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Living A Dream

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S: Living A Dream

BC: “'When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life.'” - John Lennon

FC: Living A Dream | Nascut i criat als Estats Units, per estic llest a desplegar les meves ales.

1: Living A Dream | Flight 720 | Aug 31, 2010: I Leave Friday... packing, calling airlines, forgetting things I have to do, and getting distracted. Weeee :D Sept 3, 2010: My new life starts tomorrow!!! | “Hola Sam, mañana nos vemos, espero que tengas un buen viaje, un abrazo” –Sol | "America’s awesome. Mallorca is a dream."

2: "Going to the supermarket euroski then the beach." | "I can see a castle from my bedroom window :)"

3: Sept 4, 2010: "I am safely and wonderfully in the most beautiful place in the world." | "Nice awkward pose for ya'll"

4: "Today was like a movie. And now I'm really tired." | "Mi Residence"

5: "Been there since before the 5th century..." | "I love it here:)"

6: Cala Barques | "The beach carves out these little "photo-opp" places and I just couldn't resist" | "A lovely excursion to the "other side" of the island today:)"

7: "Really old abandoned Spanish military base, now open for walking your dog and playing paintball"

8: Santa Ponsa | "I'm basically in huge dream and my mind is taking an awful long time to wake up." | "Esta contento, tranquilo, y contento." | "It's a dynamic island"

9: Paguera Beach | "Surrffinngg" | "72 degrees, surfing, and beaches with Palm trees. And then if you look up, you see snow. I love Mallorca."

10: "In Spain, on the beach, drinking coconuts & eatin fruit...Jus tossin our bras to the wind!"

11: La Bandera | "Went Cliff jumping today:)" | "So we went for a walk and decided, what the heck let's jump off..."

12: "This one goes out for you Momma!!"

13: "Gotta keep fresh."

14: "Happiness, a good attitude, and dancing are the cure to everything." | "La vida es un baile...y el que no baile esta muerto."

15: "It's this darn wild free spirit that keeps getting into trouble.. :P" | "Listening to salsa music, wouldn't ever want to wake up any other way"

16: "Just when I thought my school couldn't get any more distinct and exotic, we start obligatory Synchronized Swimming classes on Tuesday..." | "First Day of School Tomorrow!"

17: "Not even 6 months out of Oxford, and seeing photos and videos, I realize how truly Americanesque our school really is, alo peli...pero rayaoo" | "I've been away from the American accent for so long that I hear an accent from Connecticut and think it's more southern than grits."

19: "Won Bendis award for this movie"

20: Rugby in Ibiza | "Fiti Fitii" | "Got my first ensallo (touchdown) in rugby today!!! :)..... To the wrong side =/"

21: "Viva Calviaaaaa!!!" | "Champions of the Baleares! Go Toro!!"

22: "¡Olé its hot in Mallorca huete!"

23: "I name myself the island's official representative of Mexican People. I have spoken."

24: "If living in the Mediterranean for a month has taught me one thing its that I'm really not a fan of olives."

25: "Mi hermaniiitoooo, Roo" | "Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

26: La Plaza de Las Tortugas in Palma | "Una familia :)"

27: "Is EXTREMELY content. :)"

28: Puig des teix | "Batman in the sky" | "Anybody else reminded of the Lord Of the Rings?" | "The only place where there wasn't wind."

29: Puig des teix | "Overlook of Bendinat" | "I'm seriously on the absolutely most interesting island on the world. It's ridiculous in absolutely every aspect..."

30: "Petting the horse that was just roaming around and Fran caught." | "Previa de Navedad"

31: "They Like it Big In France!" | Flag of Val d'Aran, Spain, Catalonia, and Baqueira Beret | Val d'Aran | "The view skiing" | "In the middle of a snowy postcard."

32: "I've always thought it would be interesting to be famous, but by accident, and completely unplanned."

33: Banyalbufar

34: Dear Ben Mason, I hope that you expect what you are about to receive, and that would be a long gushy lovey birthday letter from your sibling (MUCH longer than Becca's, just saying...). So let's not waste any time, space, or characters flying over the Atlantic Ocean to reach you, so let us commence. It all started mid-late January 1994 ...when't have been accurate, a certain Sam Mason, met a certain Ben Mason. Over the next couple years after this paramount event, there was a period of relative violence. But despite "The Dark Years" as we will call them, the two pulled through strongly like two muscular mules that come from the Amish farm next to our residence, time and time again, only to fall back into the fighting which was so epic, it brought new meaning to sibling rivalry. This continued as so for a time. Eventually, Ben, succeeded in ejecting his one and only brother out of the continent, which was a very dramatic event that occurred quite recently. With all that said, I would like to bring up the commonly called-on expression, "To love like a brother". The city of Philadelphia comes to mind, as it means; city of brotherly love, and I don't think it was a coincidence that we happen to live kind of close by to Philadelphia. It indeed is a divine symbol of our love we have for other. You see, to the general public, it is a mystery why the Mason and Humphrey clans came from England to America, but today I expose to the world why. It was to set off a chain of geographical, biological, and Thomnisphisticafalogical events so that two sibling male humans might be born in a location relatively close to Philadelphia, THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE!!! It seems like a phenomenal coincidence, I am aware, but only truths shall leave this mouth (rather fingers actually.., but that's beside the point). With this expression still fresh in the frontal lobe of our brains, we should really take a moment to think about all this. To love like a brother, it is indeed a simile, used to compare the grand amount of love between two things, or people. Therefore for the simile to make sense, that would mean that brothers love each other very much, and I think we are living proof to the sense that this expression now clearly makes. Why? Because darn it we love each other!! You know you really only ever get one brother, and I got you, and you got me, we got each other and no one else for a brother. So I want to cherish you for as long as I can, and I hope you would want to do the same. In all honesty I am truly glad that you are my brother, and although we may not share too many hobbies, or likes, or styles, or really almost anything at all, we still both cherish good times, laughter, and having fun. Some of my favorite recent memories are when it's just you and me, driving in the car, and laughing. Me trying to convince you to let us listen to Spanish Radio, and you making sarcastic comments which I say I hate but truly love and actually miss a lot.

