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Life is Beautiful

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S: Life is Beautiful

BC: "I'm here to live out loud." -E'Mile Zola | Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react you it.

FC: Even though you think God might hate you, he has and always will love you! | Life is Beautiful | You are beautiful in every possible way. Don't let other people bring you down. Turn them away with your beauty! <3 | Your life is as important as anyone else! God loves you no matter what you do, think, or say! HE will... FOREVER! | Forget the people that hate you, but always keep the people that love you! | McKenzie Kingsley

1: I dedicate this book to all my best friends. I love you guys so much I can't even explain it. Ashley, Gracie, Brittany, Ari, Curtis, Aj, and Ryan! You have changed my life forever! I am speechless to all of you. You amaze me so many times! I love you forever! :)

2: Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed... Never shall I forgot those moments which murderer my Gad and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God himself. Never." -Elie Wiesel (NIght)

3: Table of Contents This I believe........................ Pg 5 Descriptive Paragraph Letter to God.......................... Pg 7 Letter Sleeping............................... pg 9 show don't tell The Death of Love..................... Pg 11 Memoir Separated.............................. Pg12 Poem What Does Love Mean to You............. Pg15 Explain Paragraph Nothing................................ Pg17 Poem Maroon................................. Pg18 Poem The Circle............................. Pg21 Free write The Beginning and the End.............. Pg 29 Descriptive/ Explain Paragraph

4: I believe that God is our Salvation and he loves us forever for who we are | LIfe isn't easy! Take the road not traveled on! be different! :P | Weirdness is a value to people! If we don't show it, no one will know who we really are | I believe that we need to live our life the way we want to... not how others want us to

5: This I Believe Being weird is a personality trait that many people have. What if no one in the world was weird, or fun, or out of their minds? What if we all had to be perfect, unchanging to the world? Life would have no meaning to anyone, but to live. Weirdness is something that everyone has. People don't show it, but they should. Without knowing their weirdness, you don't really know them, My weirdness started when the people that iI really love showed me my life! Being myself, loving people , loosing half my heart, and earing that half back.. | l | This iI believe, your life is as important as anyone else! God loves you no matter what you do think, or say! Forget the people that hate you, but always keep the people that love you. You are beautiful in every possible way! Don't let other people bring you down! Out shine them with your beauty! This I believe, do not let other people live your life. You are here to live life to the fullest your way. Be yourself. Purposely get lost in your heart and never find a way out. If your way of living is walking like a dinosaur, then live it! If you love making weird noises at people, then do it! THIS I BELIEVE!!!!!

6: But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22 | For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son for who ever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 | "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your oaths straight." Probverds 3:5-6

7: Dear God, I know that I talk to you a lot in my prayers, but I feel like you don't answer them. Sometimes I think you ignore me on purpose. I love you to death, but will you please answer me? God, you know my life better than anyone in the world! Even me, but you don't tell me anything. You remember the first day I came into this world. You remember when I first lied or when I said my first cuss word. I know it breaks your heart when you remember these things about me. Will you forgive me for everything that I have done to grow away from you? I know that is a lot to ask! If you don't want to, I completely understand. My life would be nothing if I didn't have you to save me, forgive me, break my heart, make it whole again, and bring me through hell and back. I love you to death and I always will, like you will always love me. Love, McKenzie

8: "Laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live." -Unknown

9: Sleeping Sleeping. Frozen in time forever. Waiting for her life to come to her peanut sized ming. Knowing and not knowing what life i about. Her life is already planned. Sketched out by her family. Hers being the only different one in the family. Her life will never be perfect now. The market place haunting her dreams every night. Now, growing up trying to be everything like the holy one. To her noting is impossible. Changing with the leafs, falling with the snow, growing with the flowers, and shining brighter than anything in every possible way. She wonders why she is different from everyone else. Her life was and is still full of the torrents of suffering and the crypt of death. Those images of her younger life will always be following her like a ghost. Maybe, sometime soon she will feel the butterflies of love in her stomach. She will be, forever, sleeping like the little girl, broken.

10: Grandpa, we love you so much! Even though you have left us here on this Earth, we will love you forever and always! Our life has changed so much with out you! You will be Grandpa wonderful for our life and many others to come! I miss you to infinity and beyond!

