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S: Marissa's MYsterious Masterpieces by Marissa Nelson

1: My name is Marissa, I’m eleven years old, and I’m a Southern bell from North Carolina. I’ve dwelled in this beautiful state my entire life, and I have enjoyed every second of it. I have three fantastic siblings, my two brothers Blake and Bryce, and my twin sister, Mikayla. Blake is fifteen, and Bryce is eighteen, who is now in college. I have been homeschooled faithfully for eleven years along with my siblings. Since I am homeschooled, I have more time on hands, and some of my favorite things to do with my free time is cheerleading, and hanging out with my friends. I delightfully love going on vacation with my family. Disney World is one of my favorite places to go. I think otters are so adorable. I thank God that he created them! My favorite color is blue, because blue is pretty!

2: Tarantula These spiders are the largest in the world. People interpret them to be dangerous to humans in movies, but they’re not harmful at all. They spend most of their time in their surprisingly comfortable underground homes called burrows. They sit in the entrance late into the night waiting for their midnight snack of insects. During mating season, the male tarantula searches for an adult female. The male lives from ten to eleven years, and then dies after mating. The female tarantula can live up to twenty five years or more. She can also mate several times in her life.

3: Starfish The coolest of all God’s sea creatures is the starfish. There are 2,000 or more unique kinds of starfish, which dwell in the earth’s majestic waters. Clams and oysters are their favorite meal. They can have five to forty arms, and if it loses one it can grow another one back perfectly, as if it really never lost an arm at all! It can even grow a whole body from just one arm! The starfish only has organs in his arms, not his body. Scientists prefer people to call them sea stars, but I will continue to call them “Starfish.” | Oysters Bivalves are water animals. They possess two shells, one on the top and one on the bottom. Oysters are especially important bivalves, which are commonly located to live in our warmer shallower waters. Females can lay 5-50,000,000 eggs in the short period of one year! But a lot of them will not survive. Their shells are formed only a day after they were fertilized. Once they are hatched they begin to swim around, they will soon find a rock to spend the rest of their lives. These amazing sea creatures can grow from 2-10 inches long! I love these clammy little fellows.

4: Peter the Great In the eighteenth century, Russia was the most enormous dominion on the planet. It powerfully extended from Europe to the west, to the Pacific blue on the east. Far and wide in Europe, magnificent things were taking place. Chemists, travelers, artists, composers, and authors were transforming the universe. But the Russians did not want to alter their way of living. Peter Aiteevich, who was born in 1672, became the ruler of Russia. He made up his mind that Russia needed to be remodeled. He voyaged to Europe and learned numerous facts, and brought his country extravagant change. Because he did so many admirable things, they named him . . .

5: The Cock and the Eagle Once upon a time, there were two cocks, which were abiding in the same farmyard. They scorned and despised each other so much, that one morning they zoomed up to battle each other to the death. After a gruesome fight, one of them was broken quite badly, so he dragged himself to the nearest corner to hide. The cock that prevailed at the battle dashed up to the peak of the henhouse, where he thrashed his wings and cackled his glory to the surrounding mountains. Just then, an eagle was circling the barnyard. When he heard the gloating rooster, he plummeted down to carry him off to his nest. The opponent examined the deed, and bursting out of this corner, took his place as commander of the farmyard.

6: Once upon a time, there was a confident lion-hearted chap, who was shepherd boy in the nearby meadow. His strong arms and his brave heart made the villagers feel welcome in his presence. His name was David. In the mean time, the Philistines were planning war. Their tents were as white as a ghost, and the smoke from the coals in their campfires, which created a fog like affect, made the Israelites afraid. They had anxiously set up their camp on the opposite side, waiting. The Philistines marched around bravely because they had one advantage, Goliath, the nine foot undefeated champion. The Israelite warriors were terrified and scampered like chipmunks every time they spotted him. Later in those forty days, Jesse told his son David to bring cheese and bread to his brothers and ask them for any news. As he was dashing to their camp, he heard the battle war cry. It had begun. Goliath stomped forward, yelling these words unto the Israelites, “If you beat us, we will be your slaves. If we beat you, you will become our slaves.” During that time, David was trying on the King’s armor. It was extremely heavy, but David’s back seemed to carry it in a heroic manner. On his way out, he scooped up some smooth pebbles and put them in a bag. He then grabs a sling and slips it around his hand. Goliath then yells, “Is this a joke? You bring me here today with a dog and a stick?” David says this, “Your army comes with weapons; my army comes with the God Almighty!” David grabs a stone out of his bag and gets it ready behind his back. A second goes by and David lifts his sling and hurls his rock right at Goliath’s forehead. Goliath slammed to the ground. His eyes were open and shocked. David grabs his sword and violently chops off the defeated giant’s head. He raised it high in the air and the Israelites cheered and chanted, praising God. Then David strolls down to Jerusalem, taking his bloody trophy with him. | The Bloody Trophy

