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March 2012 Alumni Newsletter

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March 2012 Alumni Newsletter - Page Text Content

FC: Alumni Newsletter March 2012 Phi Chapter

1: Alumni Updates

2: Ann *Brilliance* Hsueh

3: Hi Sisters! Work has been slowing down these past 2 months only to ramp up again for me! Beginning in Late February I will be spending some extended time working in ShenZhen, China, it is about 40 minutes outside of Hong Kong as a frame of reference. Each trip my stay will be 2-3 weeks and I plan on visiting Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc... if time allows on the weekends. This is the first time I will be spending a significant amount of time in Asia so let me know if anyone is overseas and wants to meet up! :) I will surely be homesick for the US but looking forward to this exciting time in my life, plus my language skills are going to be superb haha. Something you did in college that you would change: I would have spent more time exploring Ann Arbor. I just watched the movie "Answer This!" last night and it was the first movie that U of M has allowed to film on campus AND use their name. It really made me miss my undergrad days :) Ann Arbor is truly a special and unique community. See the movie if you haven't already! Something you did in college that you were really grateful for: Founding a number of organizations on campus - one being Kappa Phi Lambda! Good luck this semester! Looking forward to meeting the new sisters when they cross!! <3 Brilliance

4: Karlin *Cianna* Albindo

5: Hello everyone, I've been really out of the loop lately, so I've decided to write a super quick (ok, maybe a little long) update, just in case any of you guys are wondering where the older generation sisters have disappeared to. Well, I know my class has pretty much disappeared, so let me write one for everyone from the Delta class? Haha. I've been super busy with work, and I'm sure Lisa (Harmony) and Liz (Forte) are too (after all, we're the workaholic class). It's really awesome that even though we're all scattered around the world, they remain my bestest friends, and get the first hand information about my life. So cherish your line sisters, because they will be the pillars that hold you up when you're about to fall. Well, work is fun (and coming from me who's a school lover, that really says something), so study hard in school and hurry come out to the other side of reality! And what can I say, I do think that I'm using the skills I've learned from the intake process in the world out here. These are skills like, sucking up when the world throws me crap and then motivating myself to keep moving, or when the going gets tough, to stay strong and believe in myself, etc. So as hard as it was when we were going through it, I guess the payoff does come, albeit much later. Cont'd on next page

6: On a side note, I just met up with Lisa and her family in Hong Kong, and had a great time catching up in between the awesome food and shopping. And I'm excited to be flying over to Bangkok for her sister's wedding in March! Life is great with awesome sisters around, yes, including the Indonesian sisters that I try to meet up more frequently, like Santi (Insight) and Nadia (Flush). Caryn (Intellect) came to town too from Malaysia last month. The Indonesian sisters have also been trying to do something like community service together, but of course, we never did, because we're all too busy with work. And since I suck at organizing events like that, I'm slyly pushing Nadia to do something about it (and I'm glad she's never going to read this newsletter to find out about my strategy behind her back, haha).

7: And because I can see myself being buried under piles of work and then being super MIA with everyone else for the next year or so, I just wanna do a shout-out to my Big, Litto and Glil, whom I haven't been good with keeping in contact... Well, I hope you guys are doing awesome wherever you are (and I hope you're reading this newsletter instead of slaving away at school or work like I do!!!). And I really, really, miss you guys' company. BIG HUG! Let's all do a Skype date soon :) For the others: have fun in college, do all you can to make your time meaningful and filled with learning opportunities! And while you're at it, learn to love one another despite your differences by working through your conflicts. And I look forward to seeing you all during our 10 year anniversary! End of Karlin's Page

8: Wendy *Renaissance* Yu

9: Hai hai, Sisters! Updates: I hope you all had an awesome holiday season, ate delicious food, and collected muchos hong baos! I can't believe time has passed by so quickly! Nothing is too new with me. DC is still treating me well. =) I am very excited for spring to come--not only because I don't like winter, but also because I am excited for my weekend trips to AA and NY in March and April! So actives and NYC alums, I hope to see you then. Vacation: The sad thing about working full-time is that I no longer have lots of vacation days T.T (Actives, enjoy your holidays as much as possible!) Still, I will be exploiting my vacay days to the fullest. Currently, I am planning a trip to Taiwan and Korea in early summer and a scuba trip to South America in early fall. I CAN'T WAIT! Something you did in college that you would change: Hm...I wish I slept less and spent more time with friends/went to a hockey game. =) Something you did in college that you were really grateful for: Hm...my favorite part of college was getting the chance to meet, befriend, and learn from so many different people. I am eternally grateful for that. Last words: I hope everyone is living happily and eating well! I hope to see you all soon! HUGS! -Wendy