11: The Death of Love Every time he would be sitting in a chair, he would ask me to do something for him. It was one of his favorite things. Scratching his back wasn’t fun, but at least he had a shirt on. We finally got to see him happy again. He was always the one who had to stand out in the crowd. When he saw us, he would always calls us by the wrong names and we thought it was the funniest thing we ever heard. He is the one who loved the most. The call crushed us. We were sitting in second grade assessments waiting for the teacher with her French tip fake nails to come tap our shoulder and lightly whisper with her soothing voice that it was our turn to come and read. This time, we didn’t get to read or write our two page essay that was due at the end of the assessments. The call came when she was tapping on our shoulder. “Mrs. Alsopp, can we please have McKenzie Kingsley and Devyn Bennett to the office, they are leaving.” My brain stopped working. We were as still as statue on a windless day. The thing we all knew that was coming came. Devyn is my amazing cousin. She has brown hair with natural blonde highlights. Her eyes are just like mine. Light blue next to the pupil and the dark blue surrounding covers everything we feel. Clasping each others hands, to afraid to let go of what kept us together, pacing down the hallways, my heart felt like it was spinning and it was going to drop out of my body. The Tarver hallways were filled with the fifth graders drawings of themselves. They were staring at us, screaming at us to keep going forward. The muffled voices stopped when they saw us. There it was again the feeling that left me stranded. The car was too stuffy for me. I wanted to break the window and soar like an eagle to a place safe for me. Not a lonely one. He was outside to long. Why didn’t he feel that he was burning all over? We knew that he got cancer a long time before he really got sick. He got terribly sick in the last year of life, all the other were perfect. The cancer is called Melanoma. It’s a type of skin cancer because of the sun and being outside to long. He was the only person how to be delighted even though he was the one always suffering. He would take me by the feet and swing me around until I screamed to stop! He bought us McDonalds every morning when he didn’t have work and bring it to us. We were always happy to see him. We were all there to see him slowly escape from his suffering. My grandma was holding his hand while he left us. He went to the only place he knew that would be happy for him HEAVEN!!! Our tears were full of sorrow, but relieved that he wasn’t suffering anymore. God had to let the torrents of death loose on my grandpa. The day he died, all I could do is lie on the couch and cry my eyes out. The couch caught my tears and made a flowing river filled with sorrow. I left the room dark the whole time. No light shinning in. I didn’t know that this could happen to my family. The second death in two years. Everything was wrong. Slowly but surely, I came back to life. My mom and I helped each other because her dad meant everything to her. We grew with one another. We knew we had to. God knew that this was the right thing to do. My grandpa did, too. He was happy living with us, but now he is even happier that he is in heaven. He is probably watching us from heaven right now! ight now! v

12: Separated I can never see him again The love we once shared is gone Never Never Never The feeling of him warm hand as he walked me across the street Never wanting to let go Even with his imperfectness he was there for me Always Every soccer game, school play He was there All the memories we shared went with him | Gone... Gone... Gone... Never to see him again But I had to Searching everywhere My heart My family But he never showed up Not once Thinking I could find him was the wrong idea KNowing he will always be with me is the right one Being dead Missing him Knowing he is gone My grandpa is here, in my heart In everything I know and see He is here, in me He is not separated from me Never will he be gone

13: We won't be separated from you much longer Grandpa! We love and miss you! Have fun in HEAVEN!


15: What Does Love Mean to You Love has different meanings to different people.To me, it means everything. If you love someone, you should love then forever. Not for two years or two weeks or two days! Loving is a bigger matter! It only takes someone one time to tell you I love you, and you believe then. Like me! Love is a very strong word It should be used when you smile every time you see that person, or when you get butterflies in your stomach when you just think about that person. To me, love is a strong word, but hate is a horrible word and a word that should never be used! Love is everything to anyone who believes in God our salvation. LOVE IS FOREVER.

16: You guys are everything, not nothing!

17: Nothing Slipping through Nothing It was like falling through A time collapse No one knew I was there The truth is I didn’t really Care I know my God Did love me Now I’m not quite sure | Everything I am is poetry Poetry Will never fail you But you Might fail it Whispers from the night owl I am the seen and the unseen My parents never fight But they hurt me Me, trying to burst with happiness I am nothing With exploding walls The grace of nothing to take me with

18: Maroon Maroon is the color of friendship It’s the color of laughing friends The color of smiles Maroon is the color of the fleeting sun It’s the color of passion The color of dusk Maroon is the color of unsettling anger It’s the color of the most intense love The color of the calmest seas at midnight Maroon is the color of fresh wounds starting to bleed It’s the color of dying hearts The color of mellow souls falling in love Maroon is the color of a sharpie used to write on each others hand It’s the color of sore muscles begging to die The color of starting a new

19: You guys are my maroon! My FAVORITE forever and ever! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! <3

20: The Circle Many people think that the circle is just a shape., but it is many more things. The circle started the Earth. The Earth is many circles inside each other. The blood cells in our body are circles. Even though a circle seems like a simple shape, but it can never be perfect. IT seems that the circle is like the feeling of never ending love. It is the start of everything. Even in Gods mind thinks that! The circle connects magic, magnificent, loving, caring, and everything, here on Earth, together. Nothing n stand in the way of the circle. It can tell you stories from the past. If you just listen to the wind, you will hear the silent whisper of the circle.

21: "I have learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers fear." -Nelson Mandela

22: FAMILY!!! :)

24: SOCCER!!! #17 RULES | COLORADO STORM ROCKS | "Dude, how did we not know about this sport?" -Poot Stick It the movie | Whoever invented soccer should be worshiped as God" -Unknown

26: Best Friends For Life!!!

27: I don't know what I would do with out you guys!!

30: Comments!!!

31: Comments!!!

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