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London Love

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BC: One Day We Will Go Back. Together. xx

FC: London: The Good Life | The Adventures of | Becca, Lauren | and Tiffany | ~Summer 2011~

1: Everyone has been telling me to start a blog and I'm going to give it a try, I am no blog writer! haha I have now been in London for six days and have been loving every second of it! Of course I couldn’t sleep on the plane from Minneapolis to London since it was so cramped on it so by the time I got to the U.K. I was beat. Luckily, Katie that goes to WSU with me was on the same plane so we were able to take a taxi to the flats. People in London are scarrryyyy drivers! I don’t know how more people aren't killed or get in accidents! They’re all over the place! Thankfully, at intersections they have it written on the road "look left" or “look right” really helps out a lot for us Americans! We are staying at Woodland Court flats which is okay, they’re new but not as nice as I would hope. The flats are in Islington, which is kinda far away from everything. The good thing is that the tube station, Caledonian Road, is just right around the corner. The tube is seriously the best invention ever! Everyone should have an underground! They are so convenient! At first I thought it was going to be hard to understand but it’s so simple, I really appreciate not having to worry about driving or parking (they park in different directions on the side of the road, so weird!). So on the first day here, the AIU group went to Covent Garden for some food. Who would have guessed a Thursday night was so crazy here! Well actually pretty much every night is a party for the British. They get off work and head to the pubs! It’s insane! They all drink, everyday, right after work! Also, a lot of us have been wondering if they even work at all? Haha we will be walking around at 10 or 1 or 3 and the streets are packed and the pubs and restaurants are overflowing. We were in the park today and people were just chilling in the grass in their business suits at 1:30 haha its really interesting. Anyways, back to the first day it was really difficult to find food since everywhere was packed and we were all faint from not eating all day. We found this weird little café thing, it was all right but things are spendy here! On our second day (Friday), we had orientation at the university in Marylebone. Marylebone is super cute area, really nice too. Loads of pubs, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques that I cannot (but wish I could) afford! Its right off of Oxford St. which is a really big shopping street so its pretty perfect haha we just learned that Keira Knightly, Russel Brand, some dude from Oasis live right around our school. Also, Tim Burton was seen shopping right in the super market next door. Haha I hope I get to see the, I’ll keep my eyes peeled. While we were in Covent Garden on the first night, apparently Andrew Garfield, from the Social Network (he was the best friend) and from Never Let Me Go walked right past us a couple times! But I was too distracted by everything else that was going on haha oh well. Saturday we had a free day and we did loads of shopping! Shopping here is nothing like shopping back in the states. Actually, fashion here is nothing like fashion back in the states that’s for sure! Everyone has such a unique style and don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. They all dress up for the most part and I love it, I totally fit in! I wish I could just sit and take pictures of everyone that walks by; there is so much inspiration. Too bad I can’t just go out and buy everything like I want to, I gotta be smart since I will be here another 9 weeks! Haha all I can say is that the British people make Americans look so boring when it comes to fashion. We started off in Camden Market, which wassimilar to Chinatown, but minus all the Chinese people haha they didn’t haggle you as much too, which was really nice. Then we made our way back to Covent Garden and hit up the nicer shops. On Sunday we did a walking tour of London with our Cultural Activities person Tony. He’s awesome and so knowledgeable! We started off at St. Paul’s (its 365 feet tall, a foot for everyday of the year, which is the second biggest cathedral in the world) and then made our way over the millennium bridge (which the British call the wobbly bridge because the first time they opened it up in 2000 is almost collapsed haha) over the Thames River (which apparently is super clean that you can drink it, which I don’t trust ha). Then we saw the Globe Theater, London Bridge (which looks like a normal bridge), Tower Bridge and then the Tower of London. We stopped for a bite to eat around the Tower of London at this cute little restaurant called The Kitchen. Got some awesome fish and chips! After lunch we went to Harrods which was insane!!!! I felt like I couldn’t touch anything since it was all more than 1,000 pounds! But it was really fun to see :) I want to go back haha and wander. They even had a pet kingdom! Sorry for it being so long, I now learned that I have to write this more often than once a week! Lets see how this works with the pictures. | London Time! | Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 | London, England

2: First Adventure: | Camden

4: All Saints

5: London Walk | ~St. Paul's to Tower of London~

6: London Bridge

9: Southwark Cathedral

10: Tower Bridge & | Crash Helmet | Myself, Tiffany & Barenda

11: The Tower of | London | Caesar | Oldest wall in London

12: the Kitchen @ Tower for a Quick Bite to Eat

13: Feliz, Barenda, Tiffany, Kailey & I | Fish & Chips!

