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S: Final Exam Essay: Assignment I-5

BC: ENDS 101-504

FC: Mary Boyd Allied Health / Psychology Team Awesome Team 25 May 6, 2011 "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do." | Creativity: A Scrapbook Final Exam Essay: Assignment I-5

1: Creative Thinking David Mebane "Creative Flow" TED-Sixth Sense | Part 1: Reflections on the Immediate Past...

2: My Favorite Lecture by Dr. V: | reative Thinking

3: "Periodically you need to take your brain out and dance on it!" -Mark Twain | I would have to say that the “Creative Thinking” lecture was the lecture by Dr. Vanegas that impacted me the most out of all the lectures he gave. I have to say though, that the “Flow” lecture, and the lecture on “Managing the Creative Process” were tied for second in line. These three I believe impacted me in the same way, which is why they were so closely connected in my running for the lecture that influenced me the most throughout the semester. The “Creative Thinking” lecture impacted me the most because it allowed me to learn more about myself and what kind of intelligence I am according to Gardner. It was just helpful to learn about the different ways people learn and are creative because I did not think that I was extremely creative. In this lecture though it was amazing to learn about all of the different types of people and the different combinations of ways that they react and learn the best, for example, I am body and music smart because I like to physically touch things as I learn, as well as being very sensitive to the flow of music and how music itself is structured. Overall though, this lecture just helped me open my mind for the rest of the semester to new ideas because it helped me see that everyone is creative in their own way. Just because I am not creative the same way the person net to me is, does not mean that I am not creative, and they are. Because I learned that concept in this lecture, I believe that I was able to be successful in this course.

4: My Favorite Guest lecturer: | D | avid | M | M | ebane

5: "...the success of the business is typically a direct correlation with how hard you work; how many hours you put in; what ideas you have and so forth..." - David Mebane | David Mebane was my favorite guest lecturer because of the way he presented the successes in his career and how he really tried to connect with the students. He seemed as though he was a normal person who had just been in the right place at the right time. I also really appreciated how he was realistic about students jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, but he was still optimistic and invited us to learn more and to take the risk. His presentation was really personable and drew me in because I felt as though he was being very honest because he even went as far as to talk to the students about problems that arise from being an entrepreneur, like getting sued for something that wasn’t his fault. At the end of the presentation, I felt as though I had learned a lot about the world of starting a business, and overall knew more about what hardships I could expect, but also what rewards and excitement was in store for me.

6: Creative Flow" By: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi | Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi | “An almost automatic, effortless, yet highly focused state of consciousness.”

7: My Favorite Suggested Readings: | The article “Creative Flow”, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, was the suggested reading that helped me the most throughout the semester because it helped me find my flow so that I could retreat into it for creative ideas whenever I needed them. Before this course, I had a very difficult time coming up with creative innovations and ideas because I was constantly telling myself how it wouldn’t work and why I was wrong. I was allowing negativity to come into my creative process before I really allowed myself to get started. Because of this article though, I was able to open my mind and allow my self-consciousness to dissipate so that I could focus on just letting my creative ideas flow. It was amazing what I learned that I could come up with if I could just find my flow and allow myself to think clear thoughts without any filters or negative thoughts. In the end, I enjoyed this article so much that I decided to buy one of Mihaly’s books “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” and so far I have learned even more about getting into my flow, and thinking creatively. I am so glad that I discovered his books because I love continuing to learn even after courses like this are over.

8: "How many people do you think would judge you based on what they can learn about you from just looking at you, with no filter?" - Mary Boyd | My Favorite Discussion Thread:

9: TED: Sixth Sense Technology | I particularly enjoyed reading the postings in the Potpourri Discussion Group, and of these the posting that particularly piqued my interest was the posting about the Sixth-Sense Technology video on TED that was discussed in the group about the lecture given by Blake Godkin. The posting by Zane Drummond started me thinking about the ethics behind the Sixth-Sense Technology, and it seemed as though his post also made others think as well. I just am not sure how ethical it would be to allow people to have immediate access to information about other people just by walking up to them. It just seems as though it would be very difficult to get to know someone on your own with a computer telling you who they are and how they act towards people, or what is in the person’s past.