7: It was a perfect spring day, and Cookie Monster was taking his Pills Berry Dough horse to the bakery to buy cookies. Their journey back to Sesame Street was beautifully stretched across a stream, into which his dough horse, triggering a wrong step, plopped by accident. Ascending back to his feet, he realized his burden had been lifted, since all the chocolaty goodness was broken into itsy, bitsy pieces! Cookie Monster had to gallivant back to the market. He bought more cookies than the last time. When they reached the stream a second time, the Pills Berry Dough Horse foolishly collapsed on purpose in the exact place as last time. Once , the crumbly cookies, which were baked fresh this time, tumbled into the stream. Cookie Monster was devastated at the sight of all the soggy cookies. The Dough Horse trotted around triumphantly, because he no longer had a heavy load on his back. Immediately, Cookie Monster noticed this cruel trick, and for the third time they galloped back to the marked. Without the Dough Horse knowing, Cookie Monster filled the cart with noodles instead of cookies. The Pills Berry Dough horse plunged in the creek for the last time on purpose, but the noodles absorbed all of the water and made his load tremendously heavier. So the Dough Horse had to carry the noodles back to Sesame Street, where Elmo and the rest of the crew ate a great big meal of spaghetti. | The Cookie Monster and His Pills Berry Dough Horse

8: Small Friend Big Heart One crisp winter morning, the Abominable Snowman was calmly snoozing under a frosty peppermint tree. Daintily, a delicate snowflake was bobbing and floating in the cool breeze. Because the tiny snowflake was in complete bliss, he was not paying any attention to where he was going. As a result of this deed, he bumped right into the Abominable Snowman’s nose which was moist and furry. The Abominable Snowman sneezed ferociously and the snowflake zoomed off of his nose, high in the air. The Abominable Snowman grabbed the terrified snowflake in his grumpy claw. Hungrily the giant monster opened his mouth as big as the ocean ready to devour the snowflake in one gulp. The snowflake cried out. “Please, oh, please don’t eat me, Great Ruler of the North Pole! I beg you. If you let me off the hook just this once, I will never forget the love you have shown. I never meant to trouble you, and I certainly didn’t mean to awaken you from your slumber, great snowman. If you save my life, perhaps I can help you in return.” The Abominable Snowman began to chuckle. He laughed and laughed. “How could an itsy bitsy snowflake like you manage to help me?” He bellowed with laughter, which echoed off the icy glaciers of the North Pole. Calmly he explained. “Oh, well,” he said, glancing down at the miserable snowflake.” You would not be more than a drop of water on my tongue anyway.” He gently laid his hand on the snowy ground, and let the poor snowflake drift in the breeze once again. Across the stream a couple days later some elves tried to capture the Abominable Snowman alive, so they could sell him and get Christmas candy in return. They had set up a snow cone trap outside his cave while he was snoozing. When the Abominable Snowman grabs the rainbow colored snow cone, a rope net would plummet from a tree onto the snowman. He screamed his fury as he kicked and thrashed trying to escape, but the ropers just tightened. The sorrowful snowman thought he would never be free and he yelled piteously. His ravenous roars rebounded off of the ice walls.

9: The puny snowflake who was drifting off far away, heard the monstrous screams of the snowman. “That might be the charming snowman who set me free!” He remembered his promise and bolted off as fast as he could to discover if he could be of any help. Observing the hopeless state he was in, the snowflake said, “Stop! Stop! You absolutely must not scream! If you bellow so, the elves will come and seize you! I’ll get you out of this prison!” The snowflake used his sweltering, sizzling fire laser beam. He sliced the ropes off of the unhappy snowmen in seconds. The snowflake looked up and smiled, “Thank you dearly, great snowflake. You did help me. You are small, but you have a big heart.”