14: at Knightbridge

15: Marylebone

16: Okay so the first week of classes is over! This was kinda an off week since we all were getting used to being in London and our schedules. I am taking Fashion Events and Promoting Fashion. Fashion events is pretty intense, we are helping out with a fashion show on the 19th of this month, so next Sunday, with a local hair salon, Electric Hairdressing. The owner Charlie, he travels all over the world doing hair for fashion shows, events, photo shoots, etc. We got to meet him and he's really cool. We have to source models, come up with the choreography, advertise, put on the show, etc. It’s going to be kinda busy! The show is at the Marylebone Fayre, which is a huge thing that 70,000 people went to last year! Kind of intimidating! Hopefully everything goes smoothly, we have a model call Monday and a dress rehearsal Wednesday. My second class is promoting fashion and I really like this one! It’s interesting and hands on; we have lots of tours of different stores and places around London. We went to Selfridges (such an amazing store!!!) today and got to see the Ocean Project, which was really cool. I think I will like this class better since its more along the lines of what I want to do in the future. | So I found out what my internship will be. I am interning with New Look, which is a pretty popular brand here in Europe. I have never heard of it but it sounds like a lot of fun! I will be interning in their PR house. I wasn’t expecting that but now I am really looking forward to it. I had never really thought about fashion PR but now I will be able to get a feel for it. I am really lucky because I will be the only AIU student interning with them and I’m glad because some students, there’s like 10-15 girls going to the same place! My interview is next Thursday with Sophie and I guess she’s super excited to meet me haha I’m kinda nervous! | Week One Done & The Pubs | Thursday, June 9th, 2011 | View from the classroom. | Library.

17: Last night (Wednesday) I went on the Hidden Pubs of London Walk through the AIU. It was a lot of fun being in these pubs that have been around for hundreds of years! The first place we went to was The Cittie of York that was a pub from the 1440’s! They still had the vats that used to hold wine up above the Long Bar! The architecture of these pubs is absolutely amazing! I just got a half pint of cider & black which is super good haha The second pub was the Knights Templar that is named after the band of knights that used to own the land. This place had the nicest bathrooms! They were soooo big! The third pub was the Old Bank of England, this one had such an interesting story behind it! It was formally the location of where Sweeney Todds barber shop once stood. The place sells pies too haha I want to go back and get one! The last pub we stopped by was The Olde Cheshire Cheese, it was a small little pub on a back street that had so many different nook and crannies!! Going down the stairs you head would hit the ceiling haha It was founded a year after the great fire of London in 1666, I guess Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Theodore Roosevelt all have been there so that was pretty cool! | The night was a lot of fun! I loved hearing the history behind all the locations and being somewhere that has been around for so many years. I hadn’t been out at all since we got here and I now know not to go out with such a large group of American girls, they were way too annoying for my taste and can’t handle their alcohol haha pretty embarrassing. Well I have a jammed packed weekend! Can’t wait! | Red Velvet Cupcake. . Nuff said.

18: Hidden Pubs of London Walk | ~ June 8th, 2011 ~ | The Long Bar with the original vats above that used to hold wine back in the day

19: First Stop: | Cittie of Yorke | The oldest pub we visited which has been around since the 1430's!

21: Stop number two: The Knights Templar | Named after the band of knights that used to own the land | The super cool bathroom in the Knights Templar

22: The Old Bank of England has a more grisly connection with th past, for it lies between the site of the barbershop owned by Sweeney Todd, "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", and the pie shop owned by Mrs. Lovett, his mistress. It was in the tunnels and vaults below the present building that his victims were butchered before being cooked and sold in the pies to Mrs. Lovett's unsuspecting customers. They Are Very Proud Of Their Pies! | Stop Three: The Old Bank of England

24: Last Stop: | Ye Olde Chershire Cheese Pub

25: Its surreal to be walking past one of most recognizable churches in the world...drunk.

