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Life of the Lotus Flower

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S: Life of the Lotus Flower

1: There is a woman, Whose presence touches hundreds. She does not affect by force, control, or by manipulation. No, but does it, with her smile, her heart of gold, and with the greatest power of them all....... Love Here is the story of the one and only, Lotus Flower

2: Morgan!!!! Remember the Belly Dance Raks show and we didn't have our costumes yet? We drove all the way to Aladdin's Lamp only to find out it didn't exist, and then got lucky with our black and gold tops from the flea market in Sanford. | The greatest part of it all was the craving that you and me had for our clam chowder from Red Lobster! We were NOT going to be okay until we satisfied our craving. Now, every time I have clam chowder, I think of you. | Happy birthday girl, you will forever be remembered as one of the coolest friends I've ever had! You deserve the absolute best in life, and I hope many more birthdays are to come! Love you! P.S. We'll always be a part of "A Genie in a Bottle"

3: I've always felt that I could be myself around you, Morgan...and that I could essentially talk to you about anything. I was going through a very rough patch the week before finals so i asked if we could talk. I remember distinctly because we walked from your apartment to the sushi place and you could not get me to try any sushi at all. Then of course like me, I started dancing inside the store. You made me feel better and i knew that i could not only trust you but you are someone that is truly there for me. | Mo!!!!!!!!

4: My favorite memory is driving to the beach and passing chick fil a, slamming on the breaks and turning in. OR RIDING THE HULK 30!!!!!!! TIMES IN A ROW <3 <3 <3 | MORGANA!

5: I would have to say when she was the Jasmine to my Aladdin. We really did make the perfect couple. It was truly a magical moment. | ORRRRR!!! When we were locked out of our apartment and stuck on the porch and we couldn't call to let someone back in because we had illegal drugs sitting on the table. Smorgy really had to go pee but she was wearing heels, so we traded shoes so she could jump over the balcony. And then on her way back (in her truly Smorgy fashion) she made friends with the guitar strumming, planter who lived in the building next to us. Good times,good times... | Oh and I'll give you one more! I loved it when we all got dressed up in Morgans silks and scarves from her belly dancing clothes bag. We even put little gems on our foreheads!! We danced around and took silly pictures...t'was really a great memory! | LOVE You SMORGY!!!!

6: The craziest memory I have of us is when it was you, KP, and myself. Yall came to my house, kidnapped me and we went on a driving adventure! Took thee funniest pictures in the car. Than went back to your crib and made a dance routine and a music video to pocket full of sunshine. HILARIOUS! | Writing this letter really does put tears in my eyes but they are tears of joy! You are so special to me. Its so rare to find somebody you can relate to and act crazy with and just be yourself. Actually yo are crazier than me but that is not the point. Morgan I cant even put into words my appreciation for you as a friend. What I really want to say is Happy Birthday! You made my birthday very special with my cake and it is my turn to return the love. | POOPSY!!!

7: My first best memory of you is when you gave me a belly dancing lesson 3 years ago. It was the first time I ever hung out with you, and I got to see what a sweet and happy person you are. But I truly didn't get to know you until recently. When we made the trip down to Tarpon and we were sitting around the dinner table that night eating wings, and we were having our conversations of the rules around our new home, and then we continued by running around dancing in the living room laughing so much, then having our long conversation in the bathroom, then continued by playing Just Dance on the Wii, I had one of the happiest trips of my life! I feel like we are family. I love who you are. You have the kindest heart, and I love when you laugh. You make me feel so welcome every time I'm with you and I hope I can do the same! I'm so happy we are living together this year! I love all of our wild conversations. You pretty. I love sharing my name with such a wonderful human being. Love, Morgan

8: Shmorgy!!!! My favorite memory was eating skittles in our cabin on the cruise while wearing our illegal bathrobes and taking sexy pictures on my cot underneath the sink!

9: Morgan Happy 22nd Birthday. I love you to death. We've been friends since the 5th grade. We have been through a lot.. Elementary, Middle, High, College and other epic things. Even though we are somewhat far apart, we still keep with each other to check on one another. I know we will keep this friendship until God decides to call us to heaven, but we will even be friends in heaven flying around with other angels and when we grow old, our kids will play together and have a friendship like ours. Again I love you to death Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Hermie! | M O M O

10: We got ready (looking like classy ho’s) in our fishnets, dyed hairs, black booty spandex, and neon pink billboards across our torso’s. Then we were off, off to take on everything Pop, R&B, and sexy. Lights dim. Show begins. (I’m choosing to fast forward through Lil Bow Wow). After about 2 hours of shouting and dancing and humping seats the show ended. We embarked on our mission. Off to the stage door we went. A half hour went by, our friends left us. We remained the most committed. Made friends with security guards, 2 USF students, and anyone else who walked by. About 2 am our dreams come true. Out stumbles Chris Brown from his trailer. Walks over, enjoys our shirts, signs them, takes a picture (which I couldn’t find) and life is made. We come home, modestly rub it in everyone’s face and sleep through the first half of the next school day. | I love you Morgan Selby. Our adventures will never be over because we know how to live. Boldly and fearless. Our wrinkly skin will have to learn how to keep up in about 50 years. Beyond blessed to be able to call you one of my bestest friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! | Remember that one time we met Chris Brown? (Remember when our friends got tired and thought we were crazy and LEFT us?) | Remember that time I met you? “Morgan. Morgan. Sit over here” Remember the amazing vortex? Remember all those music videos we made at your house? For Real Pharell? | Allow me to take us back to that one fine day...