10: Active Updates

11: Kathryn *Caché* Kim | Name: Jungmin Kim Year: Senior Major: Dual degree in Art & Design and History of Art; Minors in Asian Studies and Museum Studies Blurb: Hi alums <3 I hope you've been enjoying the new year wherever you guys are! Miss you all very much, and hope some of you will visit this semester :] I've been trying to enjoy every bit of my last semester here in Ann Arbor - I'm actually going to miss this place a lot I think haha ;) Spring Break plans: None yet!! :( Being very indecisive and my trip will be last minute - I plan on staying in the country though... my back up plan is New York! =]

12: Jennifer *Memento* Zhang | Name: Jennifer Zhang Year: Junior Major: English Blurb: Hello alums! I hope each and every single one of you are doing well and having a blast living live :] I’m currently working my butt off in school (I literally have to read at least one book, if not two, a week T.T) and work (getting up at 8am every morning is a huge struggle for me, but I’m slowly getting used to it). Not to mention being PE, I’m nervous for RC this Friday haha. Hopefully it will go well :]. Anyway, I’m on an internship/summer job search (in particular publishing or law fields), so if you are in either field (or any field) that needs an intern or a seasonal employee, please let me know @ jennch@umich.edu! I will greatly appreciate it :] Spring Break plans: I will be going to New York and staying in Staten Island from Feb 24 to March 4! Let me know if you want to hang out :D Other than that, I just plan on bumming and chilling and doing work haha.

13: Karen *Verdict* Guo | Name: Karen Guo Year: 2013 Major: Psych Blurb: hihihhi! I hope everyone is doing well. Things for me have been quite chaotic with school, PE-ing, and genapa. But I like being busy so it's all good. So glad i got to see mommy this weekend yayyyy :] I can't wait until spring break so I can rest, tan, and just read a book for fun haha. These textbooks are killing meeeee T.T Sorry this is really short, but I gotta run! COME BACK AND VISIT <3 miss yallll Spring Break plans: IM GOING TO SAN DIEGO!!!! anyone going to be there the last week of feb??? lemme knowww so we can meet up :]

14: Vicki *Finale* Tsay | Name: Vicki Tsay Year: Junior Major: Statistics, Communications Blurb: Hola alums! Hope you're staying warm wherever you are :) visit lots and can't wait to see some of you for banquet!! Spring Break plans: chillin with mama and poppa tsay back in chicago, plus getting work done before the hectic-ness that is March/April! Kappa-filled months with lots of funsies including spirit of the phoenix week, genapa, convention, maasu, itasa, mgc week, and lots of comm serv!! don't yall miss being active?? Anything interesting you wanna share, fun pictures you want me to include etc please attach! I wanna go to nyc/jersey at the end of april! anybody wanna go to a knicks game..for JEREMY LIN? taiwanese reppin =D

15: Ada *Forever* Lin | Name: Ada Lin Year: Junior Major: Women's Studies, APIA Studies Minor, Pre-Health Blurb: Hi hi alums!! How has the new year been treating you all? So far, school has been hectic. Taking my first two pass/fail courses. It feels kind of good haha. Anyways, I'm excited for this upcoming semester! I just took a little last semester and she's such a cutie! You should all come back and meet her =]. I went to this past winter nationals and saw a few alums. So happy I got to spend time with Mommy Carmen *Blitz*. That night was quite adventurous and memorable. I also saw a lot of outside sisters and met new ones. So yay!! I also got trained to become a professional doula [person who provides pregnant women with emotional and physical support during childbearing period]. It's going to get crazy once I start doulaing, but I can't wait!! All in all, I'm looking forward to the new semester. Hope to see some of you at banquet!! Spring Break plans: The usual...visiting my boyfriend, cousins, and UIUC Kappas at Urbana-Champaign. I hope it doesn't snow as much because it was a pain getting there last year...I'm already counting down the days!!! SO EXCITED FOR BREAK ALREADY -___- hehe.

16: Julie *Mythic* Gan | Name: Julie Gan Year: Junior Major: Chemical Engineering Blurb: I'm currently freaking out since I have exams left and right. Spring Break plans: going home for now

17: Phuc *Glitz* Nguyen | Name: Phuc Nguyen *Glitz* Year: Junior Major: Pre-Pharmacy Blurb: A couple of days until I can sleep! It's been a busy school year so far with classes, work, and extracurricular activities. The only thing that keeps me sane right now is sleep and tv shows! My goal for the new year is to start a new hobby. It's so hard finding one so if anyone has any good ideas please let me know! Spring Break plans: None as of right now. Currently saving money for school applications so if I do end up going somewhere, it would be chicago. Although it's not warm. I love chicago! :) Anything interesting you wanna share: My quote of the month : The pessimist complains about the wind The optimist expects it to change The realist adjusts the sails -William A. Ward

18: Kimberly *Sassy* Luu | Name: Kimberly Luu Year: Junior Major: Sociology & Asian Languages & Cultures: Chinese Blurb: YAY!! It's finally spring break. Year after year I feel like time is moving so much faster and my college years are quickly almost over. :( Midterms were rough and super stressful and I can not wait to finally not think about school even if it is only for one week. Spring Break plans: I am not particularly sure what my plans are yet. Right now I have been focusing so much on school that I have not had time to plan anything and my parents have not really said much to me. But right now I am thinking about possibly going to Mexico with Tim.

