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Main Street

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S: Main Street

BC: Thank you Mr. Spencer for allowing me to do a project that I actually enjoyed! You inspire me every day and I'm so happy that I got to have you as my English teacher two years in a row. Thank you for all that you have done for me and your students.

FC: Main Street | McKenna Alberstadt Mr. Spencer Starr's Mill High School 5th period

1: “In the end, people should be judged by their actions, since in the end, it was actions that defined everyone.” -Nicholas Sparks

3: Table of Contents | Belief 6 Article Reviews ~#1 8 ~#2 11 ~#3 12 ~#4 15 ~#5 16 The Dream 18 Role 22 Perspective 26 Reality 28 Prospectus 31 Conclusion 44

5: To my dear cat Ms. Bigglesworth, 13 years strong.

6: Belief | The American Dream has been tossed around and made into a number of different ideas over the decades. People see the American Dream as living in New York with the number one job in America. Happiness. The American Dream is about happiness; fulfilling your life dream, your wants and your needs. If your dream is to have a small apartment in the city and a small job that just covers the bills then you are living the American Dream. If your dream is to have a CEO desk under your morning cup of coffee then you are living the American Dream. If your dream is to be on Broadway and spend your life in front of an | fulfilling your life dream, your wants and your needs.

7: audience as the watch you do what you love you will be living the American Dream. Achieving your life goals and finding true happiness in what you do is discovering the American Dream. No one can tell you what your dream should be; only you can. Your happiness is all that matters at the end of your life. If all you did was live for your parents or your friends where you really living or just going through life? Once you starting living and doing things for yourself that make you feel complete you will see that the American Dream lies within. Whether finding it in a husband or wife and children to watch grow or in a office with a view or seeing your name in lights over New York City living your dream and being truly delighted with your life is the key to an everlasting fulfilling life of the American Dream. | Word Count: 271

8: Article

9: Reviews

10: Hanna, Jason. Sandy Victims Among the ‘Ocean’s 16’ Powerball Winners. CNN, August 13, 2013. Web. 29 August 2013. With devastation and work on their minds, the 16 lucky winners from New Jersey had no idea that they were about to become millionaires. At a high $448 million, Powerball tickets were going fast. Sixteen local New Jersey co workers gathered together and purchased 48 Powerball tickets hoping to win big. After Hurricane Sandy., which hit New Jersey last year, things for the lucky winners had taken a turn for the worst. Losing homes and animals, nothing was completely normal yet. For five years group members of this facility had pulled money together whenever the lottery was high to hopefully have a chance to win big. Now, with $3.8 million burning a hole in each of the New Jersey winner's pockets all knew exactly what to do. Whether buying a new home and settling back down or helping family through tough times all the winners were so thankful and blessed to finally have some sunshine shine upon them. | Article Review #1

13: Article Review #2 | How the American Dream Has Changed Over Time. Gale Student Resources in Context. Detroit: Gale, 2011. Student Resources In Context. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. How the American Dream Has Changed Over Time published by GaleNet is about the history of the American Dream and how the “dream” has changed over time and its influences. Being traced back to the founding of America, the dream has always been alive. This article tells about the beginning of the American Dream and how American's view of the dream grew more and more as time went on. During World War II Americans were not only fighting for their country but for the dream that America was built upon. This article would be helpful if one was looking for the history of the American dream and how it has changed over time. American's have always striven to reach the "dream" but what they never knew was that the dream was always one step ahead

14: Article Review #3 | Francis, David. Is the American Dream Dead? US News. 25 September 2012. Web. 1 October 2013. The article Is the American Dream Dead?, written by David Francis, discusses how the American Dream is now declining due to the recession and other economic reasons. This article gives reasons and an understanding of whom and why the recession has created so many job losses. The author states that the recession has hurt the working class more than it has hurt the upper and middle classes. Also, in resent years the money gap between both upper and middle class has greatly increased. It also explains that the equality between the upper and lower classes is now changed presidential votes. This article would be useful for someone who was looking for effects of the resent recession. Overall, the article gave a great explanation on why the American dream is dying more and more each day.