11: My favorite memory with Shmorgy was when we decided to make a home made pizza. We bought the dough, sauce, and toppings. When we got home we realized we didn't have any flower so we decided to use cake mix. The pizza came out disgusting but we were so hungry we ate it anyways. Lots of laughs during it. Love You Shmorgy!!!

12: I think my absolute fav. Has to be when we went to uncle Jimmys office with our extraterrestrial looking friend TRAVIS! Also when Morgan invited Bridget (I think that's how you spell her name?) Over after school in high school and we danced to black eyed peas for her and then I think she asked for Matt's ice cream. HILARIOUS! oh and of course the discovery of our jigsaw puzzle piece bootys! And I can't forget the night I impersonated everyone in her family perfectly Haha good times! | MorGish

13: T'was the night of Halloween, when I first laid eyes on this fabulous creature named Morgan. Haha. All my adventures with her are favorite memories. Dinners, clubs, couches, beaches, saving each other from the creeps, ending up in a bar playing Miley Cyrus, even toying with the waiter. | Every time we're together is just a blast. She never fails to put a smile on my face. Whether i need her to be there to keep me sane or just to go crazy shes always by my side. I couldnt ask for a better friend to spend my crazy nights & days with no drama, no crazy emotions, just laughter, Just MORGAN!! HAHA

14: Mo, My love my dove. I remember meeting you through our lovely Chelsey. I love that it was her and her birthday that really brought us together. We stayed up late and made flava flav clocks and started the clock on our soul sista-ness. I have so many great memories with you and so many more to make. I remember tricking you on your 20th birthday and making you think we were going to day glo but really we were going roller skating. I remember my 19th birthday when we went to seaworld (for my first time) and we were penguins running up and down the ramps. I remember the start of cheeky & gypsy (& saucy). I remember howling like wolves with you and your dr. pepper crazed self. I remember being british, white girls, Keisha & nina, gangsta thugs, and many more people, all with you. I think the point was to just put one memory, but I have too many to be contained to just one. I love you and our memories and am so excited for all the great memories we will make. I love you mo. Best friends forever. Fo-rizzle bruh bruhhh. Sincerely, Cheeky | Gypsy | Mo | Nina

15: My Favorite memory huh??? Well lets see. That beautiful, sunshine St. Patties day where we truly met? How about where I almost died 6 times in the keys? Mufasa, Rafeeky, and all the experiences at Room 101? Oh and all of our conversations. They are all great...but the greatest memory i have is right now. As I write this message to you I hope that this book touches your heart. Ever since you came into my life, you have given me so much. You fill my spirit. And the honest to God truth, is I hope that I have given you as much joy in your you have given in mine. Love You Till Forever's Done Plus 1

16: Morgan's Manner ....I have known Morgan for only a "moment in time"... but what exudes and inscribes her character, creates superior time together... "What you try to control to keep, You will never truly own...but what you allow to be totally free, is ultimately yours forever..." Happy Birthday Morgan! and always remember, Mrs. Janice Elaine will never stop loving you!

17: Family | We Love You MoMo!! | My Godmother is so Pretty!! | I Loved this Day MoMo!!!

18: Morgan made my Amazing Birthday Cake!

21: There is a photo of a young Morgan on my wall from Tina's wedding, I look at the picture everyday and admire the world's prettiest little flower girl, and today I marvel at the amazingly beautiful young lady she has become, and I am so proud to be her uncle. Happy Birthday Morgan, I love you very much

23: Wow! I have a Baby Sister!

25: Happy Birthday to my first little girl! We love you and we're so tremendously proud of you! Love you, baby girl!!!

26: The "Girls"

27: Happy Birthday MoMo, We Love and Miss You Very Very Much, Hannah, Hayden and Haylee

28: Morgan Taylor Selby completes our lives and family on Sept. 1st 1990 Her Daddy calls her "Little Missy Mo..." But I call her "The Princess..." | There is soooo many memories but of course the one the stands out the most for us was the day she was born. I used to sing to her (in the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon")......Morgan Taylor Little Taylor Marie, She's the prettiest little girl that the Mommy did see

30: Grandma Elda With Baby Morgan

31: Grandma and Grandpa Selby with a real life Jurassic Park Ranger!!!

32: Morgan... You are beautiful inside and out and I am proud to have you as my granddaughter. I love you very much

33: 1 | Love you...

34: 4 | up to the sky...

35: and beyond the clouds... | 3

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