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Mark Comfort

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S: mark comfort

BC: we love you.

FC: Coach Mark Comfort Giving thanks to a man of honesty, integrity, love, and devotion. Happy Father's Day 2011

1: My Dearest Dad, It doesn't have to come from me for you to see what a lasting impression you've made on the lives of those whose paths you've crossed. My life has been blessed beyond words because of the sacrifices you have made. You are a man of great class; your humble nature is inspiring, and your infinite wisdom has helped me become the person I am today. Your vibrance and charisma are traits that I've always looked up to and strive to incorporate in my style of teaching and coaching and life in general. I can't express my gratitude for all you have done for our family. There aren't enough people in this world like you. You are the epitome of greatness in both your personal and professional life, and this book is a testament to that. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you. We asked for words about you, our dad, and the end result of complete admiration and respect is indescribable. It's amazing to see what an impact you have made on the lives of co-workers, friends and your family. Clearly your character, devotion to life as a Christian man, and your love for your family and friends does not go unnoticed. That pearly white smile has affected this world in such a positive manner that there aren't enough words to describe it. This book is a good start. I love you more every day, and I cherish the life you've given me. Love, Jen - "Precious"

2: Where do I even begin talking about you dad? You are the most amazing man I know. I am so lucky to have a father that so many people respect and look up to. You take people by the heart and show them they can be successful. You let everyone know that they have the ability to be great and push them to reach that potential. You teach life lessons that will be remembered forever. Working by your side has shown me what kind of impact I can only hope to make in students' lives. The way they respect and believe in you is indescribable. You are an amazing mentor and I will never forget what you have taught me as a parent and a coach. I will never be able to compare anyone to you because there is no comparison. I look to you dad for guidance. You give me strength everyday with your love. Not only are you an amazing father but you are an amazing teacher, coach, friend, and boss. :) Without your guidance I would not be the person I am today. I hope that one day people can look at me and say "you are your father's daughter" and that I make an impact the way you obviously have to all of these people that you have come in contact with in your life. You leave a lasting impression that people can't and will never forget. You truly are a one of a kind man. I love you dad. Forever and always. Love you Chelsea aka "Poot"

3: Push. Drive. Don’t settle. Everything happens for a reason. DON’T WALK BETWEEN THOSE LINES! It’s not the bat’s fault. Hey, Slim! Treat others how you want them to treat you. If you did your best, then don’t worry because there’s nothing more you can do. I could go on and on with listing the little motivations he likes to spew out – and the smart ass remarks, or the lines being used because he obviously has no clue what the hell the name of the person is he is talking to (haha). Seriously though, has anyone ever known a greater motivator and supporter? I know I don’t. Work ethic, life lessons, people skills, the way I see the world and everything in it – all of these are lessons, skills, etc. I have learned from Dad. No way I become the man (awesome man at that) I am today without the constant pushing, loving, helping, lesson learning and talks I have had from him. And, as this book obviously shows, he doesn’t just stop with his family. So many people have been blessed to have him as a part of their lives as a teacher or coach or co-worker or friend. He is proof positive that doing what you love and giving it EVERYTHING you have, along with being true to yourself, and putting family first will make you a truly happy person that everyone wants to be around. And this sticks with people! It still amazes me to this day how many former players/students/parents come by the house just to say hello. Oh, and don’t get me started on how many people we have to stop and talk to when we are out around town trying to have dinner or see a movie or just grab some socks at Wal-Mart. Everyone knows him, remembers him, and wants to stay in touch because he does right by everyone. He doesn’t let anything get him down, no matter how bad it is or how much it hurts. He is the epitome of a wonderful person. Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. He has his memorable moments that he would like to be able to forget just like the rest of us. The following quote is straight from his mouth, directed at me, on a recent Thanksgiving (we may have partaken in a few adult beverages that day): After dad left the house to “walk it off” and not returning for nearly half an hour, we all go out to make sure he is ok, and I find him walking one street over from Jen’s house. I talk him into walking back to the house with me, and as we get back, he says: “I appreciate you walking me around here and making sure I got back.” He sticks his hand out to shake mine. “Now, who are you?” ...He was serious HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I love it. Seriously. Thank you for everything. There is no better father in the world. I am not half the man I am today without your constant love, pushing and support. I love you. I owe you. I can only hope to someday be a small percentage of the father you are. Happy Father’s Day 2011! Love, Ryan