17: Samuelson, Robert. The American Dream's Empty Promise. 23 September 2013. Washington Post. 10 October 2013. The article The American Dream's Empty Promise, written by Robert Samuelson, gives the reader information on how the American dream is now hurting those it promises to help. The American dream is America's assurance, it pushes us to mature into the superlative and achieve the finest. With the idea of children achieving and surpassing their parent's responsibility, this article explains to the reader how this “dream” has now come to an end. This article gives the history to the usage of the saying “The American Dream” and conveys that the American dream is now longer common among current Americans. If one were looking for an opinion on the American Dream and is effect for different time periods this article would execute. Overall, this article discusses what will happen to the American dream if people do not look back at history and appreciate the simpler things. | Article Review #4

18: Article Review #5 | McKelway, Doug. Rising child poverty pushes American dream out of reach for many. Fox News. 22 October 2013. Web. 22 October 2013. The article Rising child poverty pushes American dream out of reach for many, written by Doug McKelway, is about the troubling era America is in which is pushing the American dream out of reach for many U.S. citizens, mostly children. Statistics about the finding that one in seven teens and adults ages 16-24 are neither working nor in school are mentioned. Explaining that student are not graduating school with a full education or understanding of what was being taught in schools. Also mentioning that poverty rates in America have rapidly increased also pushes the American dream away from those in and around those areas. This article would be useful if one was looking for effects of those not working. Overall, the article discusses the reasons to the decreasing American dream and how it is fading from the American light.

20: The articles used exemplify different opinions on the American Dream but yet all stand for the same thing. The only way anyone can reach the American Dream is by hard work and determination. This is seen through the articles use and representation of key characteristics of the American dream. Each article, explicitly details that without hard work, the true American dream cannot be attained. The first review tells about the devastation Hurricane Sandy left upon New Jersey. . After months of reconstruction things were still not back to normal. Luckily, local New Jersey citizens were fortunate of winning the Powerball.With their hard work and dedication of trying to keep things | The Dream

21: normal even after all the disasters they probably would not have won the PowerBall jackpot.Also, in the second article review tells about the different achievements of America and how we have grown through our hard work and dedication to this country. Even during wars and depressions Americans have still strived to be positive and work to get the country back on track. The third article Is the American Dream Dead? states that the American Dream is slowly dying due to our current recession. I do not agree with this statement because Americans are still driven to do their daily duties: go to work, take care of the family, | grown through our HARD WORK and DEDICATION

23: and stay educated on current news. If Americans stepped back and looked how far we have come in such a short amount of time then the realization that we do not need all these fancy wants and “needs”. The simple thing like honesty can keep the dream alive significantly. Staying determined and working hard for your dreams and keeping a positive attitude towards yourself and others betters not only those around but everyone in the country creates a bond that can never be broken. That bond is America, and we ARE the dream. | Word Count:312

24: Role | Persuasive writing has changed the perspective of America over the centuries. During the time of immigration, when thousands of European, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Mexican people were emigrating from their home country to find a new land of guarantee and expectation, America was in its Industrial Revolution. With new technology and jobs on the rise immigrates were full of hope for a chance to possess the American dream. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, written by Jonathan Edwards, was a speech given during the Great Awakening expressed to the people that the only way to achieve the American dream

25: and to make it into heaven is to go to church every day and that the only thing that is keeping them from hell is because they entertain God. Using fear as its main persuasive technique this speech worked! This piece of literature persuades its audience to follow the ways of Jonathan Edwards and that his way is the only and right way. Another piece of literature that helped persuaded and shaped the outlook of America was the Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry. This speech helped persuaded people to go to war and fight for independence for their country. Using rhetorical questions, allusion and emotional appeal as his persuasive

26: techniques, the most effective of all these techniques was rhetorical question which made specific ideas stand out. Both writers of these two speeches took the liberty of one of the amendments, freedom of speech, to persuade their audience to do what they wanted, to create the change they wanted to see, to make the American dream blossom. | Word count: 270

