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Madelyn - vol 1

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S: Madelyn's Story ~ March 2010 - November 2011

BC: "Where there is love, there is life." -Indira Gandhi

FC: Madelyn's Story

1: Madelyn Violet Barish November 17, 2010 - 3:24am 8lb 9oz - 21.5"

2: How We Found Out | March 1, 2010 I had taken a test earlier that day and it was negative. We were going to Grandpa & Grandma's house for dinner and I felt like I should take one more test just to be sure. I did, and it was positive!! I called your dad in to verify and then we stopped at the store and bought 2 more tests that I took as soon as we got to Grandpa & Grandma's house and then shared the news!

3: We decided to get a 3D ultrasound done when I was about 28 weeks pregnant. We thought it would be fun to see who you looked like and to get an extra peek at you! Also, we wanted Ben to have a chance and see you before you were born. Dad, Grandma and Ben came with me to the ultrasound and we had so much fun looking at you! Grandma pulled out a bunch of my old baby pictures to see if you looked like me!

4: Our friends decided to throw us a baby shower and give us a few essentials! We called you Turkey since your due date was so close to Thanksgiving. Because of that, we had a Turkey baby shower with Mexican food (because it is my favorite)! | Turkey Themed Baby Shower

6: Baby Shower

8: Madelyn's Birth Story My first contraction came 5 days after my due date on Monday morning. I had been joking with Grandpa since I found out I was pregnant that I was going to try and not have you on opening day. Well it was November 15h at 5am and I thought to myself - uh oh! This baby could come today! Boy was I wrong! I sent Dad to work and Ben to school and spent the day cleaning the house and getting ready for your arrival. By that evening, the contractions were getting close together. Grandma and Aunt Molly came over to keep us company. Grandpa and Grandma Barish came over too. Around 9pm we went to the hospital but you weren't ready yet so they sent me home. We went back around 4am and got checked into the hospital. I had been in labor for 24 hours at this point, but you still weren't ready. I ended up spiking a fever at one point which made the doctors nervous about you and they wanted you to get antibiotics right away (this is why you have a club hand in all your early pictures). We spent the entire day and night working on getting you into this world and finally at midnight it was time to push! Well little girl - I pushed for 3 hours and you would not budge! At this point, your heart rate started getting a little erratic and the doctors wanted to get you out right away. Dad and I agreed and off we went to the operating room. Dad was getting his scrubs on while they got me ready to have you. Dad walked in and a few minutes later the doctor told him to peek over the curtain and tell me if you were a boy or girl. I heard Dad say, "It's a girl!" I was so surprised - I thought for sure you were a boy! Most people thought you were a boy but you tricked all of us. Dad thought from day 1 that you were going to be a little girl and sure enough he was right. I heard you start screaming. You definitely weren't happy about us kicking you out of your nice warm home but I couldn't wait to meet you. Finally I saw your sweet little face. You were pretty swollen from the fluid I had been getting for over 24 hours. Everyone kept talking about how much hair you had and I was so excited because I had been telling you for 9 months to grow lots of hair and you listened to your mama! It was time for you to go get your antibiotics and I had to get to the recovery room but we were reunited 40 minutes later! Almost 48 hours after you began your trip I could finally say, "Welcome to the world Miss. Madelyn!"

10: Proud Parents

11: We stayed in the hospital for 2 days but had tons of visitors to keep us company. Friends and Family couldn't wait to finally meet you!