4: Cynthia Jewel Behanick Comfort - Mark, Husband, friend, father and my STUD MUFFIN...where do I begin? I am so glad my brother brought you home so many years ago (I know it wasn't love at first sight on my part, but I finally came around!). God brought you into my life for a reason. He had a plan for us and what a great plan it has become. We have been blessed with 3 great children, one wonderful son-in-law (soon to be two) and hopefully a daughter-in-law in the near future. You have been a great husband and father and never have I doubted how much you love me or our children. You not only tell me every day, but you me daily by the way you treat me and take care of me. You are a man of moral character and have been a role model to our children and hundreds of others that you have taught and coached over the past 32 years. You are not embarrassed to show your feelings toward me or anyone. Tears of joy, sadness, or just because are one of the things I love most about you. A real man in my eyes. Thank you for accepting my family as your own and letting me be a part of your family. It is

5: so amazing that when we said "I do" we joined our families together and can spend so much quality time as one big family. We were both raised with high family values and only hope our children will always keep family as a top priority. I look forward to growing old with you and watching our children start their own families. I hope the good Lord blesses us with many more years together. I said it many years ago and I say it again today and every day...I will love you "til death do us part." Love, Cindy aka "Gorgeous" | true love

6: Mark - A son that makes us proud! Satisfied as a baby Precocious as a young boy Exceptional as a young man Caring as a husband Inspiring as a father Admired as a teacher Leader as a coach. Put them all together they spell SPECIAL, and that is what you are to us. Happy Father's Day 2011 Mom and Dad (Maw Maw & Paw Paw) | Mimi & BigDaddy - When we think of our son-in-law Mark one situation always comes to mind. When Mark and Cindy were dating we had certain rules that they had to follow. Mark thought we were too strict and wanted to know why we didn't trust him. It had nothing to do with trust it was just our rules. I told him if he didn't want to follow them he could find another girlfriend. Of course he didn't and over the years after they married and had their three children he thought differently. After teaching school and seeing kids behavior everyday, he realized we weren't too strict and he had rules of his own. He has always said between Cindy (and Mimi and Big Daddy living down the street ) Ryan, Jennifer and Chelsea would always be taken care of and watched after. Mark has turned out to be a great (son) in law, wonderful husband and father. (He even opens the car door for me) We are a blessed family and I thank God for our kids, their spouses, grandkids and their spouses. We love you.

7: James Behanick - probably...your dad. What I remember most about uncle Mark was being scared shitless of him as a kid. One particular incident was right after your parents got done converting the garage, but before they moved in we sat around telling ghost stories. He came around through the back yard and started shaking the window. Pretty sure that i cried...not that that would be surprising or anything. | Mike Akeroyd - I have only had the pleasure to know your Dad for 2 years but I quickly became an admirer of what a great son, brother, father and husband that he is. When you have kids like I do you often compare other families to your own hoping and praying that one day your kids turn out to be solid people that contribute to society. Mark and Cindy have done an amazing job instilling important values in their kids and today all three are super people of high character, bright, ambitious, have a strong faith in God and truly love their family! It seems to me that Mark has always put his family and kids first in everything he did and I admire him for being such a great roll model for so many of us. I look forward to getting to know him better and seeking his advice! Also, he and I (The Berretta Boys) are the only ones that I know of to skunk (25-0) an opponent (Ryan and Miles by the way) in throwing bean bags – NEXT! | Whitney Behanick - Aunt Moke is a man with a camera around his neck sporting the most kickass farmer's tan to grace this planet with an Italian Margarita in hand. He has a Tarzan call that can be heard on every continent and a porcelain smile that can light up any room. Most importantly, UNCLE MARK is a man that loves his family and would do anything for them. Now, someone please get this man a tissue.

