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Like Water For Chocolate Dictionary

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BC: Made by Montana Crosby for Like Water For Chocolate Group Project Brianna, Montana, Helberth

FC: Mini-Dictionary Like Water For Chocolate Brianna, Montana, Helberth

1: All Definitions From 20 Mar. 2013 . All Synonyms From "" 20 Mar. 2013

3: Asunder [uh-suhn-der] adverb, adjective *to break into pieces *widely spread **disconnected, disjointed** Audacity [aw-das-i-tee] noun *boldness or daring, especially from an arrogant person **boldness, courage** | A

4: Banished [ban-ish-ed] verb *to expel from a country with authority involved *to send away **deport, evict** Baste [beyst] verb *long, loose stiches in sewing to temporarily hold a garment together. **hold together** | B

5: Brazen [brey-zuh n] adjective *shameless **blatant, cocky** Bureau [byoo r-oh] noun * a government unit **agency, division** | B

6: Condemned [kuh n-dem-ed] verb *to express an unfavorable judgment * to be pronounced guilty *to be unfit for use **belittle, denounce** Courtesy [kur-tee-see] noun *polite behavior *respectful * helpful favor **address, kindness** Cowering [kou-er-ing] verb *to crouch low to the ground in fear or shame **drawback, crouch** | C

7: Deference [def-er- uh ns] noun *respectful submission to an opinion, or will of another *courteous regard **yielding, submission** | D

8: Emerged [ih-murj-ed] verb *to come into view from concealment *to arise with question of difficulty *come into existence *to rise from an unfortunate condition **appear, arrive** Ethereal [ih-theer-ee-uh l] adjective *light or airy *extremely delicate *heavenly *pertaining to the upper part of space **airy, celestial** Exquisite [ik-skiwz-it, ek-skwi-zit] adjective *of special beauty *rare excellence of production *delicately sensitive **attractive, charming** | E

9: Feigning [feyn-ing] verb *put on the appearance of *an excuse or story *to imitate **act, bluff** | F

10: Imposing [im-poh-zing] adjective *impressive because of size, appearance, dignity, etc. **big, commanding** | I

11: Lustfully [lusht-fuh l] adjective *motivated by lust or greed *having strong sexual desires **emotionally, intensely** | L

12: Melodious [muh-loh-dee-uh s] adjective *tuneful *sweet-sounding, musical **intune, pleasing** Misshapen [mis-shey-puh n] adjective *badly deformed **distorted, malformed** Morbid [mawr-bid] adjective *suggesting an unhealthy state or attitude *affected by disease *gruesome **abnormal, frightful** | M

13: Phenomenal [fi-nom-uh-nl] adjective *highly extraordinary *perceived by the senses **fantastic, sensational** Prematurely [pree-muh-choo r ly] adjective *occurring or coming too soon *mature before its time **early, too soon** Prestidigitation [pres-ti-dig-i-tey-shuh n] noun *magic **trickery, black art** | P

14: Rebellious [ri-bel-yuh s] adjective *defying or resisting authority, government, etc. *resisting treatment **attacking, rioting** Repression [ri-presh-uhn] noun *state of being repressed *the rejection of painful ideas, memories, feelings, etc. **control, restraint** Revoked [ri-vohk-ed] verb *to take back or cancel *to bring back **null and void, disown** | R

15: Sheer [sheer] adjective *transparent *unmixed with anything else *unqualified *extending in a direction steeply **chiffon, lacy** Subdue [suh b-doo, -dyoo] verb *to conquer *to overpower *to control **control, overrun** Succulent [suhk-yuh-luh nt] adjective *full of juice *rich in good qualities **luscious, yummy** Suffused [suh-fyooz ed] verb *to overspread with liquid, color, etc. **bathe, permeate** | S

16: Uproar [uhp-rawr, -rohr] noun *a state of violence and disturbance **violence, racket** | U

17: Vigorous [vig-er-uh s] adjective *full of vigor *strong active *energetic *powerful in action **strong, active** | V

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