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Lord Of The Flies

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FC: The Island In Pictures Watson Li

1: Table Of Contents 1 Table Of Contents 2-3 Letters from SamNEric to Jack 4-7 The Island News: Return 8-9 Obituaries 10 Interview: Jack and Mother Piggy 11 Island Map 12 Ralph's Tale 13 Jack's Story 14 Symbols 15 Symbols Cont. 16 Grievance of a Nation

2: Hi, Jack. We can't stay any longer. It's getting out of hand. By the time you read this, my brother and I will have left already. I regret to tell you that it's not going to be possible for me to do as you wish. I don't know what Eric's written, but we agreed that what you're doing to the other children is completely inhumane. For example, take a look at what you made us do to Ralph. You used brute force to get where he was hiding from my brother. Nobody was supposed to harm him. You promised us safety, and this is the truth behind your proposals? Your sugared words mean nothing to me anymore. I'm not sorry for this. In order to ensure that you will cause no more harm to the children, we've thrown your weapons into the sea and your bodyguards have been drugged while they slept. In case you still wish to cause them harm, remember this: you cannot hunt without weapons. You're relying on them as a whole to gather fruit. Farewell. Sam.

3: Jack you coward, It's time. We're leaving you. You have no tools. You have no soldiers. You're on your own unless you can gather the trust of those you have oppressed. Under your hand we've suffered more than enough, and the loss of life has marked the boundary. No more blood. No more death. The next death, if there shall be one, will be yours. Unless you are able to cooperate with the rest of the children on this island, you shall starve. We've chosen to find Ralph and rejoin him instead, as he truly means well to us. He offers us peace and comfort while you shove power and bloodshed in our faces. My brother and I have had enough. We've each placed our thoughts into our own words. No more Jack. No more tyranny. Eric.

4: RETURN OF THE CHILDREN Last week we received news that the children who had been stranded on the island had been found and for the most part safely recovered by the British Navy. However, the Navy was rather disappointed to announce that the children had completely lost their sense of humanity and resorted to pure primal brutality. The latest news of the children reports that they have slowly begin to recover from the shock and trauma that they experienced while living on the island without any external aid or influence. Several of the children have reported cases of extreme violence and inhumane treatment on the island, requesting their parents to press charges against two particular individual currently known only as "Roger" and "Jack". It seems that these two children in particular have been extremely tyrannical and dictator-like in their treatment of the other children. "The sound of storm beat at them, an incantation of hatred" (Golding 200). Everything the children perceived was perverted by their horrid mindsets.

5: Even the nicest, most innocent boy was influenced by the sheer horror of the events on the island. "I'm warning you. I'm going to get waxy. D'you see? You're not wanted" (Golding 158). Simon's young, immature mind is still unshielded and vulnerable to the sheer force of the other children who currently reside on the island. Apparently, things were completely unstable on the island and the quality of life dropped really rapidly. As of the time of the writing of this article, the majority of the children are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder at an undisclosed location.

6: WAR IN EUROPE! Hitler and his troops have just invaded Belgium! It's a full-on war now, as this was a previously peaceful area! The "Fuhrer" is now declaring war on the rest of Europe! It's either join them, or fight them! As we write this article we have news that our boys are bravely battling his men in France and Belgium, and we are holding our own! Let us hope that we can overcome this tyrannical terror, and win back peace for us all! In other news, we are faced with a financial crisis as we have now run out of more funding for our troops! Ladies and gents, if you are not fighting firsthand in this war, do your best to aid in the war effort by lending us your help! Help us produce guns to kill Krauts with, ammunition to take down their tanks with, anything you can possibly think of! Emergency procedure warning! In case of air raids, please hide in your shelters as soon as the siren goes off! Take only what you need!

8: Piggy passed away on the island on an unspecified date. He had previously grown up in England, and attended a pleasant middle school. He had always been hard-pressed by his schoolmates, bullied and physically abused due to his plump figure. However, he lived happily with his family for 12 years before leaving us for a better place. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, but he is survived by his friends and cousins, Wolfie and Birdie. A memorial service will be held at Animal’s Family Home on Tuesday the 14th at 0900 hours. The family will be greeting all participants at the entrance an hour prior to the ceremony, and the burial will follow at Bestial Graves. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be made to Break-in-Schoolkids at 1234 Bad Children Ln, and condolences may be left at the Family Home.

9: Simon left our world on the island, a week prior to Piggy. He had also grown up in England, and gone to a top elementary school in the London area. Always intelligent, smart, quirky, and kind, Simon often offered assistance to those in need without them having to say a word. He enjoyed reading, and many of us will have a hard time looking at books the same way ever again. After 11 years with Simon, his absence will leave a large hole in our hearts. A memorial service will be held at Benne Church on Friday the 17th at 11:00 am, and the family shall be greeting all guests at the entrance an hour prior to the ceremony. The burial will follow at Benne Cemetary. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be made to the local Juvenile Detention center. Thank you.

10: Exclusive Interview! Jack and Piggy's Mother! Jack: Ma'am, I am sorry to inform you that last week, your son passed away. MP: How did this horrible thing happen? What did he ever do wrong? J: I'm sorry, ma'am. Whilst we were scouring the seas for firewood at night, as our source had completely run out, your son accidentally stumbled down a steep slope, hitting his head repeatedly on the jagged outcrops of the cliff. MP: Oh, son, oh, son, you didn't deserve this. Thank you, Mr. Merridew, for your honesty. J: Oh, it's no problem, ma'am. My greatest condolences go out to your son. I hope everybody acknowledges how good a person he was. MP: Thank you. I know you'll miss him just as much as we do. J: Yes, ma'am, thank you for your time.

12: Jack Merridew was a horrid leader. At least, that's what Ralph told us. However, all the evidence leads us to think otherwise. At the end, all the children had apparently been following Jack, and they had gone out to capture Ralph for his betrayal of the boys and his jeopardizing their collective survival. There was no way that Ralph had a right to judge others, after all the stupid choices he had made. He had burned down half the island single-handedly, and he had also been responsible for the deaths of two of the children on the island. Under the current circumstances, Ralph should be held accountable for everything that went wrong on the island and legal charges should be pressed against him.

13: Ralph. Not only was he a great kid, he would make a great Prime Minister. He was able to look after tens of children on an isolated island, and even after he was able to stop himself from becoming a greedy, conceited, dirty communist dictator, unlike Merridew, the lying bastard. Merridew forcefully wrenched control of the island from Ralph's control and everything went haywire soon after. If Ralph were to have some sort of support, such as the power of a political party, behind him, he could lead a nation through a crisis much like the current dilemma we are in against the axis powers.

14: Glasses: Wisdom, Intellect, Sense. | Fire: Survival, Hope, Light, Life.

15: Conch: Law, Order, Justice, Cleaniness, Rightfulness. | Beast: Hunger, Greed, Lust, Terror, Fear.

16: How is it that children from our nation could be so uncivilized? So brutal? So unhygienic?It just doesn't seem possible. The events that happened on the island, from the plane crash to the founding of the "Cult of the Lord of The Flies" as a pair of twins who experienced the horrors of the island called it, seem unrealistically frightening. Their transformation from well-behaved, brought up children into brutal savages was startling at the very least. To some of us, it was absolutely disgusting. Our nation continues to watch the lives of these children as they slowly grow back into their daily lives of routine in a civilized, first-world nation. We stand proudly as the children prove that they did not lose all sense of maturity, morality, and humanity. It seems, as of right now, they are making surprisingly good progress in rehabilitation, and hopes are up that the children will all have good futures. Let's hope for the best.

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