8: Kathryn Comfort - Mark - As a little girl I always looked up to both my brothers, primarily back then because of their athletic abilities and I wanted to be just like them. With Mark being six years older than me and having another brother three years older – I look back and wonder if they planned all the tormenting that they did to me as a way to show me that they both LOVED me SO much! Yeah Right! I remember certain things about growing up with Mark – probably the most important one is that if it were not for him, I would not be here today. When I was about 3 or 4 years old we were visiting my Dad’s family in Florida and all of the kids, including me were where most kids should be in the hot summer sun.in the pool. I did not know how to swim yet, so I wore one of those donuts around me the entire time that I was in the pool. Well, after several hours of being in the water we were called in to get something to eat. I ate a quick hot dog and was then ready to jump back into the pool. I was even a little brazen and decided to just run and jump into the pool off the diving board into the deep end. Why not, I had been jumping into the deep end all day! What I failed to do was put my donut back on. It was kind of like wearing a baseball hat all day, when you take it off, you still feel like it is still on – that is what I thought about the donut. Even though I was only 3 or 4, I vividly remember thinking, “that was a short life” as I was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool and holding my breath. Then, not knowing who or what was going on, I remember somebody grabbing me and swimming with me to the top of the water. When we got to the top I heard my brother Mark yelling for someone to help. I was extremely fortunate that Mark was there. He was the only other person in that pool at the time I made the decision to jump in. He was snorkeling so I never even saw him in the water. So Mark, I thank you for my life. You probably don’t think that you did anything really special, but I have told this story to many of my friends. As we got older, he and Matt helped me learn how to ride a bike. I was terrified to ride without the training wheels, but what I later learned was that each night they would go out and lift the training wheels higher so that by the end of one week – I was riding on two wheels, but did not know it because the training wheels were still on, just not touching the ground. It was their way to teach me to believe in myself. So although both my brothers tormented me with jumping off the roof of a house with an umbrella to be like Mary Poppins, or folding me up in the couch bed, or allowing me to play “crack the whip” with them as long as I was the last person on the end – they both supported me in my athletics while in Florida. Practicing with me with pitching, hitting ground balls to force me to “get in front of that ball, don’t be afraid of it, and cheering me on when I made the All-Star teams. One of my favorite memories with Mark was when he came home one night and I happened to be the only person up and he told me, “I met the woman I am going to marry tonight”. I thought he was crazy, but it was true. I admire Mark for being a wonderful “gentlemen” and courting Cindy the way that he did. For taking Cindy on dates with her parents and our parents, for taking her to all her proms, and for marrying the woman of his dreams. Mark, you have a beautiful family and have raised your kids well. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. As we have aged. And yes, you will always be six years older than me, you have become more than a brother, you have become my friend. I love you for your spirit, your love of our Lord and Savior, your patience, your motivational abilities, your caring heart, your teaching skills, for being a leader and mentor to many, for not being judgmental, and loving me for who I am. The best to you on this Father’s Day. I love you, KC

9: Tom Behanick - A famous quote from your dad. “Let me have that motorcycle, I am an excellent driver”. Ok Rainman, 30 seconds later he and the girl on the back are eating a curb in the parking lot at the SFA Football Stadium. Then he spends the next few days in the hospital toothless as an Arkansas Hillbilly. I miss my midterms, and a .065 grade point average is achieved. (Just call me Blutarski in Animal House). In case you guys didn’t know he is also a little gay. In college to save room he wanted to put our beds together. Oh yea, sweet digs. By the way, I was the pitcher, not the catcher. He also cannot drink, I have many examples, but I will just mention two. We went camping at Dangerfield State Park, we may have had a totty or two, a very nice steak. He started cheating as always, (something, I would never do) when I caught him, he reached over the picnic table and slapped me across the face. We being much tougher than that panty waste, I promptly slapped him back. Very softly, because he is quite weak, after few of his best shots, and my love taps, he proceed to throw up my great steaks. One would think that was bad enough, he then was lamenting on how good the steaks were and was thinking about how good they would be the second time. I promptly explain to him that the five second rule was not in effect on this one. Second one is for all the ladies in the house. At my bachelor party, again we may have been indulging a little. When we got back to the hotel, all he did is cried for his “Cindy”. He was seriously weeping saying “ I want my Cindy, I miss my wife, you have to take me to her”.. He finally cried himself to sleep. | funny stories... | aka: Master of "the Hot Dog" | Janet Behanick - The thing that I appreciate most about your Dad is this: As I'm sure you are aware, your Dad was your Uncle Tom's roommate at SFA. The first time Tom asked me out, I turned him down as I was quite intimidated (imagine that!). He was not planning on asking me out again, but your Dad talked him in to it. And now, here I sit 34 years later as part of the Best.Family.Ever! Knowing Mark was truly life defining for me. Thanks Comf!!!