10: The Black Rider Once upon a time, in a village called White Ivy Pavilion, lived a girl named Kallie, and her fairy godmother, whose name was Mandy. They were very close, and if anything happened to one another, they would take care of each other, as if their life depended on it. One day, they were both walking in a buttercup field. “What’s at the end of this field?” Kallie asked. “A graveyard,” replied Mandy. “A great big one where a monster lives.” “What kind of monster?” Kallie asked in a confused tone. “One who rides a horse as black as midnight. One who wears a dark cloak over his face to conceal the torment in his eyes and the depression on his face.” “Why is he depressed?” “Because the people lying in the grave yard are his dead family. I’m sure that if you step one foot in that graveyard, he will slay you. If you are ever to glimpse at the Black Rider, yell, and help will come.” The next day was hot and humid. The only thing Kallie could hear was the chirping of birds, and the buzzing of bees. She was quite lonely, so she picked herself up and tromped off to the buttercup patch. She didn’t realize she had gone so far. There it was, the black rusty gate of the graveyard. She smiled to herself, thinking of a nasty plan. Then out of the blue, piercing the still quiet afternoon, came the words. “The Black Rider! The Black Rider!” Kallie screamed. “Help! He’s coming to get me!” Mandy rushed from her cottage and gathered the townsfolk, whose pitchforks were already sharpened. They dashed to the gate, expecting a gruesome sight, but there Kallie was, standing a yard away from the gate, unscathed. A few of them chuckled, and a few of them smiled. Mandy looked terrified, but happy to see that she was ok. “Don’t do that again!” she said with a laugh. Then they all marched back to their cottages, panting as they went.

11: The next day Kallie was once again in the buttercup patch. Thinking about the past events, she screamed the same thing, “Black Rider! Black Rider!” Mandy came with the villagers again, but more reluctant. “Kallie, PLEASE don’t do that again!” Kallie felt a little sorry, but still longed for attention. The third day she was angry at her godmother, so she was about to scream, when she felt a hand laying on her back. It was the Black Rider. His clammy fingers slowly closed around her pale neck, and the life in her eyes quickly drained. Kallie fell to her knees and her cold face gently touched the dewy grass. The Black Rider mounted his steed and galloped away into the forest. When Mandy was searching for Kallie the next morning, she spotted her lying in the middle of the graveyard. She started running as fast as she could, but she halted half way. “If I enter the graveyard, I will surely die too!” She sorrowfully picked up her basket, and trudged back to town. She was so overwhelmed, not even a tear rolled down her cheek. Because of Kallie’s disobedience, she won herself DEATH.

12: The Wetland Wonders Today I am going to tell you about a marvelous creature named the Whooping Crane. They migrate either to smushy swamp or a mushy marsh. In the heat of the summer sun, the cranes will fearlessly fly to the Buffalo National Park, which is in Canada. In wonderful winter, these cranes will zoom over the clouds to the calm coast of Texas. Don’t think these birds can’t eat with all this flying! When they settle down, they are most likely to eat tiny plants and insects, as well as other things, like frogs, snakes, crabs, oysters and even eggs of other water animals and birds. Disgustingly, one of these cranes devoured 800 grasshoppers in 75 minutes! Willingly, both male and female will split parenting faithfully in half. While in their comfy nest of grass, the mommy and daddy crane will take shifts incubating their adorable eggs. Throughout the day, the parents will do this diligent deed ten times. This will last twenty-eight to thirty six days. Often predators will sneak up to the nest and threaten the family. The whooper parents’ defense is to charge at the enemy with their enormous wingspan of two and a half meters. This can be extremely frightening, which is good! Eventually, the whoopers will have to shoo away their young, so they can make another nest, but it will take 5 to 6 years before the chicks will fully mature. That is a long time. It makes me sad to think that they will have to leave their pleasant parents, who so faithfully protected them. Now it is time for me to tell you about extinction. Surprisingly, in the last 300 years, 80 marvelous species have become extinct. By 1941, the whooping cranes were all dangerously close to extinction, within a year or two. Also, in 1941, only one colony existed, which was discovered in the beautiful Buffalo National Park. Usually, these tough birds will lay two eggs. Sadly, only one will be able to survive, because the stronger chick will peck his way through the shell. He’ll be exhausted by the time he is done. In 1980, there were only 83 abiding in the wild, and only 26 in captivity. Then another conflict came up. It was that the sandhill cranes migrated only 1,200 kilometers, and the whoopers 4,000. Even so, these sandhills are fantastic adoptive parents. I think whooping cranes are pretty cool. They surely are Wetland Wonders