12: We left the hospital Friday afternoon. When we were walking out, I couldn't believe they were actually letting me leave with this perfect little baby. It took more paperwork and interviews to bring Ziggy home! The pediatric team that was looking in on you was concerned over your weight loss so they scheduled an appointment with your pediatrician on Saturday morning. You were 8lb 9oz when you were born and when we left the hospital you had dropped to 7lb 15oz. Friday night was rough! Fortunately, Aunt Molly spent the night and was a welcomed extra set of hands when you decided sleep was not going to happen that night. Saturday morning we got ready for your pediatrician appointment and in true new parent style, showed up 45 minutes late. I guess it's pretty common as the receptionist didn't seem the least bit phased by it. You had lost another oz and the pediatrician talked about supplementing with formula if you didn't start gaining weight. I guess the cutoff is if the baby loses 10% of their birth weight. Fortunately, my milk had come in that morning but it didn't stop me from freaking out! I knew how good breast milk was for you and was bound and determined to get us back on track. We spent the rest of the day feeding you in an effort to put some of the weight back on. Saturday night was a blessing but we didn't know it yet. You slept most of the night and we were waking you for feedings! Of course, being new parents we thought something must be wrong with you since babies are supposed to be up all night. Turns out, we were just paranoid.Sunday we had a visit from the home nurse. She weighed you and you were back up above 8lbs! She also said it was okay to go a 4 hour stretch at night between feedings. It was music to our ears! Sunday night you got to meet your Great Grandpa & Grandma. Fast forward to Monday and your follow up pediatrician appointment. We were only 20 minutes late for that appointment. Grandma went with me since Dad was at work. Miss. Madelyn, you were already was back up to your birth weight!! I breathed a huge sigh of relief and promptly texted Dad to tell him the good news. The pediatrician said that because you looked so good, he didn't feel the need to have a 2 week appointment and we could go ahead and scheduled your 2 month well baby. Great job Madelyn! We survived week 1 and I can't believe how much my love for you was growing every day! I could sit and stare at you for hours! And a lot of times, I did! | Madelyn's First Week

13: Madelyn giving the infamous stink eye

14: Madelyn's First Thanksgiving

15: We went to Grandpa and Grandma Errigo's where you got to meet your Great Great Grandma Demeter.

16: Your second week was tough. Great Grandpa Davis died suddenly when you were 1 week old. It caught us off guard and the family spent a lot of time together as a result. Great Grandma said she was so grateful Great Grandpa got to meet you! In fact, he was so happy you were here and he told everybody he saw about how much hair you had! We spent a lot of time at Great Grandma's house. It was nice to be with family but we never managed to get home before 11pm. This made your 2-3:30am playtime (you decided) hard to manage but Dad was awesome about switching with me. We managed and the family loved being able to spend all that time with you. I think you were a little ray of sunshine and happiness in an otherwise pretty glum time. We all still got together for your First Thanksgiving even though it wasn't quite the happy occasion I had hoped it would be for you. It was still full of good food and family which you will come to learn - that's what Thanksgiving is all about. I was worried about all the people that were going to be at the funeral and I didn't want anyone getting my brand new baby sick so I decided to keep you in the Moby You slept the entire time, only waking up for feedings. This ended up being the time you met most of your other family members and they all commented on how absolutely sweet you were. Overall, you were a trooper and did very well considering all the stimulation for a brand new baby. I was so proud of you and you really helped everyone get through it all. You also watched your first UofM football game! We watched the UM vs. OSU game at Grandpa and Grandma Barish's house. They loved seeing you! I had been looking forward to that since I found out I was pregnant and I knew you would be here to watch the game with us! | Madelyn's Second Week

18: Madelyn's Newborn Pictures

19: December 1, 2010

20: You started to develop more of a pattern in your third week but just as soon as we depend on that pattern you go and change it up! Most nights you were getting up around 2am and then again at 6am. A couple nights though, you decided to stay up from 2am UNTIL 6am - that was fun. One of the nights, I was ready for you! I decided to just plan on being awake all night so when you woke up at 2, I put you in your Moby and got to work doing the things I normally try to accomplish when you nap during the day. I cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, wrapped ebay packages, clipped coupons, checked my blogs and got a load of laundry done! The best part was the next day, when you were napping I was able to nap too - guilt free napping because I had finished everything the night before. Your cord fell off at the end of week and I am glad it took that long! We had your newborn pictures taken at the beginning of the week and we were able to get a few pictures of your belly - your cord makes you look like a brand new baby! The dropping of the cord meant real baths! Grandma gave you your first bath and you screamed bloody murder the entire time. A few days later we decided to try the shower method, meaning Dad or I get in the shower and hold you while the other person soaps you up. You LOVED it!! We also took your stroller on it's maiden voyage this week. Grandma came over and we went to the mall. I can't believe how tiny you looked in your stroller. You slept the entire time! All in all, it was a pretty good week! | 3 weeks old!