10: Michael Mayfield - Coach Comfort is an amazing guy! I am so lucky to have the privilege of working with him and have learned so many different things from him. One of the best coaches I have ever had or coached with. Not only is he a great coach, but a great father, husband, and friend! He is so selfless and will do anything for anybody. I look up to him for everything and just hope I can be half the man he is. | Miles Cobb - It has been a privilege to get to know Coach over the few short years that I have become part of his family and I am a better person for it. As a Coach his accolades speak for themselves and the wonderful memories from past and current athletes alike show the impact he has had on so many lives. The love and respect of family show how good of a father and husband he has been and continues to be. I just want to say thank you for welcoming me into the family with open arms, thanks for showing a good example of how to be a husband and family man, thanks for raising a wonderful daughter for me to marry and thanks for not scaring me too bad when I asked for your blessing of our marriage (the tough guy act was a little derailed as you had to choke back the tears, but don't worry, I was already nervous enough!!). Thank you for being such a selfless man, we are all blessed for having you in our lives. | admiration love respect | the boys for your girls...

11: Like father like son.... Mr. Comfort - I could never have asked to find someone with a better father and mentor. From the moment Ryan introduced to me you and your family, I have always felt welcomed as one of your own. Your incredible love for your family and those close to you is inspiring and I hope that as I get older I can grow to mimic you in this quality. Your fun loving nature radiates to all around you and anyone near by can't help but join in on the good time. So what I would like to say to you is...thank you Mr. Comfort (and Mrs. Cindy!)...for raising a son to be like you in so many ways. Someone who unconditionally loves his family and those close to him, someone who has a passion for his job and dedicates himself to doing something he loves, someone who treats me with love and respect and someone who is just like his dad! I am one lucky girl to have the both of you as a part of my life! Love you! Wendy Morales | the girl for your boy...

12: Jamesa Jones - Your Dad---is there enough space to write it all? Your Dad is the fairest person I know. He makes sure everything is done the way it should be. He makes you feel like part of his family--not just his help. He made the last few months I spent at Spring Hill my favorite months. Not just him--but ya'lls whole family did--which I chalk up to how ya'll were brought up--starting with your grandparents. I can't express the love I feel for all of ya'll--just know that I respect him more than anyone I have ever worked with or worked for. He is THE BEST!!! | Megan Johnson - Gotta give my two cents on ur pops. He has always been so incredibly kind to my family and I. That whole group of coaches - ur dad, bero, miller, cox - and their families will always hold a super special place in my heart. It was like we had 7 sets of parents! The biggest compliment i can give ur dad is that he reminds me of my most favorite guy in the world (my dad duh): understanding, wise, patient, respectable, hardworking, awesome father, smart, forgiving, honest, hilarious, and so so sweet. We have always been the most serious daddies girls and for good reason - they r as close to perfect as they come and they love us to the moon regardless of what we do. Omg now tears r coming to my eyes!!! Love y'all and miss u and hope life is treating u so well. Xoxo | Joseph Filipazzo - I never had the opportunity to have your dad as a coach but was fortunate to have him as a teacher twenty years ago. Even to this day I always remember his charisma even zero hour class. He made a lasting impression on me that I will remember him twenty years from now. The public school system should have more great educators like him. | honorable