14: The Place where dreams come true In 2006, I and my family drove to the magical land of Disney World. It was one of those places where you just feel blissful all the time. One of my favorite things about Disney World was the exhilarating roller coasters. Here are some of my favorites. Space Mountain, which was my first roller coaster, was tremendously scary. There were sharp turns, and red and blue lights flashing the entire ride. You never knew if you were going to go right, left, up or down because it was freakishly dark. This next ride was not particularly my mom’s favorite. Mount Everest, this coaster is unique because not only does it go extremely fast forward but backwards as well. It was also chilly and dark in the monsters cave. Apart from these thrilling rides are some delightfully calm ones too. Like It’s a Small World. It was amazing. We got to ride in a charming little boat through a babbling stream while little people were singing their songs. It was definitely the most peaceful ride I’ve ever been on. I thoroughly enjoyed other things as well. Like Cinderella’s Castle. It was gorgeous. You felt like a princess yourself. They also had the most scrumptious cheese and crackers around. During the meal, all of the beautifully dressed princesses will come and squeeze you in their arms and give a little autograph to remember them by. Their smiles would make you do nothing but smile back. Since we only stayed there for eight days, we tried to pack as much fun in as we could. Another one of my favorite things is the house that we stayed in. I admired it. I and my sister shared an awesome room. There was a pool in the back of the house which came with all the pool toys you could think of. The furniture was also extremely comfortable. Mysteriously, there was a certain atmosphere about the house that made me feel jolly. The colossal firework show at the end of each day was absolutely magnificent. Its striking colors and its booming sound was outstanding. I love Disney World with all my heart. It truly is the place where dreams come true.

15: My Amazing Family I have an amazing family. I love them so much. My parents are extremely kind, and I feel very safe when I’m with them. My dad is a therapist, and my mom works part time at my church. They cheerfully help me with my school, which I enjoy very much. My siblings are a monstrous part of my life, especially my sister Mikayla. Since she’s my best friend, I always have someone to talk to and share my thoughts. She’s eleven years old, like me, and my adorable twin as well. Instead of having amiable brothers, I have freakishly irritating ones, but I love them to death. Blake is fifteen years old, and is fond of dunking in our driveway at the basketball net. He has his permit now, and I think it’s very fun when he drives. My other brother, Bryce, is nineteen, and is now abiding in a dorm room. His job is a librarian, which I think is very amusing. We have stuck together in hard times, and God has blessed us with delightful times as well. I don’t know what I would do without my amazing family

16: The Surprise Tea Party One day there was a chick named Bonnie, who was preparing for her first tea party. The sun was about to come up and the party was soon to start. Bonnie had set up a maple wood table with her finest glass silverware. Tea was simmering on her stove and she was wearing her best pink lace dress. But, she had no food, which was why she was scavenging for some. She was happily prancing around her backyard, when she glimpsed a colossal worm by her cherry blossom tree. Ravenously, Bonnie zoomed to the mysterious creature, determined to slay him for her tea party. Furiously, she started pecking at it. Instead of it being soft and juicy, it was dry and rubbery. Bonnie was very confused. A minute later, out of nowhere, water exploded from the now obvious hose, drenching Bonnie from head to toe. She was tremendously upset, because the force from the water, which was extremely chilly, pushed her backwards onto the muddy ground. The once frilly pink lacey dress was now wet and droopy. Unhappily, Bonnie burst into frantic tears. She just sat there miserably, thinking of how awful her first tea party would be. By now the sun was above her head. Suddenly, she heard her name being called. She slowly rose to her feet, following the sound. Guess what she finds! Bonnie noticed that the mysterious sound was coming from her house, which was a hollow tree stump. Suspiciously, she slowly opened the creaky door when BAM! All of her chicky friends rushed to her side, furiously rubbing her down with white fluffy towels. Around Bonnie were boxes and boxes of donuts, cookies, cakes, tarts and other treats that her friends had brought. Bonnie was shocked. Bonnie’s fabulous friends gave her a bath and helped her into a silky blue gown. Although the day had many ups and downs, it turned out to be the best, most surprising tea party she would ever have.

