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Mary and Tom Fiftieth Anniversary

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Mary and Tom Fiftieth Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: Mary and Tom ~ Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

FC: Mary and Tom Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary 1961 ~ 2011 A Collection of Memories

1: August 26, 1961

2: Once upon a time a girl named Mary Ann Flesner grew up on a farm in Golden, Illinois with her big sister Betty Lou and her parents Anna and Lewis.

3: Far left: Mary in 1950. Left: Cousins Donna and Barbara on left, Mary in front, Betty on right, Bob March and their piano teacher Mrs. Wallace between them. Right: Mary 1957, age 18 years. Below right: Mary and Betty in their band uniforms. | Above, cousins Donna and Barbara, Mary, their grandmother (Ma), and Betty sits in front. | Above, a family trip to Reno circa early 1950s: Lewis, Betty, Anna, Mary, Doris Krotke, her daughter, Sherry. | Above center, Mary is off to college at Valparaiso; left, Betty and Mary at Valparaiso. Right, Mary mid-1950s.

4: Meanwhile, a young boy named Thomas David Wise was growing up in the small mining town of Morrell in western Pennsylvania, the youngest of eleven children. Times were hard, but this smart young man had big plans. He worked hard and went on to receive his undergraduate and graduate dentistry degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in the 1950s. | Top, Tom circa 1938. Above: Back row - Tom's brother Frank, mother Anna, Bill, Joe, Ann. Front row - brother George, Tom and sister Mary Elizabeth, October, 1939 | Top, brother George watches as Tom waits for the pitch. Above, Tom's parents Joseph and Anna Wise, circa 1946

5: Mary had big plans too. After a degree in biology, she worked as a lab technician at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts. There she met this handsome young dentist. | Above, left to right: George, Frank, Mary Elizabeth, Steve and Tom. | Left, George, Tom and Mary Elizabeth, circa 1946. Right: Tom, Mary Elizabeth, George, mother and father Anna and Joseph, Frank, Barbara (Steve's wife) and Steve, circa 1950 | Above right, Tom with brother Steve holding his daughter Linda, 1948. Below: Steve, Frank, Tom, Bill, George, Joe, 1946 | Above left, George, Tom and Frank. Above right, Tom's high school portrait, circa 1950 Left: Frank, Tom, Mary Elizabeth, and George, circa 1946 | Above, Tom, George, Frank, Steve, and Mary Elizabeth's husband Roger Ainsley, 1948

6: Mary at her bridal shower August 18, 1961 with her mother Anna on the left, and grandmother Mary Post on the right.

7: On August 26, 1961, Mary and Tom were married in Golden, Illinois at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The ceremony was performed by Tom's brother Steve. Sister Betty was matron of honor, and Tom's friend Robert Foglia was best man.

8: Mary and her sister Betty stayed close through the years, enjoying many holidays and travels together. Left, Tom and Betty's first husband John Deutschlander play a late night game of chess in Copenhagen, Denmark at Christmastime in 1963, where Tom and Mary lived for a year while Tom pursued a specialty in prosthodontics and Mary worked in a lab. On the right, Mary holds Betty's first daughter, Anne Marie in 1964. | Tom and Mary visit Betty and John (behind the camera) in Linden, NJ, 1962 | Above left, Mary and Tom on the beach in Boston, 1961. Above right, Mary in their first apartment in Arlington, Virginia, 1962.

9: Mary and Tom returned to the Washington, D.C. area in 1964 and soon bought their first home at S. Woodstock St. in Arlington, Virginia. Stephanie Ann arrived in the Spring of 1968, and David Lewis in early 1971.

10: Above is a family portrait from 1968 with Tom, Anna, Lewis, John, Mary, Stephanie, Anne Marie, Erika Christine (also born in 1968) and Betty. The portrait on the right was taken in 1976, with all the same family with the addition of David, in celebration of Anna and Lewis' 50th anniversary.

11: Family portraits from 1977 (top left), 1982 (left, with Mary's mother Anna) and 1986 (above).

12: In 1974, the Wises moved into the home at Quail Hollow Court in Mclean, Virginia where Tom and Mary still reside. Note the backyard that over the years becomes a beautiful garden under Mary and Tom's care. | Note: daughter Stephanie took the pictures on this page. | Tom's brother Frank with his wife Winnie, Mary, Tom, David | Tom's brother Steve and his wife Barbara, Tom, Mary, David | Mary, Tom, David and dog Mitzi, Easter 1976 | Mary and Tom with Mary's cousin Barbara and her husband Ken, children Nathan and Kirsten with David in front | Tom, Mary and David, Christmas 1976

13: Vacations often included visits to Mary's parents' home in Golden, Illinois, sister Betty's home in Palo Alto, California or welcoming family at home in Virginia. | Above, Tom and Mary with Stephanie in 1968. Right, a visit to Golden in summer 1974: Anna, Betty, Lewis, Mary, Tom, with David, Erika and Stephanie in front. Likely Anne Marie took this picture! | Above, Mary and Tom paint the living room in Golden. Right, Anna, Mary and Tom on the front porch in Golden. Early 1970s. | Below and left, Christmas 1968 in Golden. | Above, Christmas in Golden, l980, Mary, John, Tom and Betty | Left, Anne Marie, Erika, Stephanie and David, Christmas 1976 in McLean.