13: Kim Pearce - When Coach Comfort stepped on that field for the first time as our head softball coach at Pine Tree, he made a huge impact. He turned a bunch of girls into not only a team, but a family. From the "Heart to Heart" theme song to the standing the whole game cheering to running poles (which sucked by the way), we became one. I have to say those couple of years with Coach Comfort were awesome and I had such a blast playing for him. I wish you well in all your endeavors! | Corey Davis - I'm sure he would enjoy knowing that he was in the hot dads club with Dr. McDowell and my dad! Haha! | Lois Philpot - At McDonald's he would yell "Let's Play Some Ball" at the top of his lungs. Always so early in the morning..... | Ashlyn White - Coach Comfort you have taught me so much more than softball. The life lessons you have taught me through the game will be with me the rest of my life. Of course I will remember the game lessons too and use it for the rest of my softball career. I will never forget my Freshman year while we were at practice and you asked me if I wiped before I went to the bathroom. You were trying to explain the concept of catch THEN tag. I do not know how many times we were told to hit the sign, but I'll NEVER forget the first time we had to hit the OB/GYN sign....lol (thanks Avery). Who can forget the time I was stepping to the plate at Lear Park and you told me to "produce" and I hit it over centerfield.....your face as I rounded 2nd base was priceless. I will always remember the times I made you proud and all the times you made me proud to be your player! Your the best coach anyone could ask for. Happy Father's Day | Adam Mapes - He was so good in Remember the Titans. | funny | Alicia Baker - I still hate Pirate Poles hahaha

14: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Coach Comfort, You guys are the best at everything you do from softball to the concession stand. Happy Father's Day! Love Brooklyn White | Marsha Dotson - When I think of Mark Comfort I think of a sterling example for teenagers at Longview High School. Your personal interest in all kids is amazing. The athletes respect your knowledge on and off the field and the young ladies pick up on your respectful treatment, pride and kindnesses toward your family. You are their friend and their mentor as a teacher. As a co-worker, Mark you are a friend and a teacher that truly loves what you do. You love others and encourage everyone when they need it. You smile every day, but also listen to problems and make others feel better for talking to you. You can be the prankster. You are tough but caring, respectful and kind and so loving of all people. You live your life by example of your faith and your loyalty to your family. What more could anyone ask for in a teacher, coach and friend? I miss not seeing you as often as I did at LHS, but I know you are spreading your love of life to all that you come in contact with every day. I loved working with you and I hope to continue to correspond with you about your family and your adventures in the future. You deserve all the good things in life. You are one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with. You will always be special to The Dotsons. Have a wonderful Father's Day! LUV, "Dotson!" | Alli Brown - Something I will always remember is at graduation he always wanted to say....And we are still playing!!! And I have a pic in my albums of me coach and Kayla with us holding #1 up! Also everytime I hear the the song time of our life always reminds me of SR year softball and I will NEVER forget it sooo many memories and the bet time of my life especially getting to go to Austin and do something I will always remember and make great stories!! | Julie Lawrence Murray - I am so grateful for the time I spent as your dads assistant and value his friendship tremendously. He is someone that I have the utmost respect for, professionally and personally. I am a better coach and person because of his influence in my life- and I'm sure many people are- what a legacy!!!