21: Madelyn's Third Week

22: Madelyn's Room

24: Month one is done. Time is seriously flying and I can't believe you are already a month old! Let's recap - Eating - It is going well. I was fortunate enough that you came out ready to breastfeed. We didn't have any latch problems and you love to eat. Around week 3, Dad gave you a bottle and you took it just fine. When we went back to the breast you were just fine with that as well. I don't think you care how you eat, so long as you're getting food. Cloth Diapering - I am so glad we are cloth diapering! Nothing beats seeing your little baby booty inside a big fluffy cloth diaper. Plus, you have your Dad's butt, or lack thereof so your diapers give you a little junk in the trunk. Dad said he was sold when he just finished changing you and not 30 seconds later you pooped again. He was very grateful another quarter wasn't just spent changing your booty. To summarize, Dad likes saving money and I love your cute fluffy butt. | Madelyn's First Month

25: Dad teaching you the ebay business | Madelyn's Firsts - You are just starting to smile and it is the most amazing feeling in the world when you offer me that toothless grin! You have found your voice as well and startle yourself when you shout out - hilarious! Sleep - Your favorite place to sleep is in bed with Dad and I. I'm so afraid one of us is going to roll over on you that I hold you the entire night. You sleep great, but I don't. We are probably going to be getting you used to the Rock n' Play full time, soon. I actually think your favorite time of day is after Dad and I get up and you get the bed to yourself! You also made your first pierogies. Well, you laid on the table and supervised the rest of us but I was excited to introduce you to a longstanding tradition in our family! Overall, it was a pretty good month. We are getting the hang of it, Madelyn. You seem to be adjusting well to life on the outside and we seem to be doing a pretty good job of taking care of you. Already, we can't imagine our life without you!

27: We started your first Christmas season with the Bowersox Christmas. We finished it at Grandma and Grandpa;s the day after Christmas!

28: We spend every Christmas Eve at Great Grandma's | Your first stocking

29: Grandpa & Grandma Barish & Uncle Jason join us in the celebration!

30: We opened presents at home and then spent Christmas Day at Grandpa & Grandma Barish's. Mom's family went there too!

32: Madelyn's First New Year's Eve

33: 2011

34: This month was a rough one! But for every hard moment you followed it up with a moment that would melt my heart.You will smile at us and literally 5 seconds later you turn and are screaming your head off for no reason other than you want your opinion heard. | Madelyn's Second Month

36: We tried all sorts of ways to keep you happy. Going outside, putting you on your changing pad, pushing you in your stroller or strapping you in your swing were your favorites!

37: You also love cuddling with your family and sink baths! Snuggling with Mom in your Moby wrap is another favorite activity.

38: Madelyn's First Valentine's Day

39: Your first Valentine's Day was also Mom's first day back to work. Great Grandma was so excited to watch you that day! | XOXO

40: Madelyn's Third Month | You were quite a bear at the start of your 3rd month but turned into a little flirt toward the end. Your personality is really starting to emerge and it is so much fun watching you develop into a spunky little girl with an opinion of your own! Sleep - you are still a great sleeper....at night. During the day is an entirely different story. You do not like to nap. Period. End of discussion. You are sleeping through the night about 50% of the time. The other half, you wake up around 3-4am to eat and spend the rest of the night in bed with Dad and I. Diapering - We had an unplanned trip to Iowa this month and no access to a washing machine for a few days. Instead of toting around 3 days worth of used cloth diapers, we decided to use disposables for those days. What did we end up with?? A red booty and my first experience with a blowout. Let me tell you - I hated both! Also your friend Pacey was born this month and we made sure we met him right away! We broke out the Bumbo and the Jumperoo as well. I could tell you were ready to be a part of the action but I can't hold you all the time and cooking with you in the Moby isn't exactly safe. Add that to the fact that you don't want to lay down because you can't watch everyone then meant that we needed to try out some new gear. You love your Bumbo! I think you like being part of the crowd! When we first put you in your jumperoo, your feet didn't touch the floor but you didn't care. Finally we realized by putting a pillow under your feet, you could bounce off the pillow - duh! A couple days later you figured out how to bounce and have been a happy girl ever since. You can hold your upper body up pretty well and rolled over for the first time this month!! Also, Great Grandpa Meyer died on Valentine's Day. This resulted in your first plane ride. You did pretty well and Dad's family was happy they got to meet you and I'm pretty sure Grandma Barish loved showing you off!

