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Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies

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S: Lucky Liam And the Galway Fairies

BC: PJ Bouchard is a native of New Hampshire. She is a published poet, and short story author. She resides in Center Ossipee, NH with her husband Jerry, and their three pets. They have three grown children,. daughters Cherie & Rhonda and a son Justin. Also, a dear son in-law Nate. The lights of her life are her grandchildren Brandon & Jazmin. Her Interests vary from genealogy, history, travel and animal rescue. She has recently discovered the joy of writing children's books, and hopes to introduce her readers to different cultures from around the world.

FC: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | PJ Bouchard

1: A Dedication From The Author This book is dedicated to my great-nephew Liam Lyden Ricker. It was written in hopes of inspiring him to develop an interest in his heritage, and the beautiful country of origin that the Lydens emigrated from, Ireland.

2: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | Many years ago, when fairies and leprechauns roamed the hills and glens of the Emerald Isle, a very special little boy was born. His parents named him Liam. Everyone in county Galway, called the little lad, Lucky Liam. They called him this because of an incident that happened when Lucky Liam was just an infant. Page 1

3: Lucky Liam's mother was hanging laundry in the back yard, and his father was out herding the sheep. Lucky Liam was in the house alone, when a storm came up quickly from the sea, and a mighty gust of wind, ripped the thatched roof off their cottage! Lucky Liam's parents, fearing he may have been harmed, ran into the house, and to their amazement, found Lucky Liam fast asleep in his cradle. All around him was the scattered debris that had fallen in from the roof. Not one piece of straw touched Lucky Liam! He was surrounded by rubble, yet, he slept peacefully through it all. Page 2 | Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies

4: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | Lucky Liam and his family lived a simple life in the small village of Lyden, in County Galway, Ireland. Lucky Liam's da was a successful sheep farmer, thanks to the help of their hard working family dog, Angus. Lucky Liam and Angus were best buddies, and they had many adventures together. One of these adventures happened when Lucky Liam was eight years old. He and Angus were playing in the back yard and exploring, as they do most days. While crawling through and old rotted tree trunk, Angus began barking wildly! Lucky Liam had no idea what Angus was barking at, so he took a closer look inside the tree trunk. What he saw shocked him! Page 3

5: He had to rub his eyes to be sure he was really seeing what he thought he was seeing. And he was! There, inside the tree trunk, all huddled together in fear, was a family of fairies! At first, Lucky Liam did not know what to say or do, but he soon realized, that he had to reassure them that he was not going to hurt them. “Hello”, he finally said. “My name is Liam, Lucky Liam. Please do not be afraid, I will not hurt you.” The fairies jumped back, frightened of a humans loud voice. Then, one of them spoke! “I am Connor McCloud, king of the Galway fairies!” the little voice shouted. | Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | Page 4

6: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | Lucky Liam had to listen very hard to hear him. So, he leaned his head in closer toward the family. “Can you come outta there?” he asked. “Its hard to hear ya from out here.” Lucky Liam explained. Slowly, and one by one, the wee little fairies walked out. | Page 5

7: Lucky Liam was just amazed at how tiny they were. He had heard stories since he was a babe, about fairies from Galway. Why, his own mother had even seen them before! He and Angus had been searching for as long as he could remember for fairies, and leprechauns too! And now, finally, he found them! What a glorious day for Lucky Liam! He truly is lucky! | Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies | Page 6

8: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Page 7 | “What are you doing in the tree trunk?” Lucky Liam asked the fairies. The one called Connor McCloud, spoke up, “We live in this tree trunk! Eight years ago, a mighty storm destroyed our village. We have lived here ever since.” Lucky Liam quickly realized that it was probably the same storm that ripped the roof off his home. “I'm very sorry to hear that. It must have been frightening for all of you. Is there anything I can do to help you?” he asked. The king of the Galway fairies looked around at his family and said, “Yes, as a matter fact. If you don't mind, that tis.”

