attendance and concluded that I had skipped. So, the principal went into the bathroom and heard breathing in one of the stalls. I was busted. Mr.Klein was approximately six feet-two and was intimidating as Sadam Hussein. I was about to literally take a leak in my new cotton based jean. He brought me into his daunting office. Everything seemed like it was in black and white. It was like being part of a really corny 70’s sitcom. He discussed how I would have to clean up the tables at lunch as reparation of ditching class. After this prominent incident, I had never ditched class ever again due to the fear of possible future consequences. Now, I’m a goody goody who follows rules no matter how much entertaining the idea seems in my mind or on television. After these embarrassing and clumsy events, my mind has adapted to never making any stupid decisions like these again. Only time will tell if this mindset is permanent or temporary.

12: Chapter 3: Interaction among Peers and Friends | Interaction among peers and family members were probably the most prominent events that helped me stay sane and right-minded. My parents were definitely a huge influence on me in my childhood. We had a really close intimate relationship. We could depend on each other for the most horrific days. Or we would cherish the most blessed and astonishing days of our lives. Although my parents and I argue probably 90% of the time, we have also developed a sense of uttermost respect for each other because we can maneuver around the little bumps in our relationship and not feel sorrow or contempt and guilt about past mishaps. Early in my childhood, my parents and I would usually wake up to soft music and loving conversations about how bright and triumphant my forthcoming destiny will be. In the afternoons, we would go to either a soccer field or the Potomac river to relax and just forget about all the stress in life. There, we would speak about anything that came to mind or that bobbled me. Afterwards, we would go out to a corny labeled ice cream parlor just to cool down after summer’s heat radiated our fragile epidermis. During this time, we would share momentous laughs and imitate each other for comedic vindications. Around evening hours, we would sit around our cozy and serene fireplace playing juvenile and puerile board games with Beethoven playing in the distant background. As I matured out of my toddler years, I developed a more distant relationship with my parents. My daily schedule consisted of waking up all nonchalant and exhausted. Afterwards I would go brush my teeth swiftly.

13: Then I would promptly prepare my own breakfast and converse with my mom probably at maximum for ten minutes each morning prior heading off to school. After a long studious day at school, I come home all stressed out so I just ignore my parents and don’t’ even acknowledge them. Afterwards I sit on the coach like a typical teenager and watch SpongeBob. Around dinner time, we converse with little emotion. As we progress through my childhood, our conversations at the dinner table become less and less sophisticated. Unfortunately, our relationship has drifted tremendously in the past few years. My relationship with friends have been pretty much consistent my whole life. We usually have a mediocre relationship outside of the classroom. Our typical schedule would be greeting each other in the morning before class initiated into full force for learning. At lunch, our conversations consist of how our day went and asking lucid questions and sharing a few comedic jokes. Same thing goes during our hang out session’s afterschool. It was like heaven growing up with a bunch of people who supported me through the thick and thin. Love and memories were created through my interactions with these prominent individuals in my life. Through these cherish able confrontations, I learned how loving and caring I really am. I also learned I’m trustworthy and loyal to my family and friends.

14: May 26,1996: August 29th,2000: I was born at 7:00 P.M. First day of preschool and at Inova Fairfax hospital. step towards being literate. | Time

15: line | May 26th, 2009: 13th birthday and when I got into my first car crash. Gave me a realization of how precious life is. | December 21st, 2011: I got my very first debit card and opened up my bank account. This helped me mature into a responsible young adult.

16: How To Make A Richard Trinh: | 1. Grab an ounce of love. 2. Grab an carton of compassion. 3. Mix the love and compassion into a gently formed heart. 4. Add a dose of intelligence. 5. Add 10 grams of dedication and hardwork. 6. Mix all the ingredients and remember to add sweetness in after ten minutes of stirring. 7. Make sure everything is nice and soft. 8. Place Richard into the oven for ten minutes until it turns into a yellow-caramel color.

18: Poem: Free Flow | Dance to the wind, Flow to the beat, Don’t get distracted, Start to feel the heat, Heart racing, Stereo pumping, Legs start shifting, Patience is key, Just like in fishing, The art of bboying, It’s complicated as a physics degree, Crowd is cheering, Messing up is no longer an option, Power moves move swiftly with the top rocking, Standing ovations, Fill the auditorium, Cheering on our beautiful creation.

20: Speech: Boast | Yo I'm Richie Trinh, Grew up in Falls Church went no so fairly swell, Dusking demands daylight, Poverty rotten the spirits of the youth and loving families, Education and sports are the only logical poverty epidemic remedies, Success is correlated in relation to the urge of not joining gangs, Diversity unites us as one and racism causes hatred related arguments, Young scholars keep themselves off the streets by excellent time management, In the house of scholars there are plenty of future chemists and philanthropists, I've once protected my brother from a large hissing rattle snake, The threat of the peculiar and perilous reptile put both of our lives at stake,

21: Luckily fate was on my side and I buried the final hatchet between my hate and love relationship with the tasteless and bitter wings, My next great confrontation will be conquering the nutmeg challenge, My assets and skills will aid me in this frightful and worthy battle, Until then I'm off honing and analyzing my strengths until I see another commendable stimulation.

22: Chapter 8: Grade school experiences | Grade-school wouldn't be as memorable without the grade-school friends I have obtained. Literally, school would have been hell and a drag to wake up to each and every morning. Everyday I spent with them during school hours felt like a carnival. We would goof off and play credulous pranks on the teacher. Of course, she would blame the quiet and hard working kids. I felt so guilty. Luckily karma bit me in the butt once test day came. I didn't really care about what grade I would receive. All I was anticipating was what quileless prank I was going to pull off that day. My parents obviously disapproved of my nonchalant behavior. For example, after I placed glue on my teacher's fragile and worthless chair, she sat her petite body on the leathery seat. As soon as she sat down, the glue started spreading around her rump and looked like she took a dump. It was absolutely the most embarrassing moment in Mrs. Kelly’s career. She informed my mother of the situation and I got a long lecture about how goofing off will end me up in no success. Anyways, I still did practical pranks on kids around my vicinity in school with my best friends. The first of them was Luis Salazar. We had so many memories together. He was a great friend even though he was absolutely an atrocious influence on my childhood development. All of this took place in Fairfax County, to be more specific in the city of Falls Church and Alexandria Virginia.

23: My early school experience can be described in one comprehendible sentence. It was horrible. I couldn’t be myself and I had to keep finding my way to fit in. I was just bandwagoning and acting out of my comfort zone just to get a few laughs or to fit in. Luckily, as high school approached, I started acting like the real me and didn’t care whether people enjoyed being around me or not. For example, in the seventh grade, I was the lonely kid who barely spoke a word the whole first quarter. By the time second quarter rolled around, I made a pact with myself that I would step out of my comfort zones to get a few acquaintances. That very memorable day, I ran around acting like a total weirdo rapping off the top of my head. This process is also known as an acapella free-style. As the words starting come out of my moist mouth, profanity also slipped out along with it. I felt so ashamed I had betrayed the beliefs of Christianity on purpose. I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself after that day. Overall, my early school career was a memorable and somewhat glorious part of my journey towards maturity. However, many upsets and depressing days filled up most of that timeline and luckily that part of my life has closed off from my daily train of thought.

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