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Mason's first year

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Mason's first year - Page Text Content

S: 365 Days of Happiness- Mason David's First Year

BC: And it's on to year two we go... | More smiles, laughs and fun to come

FC: Mason David Caputo | Your First Year

1: To my precious little boy Mason, this is a book of wonderful memories of the first year of your life. A mix of fun times with family and friends as well as special milestones that I will always remember.You are a gift from up above and I am thankful everyday that I get to be your mommy.I love you.

2: Happy 2 Week Birthday!!! | Today was the first day in a long time that Mommy dried her hair (well, half way), put on makeup and actually felt human again. It was a day that I had been excited about for months, our first family photo shoot! I knew that Nichole would capture as many beautiful pictures of you outside my belly as she did when you were inside! | October 10, 2010

4: Scrub A Dub Dub Mason's in the Tub! *Your First Bath* | Most people say that babies truly HATE their first bath, but not you. You were like a little fish as soon as your little feet touched the water. You couldn't have been happier in the tub. You laid there like a little prince and enjoying every minute! Splish splash, Mason loves the bath!! | October 13,2010 2 1/2 Weeks Old

5: A Walk in the Park... | Long walks in the Florida sunshine and fresh air, who wouldn't love that? Well you certainly did! As Mommy tried to walk off some extra lbs you slept soundly in your stroller. You loved the sun's rays on your face and all the beautiful sounds of nature. that floated around you. I can't wait for the day that I get to push you in the swings or catch you at the end of the slide. | I know there will be many wonderful memories at the park, and this is just the beginning! | October 15,2010

6: October 17,2010 | Your First Boat Ride... Boating must be in you blood, little buggy, cause your were a complete natural! You loved the wind on your face and you didn't even mind wearing the life vest that was about 10 times too big. | 3 Weeks Old | This trip was only the first of many and I don't doubt that you will be a great first mate!

7: A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch | October 21,2010 | 3 1/2 Weeks OLd

8: A Changing Table Photo Shoot | November 10, 2010 | 6 1/2 Weeks Old

9: Some of our best chats take place on your changing table. I'm not sure if it's because usually you've just chowed down, so your belly is all full or if it's because you've got a clean diapie, or maybe its a combination of the two. But in any case you are always happy as a clam with smiles from ear to ear. So I had to take the opportunity to show everyone else what I get to see front and center.

10: Mr. Sleepy Head | One thing that I know you and your Dad definitely have in common is that you both LOVE to sleep! And I have to say that you are very good at it. The first few nights at home were a bit rough, but within a week you were sleeping like a champ. Most nights your were sleeping a solid 6 hour stretch, I can't thank you enough for this! Not only do you sleep great at night, but you also love you daily naps. What can I say, you are just PERFECT!

11: Mason and Daddy I love nothing more then to watch you and your papa together. I love to watch the way you both look at each other, and the way that I can tell that you already idolize him in every way. I know he is going to be an amazing father.And I couldn't be more proud, not to mention lucky to have you both in my life!

12: HappyBirthday Cousin Jacob | November 12, 2010

13: We all gathered around to watch your cousin Jacob blow out the candles for his 8th birthday. There was plenty of cake, presents and laughs. You were a big hit, as you were passed around like a hot potato. Everyone wanted their turn with your adorable little self. Even though you can't do much with him yet, I know your cousin Jacob couldn't be more excited to be your big cousin. He's ready to toss the ball, play some Wii or run around when ever you are.

14: Family Time on the Boat I'm sure you will have your sea legs just like your poppa! You seem to love it on the boat, the sun's rays on your head and the salt air blowing on your face. You are a Florida baby, for sure!

15: Helping Mommy Shed the lbs! As the summer heat fades we've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Walking at Lakes Park is one of my favorite things for us to do! Mommy walks off the pounds while you relax and nap in the stroller, and every once and a while we stop for a Mommy and Mason photo session!

16: A Visit From Your Pap & Nanny | It had been 8 weeks since your Pap and Nanny had seen you last and they were coming to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know they were both dying to see you and see how much you'd changed and grown since their last trip. They were such a help for Mommy, since unfortunately I had to leave you a few days to help out at the store with Auntie Carly. For the most part things went smoothly while I was gone, I think there were a few times you may have given everyone a run for their money, but thats just cause you missed me(or at least I like to think so). But I know you enjoyed all the wonderful grandparent and great-grandparent attention and I know they were in absolute heaven with you!