9: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Page 8 | Lucky Liam was thrilled to be able to help the fairies. “What is it that you be wanting me to do?” he asked. The group gathered around Lucky Liam as he sat carefully on the ground. “We desperately need a home” a soft voice whispered. “Our babes need proper shelter, with heat from a fire and gardens for our crops.” Lucky Liam looked over at the wee woman. “What is your name?” he asked. “I am called Maeve,” she answered. “I am wife of Caden, and mother of these two little ones, Aiden and Keira.” Lucky Liam looked down at the children. My, he thought, they are half the size of the grownups! He was just amazed by their teeny tiny bodies. As he looked around at the family, he found himself becoming more and more determined to help these little people.

10: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies “We will build you new homes!” Lucky Liam exclaimed. “I will ask my da to help. He is very handy with a hammer!” he said proudly. The group broke into a joyous dance! All the fairies were bursting with happiness, at the thought of having a real home again. Lucky Liam looked around and asked, ”Where should your new village be built?” King Connor and the rest of the group, all pointed in the same direction. “Over there, behind your barn.” replied Adara, Connors wife, the queen. “That is where our original village was before the storm blew it away.” Of course, thought Lucky Liam, they would want to stay in the same area. After all, it must be very dangerous for fairies to live in a world where everything is so big! Why, an ant must look like a dinosaur to a fairy! Yes, we must keep them safe in an area they are familiar with. Page 9

11: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies After making the building plans for the new village, lucky Liam set off to find his da. Running as fast as his feet would carry him, he finally found him in the meadow. “Da, da!” cried Lucky Liam. “Please, can you help us, please da?” he begged. Lucky Liam's da looked at his son and wondered what had gotten him so excited. “What are you blubbering on about me boy?” he asked. “I found fairies! Real fairies! A whole family of them, I did!” explained Lucky Liam. “You did not!” replied his da. “You couldn't have, could you?” he wondered out loud. “I did da! I really did! Come and see for yourself! Come da, follow me!” begged Lucky Liam. Page 10

12: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies When Lucky Liam and his da arrived at the rotted tree trunk, there was not one fairy to be found. Lucky Liam's da looked at his son and asked, “Are these fairies so small you need a magnifying glass, or are you playing a game on me, boy?” Lucky Liam was mortified! Where are the fairies? He wondered. “King Connor, Queen Adara, where are you?” shouted Lucky Liam. “Please come out of hiding. Me da here wants to meet you! I'm sure he will help us with your new village! Please come out!” he pleaded. A few moments passed, and just as Lucky Liam's da was about to stomp off, a wee voice was heard saying, “Aye, were here. Just a little worried about another human seeing us, tis all.” said the tiny king. Page 11

13: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Lucky Liam and his da bent down to have a look in the trunk. There they were, huddled together again, in that poor excuse for a home. “You see da, when that terrible storm came through and took our roof, it also ruined the wee fairies' village. Blew it away, it did! Poor tiny Galway fairies have lived in this tree trunk ever since!” explained Lucky Liam to his da. “Do you think we can help them build a new village? Maybe a few fairy sized homes, and fencing around to protect them from danger is all we need. Maybe a swimming hole and some miniature playground equipment and..” Lucky Liam's da interrupted him. “Wait a minute young fella! Lets not get the cart before the horse! These things need planning, lots of planning me boy.” Two weeks passed, and it seemed that finally the wee fairy village was becoming a reality! Page 12

14: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies A new house for each family group, a meeting house for the Fairy Confederation to hold events, a playground for the fairy children, an underground safe house, just in case another storm comes through, and even a swimming hole! The roads were smooth, the landscaping was beautiful with heather everywhere, and da even found miniature trees to plant! Tomorrow, the fairies have planned a celebration to commemorate their new village! Of course Lucky Liam and his family would attend! It was a sunny day in County Galway. Beautiful greens, the blue of the sea, and the aroma of heather filled the air. A perfect day for a celebration! Lucky Liam and his parents arrived with a basket full of sweets and stew, lovingly prepared by Lucky Liam's ma. Music was playing, children were laughing and running about, and the adult fairies were dancing the jig! Page 13