35: I wouldn't want anybody else as my brother, and I mean it. Brothers have a special bond different than any other bond in the world. We have the same father and the same mother, and we are both guys. It's a matter of probability and combination, as I could have ended up being you, and you could have ended up being me. That's another thing that makes us so special. Just think about it, out of all the people in the world, your DNA is closest to mine, and my DNA is the closest in the world to... yours. So there you have it, just that gives us a special connection that only radical gene therapy can dissolve. By the way, if it ever becomes necessary, I totally got dibs on your left kidney... so take care of it cause it's miiinee. I remember I used to try and convince people that we were tiwns, cause I wanted to be even more of your brother, and still do. If I was embarrassed of you being my brother I wouldn't stick around you so much for one, and I would also probably erase you from the family section of my facebook profile. As you can see, there is still a link in each of our facebook pages to the others'. I want people to know you are my brother, cause that's how much I truly love you. I love you so much that I am writing all this on your public wall for EVERYONE to see. I love you so much I will give you a huge hug when I get home that will last an awkward uncomfortable 11 and a half minutes. I love you so much I want to do everything I can to keep our brotherhood in tact. I love you so much I'm dedicating the entire next section of this birthday message to putting little hearts. Now right about now you might be wondering what all this has to do with your birthday. It doesn't have a whole lot do with anything really, just an opportunity to analyze our relationship. With that said here comes the birthday wishes part: I sincerely and truly hope that you have an absolutely wonderful birthday, and that you don't ...have any stress during the whole day. I hope that you don't get stuck behind anyone on your way to school, and that you feel like a King as you walk everywhere, cause today is your day. God bless you Benjamin and may he give you many more looong long years to be spent with the ones you love, including me. I miss you a ton and can't wait to get back into life with you and our family. Hope you have the best day ever!! You're 19, that's a big year! Eres Mayorcito ya!! :) In conclusion, I hope you read everything I wrote to you, if you don't want to, do what you want, just know someone loves you, and his name is your brother, Sam. And keep in mind that I'll make Mom make you read it muaaahahahah!! I love you, BENJAMINUS ROBERTA "BOB" CICILIUS LAVATICUS UNUM PLUNAI MASON!!!!!! Sam Mason :)

36: "Chulaaakoooos!!!" | "It's reaaally a lot wider than I thought it was going to be." | England

37: "This is how much the museums interested us..."

38: "pez que vuelaaa :)" | "Is in England!!!!!:D"

39: London

40: "The London version of Thriller." | Oxford

41: Picadilly Square

42: Oxford!

43: "We had the best group of teachers ever :)"

44: "Life is a dream."

45: "Los mongoles de Londrees"

46: The London Eye

47: "Liandola parda en las calles de Oxford" | "Keepin it real in Oxford!!....England hahah"

48: "El Michael Jackson Petit!!!!"

49: "Waiting for our train to Oxford, we eventually woke up cause the nice people from Coca Cola gave us all free cokes."

50: Abbey Road!! | "Dear disgusting Chinese Restaurant in London, you charged me three pounds for two pieces of dead, unidentifiable vegetables in dirty, lukewarm water.... You are now one fork, a wine glass, and a vase of dead roses less. Take that."

51: "Can you see the castle in the background??"

52: Cala Llombards | "amb sa família Costaa" | "Cases des pescadors"

53: Cabrera, Southern Mallorca | "I love actually accomplishing the things that I always said I would do. (*Sigh of satisfaction*)" | "Ive been to the beach like every day since February. The taste of salt is permanently infrustrifacurnificated in my mouth."

54: "Spain has been an amazing adventure I will never forget !!:) Its very similar to a dream"

55: "Nope, no trampoline.. just the roof of somebody's house"

56: "Talking to some chick I just met on the internet, who happens to be 4318 miles away." | "Who wants to help me procrastinate with all the work I should be doing and skype???" | "Snow for my birthday!! and I can still go outside in short sleeves!!" | "Had a great New Year's :) Yay for 2011!"

57: "Being in control of your life doesn't mean controlling how events happen to you but how to adapt to them." | "Eros Nadal- Bon Nadal- Feliz Navidad- Merry Christmas" | "HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICA:)"

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