18: Your First Thanksgiving | I can't believe its that time of year again, TURKEY DAY1 And this year is extra special for 2 reasons: you're here and it's your first Thanksgiving! Your Dad and I couldn't be more thankful this year. You are truly a blessing in our lives and we are thankful each and everyday for your beautiful face! | November 25,2010

20: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Our Family Holiday Card 2010

22: It was only fitting that your Aunt Gina and I dress your cousins and you up in coordinating Christmas outfits and take you to Bass Pro to meet Santa! As we waited in line for our turn you dozed in and out of a milk coma, but the mean mommy that I am I made sure you were awake and ready to go. Like the little prince that you are you smiled for the camera and didn't complain once!

23: Christmas Eve at Gigi and Papa's House | 12/24/10

24: Even though I know you'll never remember this day, it was still important to me that you have some presents under the tree just like the rest of us. If I remember correctly we each opened one present and you were out for the count, maybe you didn't get much sleep the night before due to excitement for your first Christmas morning, who knows. Sleeping or awake you are by far the best gift we could have ever asked for this year! | Merry Christmas December 25,2010

26: Happy New Year 2011! Fireworks, sand, family and friends. That's how we rang in your first NYE! It was a bit chilly, but a great way to end 2010 and say hello to 2011. 2010 was amazing and I know 2011 is going to be even better!

27: I wasn't exactly sure how our two fur babies would react when we brought you home from the hospital. After all they were used to being the one and onlys for a very long time! But it couldn't have gone better, Milo was instantly intrigued and could barely relax for the first couple weeks you were home. Maggie on the other hand took a little while to warm up to the idea that she was going to have to share her Daddy's attention with someone else. But now you and her are definitely buds! She loves to lick your face, clean your hands and best of all steal cookies out of your hands when you're looking the other way!

28: So we were super excited when we heard that your Aunts from NJ were coming to Florida to pay us a visit! This was going to be the first time that they were going to see your cute little face in person. To make their trip even more special Pap surprised us all and booked a ticket for Grandma to come along ! We had such a great time with them while they were here! They loved playing with you, and the paparazzi a.k.a. Aunt Cara was definitely on top of getting tons of photos of you. I was so glad your Aunts finally got to meet you, and was so sad to see them go! | A Visit From NJ | January 6-10, 2011

30: Happy New Year 2011

31: Happy Birthday, Nicolina It was a great day for some cake and a Little Mermaid bounce house. All the exciting festivities were to celebrate you cousin Nicolina's 1st birthday. You loved jumping around the bounce house with Aunt Gina and I and definitely enjoyed some birthday cake with Gigi.

32: Sweet Potato Time... After you absolutely despised the rice cereal that I tried to give you, I whipped you up some homemade sweet potatoes and boy did you love those! Two tablespoons gone in a flash! It was then that I knew that you were going to be a good little eater, and for sure you are! Sweet potatoes, squash, peas and carrots you love it all!

33: It has been a few months since your Pap has been down to Florida for a visit. He can't believe how much you are changing and growing from day to day! It was a short weekend trip, but we enjoyed every minute! | Pap Comes to Visit!

34: Toes in the Sand One of the most beautiful times of day at the beach is just before sunset. Especially in the winter time her in Florida! It was just the right amount of chilly and sunshine. You loved digging your toes into the cold sand and grabbing it in your chubby little hands. It was a beautiful sunset and and even more beautiful time with my two favorite boys! | February 2011

35: I'm Sitting Up Like A Big Boy! All of a sudden one day, POOF you were sitting up like a big boy all by your self! Not even 6 months old and you are sitting up like a pro!

36: Jacob, Nicolina, | Aunt Gina and I were ready to attempt the impossible, taking a picture of all 3 of you munchkins when you're all actually looking at the camera.It wasn't easy, but we got some great shots.

37: & Mason | Nicolina was on a mission to swim in the lake, but you and your cousin Jacob were hamming it up for the camera. It's so exciting and heartwarming to see how much you all adore each other. | April 2011

38: Pictures in the Park I try to do as many things outside as we can in the beautiful springtime air. It's a very short season here in Florida so you have to make the most of it. I love taking you to Lakes Park, whether its for the farmers market, to play on the swings or to take some adorable photos of you in your new outfit I cherish every moment we spend there together!