15: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Lucky Liam looked around at the wee village and the fairies, and his heart warmed with the sight of their happiness. But, he also noticed, that there seemed to be a lot more fairies than he remembered. 'Hmmn, thought Lucky Liam. Where did they all come from?' Lucky Liam asked the King, “Your Majesty, where did all these fairies come from?” The King smiled and explained. “I invited the entire Fairy Federation, including the Kings of the other counties. This is a special celebration me boy! I will soon explain it all to you!” King Connor asked for all the other kings to come forward. When they did, he then asked Lucky Liam, to hold us above the crowd, so they could heard. King Connor raised both arms to quiet the crowd below. “Galway fairies, here me now. I, your sovereign King am pleased to announce that from this day forward, today will be known as Lucky Liam Day!” the crowd of fairies went wild with cheers. Page 14

16: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Lucky Liam grinned from ear to ear with this news. The wee king continued, “Eight years ago, our beloved village was destroyed. Today marks the beginning in our new village, thanks to Lucky Liam and his parents! In honor of their kindness, I also proclaim that the name for out new village will be, LUCKYTOWN!" Again, the crowd went crazy with excitement! King Connor continued. “This honor is bestowed upon Lucky Liam for not only his kind act in helping to rebuild our village, but also for returning a favor to the fairies. Known to all of us as, An Cuntoir, in our Gaelic language. Meaning, The Helper, in human language. The Kings clapped and bowed to Lucky Liam. Sean, king of the Donegal fairies, then spoke. “We have waited more than a century for today! It seemed we would never present another 'An Cuntoir' award to a human again, but Lucky Liam changed all that!” Again the fairies cheered and yelled. “You see, Lucky Liam,” began King William of Dublin, “It is only after a fairy has secretly helped a human, and that human then helps a fairy, that this award can be given. You have fulfilled the requirements with kindness, and we are pleased to be able to bestow this honor upon you.” Page 15

17: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Lucky Liam and his parents were elated with all of this praise and excitement, but they were also confused. When did a fairy help me? Thought Lucky Liam. So he asked King Connor just that question, and the answer was amazing! . “Well, me boy. Remember the storm of eight years ago that took your roof, and our village? “ Lucky Liam nodded yes. The King went on, “When we saw the wind gusting over the sea towards your cottage, we knew there would be danger to not only our homes, but yours as well. Knowing your ma was out with the linen, and your da in the fields, we ran quickly to see to your safety. After reaching your cradle, the strength of the wind tore your roof from its sticks! We grabbed the shutters that fell to the floor, and formed an umbrella over your cradle. Neither a stick, nor rain drop hit your pink cheeks! We were so relieved, but then heard your ma & da running for you, so we scattered to that old rotted tree trunk, and have lived in it ever since. Until today that is!" Page 16

18: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Tears welled up in Lucky Liam's eyes. “You risked your lives, for me?!” he asked sobbing. “You should be getting an award, not me!” Lucky Liam exclaimed. Lucky Liam's parents were so emotional. They hugged Lucky Liam and looked out at the fairies and cried, “Thank you is not enough for what you have done. Your bravery has saved the life of our only child. He is so loved and cherished by us, that had we lost him, we too would have been lost. We will be forever grateful to all of you.” The crowd clapped and cheered with pride. King Connor spoke up, “Tis no need to thank us. Tis what we do! You see, the reason why this is such a magnificent day to fairies everywhere is as King Sean of Donegal said. It has been a very long time since a human has favored us. A fairy life means to always help others, but it seems that humans do not help each other enough. Your act of kindness to us was the first in one hundred years!" Page 17

19: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies Lucky Liam thought about this, and sadly realized what the King said was true. “King Connor and fairies everywhere,” began Lucky Liam. “From this day forward, I pledge to make my life about helping others. I will not turn my back from others in need, and will advise others to do the same. Fairies are an inspiration to us all and we should all try to live by your standards of helping others!” The fairies screamed with delight and King Connor immediately proclaimed that the LUCKY LIAM celebration had officially begun! Music, dancing, laughing, cheers and food aplenty was the theme for the day and every LUCKY LIAM day in LUCKYTOWN, forever! THE END

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