41: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

43: Madelyn's Three Month Pictures

44: Madelyn's Fourth Month | This month has been a blast! You absolutely love your jumperoo! You would stay there for hours if I'd let you. You also figured out how it works so the second I put you in there, you take off jumping! Miss. Madelyn, your hair is long enough for pig tails! I want to melt into a puddle of mommy love every time I put pig tails in your hair. It is the most adorable sight ever. You are a jabberjaws. You will "talk" all day long and don't care if I'm listening or not. Grandma calls you the boss and warns me that I've got another Aunt Molly on my hands. You hate your car seat and would much prefer to be a part of the action. I've started wearing you in the moby and the ergo a lot more and you like being able to look around. I also used the shopping cart cover for the first time and plopped your booty in the seat of the cart - you thought you were the coolest kid ever. Your 4 month appointment was on your 4 month birthday. You are absolutely perfect in every way, weighing 15lb 11oz which is the 90th percentile. Height is 25 inches which is the 78th percentile. You got the next round of shots. You cried but I managed to hold myself together this time and your crying only lasted a few seconds. You've taken to pulling your pacifier out of your mouth, examining it and then trying to put it back in. You usually fail at this and start screaming until one of us puts it back. I just found a WubbaNub and it seems to satisfy your need to grab at things but still keep the pacifier in place. You're also becoming obsessed with mobiles. We ended up using one of the decorations from my baby shower as your mobile because I couldn't stand any of the gaudy plastic ones in the stores. Well now I'm eating my words because we've tried out 2 mobiles in the past week and they are both gaudy and plastic. Your pack and play came with a mobile but it's got the crank to make it work. You love staring at it but it only lasts for a minute or two and then we're back in the room, cranking up the mobile again. Not fun. Now we are searching for a battery operated mobile that meets my decor demands. Well Miss. Piper Stepke was born! We went up to meet her the day after she was born. I cannot wait to see you two toddling around in a couple of years - it is going to be the cutest thing EVER! And how fun, to have a friend that you can honestly say you've known since birth. Your Dads are already plotting ways to keep the boys away - look out! Your friend Katherine was born this month also. We haven't had a chance to meet her yet, but will soon. So all in all, a pretty good month! Keep it up baby girl!

45: Look at those pigtails! | What a cool kid!

46: Madelyn's First St. Patrick's Day!

47: We had corned beef and cabbage at Great Grandma's house! We took out your pigtails and wow - crazy hair!

48: ""Days are long but years are short." I try to take a moment every day and just relish in you as you are right now. I feel like as moms we get so caught up in what is coming next that we forget to treasure what we have right now. Lately, I've been obsessing over solids - are we doing purees or BLW? or both? to cereal or not to cereal? rice or oatmeal? how much caution do we give to food allergies since neither Nick or I have any? But then I realized once we introduce solids we are that much closer to ending our breastfeeding relationship and that makes me sad. So for now, I am going to love every moment of nursing my sweet baby girl, even if it means three times a night like it did last night. | We started a bedtime routine this month and it seems to be working. The most important part of your routine is having your frog and seahorse in bed with you. You've also been testing your vocal chords lately. You love to yell and scream in that high pitch shrill voice only little girls can do. You have started laughing too! It is the sweetest sound I've ever heard!

49: Madelyn's Fifth Month | We are taking a Baby & Me class which you seem to love! It allows you to work your muscles and your favorite part is when you grab onto my fingers and stand up! You found your feet this month and you think they are the greatest toy ever! The second you hit the changing table your feet are in your mouth. I literally have to pry them away to change your diaper! You still love your Jumperoo but have graduated to feet on the floor - no more pillow. I was sad when that happened because it meant you were getting bigger. You also love your play mat right now and have started figuring out that you can make noise with your toys! We've started spending more time outside and you go crazy whenever you feel the breeze on your face - you start flapping your arms and squealing like a mad woman!

50: We opened baskets and looked for eggs in the morning. The Easter Bunny brought you your first pair of flip flops! Ben also bought you a pair of sunglasses for Easter. . Later, your whole family came to our house to celebrate.

51: Madelyn's First Easter

52: "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh | We are already halfway through your first year! This was a big month baby girl - you accomplished a lot! You can roll and are now officially mobile! We had to put away some items but for the most part you seem contained to one room. We also started solid foods. There is no way you were going to wait for us to feed you so we are trying the Baby Led Weaning approach and you love being able to feed yourself. You love sweet potatoes but don't seem to enjoy bananas - I think it is because you have a hard time holding them, not because of the taste. Lastly, you slipped in sitting up on your own 2 days before the 6 month mark! Way to go Madelyn! We thought you might have figured it out in our bed late one night but thought our mattress was supporting you. The next day you proved us wrong and sat up all by yourself on the carpet! I also celebrated my first Mother's Day! We went shopping and out to lunch with Daddy - it was the perfect day!

53: Madelyn's Sixth Month

54: Happy 1/2 Birthday!