26: Well I wasn't going to post another blog until after my weekend was complete but I just had to tell you all about what I have done so far this weekend! On Friday, we had our whole day all planned. We were going to start in Portobello Market, then make our way to the Victoria & Albert Museum, then head to Trafalger Square and finish up the day at Liberty & on Carnaby St. Well that all changed when we got off the tube and it was POURING out! Since Portobello is an outside market we scratched that idea and headed to V&A instead. Was an amazing (and very confusing) museum! I liked looking at all the jewelry, sculptures, artifacts, etc. After roaming the museum for a while we found a cute little restaurant to get some fish & chips. Then we headed to Liberty. What an unbelievable store. It’s not so extravagant like Selfridges & Harrods but what I love about it is the architecture looks as if they haven’t done anything to it since the beginning. It had all the engraved railings and walls and the Tudor look on the outside. I bought a little lavender bag thing since Liberty’s is known for its fabrics and plus our flats kinda smell weird haha | We only did two things on our list of things to do yesterday but we were so whipped out! We will have to go back to Portobello Market on a Saturday morning (hopefully when its not raining) because that’s when they open up 500 more stalls of old antiques and vintage things. | Liberty & The V&A: Saturday, June 11th, 2011

28: The | Victoria | & | Albert Museum

30: Kailey | Playing in the kid area! | Ashley & Kailey

31: The V&A: The Worlds Greatest Museum of Art & Design

32: So this morning was the Trooping of the Colour! OMG what an amazing experience! First I want to thank my parents, very, very much for the amazing camera they bought me for Christmas! That baby knows how to zoom! I had to take pictures for everyone since there cameras couldn’t zoom really well haha Anyways, we left the flat at 8 in the morning because we wanted a really good spot and we didn’t know how many people would actually be there. When we got to the Mall it wasn’t too bad and we walked all the way down it to Buckingham Palace and found a really good front row seat around the roundabout on the left side (too bad we didn’t sit on the right because that’s the side they went by but oh well!). | After two hours of waiting the parade began! There were tons of marching bands and the royal guards and horses! One time, this horse got spooked or something and freaked out and fell over throwing the guard off him! I felt so bad for the horse but it got up and trotted away haha then came a carriage carrying Kate Middleton, Camilla and Prince Harry! I about died! She was gorgeous of course! Wearing a really nice black British hat and cream dress :) I got a good picture of her right off the bat. Then came The Queen & Prince Phillip! She is so tiny! Haaha | So after waiting for 2 hours they like flew by us. Then we had another hour and a half wait till they came back down the mall from the guard inspection. The weather was so-so, pretty chilly at times and it drizzled at one point. Three of my flat mates went to get coffee when we were waiting, so we were saving their spots. British people can get extremely pushy! Jeez! This lady came up and like pushed me out of the way; I was pisssssed! Especially since we had been there since before 9 with those seats. She was not pleasant to stand next to that’s for sure, thinking she was above us since she was British and we were Americans. | The Trooping of the Colour | Saturday, June 11th, 2011 | Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother Statue | On the Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace

33: Once they came back down the Mall, we were hoping they would go in front of us but they went back the same way they came in. I was able to get a really good picture of Prince Harry though so I was happy haha Once they were all in the gate, half of the girls from my flat left because they were cold but the rest of us stayed. I’m glad I was the stubborn one that wanted to stay because we were able to go into the roundabout up to the gate! We got right up near the fountain in the middle of the roundabout so we had an awesome view of them all on the balcony. Plus it started to get super sunny and warm. Then we watched the royal fly by which was pretty cool seeing the planes. My favorite was the finale where they had red, white and blue smoke coming out the back of the jets. I took a million pictures of the Royal Family on the balcony! Haha but when else will I ever see the Royal Family in my lifetime?! It was so much fun! It was such an awesome experience and I get to check another thing off my list of things to see—Kate Middleton & the Princes haha | The Royal Balcony! | My Flatmates!!! Laura, Brittany, Tiffany, Becca, me and Anabel | Me in front of Buckingham Palace

35: The Royal Procession | The Queen!!! | Kate Middleton! | Prince Henry! | Prince Philip

36: The Entire Royal Family

37: Air Show | Brittany, Anabel & I

38: All the paparazzi | The crowd in front of Buckingham Palace! | You can almost see her ring :)

40: We went to Brighton on Sunday, a cute little beach town on the coast that's SUPPOSED to be bright and sunny, hence the name. Well it poured the entire time we were there which kind of put a damper on our day. Kinda similar to Juneau weather, which I’m used to but not the rest of the group that complained haha oh well. | We started off the day going to the Royal Pavilion that George IV lived back in the eighteenth century. It wasn’t what I expected at all! It had a very big Asian influence. The décor was inspired by the Japanese—very intricate and big statement making rooms! Some were really impressive. We got one of those headset things and got to listen to the history of each room during our walk through of the Pavilion, which was really interesting, I love that kind of stuff. After the tour, we grabbed a bite to eat (fish & chips of course!) and then we made our way to The Lanes, which is alleyways from the 17th century that had little hidden shops and antique stores. We stumbled upon a cupcake shop called Angel Food Bakery. The cupcakes were to die for! They were sooooo good! I want to go back haha | Brighton! | Brighton, England, UK Sunday, June 12th, 2011 | Rain, Rain, Rain....