19: Michelle *Outburst* Sun | Name: Michelle Sun Year: Sophomore Major: Political Science/Psychology/Pre-law Blurb: I haven't been doing much, but this semester is really hectic! I have just been doing school school and school! I'm trying to study more, so that I can bring up my grades! On the other hand, I am really excited for spring! I love spring dresses and sandals and just being out in the beautiful weather! :] Spring Break plans: Going to California to visit my aunt and my cousin! <3

20: Mayer *Cloud9* Trenh | Mayer 2014 Econ Can't belive it's February already! New Year's felt like it was just yesterday! This semester, I've been really just focusing on school in hopes that I could declare my concentration by the end of this year. Nothing new really, just sleep, eat, study, laugh, and repeat :) No plans for spring break...yea I'm boring lol XD

21: Name: Nayeon Shim Year: Sophomore Major: Psychology and Communication Blurb: Its been already a month of 2012! I feel like this semester is going by really fast and spring break is already coming up. I just recently decided to major in psych and comm so I am actually enjoying the classes I am taking! And the weather has actually been pretty good and no snow! Yayy! I really wanted to go somewhere warm for spring break but that didn't really work out. But, Im going to Boston for spring break, nothing really exciting. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a "warmer" winter and I hope you guys can make it out to banquet in April! :) | Nayeon *Régime* Shim

22: Jackie *Modern* Wu | Jackie Wu Sophomore Asian Studies Feels like forever since school started, I can't wait for it to end already haha. I suck at keeping up with my schoolwork, but I'm just getting along, mostly busy with homework, lab reports, and work. Nothing really special in my life, just anticipating spring break so that I can go home and see my friends, and most importantly to nomsss (: I love to noms. hehe. Going back home to NYC for spring break!

23: Judy *Arabesque* Yuan | Name: Judy Yuan Year: Sophomore Major: BBCS (not declared yet) Blurb: Exams are over for me until after spring break, so right now I'm just waiting for break to start. But the sad thing is that I'll have an Orgo 2 exam the Tuesday right after class starts again, so I'm really not looking forward to it. I was accepted into the SMDEP program this summer so I'll be at least out of Michigan for a month.. but my #1 choice site hasn't given out their decision yet so I'm still waiting for that. Spring Break Plans: I'm just doing a spa day with my close friends.. other than that for the most part I'm going to be working in Ann Arbor. Nothing too special. =/

24: Name: Sophia Yu Year: Sophomore Major: Political Science/minors in Chinese & French Blurb: Since becoming a sister my life has become so busy and hectic! I am STILL transitioning into Kappa life, especially adjusting to holding the position as Cultural Chair. As far as school, I am working hard but of course it is challenging. But I love what I am learning and the experiences I am having. I am just trying my best to keep it all together and accomplish what needs to be done! Spring Break plans: Going home to Chicago to see family and to relax! | Sophia *Beloved* Yu

25: Lilliana *Conquer* Lin | Name: Lilliana Lin Year: Freshman Major: Undecided Blurb: Hello! My name's Lilliana and I'm a neo this semester! I'm a very sport-oriented person but I'm always open to trying new things. Has anyone ever gone sky-diving? It's something - along with hang-gliding - that I'm determined to try! On that same note, I also love rollercoasters and other similar theme-park rides. I absolutely hate spinning rides and Haunted Houses though... there's just something about my overactive imagination that makes it a million times worse x.x I like food :D I like cooking on my own and experimenting. Not everything turns out amazing, but I have found quite a few things that I've realized I really liked. I can bake though and I make some mean cookies -- bake with me sometime! Spring Break Plans: I'm definitely going to be with my family, but everything else is up to my parents :)

26: Doris *illest*Cheng | Name: Doris Cheng Year: Freshman Major: Undecided but possibly a double major in Psychology and Communications :) Spring Break Plans: Going back home again!! :) Yayy, I'm super excited to finally eat my mom's home-cooked meals. I can't wait until this week is over because I have so many tests and papers due this week which I still haven't studied for/started on.....Ahhhhhh T.T. My goals for this semester were to be more organized, not procrastinate, and be more on top of my work.....but so far, I'm behind on achieving them ><. Hopefully, I'll get better!! :)

28: GenAPA 2012 | Collaboration with Revolution


30: Hip Hop

31: Cultural

33: Hope you enjoyed the newsletter alums!:) | We look forward to seeing some of you at the 2012 Banquet. Au revoir for now :) | Made by Michelle Sun | To check out our GenAPA Performance, go to this link: www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3047427021584&set=t.735927501&type=3&theater

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