39: April 2011

40: Not only was today your first Easter, but it was your first road trip as well. And I have to say you did great! You were a sleeping champ! Two hours to St. Pete and two hours back not a peep! It was well worth the drive to see all the Barber's that we love so much and Uncle John's delicious cooking was a wonderful bonus! You had your first taste of Mimi's delicious pasdu recipe and like a true little Italian boy you loved every bite! | April 24, 2011

42: Your First Time at the Zoo One of this things I thought about most when I was pregnant with you was all the fun places I couldn't wait to take you! And one of my top 5 was the zoo! It was the dead of summer, probably about 100% humidity, but you Aunt Gina and your Aunt Sunny and I loaded all you kiddies up for a fun day the Naples Zoo! I was so excited, because not only was this your first time at the Naples Zoo, but it was mine too! You napped for a bit, but woke up just in time to see the giraffes and the monkeys my favorites and I think yours too!

43: Naples Zoo | April 28, 2011

44: Girls, Girls, Girls! There is definitely no shortage of little ladies in your life , that is for sure! It seems a though you were the one little boy born in the mist of lots of little girls! Julianna, Nicolina, Mia, Brooke and Brinley just to name a few. You are with out a doubt my little ladies man in training!

45: Just Swingin' Away

46: Our First Mother's Day (When You Weren't in My Belly) I was so excited for our first Mommies Day together. It started out just perfect with some quality Mommy and Mason time early in the morning. As your Dad and the poochies snoozed away you and I enjoyed and few minutes alone as we got ready for our fun day ahead. It was a beautiful day by the pool with Leelee, Pop and Dad. We swam, snuggled, napped and munched. It was a perfect way to start our many Mommies Days to come.

48: Backyard Photoshoot As I am still learning all the ins and outs of my new camera your little face is mommy's perfect subject! I could take pictures of you all day! So on an overcast afternoon I plopped you on your dalmation blanket and just started clicking away. You smiled, laughed and whined a just a little, but these are the moments that I will always remember of mommy and Mason!

49: To beat the unbearable Florida heat we spend many summer days by the pool. You are so content splashing around on the stairs and playing with your toys. You're not a huge fan of your floaty, but we're working on it. With out a doubt you are a water baby, just splish splashing around. Once you're wrinkled like a prune we fill your little belly and you slowly drift off into dream land... Nap time my little fish. | Keepin' Cool By the Pool

50: Mommy and Me

51: Beach Days

52: Up, up and Away We Go... Off you and I went for your very first plane ride! New Jersey was our destination for your Aunt Meryl's wedding shower. I'm not gonna lie Mommy was a bit nervous how you would do on the plane, on the way there your were a total angel and slept the entire way. On the way back things got a bit hairy but we made it through. Lets just say Mommy was very thankful to get off the plane! We had a great long weekend in NJ with family and friends that absolutely loved meeting you. It was a quick trip but we had lots of fun with the Techner/ Epstein clan and your new buddy Madison! | June 9-13, 2011

54: A Gift For Dad | What to get Daddy for his first Father's Day, hmmm... I wracked my brain for ideas. He didn't really need anything and I wanted to give him something special. So then I thought what is more special then photos of YOU! Once I found this cute idea online I knew it was perfect. So I packed up the camera, some extra outfits and a cute rocking chair borrowed from Gigi and we headed to the park. I knew this was going to turn out amazing and I couldn't wait to show Daddy!

56: Happy Daddy's Day The best time to be at the beach is right around five'o clock when most people have already called it a day and the beach is wide and the ocean is calm. So to celebrate Daddy's first Daddy's Day we packed up at went for a beach picnic. After some digging and swimming it was only fitting that we shared some Dairy Queen as we watched the sunset from the pier. We made it back to car just in time to watch the storm roll in and for you to conk out. I thinkDaddy loved all of his special presents that we made, but most of all I think he loved his special time with you! | June 19,2011

58: summertime 2011

59: Once our chores at home are done it's time to play. You are a definite water baby so the fountains at Lakes Park are one of your favorite spots. To beat the heat we even tried a music class with Nicolina and Julianna which you loved. No matter what we're up to you always have a smile on your face.

60: So last 4th of July was kinda a bust. It was raining so Daddy, Gigi, Papa and I had to watch the fireworks from Mommy's rental car. We'll get into that story another time. Anyways, this 4th of July was much better! We went to watch the fire works and then enjoyed a great day of boating, well we tried to at least. Mother nature had other plans and we were caught in a few massive down pours. But we still managed to get in our BBQ back at the boat dock and make it home before lots more rain. Happy 1st 4th of July, little boy! | July 3-4, 2011

62: Gigi, Papa and Leelee, Oh My!! You are one very lucky little boy! You have lots of grandparents and even great grandparents to spoil you rotten! Whether they live near or far they love your little face and enjoy spending as much time as possible with you!