15: Jimmy Kendrick - Your father is most honest person I've every meet or known. He rose to become one best defensive coordinators in football, best I've ever coached with in my life time. My respect for Mark is without question highest respect I have for any one person. I've walked with presidents and superstars of 20 and 21 century but have I never meet a person that is equal to your dad as a coach or as a man. Mark happy father day and God Bless you and your family. Best wishes my friend. | Dear Coach Comfort, Whoosh where do we start? Words cannot begin to express how much we think of you and your family! We knew the first time we met you at the parent softball meeting 2009 (Ashlyn's Freshman year) you were placed in Ashlyn's life for more than a softball purpose. The "moral conduct" contract you have for the players & parents revealed to us that you were made with great expectations. Ashlyn always came home from practice or a game and had a funny story to tell about something you said or did. This is simply not the case with most coaches. There is no doubt you are in the business God wants you in. Your love for the players and the game are evident in all you do. Your dedication and efforts are more than anyone could expect from a coach. For example when Jimmy received a call early Saturday morning February,2011, because you needed help shoveling snow off the field so we could play ball that same day. You and your little green tractor...that's hilarious! You set the bar high and expect your players to meet it or exceed it. With your great people skills you get them to do just that.......little do they know they are learning life lessons at the same time. That is what makes you great...this is what will carry you always. Your family is an extension of who you are and they are very blessed to have such a great Son, Husband, and Father. Happy Father's Day!!!!! Our family is blessed because our paths crossed. Thank you for all you have done for Ashlyn and the Spring Hill Softball program.....we deeply appreciate and love you. Sincerely, Jimmy and Jena White

16: Erica Howell McWilliams - Behind every great man there is a life size Reba McEntire cutout!! | Holli Page Bennett - I always remember him from kandice and Jen's tough e nuff days. The team always went to breakfast at mcdonalds before tournaments at like 5 am and he would walk in and yell something REALLY loud! I dont remember what I just remember him doing it. That's my main memory of him. (oh and his crying hahaha) | Beeper Kraus - Coach Comfort is a great man, coach, and Mentor! He has a passion for the kids and sports as well as winning! He always found a way to motivate the kids and give more than anyone else! The little time I got to coach with him, he taught me more than he will ever know, without knowing that he taught me anything at all! Much Respect for Coach Mark Comfort! | Lauren Westbrook Davidson - Everytime I hear....Baby we can make if we're Heart to Heart!!! (our team song) I think of Coach Comfort!! He was a great coach!!! ;) | 2

17: Sha' McDowell - Coach is definitely a motivator!... and his way of saying "don't drink" is "do not partake-ith of the beverage"... then turns around and tells us about his motorcycle wreck and he was a little under the influence lol!! Or freshman year when he name me "pitbull" bc I was so tough... and sophomore year when he hit me a grounder when I wasn't looking and put me on crutches day before a playoff game...or when he made Ashley and I run bc we got to practice AT 3:45, and the TEAM ran the warmup lap 2 minutes early.. Or how softball practice was nicknamed track practice, bc we ran alllll the time lol. But overall coach Comfy is definitely someone I tell stories about at least once a week.. whether it's something he said or made us do, he was such an inspiring person and someone I won't forget!:) | Mike Cranford - I was scared to death the first time I umpired his game at Pine Tree, I knew he was more informed on the rules than I was. In my 15 years of officiating Softball , Ive never met another Coach that even comes close to caring about his players as much as Coach Comfort. Coach you have truly been a influence to me and my officiating.Ive learned so much about respect after watching you the last 8 years. | Mindy Brummett - Your dad was such a great coach and always encouraged me ( even though I wasn't very good) :) because of his encouragement I enjoyed playing softball again! | Aaron Erickson - What do you wanna know because I base my coaching off that man | Avery Victoria Curtis - To me Coach comfort is not just an ordinary coach. He is inspiration when needed most and father figure on and off the field. Anytime life throws me a curve ball and times get rough, I'll always remember him telling me "smile darlin" | Mark Peters - He is one of the most well respected people in our business!!! Plus awesome to play for!!!