11: How will the health field change with the advent of singularity? How should I prepare for singularity? | Part 2: Reflections on the Future...

12: With the advent of singularity, I would imagine that the medical field and health care would change more than many other fields because of the large quantity of information that is required knowledge. Not only is it possible for doctors to ultimately become obsolete because the body of knowledge could be (and already is beginning to be) stored and accessed by a computer. Because of the change in diagnostics, clinical doctors may no longer be necessary, nursing will probably still be around, but it will change dramatically with improvements in remote monitoring, and even remote medicating. Health care could become completely obsolete with the rise of nano-medical robots that are engineered into our bodies to monitor our vitals and adjust hydration and mineral blood content, as well as administer medications and attend to medical issues within our bodies as necessary. If this technology were to appear and become common, the medical field nurses and doctors would probably disappear. With the nano-technology, the only requirement would be a check-up every few months or so in order to determine if your nano-bots were functioning correctly in order to keep you healthy and happy.

13: Health Care and Singularity

14: Health Care and Singularity

15: Try to discover the road to success and you'll seek but never find, but blaze your own path and the road to success will trail right behind. ~Robert Brault | Other than nano-technology, different discoveries could change the field of health care forever. Full body scanners could end the need for all diagnostician work, and could decrease treatment time through targeted administration of drugs. We even could have machines, robots or another new technology completely take over the health care field, doing the jobs of not only doctors, but nurses, dentists and all other medical professionals. It bothers me though because I feel as though human doctors and nurses are much more advantageous because they have the capacity to feel sympathy and other human emotions, while technology would just be doing its job. But with the rise of singularity, I guess anything is possible and maybe they will be able to feel. I still feel as though humans are better off treating humans, considering it is proven that people recover faster when they have people around them that care.

16: Preparing for Singularity | "...a world where there is no distinction between the biological and the mechanical, or between physical and virtual reality..." - R. Hill

17: If the health care field changes the way that I discussed earlier, there are many things that I can and should do. First it is always good to remain creative and constantly find new ways of doing things, but also I believe that it is important to broaden your mind and your horizons in the health field. For example, if you are planning on going into nursing, keep your options open. If the field changes while you are finishing your degree, make sure that you have an option to go into another field that is less likely to change, such as public health administration. Health administration will probably always be necessary in order to regulate both the people that are helping patients, or the technology and machines that are assisting patients. If diagnosticians are rendered obsolete by the new technology and the rise of singularity then you must do the same thing, keep your options open and allow yourself to move easily into other fields. Today you must be easily moldable in order to you to succeed in the workforce, and I do not believe that idea will ever change. Always be open to change and think creatively about moving through the work world and the developing technology will not pose as much of a problem to you.

18: Preparing for Singularity | There are certain places in the field of health care that I believe will not be changed by the rise of singularity and that is because they require the most loving and human-like care possible. This area of the field is probably not completely immune, but I would think that people would stay the longest working with children, especially those with disabilities because they require loving tender care that only humans can give, in my opinion. I guess that this area of the medical field could also change drastically because of the rise of singularity, but I personally would hope not because I do not believe that it would benefit the children in any form or fashion. Other than the field of pediatrics, I think that the whole of the medical field would be affected by the rise of singularity. The majority of the medical personnel would lose their jobs, because many would not prepare in order to be able to survive such a change.

19: Finally, education would change completely; there would be no more classrooms, and definitely no more lectures. Students would learn virtually, and most likely would be pushed to even farther extremes than they are now. As the technology progresses, students will be required to learn more, but use their brain less. Creativity will be a commodity that will be difficult to find in our world because we will release so much of our thinking power and put the power into machines thinking for us. We can only hope that we continue to learn on our own, because at the rate that our education is going, our students and our minds will continue going down hill.

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