17: One scorching day football tournament was being held t a middle school, which was loud and rowdy because of the excitement taking place. Around the stadium cheerleaders were screaming violently and cotton candy was selling like there was no tomorrow. Apart from the noise a little girl, who was in a wheel chair, was watching the cheerleaders. She was on the phone, talking to her dying grandmother. She had cancer. Sadly, the grandmother wanted a puppy terribly, especially before she died. It was Scarlette's goal to buy a puppy for her grandmother, but she only had teeny amount of money and not a lot of time. She then spotted a boy and a dog right beside him. They were both consumed in watching the game. She asked her sister Molly if she would ask the boy for his puppy. She walked up to the boy and desparately asked him if she could have his puppy dog. Surprised, he quickly rejects the offer and scurries away with his puppy. Scarlette was extremely upset when Molly explained that Hernando had denied the offer. Later, Molly found Hernando again at the hot dog stand gobbling down a hot dog which was apparently scrumptious. Near Hernando, Sloppy, the dog, was whimpering because his favorite team was losing. Determinedly, Molly stomped towards him and shouted the story of how her grandmother was dying because she had cancer and now she wanted a puppy before she died. Still, Hernando said, “NO!” Molly was angry now. The next day Molly and Scarlette were back at the stadium for the award ceremony; this time they brought their grandfather. Scarlette's smile was as big as the ocean because finally they had gotten a puppy for her grandmother. Because of her wheel chair, she couldn’t jump up and down, but her sparkling, blue eyes which were glistening with tears, poured out her happiness. The grandfather raised his hands towards heaven, thanking the Lord that his precious wife would be happy. All was well, it seemed. Guiltily, Hernando stepped to the exuberant family and apologized so deeply that he burst into tears. Later that day Hernando joined the family to give the puppy to their grandmother. She was overjoyed, but shortly after they left she passed away, holding her treasured puppy in her arms. So remember, don’t be selfish, for giving is far more satisfying than receiving. | Hernando, the Ungenerous Boy

18: Around Sebastian and Bruno there were ginormously humongous stacks of shimmering glittering gold. Then out of nowhere came a screeching deafening siren. Sebastian madly gathered all the gold he could fit in his red checkered bag, when he heard, “Put your hands up!” They dashed around to discover that tow venomous looking police officers, who were extremely ugly goblins were pointing wands at their furiously beating hearts. Sweat poured off their faces. Without a second to lose, they zoomed to the nearest window hurled themselves into crashed the glass, and dived through the now broken window spells flying after them. They rushed back to their tent packed up its contents, because they needed to hide somewhere, for the police officers were sure to hunt them down. Hurriedly they raced to a faraway place by the name of Never Land. There they set up camp on the shore of the Never Sea, while darkness was slowly creeping in. Little did they know the police officers had found their camp site. Sleepily, the two bank robbers were drifting in Dream Land, when there were jolted awake by a queer sound. Bruno, who was not scared of a thing, fearlessly grabbed a baseball bat from his bag and burst out of the tent. Around them both the goblins had surrounded their tent, pointing their wands once again at their hearts. Suddenly there was a bright glow coming from the horizon. The fairies had come to help. Bruno and Sebastian violently started throwing chocolate pudding cups at the goblins, blinding them as the fairies drew nearer. Numerous pudding cups were being thrown back and forth, when finally the fairies had come, they exploded the wands with their magical powers. The goblins who now had no defense against the ambush of pudding cups scattered like chipmunks, so the tiger, boy and fairies all celebrated their victory with a great big pudding party. | The Pudding Party One deadly morning, two companions were lazily lying in their tent, when a cold dark idea popped into Bruno the tiger’s furry head. Bruno whispered his evil plan to his friend Sebastian, the spiky haired boy. Robbing a bank was their plan, which was a very daring thing to do. Cleverly, the two bandits dressed up like goblins, so they could slyly sneak into Gringcott’s, the wizard bank. They were very excited! Hagrid the gamekeeper had unfortunately left Harry Potter’s safe open, so they could just scurry on in.

19: Back Row L to R: Sherry Thomas, Mikayla Nelson, Arynne Cole, Marissa Nelson, Sheyanne Johnsen, Andrea Cole, Lisa Berryhill Front Row L to R: Benjamin Kaiser, Samuel Walton, Elliott Thomas, Noah Bradley, Joseph Lang, James Sumrall | 5th & 6th Grade Creative Writing Class Teen Learning Center Charlotte, North Carolina