27: make the American dream blossom

28: Perception | During the 19th century America boomed with immigrants coming to find a place of peace and prosperity. With anticipation and thrill to come to the new world the conditions they endured revealed otherwise. The movie American Tail , by Stephen speilberg, tells of the story of a family of mice who emigrate from Russia to the great New York City to leave the horrific cats that were in Russia. With the promise of no cats and streets made of cheese the mice believed that American brought a start and eternity of happiness. The mice were overjoyed to finally have a safe haven where they can be free from all the pain and suffering of Russia. American WAS the land of the free and everyone is ALWAYS happy in America and nothing bad EVER happens in America and the America dream is be reached by EVERYONE, right? Once arriving, a whole new world was unraveled before them. | Word Count: 156

29: find a place of peace and prosperity

30: Reality | On their journey to American immigrates had many hardships while on the boat. Filthy conditions and even some separation of families revealed the true colors of America and what it had to hold. American Tail illustrate s what life was like on these boats for immigrates. After arriving in America the mice were obtained through profiling. Some of this would acquire months to do. Finally, immigrates where placed in low paying jobs and run down homes. America offered promises and the American dreams when coming, but once arriving the dream disappeared and turned into a nightmare. America was supposed to be the land of promise and fresh starts; a place to call home. Being looked down upon and seen as inferior to the natives that were born and raised generations past in America displayed to the immigrates that they were not equal and were not seen as complete citizens to this new nation. | Word Count: 153

31: the true colors of America and what it had to hold.

33: Prospectus

34: Statement of the Problem

35: The idea of the legalization of gay marriage has been tossed around for many years. There are a ton of different opinions and assumptions on this idea but no one truly knows what the out come will be when gay marriage is legalized. Allowing gay marriage creates a more equal environment for the American dream to grow in for the gay society.

36: Significance of the Problem

37: The American dream is being impacted by the gay marriage issue because it is stopping the dream of some gay men and women. The American dream is all about chasing your dream and hopefully one day living it. Who are we as equals to stop those from living there dream? The gay movement is one of the most pressing issues in America right now. Once gay marriage is legalized peace will come across America.

38: Thesis

39: Allowing gay marriage will insure that America is the land of the free, creates an equal environment for all, and will put a stop to all the chaos of radical gay rights activist.

40: Information Needed

41: To find information to support my thesis, I will examine news reports from CNN,, FOX, and other news stations. To find these sources I will use web sites. I will also be examining video recordings of decusions on the gay marriage issue. Finding information on gay couples and acts that have happened due to the gay marriage movement will help me prove my thesis statement. Also, I will be examining interviews with gay actors and actresses on the issue and their opinions on the issue.

42: Conclusion

43: Gay marriage is one of the most booming issues America has faced in my years. Creating a equal environment for all citizens is what America was meant to be built upon. Just because someone thinks differently than other does not mean that they should not have the same rights. Allowing everyone to live their American dream was the promise that Americans were given centuries ago.

44: Finally, a perfect ending | After completing this portfolio my opinion on the American dream has stayed constant. Everyone has their own perspective and opinion on the American dream. Some see that the American dream is fading while others see it blossoming. From some of the article reviews they talk about how disasters and devastation can hold us back from the American dream but if you count your blessings and look past all the negativity there will always be that shimmer of good. Sometimes our job or life status might not be the ideal “American dream” but if you are happy then who is to judge you.

45: Life is more than expensive, material processions. Sit back and watch the clouds slowly glide across the sea of sky; they are in no rush to go anywhere. Turn off your cell phone and laptop, iPods and iPads. Hear that? It is silence. Sometimes the best place to find the American dream is in nothing but your own thought. Take life day by day, do not rush through it. You are only given once to live on this beautiful earth; take the time to smell the roses. In that, you will find more than the American dream, you will find yourself. | Word count: 203

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