18: Joe Hale - Gosh, I don't know if I am capable of putting words together to describe my feelings and what I think of your Dad. You are blessed to have a Dad like Mark. He is so very special as not only a coach and teacher, but a person. He knows his stuff and is an excellent teacher, example and motivator. He is also kind and caring. I am blessed and consider Coach Mark Comfort one of my best and dearest friends. | Jan Johnson - Mark Comfort is one of the nicest people I have ever known! When I think of Mark I see a beautiful happy smile and warm eyes! He ALWAYS shows that positive spirit! I feel so blessed to have known Mark and his loveliesssssssss! A Family Beautiful of face--yet more importantly Beautiful of HEART! My husband was so very fortunate to have such a kinmanship with Mark and other fine LOBO coaches-still SO DEAR to my family and me! Always will be! We had wonderful times! The highest compliment I can give Mark is being such a wonderful dad and husband---he so loves his family-very obviously so! A Christian man ---that shines through! The Lord is so good! Thanks Jennifer and Chelsea for giving me the opportunity to be part of your Dad's Storybook! I CHERISH your sweet family! HUGS! | Steve LaMore - Your dad is one of the the finest men I know. That's why I worked so hard to get him to come to Sabine. He's had a lot of coaching success and affected many kids in a positive way over the years. But I'm probably most impreesed by his dedication to to attend adoration all these years, especially after Fri. nite football games. I'll leave you with one quote he will know that enabled us to beat Carthage many years ago. "Surround and Swarm". I also think he's the white Denzel Washington.

19: Allan Pope - Two things about your dad............but I have many more. Your dad is one of the most committed, dedicated coaches (men) I have ever been around. He leaves no stone unturned, and his attention to detail is something all coaches should follow. And because of those traits I have this story. Your dad signed up for the all night prayer vigil at the Church. He chose the time of Saturday morning from 3-4 AM (or something around then), because he knew he would be wired after the football game and no one else would take that time. I always asked him how he was able to do that and he always said it was easy and he enjoyed it. I was very impressed. One week we had a particular exhausting week, and on Saturday your dad came in and said that early that morning he had laid down and fallen asleep on the pew and slept past the time of his 'shift change'. He said about 15 mins. after he was suppose to leave he woke himself up snoring.......LOUD. After he woke himself up he laid there trying to figure out where he was and then hoped (and prayed) that the next group of prayer warriors weren't there yet. He said he slowly raised up and a couple of pews behind were two people on their knees trying to pray. LOL, I can just see his head slowly pop up above that pew. He was SO DEDICATED, yet these people thought he either was some guy not taking his commitment serious, or some homeless guy catching a nap. I are sure he had on his Pine Tree coaching gear from the game, so they probably thought he was praying for a victory. Or RELIEF... | Ashley Campbell - Coach Comfort, first of all, Happy Fathers Day! Hope its a good one! You were a second father to me in high school and I wanted to know that I greatly appreciate you!! You have taught me many things not just in sports but in life!!! Your a great man! Good luck at Sabine! Take them all the way like I know you can!!! Love you! Your other daughter, Ashley | Laura Bernaldez - Coach Comfort.. Not only a great coach but also a great teacher. Not only did i get the chance to learn the game of softball through his prospective, but I also got to learn multiple life lessons I will use for the rest of my life.. Couldn't imagine a better coach to play for in high school. He wasn't just a coach, he was basically family. Glad I got to have him as my softball coach! | Kealey Womack - Coach Comfort is a very special to me. He has always been there for me through the struggles and the accomplishments! He is not only an incredible man with a huge heart, but an awesome coach and teacher. He takes time to get to know his players and make them the best they can be. He also teaches us so many life lessons. That makes him the best coach anyone could ask for. I don't know where I would be with out him! | ADMIRATION

20: Kayla Williams - Where do I even begin? You watched me grow from a scrawny, scared little freshman in high school to a confident college softball player and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to have shared that with. There have only been a few coaches in my lifetime that have really influenced me and you are definitely one of them. Through the years you have taught to me so many things and not just things dealing with softball but with life in general. You taught me many many softball skills and strategies but along with that you also taught me what it means to be a great leader. I was so lucky to have been able to play for you in high school. I have more wonderful memories than I count from those four years and I am so thankful for that. One phrase that has stuck with me through the years from you is “one pitch at a time.” I still use and think of that quote during my softball games today. Not only in softball, but that phrase has also carried in to my life, taking life “one day at a time.” Also, anytime I hear the song “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins I think of you and my softball career in high school. Any student is very lucky to get the chance to be coached by you because you are a GREAT coach. Thanks for being a great coach to me but importantly a great friend. I love you Coach Comfy! | LEADERSHIP | Kyle Moseley - I always thought your dad was the best coach I had ever had. It was a pleasure to play for him and the motivation and character he showed on a daily basis was ingrained in all of us. I used this and thought of your dad on a few occasions when I was unsure I was going to complete an event at Officer Candidate School, like the Endurance Course. I know for a fact that if I hadn’t known your dad’s leadership on and off the football field, I would not be leading Marines the way I do now. I just wanted to throw that out there if you want it or not. I model the way I lead Marines partly on how your dad coached us.