20: A Monument to All Our Fun Featuring Mrs. Thomas' writing class By Noah Bradley It was a devastatingly stormy day in the small village of TLC, and Elliott Thomas, an apprentice of the teacher named Mrs. Thomas, was working hard to learn writing. Elliott worked through hard days, earning tickets and unexpected homework. All of a sudden, one day Elliott was told by his teacher to go to the land of writing homework and tell all of the people there that if they did not finish their homework they would have to finish it next week along with the extra credit. But Elliott, who strongly detested the land of writing homework, decided that night he would think of an escape plan. Because he violently lay in his bed, thinking of a plan, he was tired the next day. One day, he found his plan. He was to get on a ship and sail to somewhere far away. Heck if he knew where, but he was going anyways. So, the next day, he went out in search of a port. After a long day of challenging searching, he finally found a port named “Cole Ship Yard” and went inside. There he found the manager of the port, Arynne Cole, who told him there was a ship in the yard, piloted by Andrea Cole, her sister. Then, Elliott went onto the ship and met his captain and sailors. There were two sailors, Joseph Lang and Mitchell Darden, whom he greeted, and then Elliott went into the captain’s room to meet her. He asked where the ship led, and she told him the land of no writing homework. Elliott was excited to go to the land where no man has to write. After setting sail, the clouds turned black, and a storm started brewing. Spontaneously, the waves grew to the size of buildings, and the ship was flying in the air. The three ship-mates decided to play a game of monopoly to decide who was thrown off the ship. After gaining a lot of money, Elliott was about to win, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind threw all his money off the ship and into the sea. Mitchell won the game, and Elliott came in last. Elliott wanted to admit what he did, but he kept him mouth shut. But then, a huge blast of red energy pierced through the ship, and Elliott exclaimed the story so fast, all his ship mates got was “Throw me over board!” So, Mitchell ran in the ship and grabbed a floating ducky for him to use, and Joseph tied him to a board and shouted “Sayonara, sucker!” and threw him overboard. Floating softly through the sea with his eyes open somehow; Elliott saw a huge whale coming toward him. On top of the whale was what looked like a camera. But, as it got closer, Elliott saw it was an amazing laser that had many weird looking symbols on it. He somehow understood the symbols to say “I am awesome” many times. Then, the whale came up to him, and, with a satisfying “GULP,” Elliott was quickly gone, inside the whale. He explored the whale until he found a shadow inside the whale, which then got closer to show that he was a man, named ‘Noah’, who went out of the shadows to see Elliott. “Who are you?” Elliott asked. "Who am I?” The man stated, and then laughed a very strange laugh. If a donkey could laugh, and the donkey had a soar throat, that’s what he would sound like.

21: “Why, I am Noah, the man who was randomly attached to a whale when he was scuba diving one day. I then decided to attach a laser to it, just because I’m awesome!” He told Elliott. Elliott stared at the man in awkwardness. “Uh, OoooK.” He muttered. The man stared at him for a second, and then told him “Go talk to the little guy. The one over there.” He pointed behind Elliot. Elliot didn’t look the way the man pointed. He couldn’t believe that two people lived in one whale. But, eventually, he turned around and saw a little person wearing glasses. He walked over to him. “Hello” Elliott muttered. “Hi” exclaimed the boy, “My name is Benjamin,” “Do you know the way out of this whale?” Elliott asked. “Yes, I do.” Ben told him, “Right up there”, and he pointed to the hole in the whale. “Right.” Elliott stated “How do I get up there?” Benjamin grabbed Elliott’s hand and brought him onto the tongue, which made a disgusting “Squash” sound whenever he stepped on it. Benjamin yelled “Catapult!” and Elliott had just enough time to shout “WHAT?” The tongue bolted upward and Elliott went soaring through the hole onto an island. When Elliott landed on the island, he hit the sand and got it all in his eyes. He stood up, and put his face in the ocean, and got salt all in his face. He couldn’t see, so he felt around until he felt a towel. “There is no way what I’m grasping a towel” he muttered, but as he felt it more, he decided it was a towel. He put it on his eyes and looked up. There were two people named Marissa and Mikayla Nelson. Marissa, after taking back the towel, asked “Hello, is this your first time on the island?” Elliott muttered something really intelligent: “Uhh” Mikayla pulled out a clip-board and wrote down something while saying - First-time-on-island. “Very well then, follow me.” commanded the one named Marissa, which he followed to a part on a cliff that showed a big city, and after saying “That’s where you live.” Marissa left, and Mikayla quickly exclaimed “Enjoy your stay.” And then disappeared. Elliott, who was soggy, hungry, and freakishly tired, set out to the city. Before he got there, he met up with Samuel, the city guard, who he asked where he was. Samuel shouted “You are here at the island of writing homework.” Then, Elliott told him thank you, and moved on. He walked through the town and into the mayor’s office. The mayor’s name was James Sumrall, who he told his message to. James told him he couldn’t enforce that as a law. Only the governor, Sheyanne, can enforce things like that. So he went to the governor’s house, who told him she would enforce the law and make everyone there abide by the rules of writing class. Very happily, Elliott went home on a ship, knowing he had saved writing class because he had made the journey. THE END

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