14: Mary and Tom also cherished visits with Tom's side of the family over the years. | The six pictures at left and one below were taken by Tom's niece Liz, one of brother Steve's daughters, during a visit in 1973 at the Woodstock Street house in Arlington when she was 17. | Top row of photos: Mary ironing in the basement rec room; Tom playing checkers with David; Tom, Mary and David relaxing by the neighborhood pool. | Center row of photos: Mary reading to Stephanie in her bedroom; David and Mary by the pool; Stephanie by the pool. Below: Mary, Tom, Stephanie and David dressed for success in 1973. | Below and right, Liz's photos from Frank and Winnie's daughter Peggy's wedding in 1973. Tom is found at center of both.

15: Above: Wise family gathered for David's wedding. Back row: Don Rutherford, George, Frank, Peggy and Jay Simmons with Emily and Rick, Tom, Dan, Stephanie, Janet and Jim Jenkins, Mary Elizabeth. Front row: Liz, Mary Lou (George's second wife), Winnie, Mary, Catherine Wise (Dan's daughter), Carol Wise (Dan's wife). | Left, Mary, David, Stephanie and Tom at Liz and Don's wedding in 1985. Below left, Liz and Don circa 2010. Right, Wise siblings gather in 1988: Winnie, Steve, Vivian (George's first wife), Mary Elizabeth, Frank, Mary, George and Tom. | Above and below four photos from a gathering in October, 2010. Above left, Tom with niece Nancy, Steve's daughter. Above right, Ann, Winnie, "Big" Tom, Frank and Tom. Below left, Janet (Mary Elizabeth's daughter), Tom, and Linda, Steve's daughter. Below right, Dan, one of George's sons, and Janet. | Above right, George, Mary Elizabeth, Tom and Frank circa 2005. Right, Bruce, Denise (Steve's daughter), Tom and Mary in Michigan in 2010.

16: Below, Stephanie and Erika try on their mothers' wedding gowns in Golden, 1980. Right, Christmas in McLean, 1983. | Above, John, Tom, Mary and Betty in McLean, 1978. | Above, Christmas in Palo Alto, 1987. | Above, Stephanie, Erika and David play in the backyard in Golden, summer 1976. Right, Christmas in Palo Alto, 1984. | Right, Tom, Mary, David and Stephanie, 1986 in Mclean.

17: Stephanie's graduation from Georgetown University, 1990. | Tom, Stephanie (with cat Dice), Mary and David, Christmas 1996. | Left: Mary, Tom, Betty's second husband Joe Noto, Stephanie, Erika, Anne Marie holding Erika's first son Damien, and Betty in Palo Alto 1998. | Mary and Tom, 1986. | Left and right, Christmas 1989 in McLean: Left, David and Stephanie with dog Misty, right, Anne Marie, Stephanie, David and Erika. | Mary and Tom circa 2000 | Left, Tom and Mary 2003

18: Daughter Stephanie married Michael Maurice Vendrell in 1999 in Hawaii. | Son David married Donna Sue Clark in 1998 in North Carolina.

19: David and Donna welcomed son Austin in 1998 in North Carolina, giving Mary and Tom their first grandchild. | A granddaughter soon followed. Katelyn was born in June of 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mary and Tom visit with David and his family often through the years, ever the adoring grandparents. | Above in McLean, David and Donna with Austin and Katie, center is "Aunt Rose" Comer, Stephanie and David's childhood babysitter with whom the family kept in touch over the years. Left, David, Tom holds Austin. Below left, Austin as a baby. | Above, Mary holds Katie, 2002. Below, Tom holds Katie, 2001

20: Nearly as long as their 50 year marriage is the tradition of fondue on Christmas Eve, started by Mary, Betty, Tom and John in the early 60s while traveling in Europe together. Nearly all Flesner family members still enjoy the cheesy ritual each year, whether all together or separated by distance. Below, the tradition continues in 2010 in Charlotte. | Birthdays and Holidays with grandchildren are special times.

21: Above, Christmas in McLean, 2009. Below, enjoying Christmas carols in Charlotte, 2010. | Above, Christmas in Charlotte, 2010. Below, a visit to McLean, summer 2010.