21: Don Johnson - When Jan told me what your girls wanted to do for you for Father's Day-I thought "OH Boy". Guys don't put in writing how they "feel" about other guys. That's just wrong! But, when the wife orders you to do something, well you know; so here goes. Back in 1981, when I first met you, I thought you were way too young to be a coach. You might have shaved once a week. But after a short while, I could see your enthusiasm, work ethic, and willingness to learn and ask questions, you were going to be all-right. I knew you were going places. I thought college then maybe pro. But my direction was off. You moved in the high school ranks--5A, then 4A, 3A, 2A. Who knows where you'll end up next after Sabine. Sabine????? You'll have to tell me about this! The more I learned about you as a person the more impressed I became. Not only were you a man of strong religious convictions-you were even a stronger family man. You have always had your priorities in the right order-God 1st, Family 2nd, work 3rd and you have never deviated from that order. I truly admire that in you, Mark Comfort. After working closely with a coach for 20 yrs. people ask if we always got along? The answer is of course....No! Your don't spend the time coaches spend together without having disagreements.Of the many times I screwed up (and there were many), I can remember only completely showing my ass to you one time. I was sorry for it and I was wrong, from beginning to end. For that instance, I still apologize. But, one time over 20 yrs. ain't that bad and life does go on. (I still think you don't use starting offensive linemen as tackling dummies, but I am prejudice about some things) My Bad, MY Sorry, MY Apology, END of Story! Partner....time to close! Happy Father's Day to you. (This pisses me off too, Comfort. When my kids give me a card for Father's Day, I feel a little guilty because I know I've only been OK as a dad. You don't get to share that guilty feeling because you've been a really great father to your kids and husband to your wife. I am jealous....but I'll get over it.) Love you, brother--have a great Father's Day. "Fat Head" | Amanda Broadway Boze - Other than my own father, I have always said, there was one person that i wanted to play for, although i never got to, it was Coach Comfort. I admired his love for softball, his knowledge, his love for his players, and his commitment to making sure each and every girl he was around on the field, whether on his team or not, left the field with confidence, a better knowledge of the game, and all in all a better player. I enjoyed playing against you guys, and even watching him coach over the years. He is one of the best coaches in East Texas, then and now!

22: Christy Shipley Gipson - Coach Comfort is a great coach. As a coach now I find myself remembering many of the things he said and being able to apply them to my coaching. There are many great times I can remember but looking back there is one in particular I would like to share. My sophomore year of college we had a new softball coach at ETBU and my dad had passed away the fall before. I called up Coach Comfort to see if he could meet me at the field to help me with some hitting. He immediately said yes and met me at Spring Hill High School. This may have been a very simple thing for him to do but It made a big impact in my life and I am forever thankful for the time he gave up that Saturday morning to help me. It was also very special when he and some other former coaches came to one of our college games at UT Tyler that same season. That is what coaching is all about-not the wins or the losses, but impacting and making a difference in your athletes lives. Coach Comfort definitely made an impact in my life. | Jerry Baker - We are thrilled to be getting the best softball coach in East Texas in your dad. Spring Hill's loss is our gain. When your dad came to Spring Hill back in 2004, he brought a much needed intensity to our football program that helped us compete and beat teams that we may have had no reason to defeat. In 2004, we kicked the dog out of a very highly ranked Lindale team and then went on to kill a Carthage Bulldog team that had beaten us badly the previous year. I am excited for your dad to come to Sabine, to help our kids understand through his unique style, what it takes to be a competitor, and a champion. I look forward to the day when the lady cardinals are playing their first game at McCombs field. With him as the head coach, its only a matter of time.

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