41: Brighton had a lot of great unique little stores and a very wide variety to them all. It was really interesting and fun to shop around. The rain didn’t let up at all during the day; it actually got worse as the day went on. Once we finally made it to waterfront the wind was whipping! My friend had a cheap little umbrella she was using and the wind took the whole thing leaving her with the handle! It was sooo funny!! Haha I gave up with my umbrella and just took the rain/wind, by the time we got on the bus I looked like a wet dog haha we saw the Brighton Pier but we didn’t go in it since it was so windy. I also ran down on the beach to get a picture, it’s a super rocky beach! Never been on one like that, the rocks were super smooth and you just sunk into them, it was cool to walk in. :) Overall, I thought Brighton was a cute little town; we just missed out on the weather. It was nice to get out of the cite for a day though :) | the Royal | Pavilion

42: Angel Food Bakery | Brighton, England

43: Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes

44: Fish & Chips (and mushy peas too)

46: Brits & Their Hats | Brits & Their Hats

47: When it comes to hats, Brits take it quiet seriously. We admired them from afar but while in Brighton, we stumbled upon a little shop filled with extravagant head pieces and colorful hats. They may not be the norm here in the United States but they sure were fun to play around with (even if it did tick off the sales associates!).

49: The Famous | Brighton Pier

50: The National Gallery Museum

51: Today before class, I met up with my friend Gloria from back home in Juneau. We haven't seen each other in a couple years so it was really cool to meet up in London! She just got done studying abroad in Ghana all semester; London was a big change for her! Haha we met up at Piccadilly Circus and made our way to Trafalgar Square. It was a good thing we started the day early because the square wasn’t too crowed like it usually is. We got to see the big lion statues and fountain in the square while waiting for the National Gallery museum to open at 10. | The National Gallery was unbelievable!! I had no idea how many famous painters they had in it! I got to see work by van Eyck, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, etc. I just loved seeing all the pieces that I learned about in classes over the years. It’s so surreal to see them all in person. So far this museum is my favorite :) | After the museum we made our way down to Big Ben and Parliament. We really lucked out on some awesome weather! Big Ben & Parliament were so amazing! Then we walked across the street to Westminster Abbey! Ahhhh loved it there! Got to see where Kate Middleton entered the Abbey. I want to go back and go in there but we didn’t have enough time since I had class at two. | I felt very accomplished by the time I got to class; Gloria and I hit a lot of major sites in London just in a morning. It was so much fun catching up with her and being able to explore the city together :) I’m still shocked how much we were able to fit in before my 2 o’clock class haha was a great day! | Stumbled Upon Someone From Juneau | Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

52: Olympic Countdown

53: Monet Wall

55: Big Ben & Parliament

57: Westminster Abbey

58: Since we didn't get to celebrate the 4th of July back home in the states, we did what we could here in London. I signed up for the dinner thing that was on my list of cultural activities. The place was called Bodean's and it was so good!!! Right when we walked into the restaurant, they had American baseball on!!! Never been so glad to see baseball in my life! Best thing on the entire menu was ROOT BEER!!! It was 2.90 pounds but totally worth it, I even got two haha for starters we got chicken wings, crab cakes and quesadillas!!! We were so stuffed after that but then came a HUGE platter of tons of meat! The pulled pork was unbelievable and the chicken and ribs. We all ate soooo much and it was just like home!! To finish it all up, we got apple cobbler :) I think it was a pretty successful 4th of July dinner in London. I hope everyone else had a great 4th too! | 4th of July in London! Monday, July 4, 2011 London, England, U.K. -------------------------------------------------------------------

59: Two spendy cans of Root Beer! | Had to have some MLB on! | Starters! | Main Course! | Devoured | Yummy Dessert! | My fellow coug! :) | Becca messing with the light up lip gloss! haha

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