55: We celebrated your 1/2 birthday with a little present and Mom made you a 1/2 birthday cake

57: Madelyn's Six Month Pictures

58: Your first time eating solid food was on Cinco de Mayo. To keep with the theme, you tried avocado and loved it!

59: Big Girl Car Seat

60: Big things this month Miss. Madelyn! You sprouted 2 teeth within a week of each other! And you did it without any of the typical teething fussiness - I'm so proud of you! You've bit me once and my reaction was enough to keep you from doing it again. Now you give me a "warning nibble" which is my cue to stop feeding you. You love solid foods still and everyone is so impressed with how well you feed yourself. You're also rockin' and rollin' but not quite crawling. You can get on all fours but haven't quite mastered moving forward. We pulled up the living room carper so that may hinder your progress a bit longer but I have no doubt I'll be chasing after you soon. You moved up the next size in your diapers so I'm frantically trying to restock. You also love your toys. You love any toy that makes noise and will squeal at it until I give it to you at which point you wrap it into a bear hug. You also are figuring out that you can control what toys do and love pulling objects out of containers. You also started swim class this month and cannot get enough of the water! You even go under without any issue! I am so glad you are turning out to be a little fish! Last big thing - we upgraded you to a big girl car seat and you think you are super cool! | Madelyn's Seventh Month

62: Madelyn's First Fourth of July

63: July4 is Great Grandma's birthday and we always spend it together up north. This was our first year celebrating at Bar 10 and also your first vacation!

64: Miss. Madelyn - you are turning into quite a little spitfire! You've started saying Da Da but refuse to show Ma Ma some love. You've also taken to growling at us when you don't get what you want. You follow it up with a smile. We went on your first vacation this month - up north for July 4th! We went up again the next weekend and Dad's family came with us. You absolutely love riding the 4-wheelers and squeal with delight every time you ride! You really like riding around on my back in the Ergo and look like a little koala bear back there! I think you like it because you are part of the action that way. You love eating and your favorites seem to be zucchini and peaches. We are still working on crawling and you are getting very mad at not being able to figure it out. You also don't like when anyone leaves you alone in a room. As a result, your sleep is getting a little messed up because you keep waking up on all fours and rocking back and forth. I really hope you figure out this crawling thing soon so I can get my good sleeper back! Your new trick is sitting up in bed and yelling at your frog instead of laying down. You also love your pointer finger. You examine everything by poking at it before picking it up, which I find hilarious unless it is the inside of my mouth.

65: Madelyn's Eighth Month

66: The fun keeps coming with you this month! You perfected crawling and are now up on all fours. You started saying MaMa which I just love! You picked up shaking your head no again but now use it correctly and usually when you are doing something wrong. You still love food with blueberries and eggs being your favorites. Your pointer finger is your new best friend and you love using it to examine everything. You've also discovered the water bowls which is not so much fun for me. Daddy and I transitioned you to your crib this month. I miss you being in our room but you are sleeping much better in your cozy crib! We also got you a swing for outside and you have a ball whenever we use it! You are growing up right before my eyes and I can't believe just 9 short months ago you came into this world!

67: Madelyn's Ninth Month

68: Madelyn's Nine Month Pictures

70: Madelyn's Tenth Month!

71: Top Ten of Month Ten | 1. You have the best facial expressions 2. You wave bye bye 3. You clap. 4. You pull yourself up to standing. 5. You got 2 more teeth! You have fangs. | 6. You love your brother, Ben. 7. You love corn on the cob and will only eat it on the cob. 8. You love to cross your feet at your ankles and have since birth 9. You're going to be a big sister! 10. You love watching football!

72: Madelyn and Friends | Piper | Pacey | Sydney | Katherine

73: Lily | Charlie | First play date

74: Another tooth made it's debut! Favorite foods - peas, corn, bananas, eggs and yogurt We call Grandma every morning so you can talk to her. First hayride. New friend Lily arrived | Madelyn's Eleventh Month

75: Dad turned 30! You love your pets!

76: Madelyn's First Halloween

78: Madelyn's Twelfth Month

79: Tooth #7 appeared! You love playing peek-a-boo but wait for the prompts! Obsessed with cell phones and Dad's ipad! You bop to music and love watching Glee on TV. We visit Capri every week and you love shopping at Target! | Madelyn's Twelfth Month | Favorite Expression: Whoa Whoa Whoa

80: Madelyn's OneYear Photos

81: 12 month pictures

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