64: Our First Family Trip So you and I had already braved the 2 1/2 hour plane ride to NJ once together, now it was Daddy's turn to join us. My fingers were crossed that this time would go as smoothly as last. And I have to say I was a little thankful that Daddy was there to help us out this time. Mommy felt like an octopus last time trying to do everything herself in the airport. I was excited for us 3 to get away together for a few days, we don't get to spend as much family time together as I would like to so I was really excited! Up, up and away, to NJ we go for wedding festivities round 2!

65: To the Boardwalk We Go... | I was so excited to take you down to the boardwalk at the shore. I couldn't wait to see your face with all the lights, people and commotion. I was even more excited that Mommy's old friend, Aunt Jamie was going to meet us there so she could meet you.!

66: The Turtle Back Zoo

68: A Visit To Nanny's

69: Phew... Time to take a breather and rest up! It's been a busy few days and the big wedding day is just ahead!

70: Time to Tie the Knot... The big day had finally arrived, your Aunt Meryl and Uncle Joe were ready to tie the knot. This was going to be your very first wedding! You were stylin from head to toe in your white jeans and white polo (which due to the excessive heat we don't have pictures of you in this), but you looked oh so handsome and grown up! You took a little snooze to rest up for some dancing and of course were happy to enjoy a vanilla ice cream sundae a favorite of your Aunt Meryl!

72: Time to crawl, jump, slide and bounce at Gymnastics World! We had tons of fun with Aunt Gina and Nicolina at open gym! Mommy's favorite was definitely the big blow up slide, but you seemed to really love the trampoline and bounce house! You crawled around checking out the goods and all the other little people playing around you. You climbed, you stood, you had a ball! It was definitely a fun day for all of us and we will be spending lots more time at open gym! | August 2, 2011

73: Happy Birthday, Dad! | August 2, 2011 | We celebrated Daddy turning the big 3-0 with a delicious home cooked meal and an even more delicious red velvet cupcake, his favorite! We sang happy birthday and dug into to the yummy cream cheese frosting and red cake. You were definitely a fan! This is only the first of many birthdays we will be able to share with Daddy in the years to come!

74: The Mote Marine Aquarium | Snacks- check, juice-check, camera- check! We were ready to go! Your Pap and I were taking you to the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota for a nice little day trip. You snoozed for the hour drive and were happy and awake just as we pulled in. I told you all about the sharks, dolphins and turtles that we were going to see, you answered me back like you understood everything that I was telling you. Your favorite was definitely the HUGE sea turtles that came right up to the glass, but I think the sharks and jelly fish were up there on your list, too!

76: We worked up an appetite checking out all the marine life at the aquarium, so we made a little pit stop at Cha Cha Coconuts to refuel before our drive home. As Pap and I chowed on on salads and sandwiches you enjoyed some delicious sweet potato fries with a side of goldfish and veggie sticks. After a quick lunch we were on our way, you were fading fast and definitely overdue for a nap. I tried to squeeze in a few quick photos in the beautiful park by the car, bu you weren't thrilled. After a great day in Sarasota it was time to head home!

77: Mason & Pap Time!

78: So You Say It's Your Birthday...

79: Well I think that in 27 years this has been with out a doubt the fastest year of my life! It seem like just yesterday I was telling your Dad that it was time to go to the hospital and in between contractions I was thinking to myself that our lives were about to change forever in the most amazing way. You have brought such tremendous amounts of joy and love into our lives in this past year, I can't imagine what life would be like with out you in it! I absolutely adore being your mommy and we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you! xoxo

80: We were so lucky to have your Nanny come down from New Jersey to help us celebrate for your 1st birthday party. And we were even luckier to have her stay and hang out with us for a long weekend!! | September 30- October 4,2011

82: Party Time!!!

83: Everything couldn't have been more perfect on the day of your 1st birthday party! It was the first cool day we'd seen since march and i was so excited! There was a beautiful breeze, lots of delicious desserts, yummy food, great family and friends and a perfectly good disney bounce house with your name all over it! if you ask me there was nothing left to do , but relax and have a great time at your 1st birthday party!

91: The end

92: Some of Mommy's Favorites...

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