22: Stephanie and Michael (upper left corner) moved from Los Angeles to Kona, Hawaii in 2001. Michael' has two daughters, Heather, above left with her husband Jonathan Arthur, and Jamie, who also lives in Kona, at center and far left with sister Heather, and below left with Stephanie. Heather and Jon live in Los Angeles and are expecting their first child, a son, on August 26, 2011. | Don't forget about the furry babies! At far left, Mary with their adored collie Misty, and Stephanie's cat Dice in 1996. Near left, beloved Bodhi and Dharma, two of Stephanie and Michaels many pets. over the years.

23: Betty's daughters Erika and Anne Marie also had families, and the young cousins often visited together as their parents and grandparents did as children. | Above Left, Erika with sons Beck and Damien. Above right, Anne Marie with husband Marco, their son Sasha and daughter Miranda, circa 2010. | Below, Katie, Austin, Damien, Miranda, Beck, and Sasha in front, summer of 2006 in Palo Alto. | Above: Miranda and Katie in 2006. At right: Katie, Beck, Damien and Austin visit the Air and Space museum in D.C. in 2008. | Above, Katie and Beck in San Diego, 2010. Below left, Damien and Austin at the Grand Canyon in 2008. Below right, Tom and Mary with Anne Marie's family, 2002. | Above, Katie, Austin, Beck and Damien visit for Thanksgiving in McLean in 2006. | Right: Beck, Katie, Austin and Damien visit Williamsburg, Virginia in 2009. Center right, Austin, Sasha, Miranda and Katie in Sequoia National Park in 2006.

24: Mary taught microbiology at Northern Virginia Community College during her career, and is now happily enjoying her retirement playing tennis, traveling, and going to plays and cultural events. She and her sister Betty continued to travel together all over the world, sometimes with Tom and Joe, sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with a few of the children. | Above, left and below, Mary and Betty's trip to Southeast Asia in 2007. Right, the Flesner girls with David's wife Donna and granddaughters Katie and Miranda in Palo Alto in 2006. Below right, Betty, Erika, Stephanie and Mary on a trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco in 1979.

25: Left, Donna and Mary with Austin and Katie in California in 2006. Right, Mary, Tom, Betty and Joe visit Stephanie and Michael for Christmas in Los Angeles in 1999. Below right, Mary and Betty play duets in Palo Alto. Both sisters learned as children and continue to enjoy music over the years. Betty taught piano during her career, and all the children and grandchildren took music lessons . | Left, Thanksgiving in McLean in 2006: Erika, Joe, Betty, Mary, Donna, David and Tom. Right, Mary and Betty take Katie and Beck to San Diego in 2010.

26: Mary and Tom took Stephanie and David to Europe several times, and traveled many places alone toether and with Betty and Joe. Here are a few places they visited. Far left, Mary and Tom in Florida in 2003. At left, Mary and Tom in Egypt in 2001. | Above, Betty, Joe, Mary and Tom at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in 2002. Left, Tom, Betty, Joe and Mary in Norway in 2002. | Above, Betty, Joe, Mary and Tom at the Glen Ord distillery in Scotland, 2003. | World Travels

27: Tom worked in private practice during his professional career specializing in prosthodontics, and at the same time taught at Georgetown University School of Dentistry until they closed in 1990. His hobbies over the years include woodworking and gardening. | Above, Tom helps with some landscaping in Palo Alto. Below, the Three Wise Men 2009. | Left, Tom receives his medal for 20 years teaching at Georgetown University in 1989. Below left, Tom and Katie do some gardening in North Carolina. | Left, examples of Tom's exquisite woodworking craftmanship.

28: Mary and Tom's backyard garden at Quail Hollow Court has evolved and blossomed over the years. From vegetables to flowers and herbs, a koi pond, brick patios and pagodas and even a giant redwood seedling brought back from California in the early 1980s, the peaceful and beautiful space has seen much relaxing, entertaining, digging, pruning and harvesting.

29: Above, Mary, David, Stephanie and Tom in McLean in 2009. Below, a visit with Stephanie and Michael in Hawaii in 2009. | Above, Tom and Mary with Stephanie and Michael in Hawaii in 2003. Left, Michael, Stephanie, Donna, Austin, Katie, David, Mary and Tom all together in McLean in 2010. Below, another Hawaii visit in 2010.

30: And they lived happily ever after. How wonderful to spend fifty fruitful and fun-filled years together, and enjoy more beautiful sunsets, family crabfeasts, pies, hobbies, travels and company for years to come!

31: For Mary and Tom in celebration of Fifty Years Together Golden Wedding Anniversary August 26, 2011

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